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  • (1995) Recorded Oprah Winfrey's talk show theme song, "Ten Years"
  • (1/04) Interviewed Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the The Dalai Lama for a documentary about Nobel peace laureates.
  • Hits include: "The Sounds Of Silence", "Scarborough Fair", "Mrs. Robinson", "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover", "It's Been a Long Long Day", "Baby Driver", "When I Was A Boy" & "You Can Call Me Al".
  • (1972) Album: "Paul Simon" (Columbia)
  • (1973) Album: "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" (Columbia)
  • (1974) Album: "Live Rhymin's: Paul Simon in Concert" (Columbia)
  • (1975) Album: "Still Crazy After All These Years" (Columbia)
  • (2006) CD: "Surprise"
  • (1965) Album (w/Art Garfunkel): "Bookends" (Columbia)
  • (1964) Album (w/Art Garfunkel): "Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M." (Columbia)
  • (1966) Album (w/Art Garfunkel): "The Sounds of Silence" (Columbia)
  • (1962) Single (as Jerry Landis): "Lone Teen Ranger" (Amy Records)
  • (1961) Single (w/Bobby Susser, as "Tico & the Triumphs"): "Motorcycle" (Amy Records)
  • (1998) Stage: Wrote music for "The Capeman" on Broadway. Musical. Book / lyrics by Paul Simon and Derek Walcott. Music orchestrated / choral arrangements by Stanley Silverman. Musical Director: Oscar Hernández. Music arranged by Paul Simon, Oscar Hernández and Stanley Silverman. Choreographed / directed by Mark Morris. Assistant Director: James Latus. Assistant Choreographer: Megan Williams. Marquis Theatre: 29 Jan 1998-28 Mar 1998 (68 performances + 59 previews that began on 1 Dec 1997). Cast: Marc Anthony (as "Sal Agrón (age 16-20)"), Rubén Blades (as "Salvador Agrón (age 36-42)"), Ednita Nazario (as "Esmeralda Agrón"), Yassmin Alers (as "Doo-Wop Group" / "Ensemble"), Stephen Lee Anderson (as "Virgil, a guard" / "Ensemble"), Milton Cardona (as "Doo-Wop Group" / "Ensemble"), Rene Ceballos (as "Ensemble"), Tony Chiroldes (as "Ensemble"), Ray De La Paz (as "Santero" / "Ensemble" / "Doo-Wop Group"), Natascia A. Díaz (as "Yolanda"), Élan (as "Cookie" / "Ensemble"), José Joaquín García (as "Luis" / "Ensemble"), Myrna Lynn Gomila (as "Doo-Wop Group" / "Ensemble"), Kia Joy Goodwin (as "Doo-Wop Group" / "Ensemble"), Elise Hernández (as "Ensemble"), Philip Hernández (as "Rev. González" / "John Jellison (as "The Warden" / "Ensemble"), John Lathan (as "1st Inmate" / "Ensemble"), Lugo (as "Babu Charlie Cruz" / "Ensemble"), Luba Mason (as "Mrs. Krzesinski" / "Ensemble"), Roger Mazzeo (as "Doo-Wop Group" / "Ensemble"), Julio Monge (as "Carlos Apache"), Claudia Montiel (as "Ensemble"), Marisol Morales (as "Ensemble"), Cass Morgan (as "Mrs. Young"), Frank Negrón (as "Doo-Wop Group" / "Ensemble"), Evan Jay Newman (as "Salvi Agrón (age 7)" / "Children's Choir" / "Ensemble"), Sebastian Perez (as "Children's Choir" / "Ensemble"), Mark Price (as "Ensemble"), Sara Ramirez (as "Wahzinak" / "Ensemble"), Michelle Ríos (as "Aurea Agrón (age 17-43)"), Khalid Rivera (as "Children's Choir" / "Ensemble"), Raymond Rodriguez (as "Angel Soto" / "Ensemble"), Ray Rodríguez-Rosa (as "Frenchy Cordero" / "Ensemble"), Ramón Saldaña (as "Ensemble"), Sophia Salguero (as "Bernadette"), Nestor Sanchez (as "Lazarus"), Renoly Santiago (as "Tony Hernandez"), Claudette Sierra (as "Ensemble"), Amanda A. Vacharat (as "Children's Choir" / "Ensemble"), Tara Ann Villanueva (as "Aurea Agrón (age 8)" / "Children's Choir" / "Ensemble"). Swings: Lada Boder (Swing), Osborn Focht (Swing), Jason Martinez (Swing). Understudies: Yassmin Alers (as "Aurea Agrón (age 17-43)" / "Bernadette" / "Yolanda"), Stephen Lee Anderson (as "Lazarus"), Lada Boder (as "Aurea Agrón (age 17-43)" / "Mrs. Krzesinski" / "Mrs. Young" / "Wahzinak" / "Yolanda"), René M. Ceballos (as "Esmeralda Agrón" / "Mrs. Young"), Tony Chiroldes (as "The Warden"), Ray De La Paz (as "1st Inmate" / "Lazarus" / "Rev. González"), Osborn Focht (as "The Warden" / "Virgil"), José Joaquín García (as "Lazarus" / "Salvador Agrón (age 36-42)"), Myrna Lynn Gomila (as "Cookie"), Kia Joy Goodwin (as "Bernadette" / Cookie"), Lugo (as "Sal Agrón (age 16-20)" / "Tony Hernandez"), Jason Martinez (as "Angel Soto" / "Babu Charlie Cruz" / "Carlos Apache" / "Frenchy Cordero" / "Sal Agrón (age 16-20)" / "Tony Hernandez"), Roger Mazzeo (as "Virgil"), Marisol Morales (as "Wahzinak"), Sebastian Perez (as "Salvi Agrón (age 7)"), Mark Price (as "Angel Soto" / "Babu Charlie Cruz" / "Frenchy Cordero"), Raymond Rodriguez (as "Carlos Apache"), Ramón Saldaña (as "Rev. González"), Claudette Sierra (as "Esmeralda Agrón") and Amanda A. Vacharat (Aurea Agrón (age 8)"). Produced by Plenaro Productions, Dan Klores, Brad Grey, Edgar Dobie and James Nederlander Sr.. Produced in association with DreamWorks Records and King World Productions Inc. Co-Produced by Stephen Eich.
  • (1962) Songwriter (as Jerry Landis): "Tick Tock", a hit for Ritchie Cordell (Rori Records).
  • (1997) Stage: His and Derek Walcott's musical, "The Capeman," was performed at the Marriott Marquis Theatre on Broadway with Rubén Blades, Marc Anthony, Ednita Nazario and Renoly Santiago in the cast. Mark Morris was director and choreographer.

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