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  • (1927 - 1974) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1927) Stage Play: Celebrity. Comedy. Directed by Edward Goodman. Lyceum Theatre: 26 Dec 1927- Jan 1928 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Produced by Herman Shumlin [earliest Broadway credit].
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Command Performance. Comedy. Written by Stafford Dickens. Directed by Clifford Brooke. Klaw Theatre: 3 Oct 1928- Oct 1928 (closing date unknown/29 performances). Cast: Lee Baker (as "Count Vellenburg"), William H. Barwald (as "Hildred Sabidoff"), Robert Clear (as "Blondel"), Hubert Druce (as "Nicholas, King of Wallachia"), Charlotte Granville (as "Elizabeth, Queen of Wallachia"), George Haight (as "Servant"), Rose Keane (as "Lydia Petrovic"), Ian Keith (as "Peter Kraditch/Alexis, Prince of Moldavia"), Jessie Royce Landis (as "Katerina, Princess of Wallachia"), Zvee Scooler (as "Ansche Milosovic"), Ivan F. Simpson (as "Paul Masoch"), Walter Soderling (as "Hugo"), Beatrice Terry (as Elinor, Queen of Wallachia"), Maria Ziccardi (as "Yana Lodoffski"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Note: Filmed as Command Performance (1931).
  • (1928) Stage Play: To-Night at 12. Written by Owen Davis. Directed by Melville Burke. Hudson Theatre: 13 Nov 1928- Jan 1929 (closing date unknown/60 performances). Cast: Patricia Barclay (as "Jane Eldridge), Spring Byington (as "Barbara Warren"), Gerald Cornell (as "Joe"), William David (as "Bill Warren"), Owen Davis Jr. (as "Tony Keith"), Diane Esmonde (as "Nan Stoddard"), Viola Frayne (as "Mary"), Moffat Johnston (as "Prof. Eldridge"), Florence Rittenhouse (as "Dora Eldridge"), William Roselle (as "John Keith"), Ann Shoemaker (as "Alice Keith"), Florence Short (as "Ellen"), Edward H. Wever (as "Tom Stoddard"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Note: Filmed as Tonight at Twelve (1929).
  • (1929) Stage Play: Button, Button. Comedy. Written by Maurice Clark. Directed by Maurice Clark and H.C. Potter [earliest Broadway credit]. Bijou Theatre: 23 Oct 1929- Oct 1929 (closing date unknown/5 performances). Cast: Justine Chase, Harry Cooke, Reginald Fife, Mary Gildia [credited as Mary Gildea] (as "Maudie"), Shirley O'Hara, Lynne Overman (as "Button"), Harry Selby, Ann Shoemaker, Alison Skipworth, John Westley (as "Mr. George Woodhouse"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Produced in association with H.C. Potter and George Haight.
  • (1930) Stage Play: The Last Mile. Tragedy. Written by John Wexley. Directed by Chester Erskine. Sam H. Harris Theatre: 13 Feb 1930- Oct 1930 (closing date unknown/289 performances). Cast: Richard Abbott (as "Harris"), James Bell (as "Richard Walters"), Clarence Chase (as "Evangelist"), Don Costello (as "Drake"), Orville Harris (as "Peddie"), Herbert Heywood (as "O'Flaherty"), George Leach (as "Eddie Werner"), Bruce MacFarlane (as "Frost"), Hale Norcross (as "Red Kirby"), Henry O'Neill (as "Father O'Connors"), Howard Phillips (as "Fred Mayor"), Joseph Calleia [credited as Joseph Spurin-Calleia] (as "Tom D'Amoro"), Ralph Theodore (as "Principal Keeper Callahan"), Spencer Tracy (as "John 'Killer' Mears"), Albert West (as "Brooks"), Ernest Whitman (as "Vincent Jackson"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Note: Filmed by K.B.S. Productions Inc. [distributed by Sono Art-World Wide Pictures] as The Last Mile (1932), and by Vanguard Productions [distributed by United Artists] as The Last Mile (1959).
  • (1930) Stage Play: Grand Hotel. Drama. Written by William Absalom Drake. From the German of Vicki Baum. Assistant Director: Fritz Feld. General Manager: George Haight. General Stage Manager: Joseph Calleia [credited as Joseph Spurin-Calleia]. Stage Manager: Walter Baldwin. Scenic Design by Aline Bernstein. Directed by Herman Shumlin. National Theatre: 13 Nov 1930- Dec 1931 (closing date unknown/459 performances). Cast: Hortense Alden (as "Flaemmchen"), Lester Alden, Walter Baldwin (as "Desk Clerk"), Audrey Bauer (as "Chambermaid"), Romaine Callender (as "Dr. Otternschlag"), Fred Eckhart (as "Porter"), Harry Hanlon, Stephen Irving (as "Schweimann"), Sam Jaffe (as "Kringelein"), Eugenie Leontovich (as "Grusinskaia"), Richard Lloyd (as "Waitz"), William Nunn (as "Meierheim"), Rafaela Ottiano (as "Suzanne"), Florence Pendleton, Clarence Rock (as "Gigolo"), Sig Ruman [credited as Siegfried Rumann] (as "Preysing"), 'Harry D. Southard (as "Justice Zinnowitz"), Joseph Calleia [credited as Joseph Spurin-Calleia] (as "Chauffeur"), Frank W. Taylor (as "Reception Manager"), Albert Dekker [credited as Albert Van Dekker], (as "Baron von Gaigern"), Walter Vonnegut (as "Senf"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Produced in association with Harry Moses. Note: Filmed by MGM as Grand Hotel (1932).
  • (1932) Stage Play: Clear All Wires. Comedy. Written by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack. Scenic Design by Aline Bernstein. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Times Square Theatre: 14 Sep 1932- Dec 1932 (closing date unknown/93 performances). Cast: Pauline Achmatova, Serge Antonoff, John Melvin Bleifer, Egon Brecher (as "Renke"), Nicholas Busanovsky, Alla Cutlerova, Alexander Danaroff, Nina Dolgova, George Ermoloff, John Hamsa, John Hoyt (credited as John Hoysradt) (as "Menzies"), Ari Kutai Alexander Lapteff, Peter Lopoukin, Alexander Markoff, Dorothy Mathews, Thomas Mitchell (as "Buckley Joyce Thomas"), Tamara Kirillin, Jacques Neradoff, Anna Ouzoroff, Aaron Pett, Charles Romano, Eugene Sigaloff, Philip Tonge, Ludmila Toretzka, Dorothy Tree, Harry Tyler. Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Ten Minute Alibi. Mystery. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 17 Oct 1933- Jan 1934 (closing date unknown/89 performances).
  • (1934) Stage Play: The Bride of Torozko. Comedy. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Henry Miller's Theatre: 13 Sep 1934- Sep 1934 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Produced by Herman Shumlin and Gilbert Miller.
  • (1934) Stage Play: The Children's Hour. Drama. Written by Lillian Hellman [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design by Aline Bernstein. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 20 Nov 1934- Jul 1936 (closing date unknown/691 performances). Cast: Barbara Beals (as "Rosalie Wells"), Katherine Emery (as "Karen Wright"), Katherine Emmett (as "Mrs. Amelia Tilford"), Lynne Fisher (as "Helen Burton"), Robert Keith (as "Doctor Joseph Cardin"), Barbara Leeds (as "Catherine"), Alice McDermott (as "Mrs. Lily Mortar"), Florence McGee (as "Mary Tilford"), Edmonia Nolley (as "Agatha"), Eugenia Rawls (as "Peggy Rogers"), Anne Revere (as "Martha Dobie", Jacqueline Rusling (as "Lois Fisher"), Elizabeth Seckel (as "Evelyn Munn"), Jack Tyler (as "A Grocery Boy"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Note: Filmed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company [distributed by United Artists] as These Three (1936), and by The Mirisch Corporation [distributed by United Artists] as The Children's Hour (1961).
  • (1935) Stage Play: Sweet Mystery of Life. Comedy. Written by Richard Maibaum, Michael Wallach and George Haight. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Shubert Theatre: 11 Oct 1935- Oct 1935 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Evelyn Allen [Broadway debut] (as "Genevieve"), Edward Butler (as "Andy Flannigan"), Hobart Cavanaugh (as "Rosmer Peek"), Mady Correll (as "Norma"), Broderick Crawford (as "Boop Oglethorpe") [Broadway debut], William David (as "Herring"), Joseph Eggenton (as "Doctor MacDuffy"), Franklyn Fox (as "Wethered"), Curtis Karpe (as "Doctor Worshofsky"), Pass Le Noir (as "J.C. Nichol"), 'Gene Lockhart (as "Samuel L. Blauker"), Kathryn March (as "Lucille Bailey"), 'Louis Polan' (as "Loretti"), Erskine Sanford (as "Doctor Warren"), Virginia Shields (as "Cigarette Girl"), Thomas F. Tracey (as "Doctor Bell"), Virginia Tracy (as "Mrs. Minninger"), Herbert Warren (as "Steiner"). Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1936) Stage Play: Days to Come. Written by Lillian Hellman. Scenic Design by Aline Bernstein. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Vanderbilt Theatre: 15 Dec 1936- unknown (7 performances). Cast: Frieda Altman (as "Cora Rodman"), Jack Carr (as "Mossie Dowel"), Charles Dingle (as "Sam Wilkie"), Florence Eldridge (as "Julie Rodman"), Thomas Fisher (as "Joe Easter"), Muriel Gallick (as "Lucy"), William Harrigan (as "Andrew Rodman"), Ben Smith (as "Leo Whalen"), Joseph Sweeney (as "Thomas Firth"), Ned Wever (as "Henry Ellicott"), Clare Woodbury (as "Hannah"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Note: A Finnish TV version of this play was produced as Kaikki tulevat päivät (1982) and broadcast on 17 May 1982.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Wine of Choice. Comedy. Written by S.N. Behrman. Scenic Design by Lee Simonson. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Guild Theatre: 21 Feb 1938- Mar 1938 (closing date unknown/43 performances). Cast: Leslie Banks (as "Ryder Gerrard"), Claudia Morgan (as "Wilda Doran"), Alexander Woollcott (as "Binkie Niebuhr"), Donald Cook (as "Laddy Sears"), John Maroney (as "Collins"), Theodore Newton (as "Dow Christophsen"), Paul Stewart (as "Leo Traub"), Akihiko Yoshiwara (as "Togo"), Barry O'Moore [credited as Leslie Banks] (as "Charles Dow Hanlon"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1938) Stage Play: The Merchant of Yonkers. Farce. Written by Thornton Wilder, from the comedy by Johann Nestroy. Directed by Max Reinhardt. Guild Theatre: 28 Dec 1938- Jan 1939 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: John Call, Philip Coolidge, Tom Ewell, Frances Harison, Edward Nannery, Minna Phillips, Maida Reade, Bartlett Robinson, Peter Struwel, Joseph Sweeney, June Walker (as "Miss Molly"), Percy Waram (as "Horace Vandergelder"), Carrie Weller, Nydia Westman, Max Willenz. Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1939) Stage Play: The Little Foxes. Drama. Written by Lillian Hellman. Directed by Herman Shumlin. National Theatre: 15 Feb 1939- 3 Feb 1940 (410 performances). Cast: Tallulah Bankhead (as "Regina Giddens"), Patricia Collinge (as "Birdie Hubbard"), Frank Conroy (as "Horace Giddens"), Lee Baker (as "William Marshall"), Charles Dingle (as "Benjamin Hubbard"), Dan Duryea (as "Leo Hubbard"), John Marriott (as "Cal"), Abbey Mitchell [credited as Abbie Mitchell] (as "Addie"), Carl Benton Reid (as "Oscar Hubbard"), Florence Williams (as "Alexandra Giddens"). Replacement actors: Eugenia Rawls (as "Alexandra Giddens"). Produced by Herman Shumlin. Note: Filmed by The Samuel Goldwyn Co. as The Little Foxes (1941) and Die kleinen Füchse (1962) [Germany].
  • (1940) Stage Play: The Male Animal. Comedy. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Cort Theatre: 9 Jan 1940- 3 Aug 1940 (243 performances).
  • (1940) Stage Play: The Corn Is Green. Drama.
  • (1944) Stage Play: The Searching Wind. Drama. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Fulton Theatre: 12 Apr 1944- 20 Jan 1944 (318 performances). Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1944) Stage Play: The Visitor. Written by Kenneth White. Based on the novel by Leane Zugsmith and Carl Randau. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Henry Miller's Theatre: 17 Oct 1944- 4 Nov 1944 (23 performances). Cast: Frances Carson (as "Judith Cunningham"), Thomas Chalmers (as "Mack Burrell"), Ralph Forbes (as "Walter Dawson"), Walter Greaza (as "David Cunningham"), Will Hare (as "Joe Willard"), Richard Hylton (as "Bud Owen"), Dorrit Kelton (as "Elizabeth"), Anna Minot (as "Ellen Wood"). Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1945) Stage Play: Kiss Them for Me. Comedy. Written by Luther Davis. Based on "Shore Leave" by Frederic Wakeman. From "Shore Leave" by Frederic Wakeman. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Belasco Theatre (moved to The Fulton Theatre from 14 May 1945- close): 20 Mar 1945- 23 Jun 1945 (110 performances). Cast: Robert Allen [credited as Bob Allen](as "Turnbill"), George Cory, Jayne Cotter, Edward Crandall, Richard Davis, Amy Douglass, Paul Ford (as "Mr. Hardy"), Harold Grau (as "Tailor"), Judy Holliday (as "Alice") [Broadway debut], Douglas Jones, Virginia Kaye, Dennis King Jr., George Mathews, John McGovern, Patricia Quinn O'Hara, Daniel Petrie, Dudley Sadler, Sonya Stokowski, Richard Widmark (as "Crewson"). Produced by John H. Moses and Mark Hanna.
  • (1946) Stage Play: Jeb.
  • (1949) Stage Play: The Biggest Thief in Town. Comedy.
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Corn Is Green. Drama (revival).
  • (1950) Stage Play: Daphne Laureola. Comedy. Directed by Murray MacDonald. Music Box Theatre: 18 Sep 1950- 4 Nov 1950 (56 performances).
  • (1951) Stage Play: The High Ground. Written by Charlotte Hastings. 48th Street Theatre: 20 Feb 1951- 10 Mar 1951 (23 performances). Cast: Jean Cameron (as "Martha Pentridge"), Neil Fitzgerald (as "Melling"), Tom Helmore (as "Dr. Jeffreys"), Patricia Hitchcock (as "Nurse Brent"), Leueen MacGrath (as "Sarat Cairn"), Margery Maude (as "The Mother Superior"), Ruth McDevitt (as "Sister Josephine"), Logan Ramsey (as "Willy Pentridge"), Marian Seldes (as "Nurse Phillips"), Margaret Webster (as "Sister Mary Bonaventure"). Produced by Albert H. Rosen.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Lace on Her Petticoat. Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1951) Stage Play: To Dorothy, A Son. Comedy. Written by Roger MacDougall; Written in collaboration with Otis Bigelow. Directed by Herman Shumlin. John Golden Theatre: 19 Nov 1951- 24 Nov 1951 (8 performances). Cast: Stella Andrew (as "Dorothy Ridgeway"), Rosalynd Avery (as "Nurse"), Neil Fitzgerald (as "Taxi Driver/Postman/2nd Taxi Driver/Landlord/Dr. Cameron"), Ronald Howard (as "Evelyn Ridgeway"), Hildy Parks (as "Alice"), Martin Rudy (as "Thompson"). Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1952) Stage Play: Gertie. Comedy.
  • (1952) Stage Play: Candida. Comedy (revival).
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Gambler.
  • (1954) Stage Play: Wedding Breakfast. Romance. Written by Theodore Reeves. Directed by Herman Shumlin. 48th Street Theatre: 20 Nov 1954- 26 Feb 1955 (113 performances). Cast: Anthony Franciosa (as "Ralph"), Lee Grant (as "Stella"), Harvey Lembeck (as "Norman"), Virginia Vincent (as "Ruth"). Produced by Kermit Bloomgarden.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Inherit the Wind. Drama.
  • (1959) Stage Play: Tall Story. Comedy. Written by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Suggested by the novel "The Homecoming Game" by Howard Nemerov. Featuring songs by Joe Hornsby, Ben G. Allen and Jerry Teifer. Music arranged by Edward Thomas. Scenic Design by George Jenkins. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Belasco Theatre: 29 Jan 1959- 2 May 1959 (108 performances). Cast: Mason Adams (as "Sandy Hardy"), John Astin (as "Collins"), Nancy Baker (as "Connie"), Joyce Bulifant (as "Nancy"), Kevin Carpenter (as "Eddie"), Marc Connelly (as "Professor Charles Osman"), Hans Conried (as "Professor Leon Solomon"), Donald Dawson (as "Joe"), Robert Elston (as "Ray Blent"), Rex Everhart (as "Clark"), Patricia Finch (as "Frieda Jensen"), Janet Fox (as "Hazel"), Richard Franchot (as "Don"), Hazen Gifford (as "Fred Jensen"), Jeff Harris (as "Herb/Wyman"), Sally Jessup (as "Agnes"), Sherry Lafollette (as "Mary"), Bob Lynn Jr. (as "Myers"), Ray Merritt (as "Albert Solomon"), Charles K. Robinson Jr. (as "Grant"), Jamie Smith (as "Wesley Davis"), Ralph Stantley (as "Mike Giardineri"), Wayne Tippit (as "Walter/Simpson"), Nina Wilcox (as "June Ryder"), Edmund Williams (as "Dick Stevens"), Tom Williams (as "Baker"), Marian Winters (as "Myra Solomon"), Robert Wright (as "President Harmon Nagel"). Replacement actors: Marion Brash (as "Nancy"), Arny Freeman (as "Mike Giardineri"), Harry Holcombe (as "President Harmon Nagel"), Richard Kutney (as "Grant/Simpson/Walter"), Bob Lynn Jr. (as "Don"), Edward Nayor (as "Don"), Robert Redford (as "Myers") [Broadway debut], Wayne Tippit (as "Grant"). Produced by Emmett Rogers and Robert Weiner. Note: Filmed as Tall Story (1960).
  • (1959) Stage Play: Only in America. Written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Based on the book by Harry Golden. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Cort Theatre: 19 Nov 1959- 12 Dec 1959 (28 performances). Cast: Alan Alda (as "Telephone Man") [Broadway debut], David Baker (as "Calvin"), Shannon Bolin (as "Kate Golden"), Norris Borden (as "Young Man"), Flora Campbell (as "Dr. Leota Patterson"), Ludwig Donath (as "I. Birnbaum"), Don Fellows (as "Bill Drake"), Vincent Gardenia (as "Chairman"), Lynn Hamilton (as "Helen Cheney"), Harry Holcombe (as "State Senator Claypool"), Martin Huston (as "Herbert Loomis"), Daniel Keyes (as "Fred"), Enid Markey (as "Mrs. Archer-Loomis"), Laurens Moore (as "Legislator"), Nehemiah Persoff (as "Harry Golden"), Dinnie Smith (as "Velma"), Shepperd Strudwick (as "Lucius Whitmore"), Wayne Tippit (as "Ray"), Charlotte Whaley (as "Ruth-Ella"), Josh White Jr. (as "Jed"), Edwin Whitner (as "Hershey M. Stoddard"), Howard Wierum (as "Wes"), Edmund Williams (as "Stenotypist"), Jerry Wimberly (as "Balthasar"). Produced by Herman Shumlin.
  • (1963) Stage Play: Bicycle Ride to Nevada. Written by Robert Thom. Based on the novel, "Dangerfield", by Barnaby Conrad. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Cort Theatre: 24 Sep 1963 (1 performance). Cast: John Boruff (as "Bentley"), Violet Dunn, Richard Jordan, Ron Leibman (as "Rip Calabria"), John Marriott, Paul McGrath, Barbara Mostel, Leona Powers, Leslie Redford, Guy Repp (as "Chandler"), Lois Smith, Franchot Tone (as "Winston Sawyer"). Understudy: Sally Kirkland. Produced by Roger L. Stevens and Herman Shumlin. Produced in association with Nelson Morris and Randolph Hale.
  • (1964) Stage Play: The Deputy. Drama. Written by Rolf Hochhuth. Book adapted by Jerome Rothenberg. Scenic Design by Rouben Ter-Arutunian. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Brooks Atkinson Theatre: 26 Feb 1964- 28 Nov 1964 (316 performances). Cast: Victor Arnold (as "Italian Militiaman/Guard"), Richard Bengal (as "Brother Iranaeus"), Ion Berger (as "Italian Militiaman/Guard"), Idwal Bowen (as "Vittorio"), Jeremy Brett (as "Father Riccardo Fontana, S.J."), Philip Bruns (as "S.S. Lt. Kurt Gerstein"), Reynolds Evans (as "Papal Nuncio in Berlin"), Paul Flores (as "Guard"), Stefan Gierasch (as "Jacobson"), Roger Hamilton (as "Guard"), Ben Hammer (as "Prisoner"), Denise Joyce (as "Little Girl"), Pepa Kantor (as "Woman"), Ron Leibman (as "Captain Salzer"), Jock Livingston (as "Sergeant Witzel"), Carl Low (as "Count Fontana"), Gerald E. McGonagill (as "Officer of the Pope's Guard/Scribe"), James Mitchell (as "Doctor"), Albert Ottenheimer (as "Prisoner"), Guy Repp (as "Photographer/Officer of the Pope's Guard"), Fred Stewart (as "Cardinal"), David Thomas (as "Monk"), Maria Tucci (as "Girl"), Emlyn Williams (as "Pope Pious XII"), Ian Wolfe (as "Father General"). Understudies: Ion Berger (as "Father Riccardo Fontana, S.J."), Jock Livingston (as "Cardinal"), Gerald E. McGonagill (as "Doctor/S.S. Lt. Kurt Gerstein"), Guy Repp (as "Count Fontana") and David Thomas (as "Father General, Papal Nuncio in Berlin/Prisoner"). Replacement cast: Thomas A. Carlin (as "S.S. Lt. Kurt Gerstein"), David Carradine (as "Father Riccardo Fontana, S.J.") [from 24 May 1964- ?] (Broadway debut), Robert Harris (as "Pope Pious XII") [from 10 Aug 1964- ?]. Understudies: Victor Arnold (as "Brother Iranaeus/Jacobson"), Richard Bengal (as "Monk/Prisoner/Scribe/Vittorio"), Bianca Flores (as "Little Girl"), Paul Flores (as "Italian Militiaman/Officer of the Pope's Guard/Photographer"), Roger Hamilton (as "Captain Salzer/Sergeant Witzel"), Barbara Schneider (as "Girl/Woman"), David Thomas (as "Pope Pious XII"). Produced by Herman Shumlin, Alfred Crown and Zvi Kolitz [earliest Broadway credit]. Note: Filmed by Canal+ and K.G. Productions [U.S. Distribution by Kino International] as Amen. (2002).
  • (1967) Stage Play: Spofford. Comedy. Written by Herman Shumlin. Based on the novel "Reuben, Reuben" by Peter DeVries. Directed by Herman Shumlin. ANTA Playhouse: 14 Dec 1967- 8 Jun 1968 (202 performances + 2 previews that began on 12 Dec 1967). Cast: Melvyn Douglas (as "Spofford"), Barbara Britton (as "Mrs. Beausigneur"), Pert Kelton (as "Mrs. Punck"), Joen Arliss (as "Mrs. Crane"), Joseph Boland (as "Gromler"), Oceana Briggs (as "Second Customer"), Jan DeVries (as "Maid") [Broadway debut], Jerome Dempsey (as "Gowan McGland"), Tresa Hughes (as "Mare"), Carol Ann Lewis (as "First Customer"), Audra Lindley (as "Mrs. Springer"), Charles Maggiore (as "Committee Member"), Ian Martin (as "Hopwood/Committee Member"), Alan North (as "George"), Wallace Rooney (as "Pycraft"), Jeffrey Weiss (as "Tad") [Broadway debut], Penelope Windust (as "Geneva") [Broadway debut]. Understudies: Joen Arliss (as "Mare/Mrs. Springer"), Joseph Boland (as "Pycraft"), Oceana Briggs (as "Mrs. Punck"), Jan DeVries (as "Geneva"), Carol Ann Lewis (as "Mrs. Beausigneur"), Charles Maggiore (as "Gowan McGland"), Ian Martin (as "George"), Wallace Rooney (as "Spofford"), Robert Tananis (as "Tad"). Replacement cast: Dan Mason (as "Tad") [Understudy]. Produced by Zev Bufman. Produced in association with James Riley.
  • (1968) Stage Play: Soldiers. Written by Rolf Hochhuth. Scenic Design by Ralph Koltai. Directed by Clifford Williams. Billy Rose Theatre: 1 May 1968- 18 May 1968 (21 performances + 3 previews that began on 29 Apr 1968). Produced by Herman Shumlin, Zev Bufman and Raphael Silver. Produced by arrangement with Kenneth Tynan.
  • (1974) Stage Play: Flowers.
  • (1974) Stage Play: As You Like It. Comedy (revival).
  • (September 30, 1940) He produced and directed Lillian Hellman's play, "The Little Foxes," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Tallulah Bankhead, Frank Conroy, Abbie Mitchell, John Marriott, Marie Carroll, Carl Benton Reid, Dan Duryea, Lee Baker, Charles Dingle, and Eugenia Rawls in the cast. Howard Bay was set designer. Aline Bernstein was costume designer.
  • (April 9 to 16, 1945) He produced and directed Lillian Hellmans' play, "The Searching Wind," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Cornelia Otis Skinner, Dennis King, Dudley Digges, Barbara O'Neil, Henry Barnard, Walter Kohler, Mercedes Gilbert, Sylvestre Lamont, Aldo Aldi, Anthony Carlo, Walter Palm, William Marceau, Donald Foster, and William F. Schoeller in the cast. Howard Bay was set designer. Aline Bernstein was costume designer.
  • (January 18, 1965) He directed Leonard Spigelglass's play, "Dear Me, The Sky Is Falling," in a Theatre Guild production at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Gertrude Berg, Roger DeKoven, Michael Baseleon, Mary-Robin-Redd, Jonathan Moore, Estelle Omens, Paul Vincent, Berta Gersten, Mimi Randolph, Mary Engel, Dorothy Levine, and Sanford Seeger in the cast. Based on the story by Gertrude Berg and James Yaffe. Will Steven Armstrong was set designer. Edith Lutyens Bel Geddes was costume designer.

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