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Interviews (10)

The Examiner (US) December 31 2012, by: Janet Fitzgerald, "Sheetal Sheth: An Exclusive Interview with the talented actress"
On Demand Weekly (US) November 7 2012, by: Kate Asche Wilson, "VOD Spotlight: THE NICE GIRLS CREW"
Enallax News (GR) August 29 2012, by: Maro Wilde, "Sheetal Sheth, beauty, talent and education, all in one woman, who didn't let Hollywood touch her"
Buzzine (US) May 10 2012, by: Parimal M. Rohit, "Veteran Indian American Actor a Double Feature with 'Nice Girls Crew' & 'Yes, We're Open'"
Republic of Brown (US) April 5 2011, by: Geetanjali Dhillon, "Movies, Maxim, and a Whole Lot of Mojo"
AfterEllen (US) March 31 2011, by: Bridget McManus, "Sheetal Sheth"
Morning Call (US) May 6 2010, by: Amy Longsdorf, "Will the release of ''The World Unseen'' mean the film is unseen no longer?"
LA Independent (US) November 24 2008, by: Olu Alemoru, "'I Want to Succeed on My Own Rules'"
EasternEye (GB) November 9 2007, by: Asjad Nazir, "'The world according to Sheetal'"
Newsline (US) September 2004, by: Imran Suleman, "Spicing Up the Screen"

Articles (16)

New York Times (US) November 6 2012, by: Heather Timmons, "Nobody Ignores Indians"
Silicon India (US) May 20 2012, "Top 10 Indian Beauties in Hollywood"
The Hollywood Reporter (US) July 21 2011, by: Lacey Rose, "Sheetal Sheth to take Bollywood Turn on 'Royal Pains'"
Curve (US) May 10 2009, by: Rachel Beebe, "Sheetal Sheth Tells All"
India Today (IN) March 18 2008, by: Anil Mulchandani, "Simply Gujarati"
OK! (US) February 6 2006, "'Who's Hot!'"
Best Life Magazine (US) February 2006
Hollywood Life (US) January 2006, Vol. 17, Iss. 1, pg. 98, by: Diaconescu, Sorina, ""Ones To Watch""
Jade Magazine (US) September 2004, by: Jenny Song, "Gorgeous and Grounded"
Dawn Magazine (PK) August 2004, by: Imran Suleman, "Girl in the Big City"
South Asian Life (CA) March 2003, Iss. spring, by: Mayena Yonoszai, "America's Sweetheart"
New York Post (US) April 7 2002, by: Jonathan Foreman, "Indian American Stirs Things Up"
Venice Magazine (US) April 2002, by: Christopher Phillips, "'all American dream girl'"
A Magazine (US) March 2002, by: Kamran Pasha, "'Desi Diva'"
Yolk Magazine (US) January 2002, by: Alex Luu, "'Rising Star'"
India West (US) February 23 2001, by: Michel W. Potts, "Sheetal Sheth- cover"

Pictorials (3)

Venice Magazine (US) November 2008, by: Marjorie Lewis, "Indian Stunner"
Crash (FR) 2008, Vol. Winter, "Freestyle in NY"
Maxim (US) February 2006, Vol. 10, Iss. 2, pg. 50, by: Dominick Guillemot, "Have You Seen This Girl?"

Magazine Covers (9)

Page 7 (IN) June 2011
Rivaaj Magazine (US) June 2008, Vol. 6, Iss. 6
The Week (US) March 16 2006
Woman International (US) March 2006, Vol. spring
Audrey Magazine (US) February 2006
East West Woman (US) February 2006
Anokhi Vibe (US) January 2006
Chi (US) April 1 2005, Vol. summer, Iss. 2005
Jade (US) September 2004

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