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  • (1971- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1971) Stage Play: Frank Merriwell. Musical.
  • (1972) Stage Play: Hurry, Harry. Musical. Book by Jeremiah Morris, Lee Kalcheim and Susan Perkis. Music by Bill Weeden. Lyrics by David Finkle. Musical Director: Arthur Azenzer. Music orchestrated by Lee Norris. Choreographed by Gerald Teijelo. Scenic Design by Fred Voelpel. Directed by Jeremiah Morris. Ritz Theatre: 12 Oct 1972- 13 Oct 1972 (2 performances + 8 previews that began on 5 Oct 1972). Cast: Lou Criscuolo (as "Nick/Deuteronomy/Writer/Witch Doctor/Chorus Boy/Not-So-Grand Lama"), Robert Darnell (as "Stavos/Exodus/Writer/Native No. 1/Chorus Boy/Winston/Grand Lama"), Donna Liggitt (as "Forbes Melina/Starlet/Native No. 2/Not-So-Grand Lama"), Randee Heller (as "Helena/Writer/Native No. 4/Not-So-Grand Lama/Gypsy"), Jack Landron (as "Marco/Genesis/Writer/Native No. 5/Chorus Boy/Not-So-Grand Lama"), Phil Leeds (as "Harrison Fairchild III/Town Drunk/Dr. Krauss/Chief/Chorus Boy/Not-So-Grand Lama/Uncle Larry") [final Broadway role], Mary Bracken Phillips (as "Muffy Weathersford"), Samuel D. Ratcliffe (as "Harrison Fairchild IV"), Liz Sheridan (as "Patience Fairchild/Mama/Writer/Native No. 3/Star/Not-So-Grand Lama"). Produced by Peter Grad. Associate Producer: Ed Lewis.
  • (1976) Stage Play: Something's Afoot.
  • (1976) Stage Play: Best Friend.
  • (1977) Stage Play: Happy End. Musical. Music by Kurt Weill. Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht. Original German play by Elisabeth Hauptmann. Book adapted by Michael Feingold. Lyrics adapted by Michael Feingold. Musical Director: Roland Gagnon. Assistant Musical Director: David Krane. Chelsea Theater Center Production newly conceived by Robert Kalfin. Staged by Patricia Birch. Directed by Robert Kalfin and Patricia Birch. Martin Beck Theatre: 7 May 1977- 10 Jul 1977 (75 performances). Cast: Grayson Hall (as "A Lady in Gray/"The Fly"), Christopher Lloyd (as "Bill Cracker"), Meryl Streep (as "Lieutenant Lillian Holiday, Hallelujah Lil") [final Broadway role before entering films], Benjamin Rayson (as "Sam "Mammy" Wurlitzer"), Liz Sheridan (as "Major Stone"), Tony Azito (as "Dr. Nakamura, The Governor"), Raymond J. Barry (as "Johnny Flint, Baby Face"), Alexandra Borrie (as "Sister Jane"), Christopher Cara (as "Brother Ben Owens"), John A. Coe (as "Jimmy Dexter, The Reverend"), Donna Emmanuel (as "Miriam, The barmaid"), Joe Grifasi (as "Captain Hannibal Jackson"), Prudence Wright Holmes (as "Sister Mary"), Kristin Jolliff (as "Member of The Fold"), Frank Kopyc (as "Member of The Fold"), Tom Mardirosian (as "Member of The Fold"), Martha Miller (as "Member of The Fold"), Victor Pappas (as "Member of The Fold"), David Pursley (as "A Cop"), Robert Weil (as "Bob Marker, The Professor"). Standby: Bob Gunton (as "Bill Cracker"). Understudies: Alexandra Borrie (as "Lieutenant Lillian Holiday"), Donna Emmanuel (as "Sister Jane"), Kristin Jolliff (as "Miriam/Sister Mary), Frank Kopyc (as "Captain Hannibal Jackson"), Tom Mardirosian (as "A Cop/Johnny Flint"), Martha Miller (as "A Lady in Gray/Major Stone"), Victor Pappas (as "Bob Marker/Dr. Nakamura"), David Pursley (as "Jimmy Dexter/Sam "Mammy" Wurlitzer"). Produced by Michael Harvey and The Chelsea Theater Center (Robert Kalfin: Artistic Director. Michael David: Executive Director). Associate Producer: Wilder Luke Burnap. Note; Christopher Lloyd did not perform on opening night due to a leg injury. Bob Gunton performed as "Bill Cracker" until Mr. Lloyd could resume the role on crutches.
  • (1978) Stage Play: Ballroom. Musical. Book by Jerome Kass. Music by Billy Goldenberg. Lyrics by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman. Music orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Musical Director: Don Jennings. Choreographed by Michael Bennett. Co-Choreographer: Bob Avian. Directed by Michael Bennett. Majestic Theatre: 14 Dec 1978- 24 Mar 1979 (116 performances + 11 previews that began 1 Dec 1978). Cast: Vincent Gardenia (as "Alfred Rossi"), Dorothy Loudon, Peter Alzado, Danny Carroll (as "Scooter"), Marilyn Cooper, Dick Corrigan, Dorothy Danner, Patricia Drylie, Barbara Erwin, David Evans, Bud Fleming, Carol Flemming, Peter Gladke, Victor Griffin (as "Harry The Noodle"), Svetlana McLee Grody, Mickey Gunnerson, John Hallow, Roberta Haze, Sally-Jane Heit, Alfred Karl, Adriana Keathley, Gene Kelton, Bernie Knee, Dorothy D. Lister, John J. Martin, Joe Milan, Mary Ann Niles, Howard Parker, Frank Pietri, Mavis Ray, Lynn Roberts, Liz Sheridan, Rudy Tronto, Jayne Turner, Terry Violino, Michael Vita, Janet Stewart. Produced by Michael Bennett. Co-Producer: Bob Avian, Bernard Gersten and Susan MacNair.
  • (1979) Stage Play: Once a Catholic. Comedy. Written by Mary O'Malley. Directed by Mike Ockrent. Helen Hayes Theatre: 10 Oct 1979- 14 Oct 1979 (6 performances + 9 previews that began on 2 Oct 1979). Produced by Doris Cole Abrahams and Eddie Kulukundis. Produced in association with Leon Becker. Produced by arrangement with Knightsbridge Theatrical Productions, SRO Productions Ltd., Oscar Lewenstein and Albion Productions.
  • Autobiography: Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life With James Dean: A Love Story (2000).
  • (1998) She acted in Ken Ludwig's play, "Something's Afoot," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts.
  • (September 23, 1997 to November 2, 1997) She acted in the musical, "All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten -Musical" in a a Ford's Theatre Production in Washington D.C. with Bonnie Franklin, Gary Holcomb, Lara Teeter, and James Whitmore in the cast. Ernest Zulia was adapter, creator, and director. David Caldwell wrote the music and lyrics.
  • (August 1998) She acted in the musical, "Something's Afoot," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Liz Sheridan in the cast. James MacDonald, David Vos and Robert Gerlach wrote the book, music and lyrics.

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