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Drive-In Dust Offs: Alice, Sweet Alice

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The Catholic Church (and religion in general) always seems to have a hard go of it in horror films. Whether seen as the last respite for the desperate (The Exorcist), or co-conspirators of evil (The Omen), the church has proven to be a wellspring of guilt and mistrust, useful tools for building a great horror tale. Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) is a sinister example of good old Catholic retribution, and the finest American version of a giallo to boot.

The film premiered in November of ’76 at the Chicago International Film Festival under its original title Communion. Columbia Pictures was originally supposed to distribute the film, but legal issues arose and they dropped it. Allied Artists stepped in but demanded a name change so people would not think of it as a religious film (which it is – but probably not the kind people would be expecting), came up with Alice, Sweet Alice
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‘Alice Sweet Alice’ DVD Review

Stars: Linda Miller, Mildred Clinton, Paula Sheppard, Niles McMaster, Jane Lowry, Rudolph Willrich, Michael Hardstark, Alphonso DeNoble, Gary Allen, Brooke Shields | Written by Alfred Sole, Rosemary Ritvo | Directed by Alfred Sole

88 Films expand their DVD repertoire with their first non-Full Moon flick Alice Sweet Alice (aka Communion), the 1970s “killer kid” proto-slasher from director Alfred Sole – who would later go on to spoof the genre a mere three years later with Pandemonium.

When ten-year-old Karen (Brooke Shields, in her first screen appearance) is killed in church on the occasion of her first communion, her seemingly innocent older sister Alice (Paula Sheppard) becomes the prime suspect. Matters become complicated as more of Alice s family members are attacked, along with residents of her apartment building. Can a twelve-year-old girl be capable of such mayhem, or is someone else with a vicious plan destroying her family?

Alice Sweet Alice is
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Alice, Sweet Alice DVD Review

Director: Alfred Sole,

Starring: Linda Miller, Paula E. Sheppard, Niles McMaster, Jane Lowry, Rudolph Willrich, Mildred Clinton, Alphonso DeNoble, Michael Hardstark, Brooke Shields,

Running Time: 106 Minutes

Certificate: 18

Extras: Audio Commentary with director and editor, alternative title sequence,

Every once in a while you find yourself coming across a film you’ve never heard of. You just assume it’s a generic entry into a crowded genre and you put it on not expecting much. That film ends up blowing you away, offering one of the greatest examples of its ilk, while simultaneously forcing you to question why it isn’t a staple classic. Alice, Sweet Alice is one such film, a delicious 1970s horror in the vein of Don’T Look Now, Picnic At Hanging Rock, and The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane.

Alice, Sweet Alice sees a family preparing for the first communion of their youngest daughter,
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Cold Case Star Kathryn Morris Mothers Alice, Sweet Alice in New Remake

Seventies slasher classic 'Alice Sweet Alice' is on the remake hit list with 'Satan's Playground' and 'Torture Chamber' helmer Dante Tomaselli behind the camera. And as preparations begin it seems that one of the leading ladies required for the redo has been cast. Kathryn Morris (below), better known for her role as Lilly Rush in long running CBS show 'Cold Case', has signed on to play the role of Mrs Spages the mother of Alice and murdered daughter Karen. Tomaselli spoke of the character recently to the Inquisitr stating that 'In keeping with the spirit of the original, Kathryn's character will look and feel similar, strikingly beautiful, perfectly sculpted dark hair, fiercely protective of her children and plagued by deep Catholic guilt.' The original hit screens way back in 1976 from writer/director Alfred Sole and starred Paula Sheppard and a young Brooke Shields....
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Kathryn Morris Mothers Alice Sweet Alice

The first bit of casting news for Dante Tomaselli's remake of Alfred Sole’s 1976 child slasher opus Alice, Sweet Alice has arrived with the addition of "Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris taking on the lead role of Catherine Spages, mother to a psycho killer kid.

The Inquisitr recently caught up with Tomaselli who went over some facts about his soon to be filming redux. “All of the same characters for the most part. Similar situations, though sometimes different outcomes. Wouldn’t it be boring to know what’s coming next? Definitely some new surprises, but I can’t reveal. You won’t know where it’s going. As far as locations, it’s working-class Italian Catholic Paterson, New Jersey. The main difference is whereas the original was set in the 60s, the new one will be in the 70s.”

In the original, "Paula Sheppard is Alice, a pouty, petulant
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Dante Tomaselli Teases Alice, Sweet Alice

Director Dante Tomaselli has begun teasing his remake of Alfred Sole’s 1976 child slasher opus Alice, Sweet Alice, which originally starred Brooke Shields, by releasing an early poster just in time for Afm. Check it out!

In the original, "Paula Sheppard is Alice, a pouty, petulant problem child at that awkward age living with her precocious little sister, Karen (Brooke Shields), and single mom. When Karen is murdered during her first communion and Alice takes her place in line, suspicion immediately falls on her. Then a diminutive killer in a yellow slicker and opaque mask continues the reign of terror, and Alice’s estranged father takes up the investigation to prove her innocence."

Look for more on this one soon!

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Top 10 Slasher Movies!

In celebration of this Friday’s release of Wes Craven’s highly anticipated Scream 4, I’ve decided to scour my extensive horror collection and divulge what I believe to be the 10 Greatest Slasher Films ever made! The slasher subgenre of horror has become one of the most ubiquitous entries into the wider genre, as it exploits audiences’ most basic fears of being hunted by a psychotic murderer.

The slasher came into its own during the 1980s, when a surge of films aimed at the teenage market entered cinemas. Arguably, however, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) is the seminal example and not only redefined the horror genre entirely, but also saw the birth of the slasher film. The debatable nature of Psycho’s position within modern horror cinema (and the fact that it has been included on some of my previous lists!) means that I haven’t included it in todays offering.
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Alice, Sweet Alice

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The fact that film history barely acknowledges co-writer/director Alfred Sole's sophisticated, unbelievably disturbing 1976 dark thriller/murder mystery Alice, Sweet Alice as the major work of psychological horror it is, is patently ridiculous and borderline offensive.

The grim, grisly and offbeat movie (originally released under the title Communion then re-issued as Holy Terror before getting stuck with the moniker it now bears) is an eerie, emotionally draining and thoroughly fascinating picture that needs far more love ladled on it than the lowly level it now seems to command.

Sole's prickly, melodramatic fractured masterpiece tells the tale of New Jersey divorcee Catherine Spages (Linda Miller) and her two daughters, sweet little Karen (played by a pre-Pretty Baby Brooke Shields in her movie debut) and the slightly older (and more than slightly disturbed) Alice (Paula Sheppard, who would grow up to star in the counterculture punk rock / Sci-Fi classic Liquid Sky
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