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Other Works

  • (2001) Novel: "The Sky Is Falling".
  • (1996) Novel: "Morning, Noon and Night".
  • (1968) Unsold pilot: Produced a sitcom pilot for NBC called "Walt's Girls" with Craig Stevens as a New York advertising executive who is trying to raise three girls aged 9 to 18.
  • (1977) Novel: "Bloodline" (filmed as Bloodline (1979)).
  • (1980) Novel: "Rage of Angels" (filmed as Rage of Angels (1983)).
  • (1982) Novel: "Master of the Game" (filmed as Master of the Game (1984)).
  • (1985) Novel: "If Tomorrow Comes" (filmed as If Tomorrow Comes (1986)).
  • (1970) Novel: "Naked Face" (filmed as The Naked Face (1984)).
  • (1973) Novel: "The Other Side of Midnight" (filmed as The Other Side of Midnight (1977)).
  • (1944) Stage: Wrote (w/Guy Bolton, Ben Roberts) for "Jackpot", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics by Howard Dietz. Musical Direction by Max Meth. Vocal arrangements by Clay Warnick. Music arranged by Hans Spialek, Robert Russell Bennett and Vernon Duke. Choreography by Lauretta Jefferson and Charles Weidman. Directed by Roy Hargrave. Alvin Theatre: 13 Jan 1944-11 Mar 1944 (69 performances). Cast: Benny Baker, Robert Beam, Connie Constant, Wendell Corey (as "Sgt. Naylor"), Althea Elder, Nanette Fabray (as "Sally Madison"), Betty Garrett (as "Sgt. Maguire"), John Hamill, Flower Hujer, Allan Jones (as "Hank Trimble"), Bill Jones, Ben Lackland (as "Bill Bender"), Jerry Lester, Walter Monroe, Houston Richards (as "Dexter De Wolf"), Sherry Shadburne, Morton Stevens (as "Mr. Dill"), Drucilla Strain, Betty Stuart, Jacqueline Susann (as "Edna"), Edith Turgell, Mary Wickes (as "Nancy Parker"), Billie Worth. Produced by Vinton Freedley.
  • (1959) Stage: Wrote (w/Herbert Fields, Dorothy Fields, and David Shaw) book for "Redhead", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Albert Hague. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang and Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director / Vocal Arrangements: Jay Blackton. Dance arrangements by Roger Adams. Directed / Choreographed by Bob Fosse. 46th Street Theatre: 5 Feb 1959-19 Mar 1960 (452 performances). Cast: Gwen Verdon (as "Essie Whimple"), Richard Kiley (as "Tom Baxter"), John Aristedes (as "Dancer"), Margery Beddow (as "Dancer"), Kevin Carlisle (as "Dancer"), Shirley de Burgh (as "Dancer"), Mame Dennis (as "Singer"), Bob Dixon (as "The Tenor" / "Singer"), Joan Fagan (as "Singer"), Clifford Fearl (as "Singer"), Pat Ferrier (as "Ruth LaRue" / "Tilly" / "Dancer"), Lydia Fredericks (as "Singer"), David Gold (as "Dancer"), Bette Graham, Dee Harless (as "Singer"), Harvey Evans (as "Dancer"), Patrick Horgan (as "Sir Charles Willingham"; Broadway debut), Reby Howells (as "Dancer"), Janie Janvier (as "Singer"), Patti Karr (as "Dancer"), Elizabeth Kerr (as "Street Performer"), Elaine King (as "Dancer"), Kasimir Kokich (as "Dancer"), Lee Krieger (as "Alfy, Stage Doorman"), John Lankston (as "Singer"), Cynthia Latham (as "Maude Simpson"), William LeMassena (as "Howard Cavanaugh"), Buzz Miller (as "Jailer"), Larry Mitchell (as "Singer"), Dale Moreda (as "Dancer"), Joy Nichols (as "May"), Stan Page (as "Singer"), Noel Parenti (as "Dancer"), Liane Plane (as "Dancer"), Doris Rich (as "Sarah Simpson"), Shev Rodgers (as "Singer"), Alton Ruff (as "Dancer"), Kelley Stephens (as "Singer"), Leonard Stone (as "George Poppett"), Ralph Sumpter (as "Inspector White"), Dean Taliaferro (as "Dancer"). Understudies: Kevin Carlisle (as "Jailer"), Bob Dixon (as "Alfy"), Joan Fagan (as "Inez"), David Gold (as "Sir Charles Willingham"), Dee Harless (as "May"), Patti Karr (as "Essie Whimple"), Elizabeth Kerr (as "Maude Simpson" / "Sarah Simpson"), Lee Krieger (as "George Poppett"), Jerry LaZarre (as "Tom Baxter"), John Lankston (as "Howard Cavanaugh"), Allyn Ann McLerie (as "Essie Whimple"), Liane Plane (as "Tilly") and Shev Rodgers (as "Inspector White"). Replacement Actors: Burt Bier (as "Singer"), Mary Burr (as "Dancer"), Dorothy Dushock (as "Dancer"), William Guske (as "Dancer"), Curtis Hood (as "Dancer"), Michael McAloney (as "Sir Charles Willingham"), Pat McEnnis (as "Singer"), Donna Monroe (as "Singer"), Connie Sharman (as "Singer"), Matthew Tobin [Broadway debut], David Williams (as "Singer" / "The Tenor"), Iva Withers (as "May"). Understudies: Margery Beddow (as "Ruth LaRue" / "Tilly"), Clifford Fearl (as "Alfy"), William Guske (as "Jailer"), Elaine King (as "Inez"), Liane Plane second understudy (as "Essie Whimple"), Patty Wilkes (as "May"). Produced by Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr. Associate Producer: Theatrical Interests Plan Inc.
  • (1945) Stage: Wrote (w/Leslie Bush-Fekete [credited as Ladislaus Bush-Fekete], Maria Fagyas) "Alice in Arms",produced on Broadway. Comedy. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Frederick Fox. Directed by Jack Daniels. National Theatre: 31 Jan 1945-3 Feb 1945 (5 performances). Cast: Judith Abbott (as "Helen"), Roger Clark (as "Walter"), Peggy Conklin (as "Alice"), Richard Coogan (as "2nd Private"), Kirk Douglas (as "Steve" first starring role), Darthy Hinkley (as "Florence"), George Ives (as "Beeker"; Broadway debut), Tom McElhany (as "Collins"), James O'Neill (as "Willis"), Florence Shirley (as "Daisy"; final Broadway role), G. Albert Smith (as "Col. Benson"), Mickey Stewart (as "Henry"), Johnnie Venn (as "Mike"), Jerry Vincent (as "1st Private"). Produced by Edward Choate and Marie Louise Elkins.
  • (1944) Stage: Wrote (w/Dorothy Kilgallen, Ben Roberts) book for "Dream with Music", produced on Broadway. Musical/fantasy. Music by / Vocal Arrangements by Clay Warnick. Lyrics by Edward Eager. Orchestral Arrangements by Clay Warnick, Hans Spialek, Ted Royal and Robert Russell Bennett. Tap Routines Directed by Henry LeTang. Choreographed by George Balanchine. Directed / produced by Richard Kollmar. Majestic Theatre: 18 May 1944-10 Jun 1944 (28 performances). Cast: Betty Allen (as "Ella" / "Mrs. Sinbad"), Dorothy Babbs (as "The Little One" / "Lamb" / Tap Specialist"), Dave Ballard (as "Genie"), Lois Barnes (as "A Twin" / "Rispah" / "Leopard" / "Singer"), Lucille Barnes (as "A Twin" / "Tispah" / "Ermine" / "Singer"), Robert Beam (as "Perfume Merchant" / "I.J." / "Singer"), Peter Birch (as "Lion" / "Day"), Robert Brink (as "Robert" / "Sultan"), Ralph Bunker (as "Sand Diviner" / "Mr. Panda"), Jacqueline Cezanne (as "Corps de Ballet"), Betty Clair (as "Corps de Ballet"), Ray Cook (as "Rug Merchant" / "Wolf" / Singer"), Dorothy DeMolina (as "Corps de Ballet"), Donna Devel (as "Singer" / "Kispah" / "Rabbit"), Buddy Douglas (as "Mouse"), Leonard Elliott (as "Sinbad"), Larry Evers (as "Corps de Ballet" / "Guard"), Mae Francis (as "Caryatid"), Ronald Graham (as "Michael" / "Aladdin"), Beatrice Griffith (as "Caryatid"), Jane Hetherington (as "Fispah" / "Mrs. Fox" / "Singer"), Georgia Hiden (as "Corps de Ballet"), Joy Hodges (as "Marian" / "Jasmin"), Marcella Howard (as "Singer" / "Mispah" / "Mrs. Owl"), Janie Janvier (as "Hispah" / "Mrs. Lion" / "Singer"), Bill Jones (as "Unicorn" / "Singer" / "Candy Salesman"), Roseler Joynes (as "Caryatid"), Michael Kozak (as "Fakir" / "Singer" / "Tiger"), Carmelita Lanza (as "Corps de Ballet"), Dolores Milan (as "Tap Specialist" / "The Tall One"), Byron Milligan (as "Singer" / "Mr. Owl" / "Snake Charmer"), Mavis Mims (as "The Slender One" / "Tap Specialist"; final Broadway role), Rosemary Mitchell (as "Caryatid"), Margaret Murray (as "Corps de Ballet"), John Panter (as "Musical Instrument Merchant"), Gladys Pollard (as "Caryatid"), Bonita Purdue (as "Caryatid"), Sunny Rice (as "Tap Specialist" / "Night" / "First Hot One"), Dixie Roberts (as "Second Hot One" / "Tap Specialist" / "Mrs. Panda"), Jerry Ross (as "Guard" / "Monkey" / "Chinese Masseur" / "Corps de Ballet"), Alex Rotov (as "Western Union Boy" / "Wazier"), Toni Stuart (as "Corps de Ballet"), Dee Turnell (as "Corps de Ballet" / "The Blonde One"), Tari Vance (as "The One With the Pug Nose" / "Tap Specialist"), Bill Weber (as "Guard" / "Penguin" / " Corps de Ballet" / "Aladdin's Aide"), Parker Wilson (as "Corps de Ballet" / "Guard"), Vera Zorina (as "Dinah" / "Scheherazade").

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