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Print Biographies (4)

Jack Jacobs, Myron Braum. The Films of Norma Shearer. Secaucus, NJ: Lyle Stuart, 1977. ISBN 0806506075
James Robert Parish, R.L. Bowers. The MGM Stock Company. 1983.
Lawrence J. Quirk. Norma: The Story of Norma Shearer. New York: St. Martins Press, 198. ISBN 0312017987
Gavin Lambert. Norma Shearer: A Life. New York: Knopf/Random House, 1990. ISBN 0394551583

Film Biographies (1)

Portrayals (1)

Interviews (1)

Film Fan Monthly (US) December 1972, Iss. # 138, pg. 8, by: Maltin, Leonard, "FFM interviews Madge Evans"

Articles (22)

Films of the Golden Age (US) December 1998, Vol. 26, Iss. 1, pg. 38-49, by: Eve Golden, "Norma Shearer: the first lady of M G M."
Classic Images (US) November 1994, Iss. 233, pg. 37, 44, by: Fredrick Santon, "How MGM Kept Norma Shearer After Irving Thalberg's Death"
Blanco y Negro (ES) April 8 1990, Iss. 3693, pg. 58-62, by: Terenci Moix, "Norma Shearer"
Variety (US) June 15 1983, by: Todd McCarthy, "Norma Shearer, 80, Ultimate Leading Lady, Dies in California"
New York Times (US) June 14 1983, pg. B8:1, by: Eric Pace, "Norma Shearer, Film Star Two Decades, Is Dead"
Broadway and Hollywood Movies (US) July 1931, Vol. II, Iss. 3, pg. 9-10, 45, by: A.R. Roberts, "Norma from Canada"
Moving Picture World (US) December 10 1927, pg. 14, "Favor Barrymore, Shearer"
Motion Picture Classic (US) December 1927, pg. 37, 79, 84, by: Dunham Thorp, "The Love Interest; Norma Shearer Is Now Doubling in a Marital Role"
Moving Picture World (US) August 27 1927, pg. 590, "Shearer--Thalberg Nuptials Soon"
Moving Picture World (US) June 25 1927, pg. 596, "Norma Shearer Wins Princeton"
Moving Picture World (US) January 22 1927, pg. 269, "Norma Wins"
Moving Picture World (US) October 9 1926, pg. 346, "Norma Shearer on the Air"
Pictures (US) July 1926, pg. 49, 111-12, by: Lucille Arms, "A Haughty and Reserved Young Lady"
Motion Picture Classic (US) November 1925, pg. 38-39, by: Doris Curran, "A Close-Up of Fame"
Movie Weekly (US) August 1 1925, pg. 15-16, by: Alice Tildesley, "Love and Other Things According to Norma Shearer"
Moving Picture World (US) June 6 1925, pg. 668, "Shearer Voted Princeton's Favorite"
Moving Picture World (US) February 28 1925, pg. 912, "Wins Popularity Contest"
Movie Weekly (US) December 27 1924, pg. 21, 30, by: Gladys Hall, "O! Don't You Wish You Were Me?"
Movie Weekly (US) June 22 1924, pg. 19, by: David A. Balch, "How Some Screen Stars Are Made; A Close-up of the McFadden Studio, which has served as a stepping stone to many a girl seeking screen fame"
Moving Picture World (US) May 10 1924, pg. 202, "In Leading Role"
Movie Weekly (US) March 22 1924, pg. 6, by: Norma Shearer, "Should a Girl Be Chaperoned in Hollywood?"
Moving Picture World (US) December 17 1921, pg. 818, ill, "Norma Shearer in Chief Female Role in Eugene O'Brien Film"

Magazine Covers (3)

Picturegoer (GB) October 4 1941
Life (US) February 13 1939
Hollywood (US) February 1934, Vol. 23, Iss. 2

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