Neal Doesn't Stand Still as Earth Stops, Fascism Rises: Oscar Winner Who Suffered Massive Stroke Is TCM's Star

Patricia Neal ca. 1950. Patricia Neal movies: 'The Day the Earth Stood Still,' 'A Face in the Crowd' Back in 1949, few would have predicted that Gary Cooper's leading lady in King Vidor's The Fountainhead would go on to win a Best Actress Academy Award 15 years later. Patricia Neal was one of those performers – e.g., Jean Arthur, Anne Bancroft – whose film career didn't start out all that well, but who, by way of Broadway, managed to both revive and magnify their Hollywood stardom. As part of its “Summer Under the Stars” series, Turner Classic Movies is dedicating Sunday, Aug. 16, '15, to Patricia Neal. This evening, TCM is showing three of her best-known films, in addition to one TCM premiere and an unusual latter-day entry. 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Robert Wise was hardly a genre director. A former editor (Citizen Kane, The Magnificent Ambersons
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Law & Order: UK - Watch promo for stunning new episode

Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid.

Digital Spy has an exclusive first-look at a game-changing new episode of Law & Order: UK.

'Hard Stop' - the penultimate instalment of the crime drama's eighth series - sees a killer targeting London's police officers and legal officials.

Peter Davison's Henry Sharpe - Director of Cps London - soon finds himself in the gunman's crosshairs, in an episode written by Noel Farragher.

Law & Order: UK continues on Wednesday (April 23) at 9pm on ITV.

Series eight's finale 'Repeat to Fade' - written by Richard Stokes - will follow on April 30.

Law & Order: UK - Why it's British TV's most underrated crime drama
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'Grudge Match' packed with adult humour (Ians Movie Review)

'Grudge Match' packed with adult humour (Ians Movie Review)
Film: "Grudge Match"; Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Kim Basinger, Kevin Hart, Alan Arkin, Jon Bernthal; Director: Peter Segal; Rating: ** 1/2

Peter Segal's, "Grudge Match" is a volatile, tongue-in-cheek comedy about two retired boxers from Pittsburg. They had fought each other twice earlier with each winning a single bout, but now they can't see eye-to-eye.

This "Grudge Match" is the resultant best of three matches between Henry Sharp aka Razor (Sylvester Stallone) and his ace opponent Billy McDonnen aka Kid (Robert De Niro) that takes place 30 years after their last bout.

Kid won the first bout in 1982. The next in 1984 was won by Razor, who baffles his fans by announcing his retirement soon after winning.
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Parks and Recreation, Law & Order UK, The Newsroom: Tube Talk Q&A

The weather might finally be starting to perk up, but is it really worth going outside if you're going to miss out on some great telly? No, is the answer.

Tube Talk won't rest until we've convinced all of you to slip off your slip-on summer shoes and slob in the front of the telly, and what better way is there to do that than share goss on great shows like Parks and Recreation and Law & Order: UK in our weekly Q&A?

I've seen the adverts for the new series of Law & Order: UK - when's it on?

Oh yes, you've not got long to wait now until the famous Dun DUNs! Bradley Walsh will be taking a break from laughing about Fanny Chmelar with 'The Governess' and flexing his acting muscles once again in the seventh series of Law & Order: UK, which returns Sunday, July 14 at 9pm on ITV.
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Criterion Collection: Ministry of Fear | Blu-ray Review

Fritz Lang aficionados can rejoice this month with Criterion’s release of his 1944 title, Ministry of Fear, the first time it sees a DVD transfer. Long regarded as a minor entry in Lang’s prestigious filmography, the last of a successive trio of anti-Nazi themed films from the German émigré is finally available for rediscovery. Though it may never escape its current status in the pantheon of its director’s legacy, it certainly stands out as an oddly constructed creature, a fussy war time noir whose sinister narrative is occluded by a stagnant paranoia that stirs the proceedings into a twisty nightmare.

Stephen Neale (Ray Milland) has just been released from Embridge Asylum in England while World War II rages on. He’s been put away for two years and insistently plans on traveling directly to London, even though it’s being bombed continuously. On the way there, he innocently stops at a village fair,
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Peter Davison Comments On 50 Years Of Dr. Who At Comic-con

  • Cinelinx
Peter Davison was the star of the series Dr. Who during its 20th anniversary. Now, as the 50th anniversary approaches, Peter Davison was at NY Comic-Con to talk about it.

Peter Davison has a very strong connection to Dr. Who. Not only was he the fifth of the 11 actors to portray the title character—starring in the show from 1982-1984—he is also the father-in-law of David Tennant, who played the 10th Doctor. Davison’s daughter Georgia Moffet married Tennant after the two met while filming the Dr. Who episode ironically titled The Doctor’s Daughter. Davison himself returned briefly to Doctor Who in 2007 and appeared alongside his future son-in-law for the Christmas special Time Crash.

Davison was at this year’s NY Comic-Con and was asked what he knew about the plans for the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration of the long-running series. “I’m still waiting for the phone
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MoreHorror Chats with Director Nick Simon and Actor Oz Perkins of 'Removal'

by Shannon Hilson,

There's nothing we like here at MoreHorror better than an expertly made film that really covers all the bases and writer/director Nick Simon's feature debut Removal really delivers in this regard. Filled with twists, turns, gold-star performances from an all-around amazing cast, awesome dialogue, and incredible shots, this film is easily one of the best horror films I've seen in a long while. It follows the story of Cole, a carpet cleaner who takes on a rather unusual cleaning job for a wealthy client and winds up with a lot more to contend with than he bargained for.

Writer/director Nick Simon and writer/actor Oz Perkins of Removal were both kind enough to answer some questions for me recently in regards to this very cool film. If you still haven't had a chance to check it out for yourself, catch it today On Demand or on DVD.
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Law & Order UK Adds Dominic Rowan and Doctor Who Peter Davison

If I’m being completely honest, and I really do try to be, I had no idea there was a Law & Order: UK. And I’m not surprised. The Us remakes a lot of British television, so why can’t the opposite be true as well? The UK show has obtained two new actors to join the cast, Dominic Rowan and Peter Davison.

Rowan will play Jacob Thorne, the new senior prosecutor replacing James Steele (Ben Daniels). Thorne was made for this job and will let nothing stand in his way when prosecuting. Davison plays Henry Sharpe who has just accepted the job of director of the crown prosecution. Sharpe is “a down-to-earth pragmatist” with a past connection to Thorne. The two actors are joining current series stars Badley Walsh, Jamie Bamber, Harriet Walter and Freema Ageyman

I have to admit; I’m a tad curious how a show like
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Peter Davison Joins The Cast Of Law & Order: UK

Former Doctor Who star Peter Davison will begin appearing as a regular cast member of Law & Order: UK, the Doctor Who News Page reports.  He will join Doctor Who alumna Freema Agyeman on the series.

"Filming begins shortly on the next series of the UK produced show based on the NBC Series. Davison will play Henry Sharpe, the man taking over the job of Director of the Cps, described as a down to earth pragmatist and a great boss. Returning to the series is Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones in Doctor Who." 

Law & Order: UK airs on ITV1 in the UK and is currently being shown on BBC America.

Here's a little bit of background on the series premise from Wikipedia:

"Law & Order: UK (also known as: Law & Order: London in Ireland) is a member of the Law & Order franchise, one of the most successful brands in American primetime television.
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