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Unearthed Beetlejuice Photos Will Get You Excited for the Sequel

Unearthed Beetlejuice Photos Will Get You Excited for the Sequel
Next year marks the 30th Anniversary of the beloved classic Beetlejuice, and some fans are hoping that the long-awaited sequel, Beetlejuice 2, will hit theaters next year to celebrate this anniversary, although things aren't exactly looking up for this project. The last we heard about this sequel was back in November, when star Michael Keaton revealed that he doesn't think the sequel is actually happening, with Tim Burton adding last May that he won't move forward until the story is just right. Whether or not this long-awaited sequel will ever happen or not is up for debate, but while we wait for any further updates, a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from the original movie have surfaced.

These photos debuted on Imgur earlier today, from a user dubbed "reddit mason," although it isn't ultimately clear where these photos surfaced from. Regardless, these photos feature a number of different cast members including
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Why Beetlejuice 2 has much to live up to

Plans are afoot for a sequel to Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. But what made the original so special, and where might the sequel go?

Last week, an extremely cautious Winona Ryder confirmed on Late Night With Seth Myers that a sequel to Tim Burton's beloved 1988 haunted house comedy Beetlejuice was finally in the works. Ryder will be reprising her role as Lydia Deetz, with Burton back behind the megaphone and Michael Keaton, fresh from a career-resurrecting turn in Birdman (2014), again starring as 'the ghost with the most'.

Ryder's announcement was met with the inevitable woops and cheers from Myers' studio audience, but fans of Burton's breakthrough feature will be seeking reassurances that the forthcoming follow-up will remain true to the spirit of its predecessor.

For those who've never seen it, Beetlejuice tells the story of Adam and Barbara Maitland (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis), a happily married couple living
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'Heathers': 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Darkly Comic Teen Classic

It's not that hard to believe that it's been 25 years since the release of "Heathers," on March 31, 1989.

Really, the movie seems like an artifact from a different era, one paradoxically bolder than our own. It's hard to imagine a movie getting made today that makes fun of teen suicide, schoolhouse violence, and the public grieving process that follows both. "Heathers"'s gleefully gruesome satire made stars out of Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty, launched the careers of screenwriter Daniel Waters and director Michael Lehmann, and created the mold for subversive schoolgirl comedies to come, from "Clueless" to "Mean Girls."

"Heathers" wasn't a hit at first, but it eventually became such a huge cult success that it made lunchroom polls and lines like "What's your damage?" into pop-culture fixtures. Still, as many times as you've seen it, there's still much you may not know about "Heathers," from which other
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The Essentials: Tim Burton's 5 Best Films

Tomorrow "Dark Shadows" will hit theaters, the latest gothic entertainment from director Tim Burton and his muse Johnny Depp. And, as per our review and many others, it's sadly another disappointment; another wonderful-looking, empty picture that seems to have been derived from the filmmaker and his star taking on the kind of film that's expected of them, rather than something to push or challenge them.

But once upon a time, Burton was one of the most exciting filmmakers around, a former Disney animator who moved into the live-action world with an enduring family comedy classic, and went on for a nearly-decade-long run of critically acclaimed box-office hits that established him as having one of the most distinctive, unusual voices in Hollywood. With "Dark Shadows" bumming us out this weekend, we've decided to provide an antidote by examining five of the most essential Burton directorial efforts in the filmmaker's career. Disagree?
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Horror at the Oscars Part III

Tremors? Nightbreed? Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat? 976-evil? Are all on the list this year. And though there were not huge horror wins in sound editing through screenplays, the Technical Awards never cease to bring out the horror veterans. Notably Tim Drnec who contributed to such VHS classics as Alien Seed, Destroyer, and Prison won for his work on “Spydercam 3D volumetric suspended cable camera technologies.” An award also shared with Ben Britten Smith and Matt Davis who both also worked on Constantine.

But among all the winners, the Academy also honored some great loses in 2010. And though they mentioned some of our heroes, Dennis Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and Dino de Laurentiis (King Kong), they did not mention Zelda Rubinstein or Corey Haim. But we will in this last section and the others lost to us last year.

So farewell fight fans and remember,
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'American Idol': Worst episode ever?

"American Idol" takes on the crazy town of Los Angeles, CA Thursday night (Feb. 3), plus the MySpace auditions are in the house. So in "Idol" land it's still 2004? Got it.

That makes sense, since this episode is almost wall-to-wall bad/crazy auditions and that schtick hasn't been funny since then.

Victoria Garrett is the first audition of the night and you can just tell by her crazy outfit from 1984, her God talk and her starry-eyed attitude that she is going to suck. And she does. Why do we have to watch those? Hilariously, afterwards she says, "I let my nerves get the best of me."

This episode's resident J.Lo-lover is Tim Halperin with "She Will Be Loved." The lower stuff is nice, but he doesn't quite have the chops to do the high stuff on the chorus. But the whole narrative of this guy's audition is his love for Jennifer Lopez,
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Links: Glenn Shadix (Rip). Plus Jones, Cronenberg, Captain America

/Film first set photos of January Jones as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. As I believe I've stated before I love this casting. But it does seem wierd that she is already pigeonholed as "sixties girl". Will this be our first true period piece superhero flick or am I forgetting something? At least they're trying something slightly different with this one.

All Things Fangirl relives the glory of (500) Days of Summer last year with summer concerts in the now featuring Jgl and Zooey Deschanel.

Cinema Viewfinder There's a Cronenberg blog-a-thon going on that I didn't know about. Shame. I don't really understand the format to get to the article contributions but I'm certain there's good things to read there. I shall investigate further. Love that David Cronenberg.

/Film long interview with Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek.

Film Business Asia the upcoming London Film Festival (we'll be covering
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Glenn Shadix, of 'Heathers' and 'Beetlejuice' Fame, Passes Away

Glenn Shadix, of 'Heathers' and 'Beetlejuice' Fame, Passes Away
Glenn Shadix, the strange, sermon-delivery preacher of Heathersand interior decorator and mystic of Beetlejuice, passed away at his home in Birmingham, Alabama Tuesday morning at the age of 58.

In his youth, Shadix struggled to come to grips with his homosexuality, even partaking in "ex-gay shock therapy" at the age of 17, a harrowing ordeal he later described. A suicide attempt, however, led his family to accept his sexuality and for the young man to move on with his life.

His twenties brought him into the world of stage drama, and the actor started his screen career as a Twin Oaks customer in The Postman Always Rings Twice. But it was a few projects later, in 1988, when he became a recognizable face as Otho in Beetlejuice. As the man who made that nice New England home into a monstrosity (before stealing the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and wreaking havoc), Shadix quickly became a king of quirk.
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Actor Glenn Shadix is dead at age 58

Tim Burton's film "Beetlejuice" featured Alabama native Glenn Shadix as "Otho", an imperious interior designer who was enamored of all things paranormal. Mr. Shadix died Tuesday morning in his Birmingham home. He was 58. Susan Gagne, Mr. Shadix's sister told the Birmingham News thather brother had been using a wheelchair to get around, and he fell in his kitchen and hit his head. Mr. Shadix also was a voice-over actor in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and appeared in numerous smallscreen series. He was reportedly en route back to Hollywood to audition for a Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon film. Here he talks poignantly about coming out as a gay man, and surviving aversion therapy as a teen:
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Tragic Shadix On His Way Back To Hollywood At The Time Of His Death

  • WENN
Tragic Shadix On His Way Back To Hollywood At The Time Of His Death
Tragic former actor Glenn Shadix was in talks to revive his film career at the time of his death on Tuesday, after he was asked to audition for a role in Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon's new movie.

The Beetlejuice star, who fell and died at his home in Alabama, didn't land the part but the fact that casting directors considered him at all gave him a huge boost.

In his final interview with, the 58 year old revealed all about how thrilled he was to almost become the Twilight actor's co-star in Water For Elephants.

Shadix, who retired from showbusiness in 2005 and had only filmed cameos in low-budget projects over the last few years, said, "Whatever happens happens, but at least they saw my work.

"I've been on a sabbatical and I've done a couple of films since I've been in Alabama - I'm doing one on Maui. I'm going again in the summer and (Fox called) out of the blue, and I did two screen tests for two different roles.

"I'm real glad that they thought of me. I've been out of Hollywood for five years, and people think you're dead! I was glad to let them know that I wasn't, and I was pleased with the (screen) test."

'Beetlejuice' actor Shadix dies, aged 58

'Beetlejuice' actor Shadix dies, aged 58
Actor Glenn Shadix has passed away at the age of 58. He died on Tuesday at his home in his native Birmingham, Al, reports E! Online. Shadix was perhaps best known for playing Otho in Tim Burton's 1998 supernatural comedy Beetlejuice. The cause of his death has not yet been reported. However, the actor's sister has said that he used a wheelchair and appeared to have hit (more)
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'Beetlejuice' Actor Glenn Shadix Passes Away at 58 Years Old

The man who so eccentrically and invasively decorated the Deetz family house in Tim Burton's original cult comedy Beetlejuice has sadly and truly passed into the afterlife. Actor Glenn Shadix who ever so famously portrayed the gothic interior designer Otho in Burton's 1988 film has died at age 58 following a fatal fall at his home in Birmingham, Alabama. Susan Gagne, Shadix's sister told Alabama Local News, "He was having mobility problems, and he was in a wheelchair. It looks like he fell and hit his head in the kitchen, and that's the cause of death." A truly tragic end for a man who enjoyed a fantastic career in both film and television. Aside from his career-making turn in Beetlejuice, Shadix collaborated with Tim Burton a couple more times. The actor not only voiced The Mayor in the Burton produced Nightmare Before Christmas, but also played Senator Nado in Burton's remake
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Glenn Shadix R.I.P., 1952-2010

Glenn Shadix R.I.P., 1952-2010
Update: Reader fasteddie writes: "The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be made in Glenn’s name to the Theatre Department of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, 1800 8th Avenue, Birmingham, Al 35203. has more information. Thanks, the family of William Glenn Scott (Glenn Shadix)"

Sad news for you today, movie fans. Glenn Shadix passed away after he fell and struck his head in his Birmingham, Al home yesterday. The 58-year-old actor worked primarily in theater through the '70s and '80s. Tim Burton attended one performance in particular and took a liking to Shadix, going on to cast him in the role that he is perhaps best known for: interior designer Otho in the classic comedy "Beetlejuice."

Shadix went on to appear in a number of other notable roles that fans of late-'80s/early-'90s film can immediately recognize: Father Ripper in "Heathers,
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Beetlejuice Star Dies

Beetlejuice Star Dies
Glenn Shadix will always be remembered for what he accomplished under the watchful eye of a ghostly Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. The portly actor, who played a pretentious interior decorator who communed with the spirits in Beetlejuice, died Tuesday at his home in his native Birmingham, Ala. He was 58. Cause of death wasn't immediately known, but his sister told reporters that her brother, who used a wheelchair to get around, appeared to have hit his head in a fall. "There is a part of me that is not surprised," Shadix said of Beetlejuice's cult-classic status. "We had so much fun filming this unusual and so very original movie that I had a feeling something very special was...
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Beetlejuice Actor Glenn Shadix Dead at 58

Actor Glenn Shadix, best known for his role as Otho the interior decorator in Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice," died on Tuesday morning following a fall at his condo. Shadix appeared in more than 70 films and TV shows. He was 58 years old. "He was having mobility problems, and he was in a wheelchair," said Shadix's sister Susan Gagne. "It looks like he fell and hit his head in the kitchen, and that's the cause of death." Besides his breakthrough role in "Beetlejuice," Shadix appeared in two more movies for Burton, doing the voice of the mayor in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 1993 and playing the orangutan Senator Nado in the 2001 remake of the sci-fi classic "Planet of the Apes." He also had small parts in "Demolition Man," "Heathers," and "Seinfeld." "Beetlejuice" Clip:
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Beetlejuice Actor Shadix Dead At 58

  • WENN
Beetlejuice star Glenn Shadix has died following a fall at his home in Birmingham, Alabama.

The wheelchair-bound 58 year old, who played decorator Otho in Tim Burton's hit film, banged his head in the fall - and that killed him, according to his sister Susan Gagne.

In a statement she says, "He was having mobility problems, and he was in a wheelchair. It looks like he fell and hit his head in the kitchen, and that's the cause of death."

Shadix was a regular in Burton films - he was among the cast of Planet of the Apes and voiced The Mayor in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

He retired from acting in 2006.

Rest in Peace: Glenn Shadix

Another star has been taken from us just too damned early for our liking as we're very sad to report that actor Glenn Shadix has passed away well before his time.

Shadix, age 58, was best known to horror fans as the hilarious Otho, the very eccentric interior decorator in the much beloved horror comedy Beetlejuice. He also performed in two other Tim Burton-helmed films, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Planet of the Apes remake.

According to the Huntsville Times Shadix died this morning following a fall at his Birmingham, Alabama condo.

"He was having mobility problems, and he was in a wheelchair," Susan Gagne, Shadix's sister, said. "It looks like he fell and hit his head in the kitchen, and that's the cause of death."

We here at Dread Central would like to take this time to offer our sincerest condolences to Glenn's family, friends, and constituents. Thanks
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Hilary Duff up for 'Spider-Man,' Liam Neeson to 'Battleship,' 'Beetlejuice' actor dies

  • Pop2it
Throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and chew on these movie snacks ...

After a writer interviewing her new husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, mentioned in his article that a script for the "Spider-Man" reboot was on the couple's kitchen table with the part of "girl" highlighted, Hilary Duff is the latest rumored Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy. [The Globe and Mail]

Liam Neeson has joined the cast of director Peter Berg's "Battleship" along with Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgaard and Rihanna. [Deadline]

"Exorcist" author William Peter Blatty is suing Warner Bros. saying that they are concealing profits from the classic horror film. He wants the studio to open up their accounting books and is asking for unspecified damages. [TMZ]

Natalie Portman has been approached to replace the recently dropped-out Angelina Jolie in the $80 million 3-D movie "Gravity," about a woman stranded alone on a space station. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Actor Glenn Shadix, who played
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AfterElton Briefs: Adam Lambert Caught With Jake Shears, "Glee" Premiere Party Livecast, and Lady Gaga Feeds Her Little Monsters

Plus Gary Shadix gets his own Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Spain's gay lottery, and Glenn Beck became a Mormon to get laid.

Oddly, Katy and I share a facial expression right now.

When Adam Lambert tweeted out the above picture over the weekend, it didn't have much context. Now we know it's from the latest Scissor Sister news broadcast. I still don't know why Katy Perry was in frame, but I do know that Adam and Jake Shears really sold the make out session that preceeded this photo. Now that Russell Eddington has gotten it on with a hustler in bed and shown some flesh, the always industrious folks at Camp Blood have added him to their popular True Blood Paper Doll Series, complete with crystal urn for carrying Talbott. Reader Boyd sent in this investigative piece on the increasingly uncomfortable relationship between Target and Twin Cities Pride. The Pride committee needs the money,
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'Beetlejuice' Actor Glenn Shadix Dies

  • TMZ
Glenn Shadix -- famous for playing Otho the interior decorator in " Beetlejuice " -- died this morning after falling at his home in Alabama ... this according to his sister. Shadix's sister Susan Gagne told The  B irmingham News that the actor was "having mobility problems" and may have fallen out of his wheelchair and "hit his head in the kitchen." Susan told the Bn she believes the blow to the head caused his death. Glenn --
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