"Rocky & Bullwinkle" Season 4 - August 17

"Rocky & Bullwinkle" Season 4 will be released by Classic Media August 17th , the first time the fourth season has ever been available on DVD.

"...Join 'Rocky & Bullwinkle' in more of their ridiculous antics and silly schemes. From the moment Jay Ward’s animated moose and squirrel debuted on ABC in 1959, Rocky & Bullwinkle were destined for television immortality.

"With their inspired insanity and rapid-fire repartée, Rocky & Bullwinkle became America ’s funniest animated pair. As they battled the no-goodniks, 'Boris Badenov', 'Natasha Fatale' and 'Fearless Leader', the duo was accompanied by the memorable 'Dudley Do-Right', 'Peabody and Sherman' and 'Aesop and Son'..."

"Rocky & Bullwinkle" Season, features 19 episodes @ 22 minutes each including :

"Painting Theft": Bullwinkle takes the artworld by storm with his whitewashed paintings, however Boris and Natasha have a scheme to get Bullwinkle’s paintings;

"Guns of Abalone": On their way to silencing the Guns of Abalone, Rocky and
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