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28 Years Later, Your Favorite Hey Dude Stars Remember a Stalker, the "Nick Narc," and Good Times

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Image Source: Maggie Boyd It's hard not to greet David Lascher and Kelly Brown with a "Heeeeeey Duuuuude," but somehow I resist. It's been 28 years since Hey Dude debuted, and Lascher is now 45; Brown is a tad older, a fact that she reiterates a bit in our interview (her exact age isn't on the internet, and I know better than to ask her). They both look great, and while their faces haven't been onscreen much lately, they're so instantly recognizable to me that it's like seeing old friends. As a rabid Hey Dude watcher as a kid, this interview feels very special. They're in Austin for Atx, the TV festival that specializes in huge TV fandoms and nostalgia. Though the whole cast, save for Brown, reunited a few years ago at the same event, it's just these two this time, and if you watched, you know them better as Ted and Brad.
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How the Murder of Starlet Rebecca Schaeffer by Her Stalker ‘Changed Hollywood’

How the Murder of Starlet Rebecca Schaeffer by Her Stalker ‘Changed Hollywood’
Danna Schaeffer can vividly recall the moment she learned her daughter, up-and-coming actress Rebecca Schaeffer, had been murdered.

It was a July morning in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, and Dana, a writer and teacher, was working on a play. So when her phone started ringing at about 11:30 a.m., she let it go to her answering machine.

Then she heard the message an ABC executive had left for her, and she called back.

“I still remember how sunny my voice sounded when he picked up the phone,” Danna told Entertainment Weekly. “Then he said, and these words are inscribed in my brain,
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Insights: Will Christina Grimmie’s Murder Ruin The Fan Bond That Built the Creator Community?

In 1982, an actress named Theresa Saldana nearly died when an obsessed fan attacked her with a knife outside her apartment. She survived but took four months to recover. Seven years later, Rebecca Schaeffer wasn’t as fortunate. Another obsessive fan shot her to death in the doorway of her apartment complex.

Those two West Hollywood tragedies pushed the California Legislature to enact the nation’s first anti-stalking laws. They also forced film and TV performers and their handlers to reconsider how they interacted with the public. The result for many stars: though they were safer, they also were more insulated from fans, reclusive, and walled off.

Now, in the wake of Christina Grimmie’s June 11 murder, online stars who weren’t even alive when Schaeffer died face an almost existential question. How can they protect themselves while still maintaining and building their most valuable resource: a direct relationship with their ardent fans?
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Snapchat Co-Founder Evan Spiegel -- I'm Being Stalked ... On Snapchat!

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Snapchat has made Evan Spiegel the world's youngest billionaire -- but it's also part of the reason he's calling in Lapd to nab a seriously creepy alleged cyberstalker.  In a not-at-all-funny case of live by the sword, die by the sword ... police say Spiegel received harassing messages through Snapchat, Twitter and email from a man identifying himself as Ramon Martinez. According to docs, one email Spiegel received referenced JFK, slain actress Rebecca Schaeffer, Molotov cocktails,
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Press Tour: Kevin Williamson defends 'Stalker' from angry critics

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Press Tour: Kevin Williamson defends 'Stalker' from angry critics
"Stalker" creator Kevin Williamson walked into a room full of hostile critics at the TCA 2014 summer press tour, but that's when you get when your pilot opens with a random woman getting doused with gasoline and set on fire in her own car by a stalker. Williamson's attempts to deflect the logical questions provoked by such ugly exploitation ranged from humor to self-importance to flat out frustration. His stars, Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott, sat on either side and remained largely silent throughout the panel (save for a few direct, and totally generic, questions that came their way). There's no doubt a good deal of the reaction was driven by Williamson's recent work fetishizing murder sprees on a weekly basis for Fox's "The Following," although he doesn't see much similarity himself. "I'm really curious to see what people do when they compare the two shows," Williamson allowed. "To me it's apples and oranges.
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Kevin Williamson pilot ordered by CBS (it's about stalkers)

Kevin Williamson pilot ordered by CBS (it's about stalkers)
Finally creepy exes who won’t take a hint are getting a TV drama devoted to their crimes.

Kevin Williamson’s new drama project about cops who go after stalkers just received a CBS pilot order. The Vampire Diaries and The Following writer-producer’s show is a described as a “psychological thriller centered around a pair of detectives who handle stalking incidents for the Threat Management Unit of the Lapd.”

It case you’re wondering, the show is based on a real police unit. The Lapd created the country’s first Threat Management Unit in the early 1990s after actress
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Celebs Celebrate ‘Salinger’ Premiere at MoMA

Celebs Celebrate ‘Salinger’ Premiere at MoMA
At Tuesday’s Museum of Modern Art “Salinger” screening Harvey Weinstein gave a shout-out to his most honored guest Elie Weisel as he introduced the documentary’s determined writer-director-producer Shane Salerno.

Salerno, 40, began the project when he was 30. “I don’t recommend 10-year productions. It’s extraordinary to be standing here and I want to thank everyone who shared stories with me for the first time,” including Jean Miller (pictured above with Salerno) who at age 14 met J.D. Salinger, who was then 30. Salinger pursued her until she was 18 and once they went to bed left her.

“Something I’ve never told,” Salerno added, “Deborah Randall who is credited as a producer is my mom. We made this film together and she’s very sick and wasn’t able to be here tonight. So after a decade it’s an emotional night and with your permission I’d like to dedicate this to her.
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AfterElton Briefs: Chris Colfer Is The People's Choice, "Stars In Danger" Belly Flops, and Lance Bass Was A Bully

Big congrats to Chris Colfer, who won the People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedic Actor last night.

Birthday shoutouts go to Shawn Colvin, who is 57, and Pat Benatar is 60. This year's biggest Oscar snubs. Did anyone really believe Matthew McConaughey was going to get a nomination?ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee insists that the network loves Happy Endings, and that's why it's now also seen on Sunday, "To raise sampling," but no decision about its future has been made.In a bit of a surprise, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower beat The Vow and Magic Mike for Favorite Dramatic Film at the People's Choice Awards.In ratings news, Stars In Danger wasn't ready for the deep end.Chris Colfer blogs about Struck By Lightning. Speaking of, here he is with Lea Michele, who won the People's Choice award for Favorite TV Comedic Actress.

Below you can see a very brief Nsfw!
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House at the End of the Street Takes Us on a L.A. Murder House Tour!

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House at the End of the Street Takes Us on a L.A. Murder House Tour!
Every year, there are usually a number of horror films based on or inspired by some sort of true story. The upcoming Relativity Media thriller House at the End of the Street is not based on such a story, but, if you're familiar with any number of grisly crimes in Los Angeles, it very well could be. In honor of this terrifying tale, arriving in theaters September 21, I was invited to take part in a unique tour of infamous L.A. murder houses, all of which were in very different neighborhoods scattered throughout the City of Angels.

Our evening began, fittingly, at the Museum of Death on Hollywood Boulevard, where we were shown a number of bizarre "artifacts" from the Charlie Manson killings and the Heaven's Gate mass suicide. There were also some of the most sickening images I have ever seen, taken by an L.A. woman and her
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Foywonder's Valentine's Day Salute to The Love Bomber

Nothing says "I love you" quite like the gift of imploding large buildings. I know that probably sounds like a rather odd, not to mention extreme, way by which to prove your love for a woman, but then none of you is "The Love Bomber". Woman can't resist a man that can make shit blow up. Why do you think Michael Bay gets laid as much as he does?

Today being Valentine's Day, what better time to pay homage to one of cinema's most lovelorn maniacs? "The Love Bomber" was the villain of the 1984 made-for-tv thriller City Killer, the terrifyingly romantic tale of a deranged stalker's quest to prove his worth to the woman he loves by demolishing infrastructure.

The big three TV networks rarely make original movies anymore; cable networks have been left to pick-up the slack. Were it made today, City Killer would almost assuredly be a Lifetime
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Deborah Gibson: 'Scary' Stalker Won't Slow Her Down

Deborah Gibson is speaking out about the man who allegedly stalked her earlier this April. In her restraining order application filed on Tuesday, Gibson, 37, alleges that Bassas Jorge Puigdollers has continually shown up at Gibson's hotel and house. The last straw was when Puigdollers came to her home and knocked on her door. "That was crossing a line, so that was really scary," she tells People. "I am a single female, so I reacted like anyone would and called 911. I'm very good at reacting calmly in the moment, but then I fall apart later." Police detained Puigdollers, but did not charge him with any crime.
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Brad Silberling: The family that grieves together...

The killing of his actress girlfriend stunned Hollywood. Now Brad Silberling has shared his tale of a household's time of mourning

In 1989, Rebecca Schaeffer, a 21-year-old television actress, answered the door of her West Hollywood apartment to a flower delivery man. Moments later, Robert Bardo shot her in the chest at point-blank range. He was a crazed fan who had been following her for weeks and adopted the disguise to gain entry to her home. The case caused a sensation, eventually leading to anti-stalking legislation, and for months was the talk of Hollywood. Schaeffer's fiancé, Brad Silberling, then 26, a film graduate, was caught up in the story as he struggled to come to terms with his loss. Minutes before she died, he had spoken to her on the phone and wished her luck for an audition later that day for The Godfather Part III.

'It stopped me cold in my tracks.
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Hoffman Blasts Disney

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Hollywood A-lister Dustin Hoffman is furious with mega studio Disney for failing to promote his latest film adequately. The veteran Oscar winner stars in Moonlight Mile, which is loosely on the life of writer/director/producer Brad Silberling, who saw his girlfriend Rebecca Schaeffer killed by an obsessed fan in 1989. The $20 million dollar film was pulled from American screens in December after only recouping some $7 million. Hoffman rages, "Disney dumped it. They didn't even watch it. There was no advertising. I think it really hurt Brad. That's why I am support a piece of work that I am really proud of."

Parents Thrilled With Director's Grief Tribute

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Parents Thrilled With Director's Grief Tribute
The parents of murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer have praised director Brad Silberling for turning their traumatic story into a hit new film. Silberling was dating Schaffer when she was killed by a stalker in 1989, and was even a suspect at one point. But he's turned the harrowing tale of grief into acclaimed new film Moonlight Mile, starring Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon. And Benson and Danna Schaeffer are calling his project a masterpiece. Benson Schaefer says, "This movie will bring her back to people's minds." His wife Danna adds, "It's really hard to see it both as a participant and as a moviegoer, but it's a great movie, a classic about grief." Benson states he was particularly moved by something Silberling said in a recent interview about trying to figure out a way to allow all concerned a way to live the rest of their lives. He adds, "That was so powerful and very well said. After the murder of your daughter it's very easy to sink into bitterness and I've sunk there from time to time. What he said made sense." The Schaeffers admit the film has presented a few problems for them - because moviegoers can't help but try and empathize with them. Danna explains, "One lady said, 'I know just how you felt, my dog died last week, ' and she meant it."

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