Royal Baby Bump Debut! Princess Sofia Dazzles with Prince Carl Philip by Her Side

Royal baby on board!

Princess Sofia of Sweden debuted her baby bump for the first time since announcing her pregnancy at the end of March.

On Wednesday, the royal, clad in an elegant gray ensemble, walked arm-in-arm with husband Prince Carl Philip. The two posed for photos before boarding the Norwegian royal yacht for a lunch with fellow European royals.

The couple, who are already parents to 1-year-old son, Prince Alexander, looked as in love as ever.

It’s been a busy few days for the royal couple, who are in Norway along with Prince Carl Philip’s parents, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia,
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Caltiki, The Immortal Monster

It creeps and leaps and slides and glides along the wall… and then it eats your face, dude. Mario Bava and Riccardo Freda’s ultimate monster mastication epic now looks sensationally gory, thanks to a full restoration. Arrow’s disc has pretty much everything, including two transfers and two audio commentaries. And Savant has a guilty admission to make — it was the tripe, the whole tripe, and nothing but the tripe.

Caltiki, The Immortal Monster

Blu-ray + DVD

Arrow Video USA

1959 / B&W / 1:66 widescreen / 76 min. / Caltiki, il mostro immortale / Street Date April 11, 2017 / Available from Arrow Video / 39.95

Starring: John Merivale, Didi Sullivan (Perego), Gérard Haerter, Daniela Rocca, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Daniele Vargas, Arturo Dominici, Gay Pearl

Cinematography: John Foam (Mario Bava)

Special Effects: Mario Bava

Film Editor: Mario Serandrei

Original Music: Roberto Nicolosi

Written by Filippo Sanjust

Produced by Bruno Vailati

Directed by Robert Hamton (Riccardo Freda) & Mario Bava

Who says that Blu-ray is dying?
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Review: 'The Americans' hosts an uncomfortable 'Dinner For Seven'

  • Hitfix
Review: 'The Americans' hosts an uncomfortable 'Dinner For Seven'
A review of tonight's The Americans coming up just as soon as I drop off Silver Streak on VHS... "None of us are in control, not really. Not ever." -Pastor Tim In case you missed the great news earlier today, FX renewed The Americans for two final seasons, 13 episodes next year, and 10 in 2018 to close things out. It's great that Fields, Weisberg, and company will get to wrap up the story the way that they wanted. But between the departures of Martha, Nina, and Gaad (the latter two fatal), the pressure being created by Paige, Pastor Tim, and Alice all being in on some stage of the secret, and the progress of Stan and Aderholt's investigations, there's been such a whiff of near-finality to things that it sure seemed like next year would make sense as the end. But the showrunners have had a long time to decide how much more runway they needed,
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Review: 'The Americans' tries to solve a problem like 'Pastor Tim'

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Review: 'The Americans' tries to solve a problem like 'Pastor Tim'
A review of tonight's The Americans coming up just as soon as I like you better as a blonde... "We're in trouble." -Elizabeth Pastor Tim barely appears in the episode named after him, turning up dead in one of Elizabeth's nightmares. But the Gordian knot that Paige tied around her parents when she told Tim their secret hangs over the entire episode. Now that they know that Pastor Tim knows, there is no good solution. Kill him, and Paige will figure out they were responsible, and at best hate her parents forever, at worst turn them into the authorities. Don't tell him, and there's a man floating out there who can't be trusted to maintain Paige's confidence, meaning that their lives could blow up at any moment. Like the Glanders sample that Philip just can't seem to get rid of — even after murdering an airport security guard to the sounds
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‘The Americans’ Co-Showrunner Joel Fields Talks Martha, Stan and Planning a Series Finale

‘The Americans’ Co-Showrunner Joel Fields Talks Martha, Stan and Planning a Series Finale
Spoiler warning: The following interview includes plot details of “The Americans” Season 4 premiere, “Glanders.”

Everyone’s favorite undercover Russian spies are back on FX as “The Americans” returns for Season 4. Variety spoke with co-showrunner Joel Fields about the twists in turns in the season premiere (including Martha’s confrontation with Clark, and Stan’s confrontation with Philip — it was a busy episode for Matthew Rhys), adding Dylan Baker to the cast in a mysterious new role (he’s the one who gives Philip and Elizabeth the vial that could cause an outbreak of the titular disease, glanders) and why Fields feels this season represents the end of “Act Two” for the series overall.

One of the big questions at the end of last season was, “Where’s Martha?” It doesn’t take long to find out she’s still processing what Clark told her.

That is one where I have a bit of a regret.
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How to Get Away with Murder Recap: 'Hi, I'm Philip'

So, I was right. And then I was wrong.

Oliver got a little too hack-happy and did in fact get kidnapped by the über-sketchy Philip, the geeky, socially stilted bastard Hapstall child who the Keating Company hopes has the matching DNA to link him to the Hapstall murder scene. But! While I thought Ollie's abduction was the first of a series of unfortunate events that would lead to Connor's undoing on the Night of the Fancy Mansion, the whole thing was … well, resolved relatively quickly.

Philip and his abductee, Oliver, surprise everyone by showing up at the Keating house unscathed
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Vulture TV Awards: The Year’s Best Couple Is The Americans’ Philip and Elizabeth

  • Vulture
Vulture TV Awards: The Year’s Best Couple Is The Americans’ Philip and Elizabeth
All this week, we’re presenting our Vulture TV Awards, honoring the best in television from the past year. Vulture contributor Julie Klausner kicked things off with a rousing opening monologue, and now we’re dishing out the virtual hardware. Vulture writers have already honored Amy Schumer, H. Jon Benjamin, and The Fosters, while casting director Allison Jones helped us choose Maisie Williams for Best Child Actor. Closing out day one of our four-day awards-a-thon, here’s Girls co-showrunner Jenni Konner to give her enthusiastic endorsement of The Americans’ Philip and Elizabeth Jennings as the best TV couple of the year.Winner: The Americans’ Philip and Elizabeth JenningsIf you can put aside the betrayal, murdering, and spying, Elizabeth and Philip just might be the healthiest couple on television. Here’s what they have going for them. 1. Open communicationThough they spend their days lying to literally every single person around them,
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'The Americans' episode three 'Gregory' review

The only place to start with this week's episode of The Americans is the end. The bleak final shot of innocent mum Joyce, chillingly killed by the Russians to stop her being caught by the FBI, showed that this series isn't going to shy away from the realities of the Cold War.

It wasn't all ass-kicking, comedy wigs and sex to Phil Collins music for spies back in the '80s. Well, not all of it anyway.

Joyce was the secret wife of the Jennings' murdered colleague Robert. Her child was sent back to snowy Donetsk to be with Robert's parents, but there was no way of getting out alive for poor old Joyce.

The Jennings' new Kgb supervisor 'Grannie', played by the awesome Margo Martindale (Justified), proved that she isn't a character to be messed with, packing off Joyce and her baby for their terrible fate. Hopefully we'll see
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'Love Is All You Need' review: Pierce Brosnan in Danish rom-com

'Love Is All You Need' review: Pierce Brosnan in Danish rom-com
Director: Susanne Bier; Screenwriter: Anders Thomas Jensen; Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Trine Dyrholm, Kim Bodnia, Paprika Steen, Molly Blixt Egelind, Sebastian Jessen; Running time: 116 mins; Certificate: 15

Pierce Brosnan falls in love under the Mediterranean sun, but thankfully, he doesn't have the urge to burst into song in this winsome romantic comedy. He stars as Philip, a wealthy businessman, long-time widower and casual cynic who travels to Italy for his son's wedding where he's surprised to find that he gets on rather well with future in-law, Ida, played by Danish actress Trine Dyrholm.

Dyrholm anchors the story with a disarming blend of kookiness and middle-aged ennui, doubled by the burden of cancer treatment and the discovery that husband Leif (Kim Bodnia) is having an affair. For Danish director Susanne Bier (Open Hearts, Brothers), this would usually be the cue for much angst and melodrama, but in this case, Ida sets the tone with sweet nonchalance.
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Exclusive Q&A: Jay Bonansinga Discusses The Walking Dead Novels, Including The Fall of The Governor

Jay Bonansinga is known by Walking Dead fans for his work on The Governor novels with Robert Kirkman. The Rise of The Governor and The Road to Woodbury have already been released, and The Fall of The Governor is expected later this year.

Matt had a chance to catch up with Jay Bonansinga, and we learned about his creative process with Robert Kirkman, what we can expect from the upcoming novel, the chances of us seeing more novels after The Fall of The Governor, and if Jay thinks he can survive in a zombie apocalypse:

What was it that made you want to jump into the world of The Walking Dead with Robert Kirkman?

Jay Bonansinga: I wish I had a cool answer for this, some kind of charming, roguish anecdote. Full disclosure… The job opening was made known to me by my manager, Andy Cohen, who is close
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Love Is All You Need Trailer

Love Is All You Need Trailer
Writer/director Susanne Bier is usually best known for tackling family tensions that end in tears, pain and suffering. She’s made the likes of Brothers (the Danish original, which was remade as the Jake Gyllenhaal/Tobey Maguire film), Open Hearts and After The Wedding. With her new release, All You Need Is Love, she’s in a much more romantic mood. Check out the trailer below. brightcove.createExperiences();Of course, it’s not all happiness and light with Bier. Pierce Brosnan plays Philip, a man who has retreated into cold, distant disdain after the death of his wife. He accidentally meets Ida (Trine Dyrholm), who has just conquered cancer, only to come home and discover her husband is cheating on her.When Philip and Ida scrape cars, they find out that they’re both headed to a wedding in Italy – where his son and her daughter are scheduled to be married.
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