'Justified': Carla Gugino and a scary man come to town

Carla Gugino comes to the marshall's office, the witness protection program is compromised and Raylan tries to put a stop to Boyd's plan on the newest "Justified." Oh, and a scary, scary man is in town.

In the Case of the Week, Marshall Bill Nichols is killed and the other marshals suspect it was to gain access or information about the witness protection program people he's guarding. Marshal Brooks and Chief Mullen are dispatched to protect Nichols' people located in their neck of the woods.

Meanwhile, Assistant Director Karen Goodall is brought in (the lovely Carla Gugino) and she and Raylan are sent to get information out of Litlte Joe Delahunt, who they believe might be behind Nichols' murder.

But it's not Delahunt. One of the protectees, Walter Vondis (now named Terry Po) wanted to get back in Delahunt's good graces, so he needed $2 million. He got that money by
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Lists of Doom Xxix: Before There Was Rosalyn

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For those that like a little rock with their horror, it's time for another installment of Fangoria Musick's Lists Of Doom. This is the spot where we talk with some of your favorite or up-and-coming musical artists to get their takes on the world of horror.

For our 29th edition, we caught up with Houston five-piece Before There Was Rosalyn. Their latest album The FüHRER: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception will hit retail tomorrow - a special Monday release courtesy of Chicago's Victory Records.

So what scares the members of Before There Was Rosalyn?

Gregory Sanzo's Picks:

Zombieland (2009) Ruben Fleischer

Modern-day zombie masterpiece.               

Alien (1979) Ridley Scott

Gave me nightmares for an entire year.

Trent Gibson's Picks:

The Amityville Horror (2005) Andrew Douglas

I just remember sitting in the theater and being too scared to get up out of my seat after this movie. It scared the ever-living doo doo out of me.
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