Other Works

  • Directed a myriad of top-drawer recordings for Caedmon Audio, including the Shakespeare Recording Company's series, which included such notables as Micheal & Venessa Redgrave, Paul Scofield, Sir John Gielgud, & Dame Peggy Ashcroft, among others.
  • Recording of "The Glass Menagerie" for Caedmon Records with Jessica Tandy, Montgomery Clift, Julie Harris and David Wayne.
  • (1973) He directed Marguerite Duras's play, "Suzanna Adler," in a Royal Shakespeare Company production at the Aldwych Theatre in London, England with Eileen Atkins and Dinsdale Landen in the cast.
  • The Great White Hope (1968). Drama. Written by Howard Sackler. Music arranged by Charles Gross. Directed by Edwin Sherin. Alvin Theatre: 3 Oct 1968- 31 Jan 1970 (546 performances + 15 previews). Cast: James Earl Jones (as "Jack Jefferson"), Jane Alexander (as "Eleanor Bachman") [Broadway debut], Thomas Anderson (as "Negro Man/Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation/Mourner/Contributor"), Thomas Barbour (as "Sir William Griswold/Man at Fight/Civic Marcher/Fight Fan"), Verona Barnes (as "Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation/Mourner/Contributor"), Don Blakely (as "An African Student/Jack's Friend/Mourner/Contributor"), Dave Brown (as "Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation/ Mourner/Contributor"), Burke Byrnes (as "1st Man on Ladder/Reporter/Crap Player/Policeman/Deputy/German Officer"), David Connell (as "Barker/Pailman/Mourner"), Lawrence Cook (as "Ensemble"), Sheila Coonan (as "Mrs. Kimball/Civic Marcher/Civic Leader"), Lance Cunard (as "Porter/Trainer/Handler/Civic Marcher/Civic Leader/Fight Fan"), George Curley (as "Weigher-in/Mr. Farlow/Photographer/Civic Marcher/Stage Hand'Fight Fan"), Jon Cypher (as "Mr. Cameron, the D.A./Klossowski/Man at Fight/Fight Fan"), George Ebeling (as "Fred"), Marshall Efron (as "Ragosy/Man at Fight/Civic Marcher/Fight Fan"), Hector Elizondo (as "French Handler/Blackface/El Jefe/Trainer/Deputy"), Luis Espinosa (as "Cuban Boy/Jack's Friend/Mourner"), Antonio Fargas (as "Scipio"), Joanna Featherstone (as "Jack's Friend/ Member of The Congregation/Mourner/Contributor"), Edd K. Gasper (as "Government Agent/Ranger/Civic Marcher/Deputy/German Officer"), Lou Gilbert (as "Goldie"), Donald Girard (as "Paco"), Ruth Gregory (as "Mrs. Bachman"), Joe Hamer (as "Bettor/Ensemble Mr. M. Bratby"), George Harris II (as "Tout/Waiter/Policeman/Reporter/ Mexican/Fight Fan"), Hilda Haynes (as "Mrs. Jefferson"), Bob Horen (as "Official/Promoter/Reporter/Civic Marcher/Civic Leader/Mexican/Pinkerton Man"), L. Errol Jaye (as "Pastor"), Woodie King (as "Young Negro/Drummer"), Ed Lauter (as "Photographer/Crap Player/Policeman/Stage Hand/Pinkerton Man"), Jerry Laws (as "Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation/Mourner/Contributor"), Philip Lindsay (as "Negro Man/Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation/Mourner/Contributor"), Peter Masterson (as "Smitty"), George Mathews (as "Cap'n Dan"), Edward McNally (as "Roller/ Detective/Ensemble"), Lou Meyer (as "Juggler/Man at Fight/Civic Marcher/Fight Fan"), Clark Morgan (as "A Distinguished Negro/Ensemble"), Terrence O'Connor (as "Civic Marcher/Civic Leader"), Jimmy Pelham (as "Tick"), Garwood Perkins (as "Deacon/Jack's Friend/Mourner/Contributor"), Terrance Phillips (as "Boy/ Ensemble"), Richard Pittman (as "Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation Mourner/Contributor"), Dan Priest (as "Colonel Cox/2nd Man on Ladder/Civic Marcher/Deputy"), Michael Prince (as "Mr. Donnelly/Crap Player/Reporter"), Brooks Rogers (as "Mr. Dixon"), Gil Rogers (as "Brady/Inspector Wainwright/German Officer/Fight Fan"), Danette Small (as "Civic Marcher/Member of The Congregation/Mourner/Contributor"), Yvonne Southerland (as "Signature Recorder/Jack's Friend/Member of The Congregation/Mourner"), Dolores St. Amand (as "Ensemble"), Larry Swanson (as "Mr. Eubanks/Handler/Civic Marcher/Civic Leader/Photographer/Reporter"), Judy Thames (as "Ensemble"), Christine Thomas (as "Civic Marcher/Civic Leader"), David Thomas (as "Mr. Treacher/Ensemble"), Glory Van Scott (as "Jack's Friend/Mourner/Contributor"), Sean J. Walsh (as "The Kid/Ranger/Civic Marcher/Deputy/Photographer"), Marlene Warfield (as "Clara"), Mel Winkler (as "Rudy/Jack's Friend/Contributor"), Eugene R. Wood (as "Pop Weaver/Man at Fight"), Max Wright (as "Mr. Coates/Reporter/German Officer") [Broadway debut]. Replacement actors included: Ned Beatty (as "Deputy/Detective/Fight Fan/Roller") [Broadway debut], Martin Wolfson (as "Goldie") [8 Sep 1969 - ?/final Broadway role]. Produced by Herman Levin. Note: Filmed as The Great White Hope (1970).
  • (1985) His play, "The Great White Hope," was performed at the Tricycle Theatre in London, England with Hugh Quarshie, Earlene Bentley, Ed Bishop, Colin Bruce, Dominic Hawksley, Joan Heal, Mark Heath, Leon Herbert, Barry Jackson, Terence Longden, John Matshikiza, Michael Melia and Terry Mortimer in the cast. Nicholas Kent was director.
  • (September 15, 1969) His play, "The Great White Hope," was performed at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Brock Peters in the cast.
  • (April 21 to May 22, 1965) His play, "Mr. Welk and Jersey Jim," was performed at The Arena Stage Theatre in Washington D.C. Edwin Sherin was director.
  • (December 7, 1967 to January 14, 1968) His play, "The Great White Hope," was performed at The Arena Stage Theatre in Washington D.C. Edwin Sherin was director.
  • (August 25 to October 15, 2000) His play, "The Great White Hope," was performed in The Arena Stage production at the Fichlander Theater in Washington D.C. Molly Smith was director.
  • (December 2, 1969 to January 10, 1970) His play, "The Great White Hope," was performed at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Brock Peters and Claudette Nevins in the cast. Milton Katselas was director.
  • (January 11 to March 7, 1976) He directed John Webster's play, "The Duchess of Malfi," in a West Coast premiere at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

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