Good and Bad War-Themed Movies on Veterans Day on TCM

Veterans Day movies on TCM: From 'The Sullivans' to 'Patton' (photo: George C. Scott in 'Patton') This evening, Turner Classic Movies is presenting five war or war-related films in celebration of Veterans Day. For those outside the United States, Veterans Day is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which takes place in late May. (Scroll down to check out TCM's Veterans Day movie schedule.) It's good to be aware that in the last century alone, the U.S. has been involved in more than a dozen armed conflicts, from World War I to the invasion of Iraq, not including direct or indirect military interventions in countries as disparate as Iran, Guatemala, and Chile. As to be expected in a society that reveres people in uniform, American war movies have almost invariably glorified American soldiers even in those rare instances when they have dared to criticize the military establishment.
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Badge 373

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: April 24, 2012

Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-ray $25.95

Studio: Olive Films

The 1973 crime thriller movie Badge 373 carries the credit that it was “Inspired by the Exploits of Eddie Egan,” the New York City police detective whose work was also the subject of the award-winning 1971 movie The French Connection.

In Badge 373, Robert Duvall (Get Low) portrays Eddie Ryan, a tough and abrasive Irish cop who is forced to turn in his badge after scuffling with a suspect who then falls to his death from a rooftop. But that doesn’t stop Ryan from heading out on a one-man vigilante crusade to avenge his partner’s murder, all the while neglecting his new live-in girlfriend, Maureen (Verna Bloom, National Lampoon’s Animal House). Ryan’s investigation leads him to Puerto Rican drug kingpin Sweet Willie (Henry Darrow, A Life of Sin) and a shipment of guns for the Puerto Rican underworld.
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