Kris Humphries Flirts With Blonde In NYC: He’s Over Kim Kardashian

An eyewitness reveals the New Jersey Net had his eye on a gorgeous waitress in NYC this weekend -- but did he score? Kris Humphries has previously stated that he plans to focus more on his basketball career and less on his love life, following his divorce from Kim Kardashian, but it looks like his philosophy has changed. Kris was spotted trying to a "very beautiful waitress" to give him her phone number during a boys' night out March 24 at NYC's Bunker Club, the Daily News is reporting. NYC socialite Justin Ross Lee tells the paper that Kris' waitress "was not the slightest big impressed," which prompted him to swoop in and steal the waitress right out from under Kris' nose. While Kris may not have sealed the deal with the mystery blonde, it's interesting to learn that he's finally decided to move on after Kim. More Kim/Kris News:
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