Wednesday Comedy Roundup: Whitney 2.14 & Workaholics 3.19

Whitney, Season 2, Episode 14: “Crazy, Stupid Words”

Written by Zachary Rosenblatt & Eric Zicklin

Directed by Andy Ackerman

Airs Wednesdays at 8pm (Et) on NBC

Just as Whitney surprises us with a great episode and an awesome guest star last week, it declines in entertainment and hilarity this week. It seems more and more each week that NBC’s Whitney insists on producing more bad episodes than good. There is nothing particularly good about “Crazy, Stupid Words” as the show’s aim to balance drama and comedy once again is careless.

The episode opens with Alex and Whitney in a coffee shop eavesdropping on a couple’s argument and almost having an argument themselves whilst defending the strangers. In this scene we discover Whitney doesn’t like the word ‘crazy’ and thus the main plot of this episode explores the way that certain words can aggravate people. It seems the female
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Wednesday Comedy Roundup: Modern Family 4.14, Whitney 2.8 & Workaholics 3.14

The week of guest spots.


Modern Family Season 4, Episode 14: “A Slight at the Opera”

Written by Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh

Directed by Jim Bagdonas

Airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on ABC

This week’s episode consists of a whole load of plays ranging from the obvious school production, a rehearsed game of golf, to Haley and Dylan building a fake life as parents and seeing crash around them all in an afternoon.

The fantastic Nathan Lane is back this week as Pepper, covered head to toe in golf attire. Joining him on the golf course is a focused Mitch who is intent on beating his father after months of practicing and “Pepper talks”, and Jay trying to teach Phil. An interesting setup, Jay surprises us this week by being kind to Phil and bonding with his son. The jaunt teaches everyone a lesson and really comes together with the
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CJ Entertainment to co-finance "Dino Mom"

CJ Entertainment has come on board as a co-financier of John Kafka and Yoon S. Choi’s English-language animated movie “Dino Mom.”

CJ will release the film in Korea next year; Myriad Pictures, which is selling the film internationally, will be offering the film at the upcoming American Film Market.

The film, currently in postproduction in South Korea, is being co-directed by John Kafka and Yoon S. Choi and is produced by David K. Lovegren (“Hoodwinked”) and Jae Woo Park in association with Toiion and Motif Rmc.

The script was written by Adam Beechen, Zack Rosenblatt and James Greco. Exec producers are Joon B. Heo, Jae Y. Moh and Robert Abramoff, who structured the deal with Myriad. The film is also produced with the support of the Korea Culture and Content Agency.

“Dino” follows the adventures of three kids who time travel back 65 million years to the nest of a
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