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  • (1920 - 1921) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1920) Stage Play: Tip Top. Musical. Music by Ivan Caryll. Book by Anne Caldwell and R.H. Burnside. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell and R.H. Burnside. Music orchestrated by William E. MacQuinn. Featuring songs by Richard A. Whiting, Fred Rose, Henry I. Marshall, Marion Sunshine, Ray Henderson, Louis Breau, Tom Brown and Jack Frost. Featuring songs with lyrics by Henry I. Marshall [final Broadway credit], Marion Sunshine, Ray Henderson, Louis Breau, Tom Brown, Ray Egan, Louis Harrison, Billy McCabe, Clarence Jennings and Jack Frost. Musical Director: William E. MacQuinn. Choreographed by Charles Mast. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Globe Theatre: 5 Oct 1920- 7 May 1921 (246 performances). Cast: Phoebe Appleton (as "Chorus"), Cissie Bailey (as "Chorus"), Dan Baker (as "Lawyer Pussyfoot"), Tommy Bell (as "Charles Youngcat"), Marjorie Belle (as "Chorus"), May Blythe (as "Chorus"), Alfred Brown (as "Court Attendant/Specialty"), Billy Brown (as "Court Attendant/Specialty"), Fred Brown (as "Court Clerk/Specialty"), Harry C. Brown (as "Court Attendant/Specialty"), Tom Brown (as "Specialty"), Verne Brown (as "Court Attendant/Specialty"), Verna Burke (as "Chorus"), Dan Butler (as "Sharp"), Gladys Caldwell (as "Alice"), David Catlin (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Clark (as "Bertha"), Evelyn Conway (as "Chorus"), Kitty Conway (as "Chorus"), Lola Curtis (as "Chorus"), Peggy Dana (as "Chorus"), Kitty Dolan (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Duncan (as "Chorus"), Grace Duncan (as "Chorus"), Rosetta Duncan (as "Worse"), Vivian Duncan (as "Bad"), Marcelle Earle (as "Chorus"), Elsie Elwell (as "Chorus"), Martha Elwell (as "Chorus"), Eugene Ford (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Francis (as "Chorus"), Minnie Gray (as "Chorus"), Pauline Hall (as "Adele"), Lillian Harrington (as "Chorus"), Roy Hoyer (as "Lord Cyril Gower"), Bert Jordan (as "Lawyer Maltese/Smart"), Violet Little (as "Chorus"), Annie Lorraine (as "Chorus"), Anna Ludmila (as "Fairy Caprice/Specialty Dancer"), Betty Mack (as "Chorus"), Frances Margulies (as "Chorus"), Charles Mast (as "Lizzie Cowface"), Teresa McSpirit (as "Chorus"), Janet Megrew (as "Chorus"), Alida Middlecoat (as "Chorus"), Myrtle Miller (as "Chorus"), Gus Minton (as "I. Skinem"), Ursula O'Hare (as "Rosalie"), Dolly Pacy (as "Chorus"), Corabelle Platt (as "Chorus"), Oscar Ragland (as "Judge Tiger/Jonas Barker"), Leila Randall (as "Chorus"), Madge Reed (as "Chorus"), Helen Rich (as "Fairy Justicia"), Adelaide Robinson (as "Chorus"), Mona Sartoris (as "Chorus"), Marie Sewell (as "Nina"), Minnie Shaw (as "Chorus"), Dolly Stanley (as "Chorus"), Jet Stanley (as "Chorus"), Fred Stone (as "Tipton Topping"), Ethel Swettenham (as "Chorus"), Rosie Swettenham (as "Chorus"), Ray Talmadge (as "Sheriff"), Margaret Taylor (as "Chorus"), Dolly Thompson (as "Chorus"), Elsie Thompson (as "Chorus"), Peter Thompson (as "Chorus"), Rosa Thompson (as "Chorus"), Teresa Valerio (as "Jinia Jones"), Adeline Valero (as "Chorus"), Hettie Ward (as "Chorus"), Scott Welsh (as "Dick Derby"), Jessie Wharton (as "Chorus"), Gladys White (as "Chorus"), Lilyan White (as "Miss Puff/Chorus"), Ruth White (as "Chorus"), Princess White Deer (as "Wetonah"), Peggy Williams (as "Chorus"), Violet Zell (as "Judy"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1921) Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1921. Musical revue.

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