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October 2017 VOD Releases Include Cult Of Chucky, Better Watch Out, War For The Planet Of The Apes

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With the Halloween season finally upon us, that we’ve got a ton of horror and sci-fi titles headed our way via VOD and various digital platforms throughout the month of October. Things kick off with the 1992 horror comedy Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which hits Digital HD for the first time ever on October 2nd. The very next day, Cult of Chucky, Super Dark Times, The Forlorned, and Realive all make their respective debuts, and just a few days later the holiday horror flick Better Watch Out arrives on October 6th.

October 10th is another busy day, with the digital releases of Wish Upon, Dementia 13, The 13th Friday, War for the Planet of the Apes, and Wes Craven’s cult classic Summer of Fear, and for those looking to spend their Friday the 13th at home, you’ve got M.F.A., Brawl in Cell Block 99, and the Psycho-themed documentary 78/52 to look forward to.
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Watch the Hypnotically Haunting Trailer for Chris Alexander’s Blood Dynasty

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Horror film writer and filmmaker Chris Alexander returns behind the camera with the third film in his vampire Irina saga, Blood Dynasty, and you can now watch the hypnotically haunting trailer for the new movie ahead of its release this Halloween from Castle Films.

"Blood Dynasty was written and directed by Chris Alexander (Queen of Blood, Blood For Irina) and features a cast of upcoming talented actors including Shauna Henry, Cheryl Singleton, Holly Riot and Andre Becker.

Castle Films will be releasing Blood Dynasty on VOD and Digital HD on October 31, 2017.

Synopsis: Blood Dynasty is the third in Alexander’s “Irina” vampire film cycle, that began with 2012’s award winning Blood for Irina and continued in 2014’s Queen of Blood. The character of Irina – inspired in part by Lina Romay’s character in Spanish filmmaker Jess Franco’s Female Vampire – is once more reborn, rising from the sea to bring
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Jess Franco’s Killer Barbys – The Blu Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

I have to admit I didn’t have many positive expectations for this later-in-life Jess Franco flick. I’m a Franco fan, but not a Franco apologist. I really enjoy a good number of his films but recognize he’s churned out some real clunkers, especially the period immediately after 1987’s Faceless. The reputation of Killer Barbys was less than stellar with even hard-core Franco fans generally dismissing the film. So it was that I received a screener from Kino Lorber and popped the Blu-ray in. I figured I’d watch it once then toss it in the corner and allow it to gather dust. At least I’d have one more Franco film for my collection even if I never opened the case again. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I was entertained throughout most of the film. This may say more about my
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The Bottom Shelf: Frankenhooker, We Are The Flesh

Apr 28, 2017

Lucio Fulci, Frankenhooker and more in our round up of new horror Blu-rays and DVDs...

So, what’s your personal idea of hell? For this writer, it would almost certainly involve being chained down in the audience of an eternal live filming of Loose Women as Donald Trump waves a slice of tiger bread, forever just out of reach. Yours is likely to be similar, though it would have to be pretty grim indeed to come anywhere near Lucio Fulci’s 1981 career-best infernal vision and perhaps the definitive (obviously other than Little Nicky) cinematic depiction of eternal damnation, The Beyond.

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The Italian gore icon behind such genre classics as Zombie Flesh Eaters and The House By The Cemetery offers ostensibly a zombie film set in
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DVD Review – Female Vampire (1975)

Female Vampire, 1975.

Directed by Jesus Franco.

Starring Lina Romay, Jack Taylor, Alice Arno, Monica Swinn, Jesus Franco, and Luis Barboo.


The last descendant of the evil Karlstein family of vampires lures unsuspecting victims to their doom.

The first release from new Screenbound Pictures imprint Maison Rouge, Female Vampire – a.k.a. Bare Breasted Countess – is something of an erotic classic from the 1970s. Directed by notorious purveyor of sleaze Jess Franco (A Virgin Among the Living Dead/Eugénie), the film is an otherworldly blend of softcore porn and the mildest of vampiric horrors, in as much as the lead character is introduced as a vampire and does indeed suck the bodily fluids of her victims (note – not just the blood) but there is very little gore and no other vampire folklore apart from the mention of her murderous ancestors.

The female vampire in question is Countess Irina Karlstein, played
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‘Bare Breasted Countess’ DVD Review (Screenbound)

Stars: Lina Romay, Jack Taylor, Alice Arno, Monica Swinn, Jess Franco, Luis Barboo, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Raymond Hardy, Anna Watican | Written and Directed by Jess Franco

Countess Irina Karlstein (Lina Romay) is as beautiful as she is deadly. She is a bloodthirsty vampire of course. However, unlike most who have fallen foul to the curse, she doesn’t revel in her acts of fatal lust. Her hunger for genuine love is just as strong as the hunger for the bloody stuff (as well as some of the other bodily fluids available.). Her quest for both finds her returning to her ancestral home. Unfortunately, her insatiable hunger claims many victims. From her gardener (Roger Germanes) to the local dominatrix (Monica Swinn), no one is safe. With an inquisitive forensic pathologist by the name of Dr. Roberts (Jess Franco himself) and his blind sidekick Dr. Orloff (Jean-Pierre Bouyxou) on her case, you’d
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November 8th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Bubba Ho-tep, The Initiation

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Tuesday, November 8th is a big day for politics, but on the home entertainment side of things, it’s a relatively quiet week for Blu-ray and DVD releases, as we have only a few bright spots to look forward to. Scream Factory has given Don Coscarelli’s modern classic Bubba Ho-Tep the Collector’s Edition treatment, and for you cult cinema fans out there, both The Initiation and Night Has a Thousand Desires receive a much-needed HD upgrade as well.

Other notable releases for this Tuesday include Halloweed, Bleed, Amigo Undead, and Gorgasm.

Bubba Ho-Tep: Collector’s Edition (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness) "gives his greatest and most entertaining performance to date", (Premiere) as an aging and cantankerous "Elvis", in this "zinger-filled crowd-pleaser", (The Hollywood Reporter) from writer-director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, John Dies At The End)! When mysterious deaths plague a Texas retirement home,
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Jess Franco’s Marquise De Sade comes to DVD digitally restored and remastered!

Lust, Sex and Death…Sisters Share Everything!” Notorious cult director Jesus “Jess” Franco’s most renowned film is coming to DVD this October! Full Moon Entertainment is re-releasing Franco’s Marquise De Sade on DVD on October 24, digitally restored and remastered. Starring longtime Jess Franco muse Lina Romay opposite globally infamous sexy showgirl Monica Swinn, Marquise De Sade …

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New on Video: ‘The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein’

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein

Written and directed by Jesús Franco

Spain/France, 1972

Since May of this year, I have embarked on an ongoing exploration into the cinema of Jesús Franco. After first viewing Justine (also known as Deadly Sanctuary), one of seven Franco films released in 1969 (his filmography boasts 203 directorial credits from 1957 to 2013), I sought out more of what this infamous Spanish auteur had to offer. Like Justine, some of these films have been extraordinarily entertaining: The Diabolical Dr. Z (1966), Vampyros Lesbos (1971), A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973), Female Vampire and Women Behind Bars (both 1975), and Bloody Moon (1981). Others, however, have been downright atrocious: Emmanuelle Exposed (1982) and Red Silk (1999), one of the worst films I have ever seen.

The latest addition to what is now a 25-films-and-counting “Summer of Jesús Franco” is The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, available on a new Blu-ray edition from Redemption Films, which has released several other Franco titles.
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‘Die Marquise von Sade’ Blu-ray Review (Ascot Elite)

Stars: Lina Romay, Monica Swinn, Raymond Hardy, Peggy Markoff, Martine Stedil, Andrea Rigano | Written and Directed by Jess Franco

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen! We are entering the sordid world of Jess Franco. My previous reviews have always been for the DVD versions of Ascot Elite’s releases. This time however, I have access to a Blu-ray player (yeah, one of those fancy modern contraptions!) and I’m going to use it goddamnit! This release is a joint one between Ascot Elite and Austria’s Illusions Unltd. You see, due to the graphic content of the film, it’s forbidden to be advertised and sold on websites like Amazon within Germany. So, HD Franco with an extra hint of sleaze? It has to be good!

Die Marquise von Sade follows Lina Romay (Ilsa the Mad Butcher) in a dual role as twin sisters. One is a reclusive
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‘Wicked Women’ (1977) DVD Review (Ascot Elite)

aka Frauen Ohne Unschuld

Stars: Lina Romay, Nanda Van Bergen, Michael Maien, Esther Studer, Kurt Meinicke, Brigitte Meyer, Monica Swinn, Peggy Markoff, Peter Baumgartner, Dagmar Bürger | Written by Erwin C. Dietrich, Jesús Franco | Directed by Jess Franco

Lina Romay (Downtown, Barbed Wire Dolls) stars as Margarita, a young woman who is discovered by police naked amongst a scene of bloody carnage. Unable to speak due to the trauma, she is sent to a nearby all women asylum. Unfortunately for her, the staff aren’t exactly too interested in her well being or recovery. When they aren’t trying to seduce Margarita or the other patients, they’re trying to figure out Margarita’s dark secret. You see, Margarita was involved in what she believed to be a harmless love triangle with a well to do couple. Unbeknownst to her, they were using her for more than just her looks, they
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Jess Franco’s Vampyros Lesbos at The Hi-Pointe Midnights This Weekend

Vampyros Lesbos screens midnights this Friday and Saturday (February 6th and 7th) at The Hi-Pointe Theater (1005 McCausland Ave., St. Louis, Mo 63117)

I can’t believe after all these years I’m finally getting to see a Jess Franco movie on the big screen. This weekend at The Hi-Pointe Theater, Andy at Destroy the Brain is offering up one the late Spanish director’s most noteworthy and beautiful films, Vampyros Lesbos, as part of the Late Night Grindhouse Midnight series.

I first discovered the captivating allure of Jess Franco as a child when his Count Dracula (1970) and Attack Of The Robots (1966) would constantly air on the creature feature syndicate. Even as a kid, I was captivated by Franco’s hypnotic, dreamy style and I can remember being puzzled by a narcotic quality I wasn’t used to. It was when VHS tapes were introduced in the early ‘80s that I really sought out his work.
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‘Jess Franco’s Downtown’ DVD Review (Ascot Elite, Ger)

Jess Franco (99 Women, Vampyros Lesbos) stars as Al Pereia, a private detective who is down on his luck and waiting for that next big job. Thankfully for him, he gets a job from a glamorous young woman by the name of Cynthia, played by the ever lovely Lina Romay (Female Vampire, Lorna the Exorcist). She wants him to photograph her husband Carlos Rivas, a nightclub owner played by Erik Falk (Barbed Wire Dolls) who has an eye for the ladies. Good old Al accepts and begins his newest assignment. Unfortunately, things get a little complicated when Carlos is found dead. Al becomes the prime suspect and on his quest to clear his name, discovers that Cynthia isn’t actually the wife of Carlos. It turns out that she and her lover Lola played by Martine Stedil (Women Behind Bars) are working for Carlos’s real wife Olga, played by Monica Swinn
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Barbed Wire Dolls (Ascot Elite Blu-ray) – Franco-sploitation Behind Bars

There are women in prison movies and then there’s Barbed Wire Dolls aka Frauengefangnis from Jess Franco. For most of the move you’re not entirely sure if there is a narrative going on save for the subtle relationship building activities of a group of imprisoned women who feel the need to walk around naked, pantless or, if clothed at all, still showing their entire body somehow. Most women in prison films seem to have common elements and Barbed Wire Dolls clearly shares those elements, but there is also a unique element to this particular entry. It is rather gorgeous. It’s pretty prison. Not necessarily clean, but it is filled with stunning beauties who are arranged in cells that are perfect for physical education.

Synopsis from Ascot Elite:

Franco exploitation at it’s finest!! Sadistic torture and perversion are only a small taste of what poor Maria (Lina Romay
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Jack the Ripper (Ascot Elite Blu-ray) – Kinski Goes to White Chapel

Jess Franco has tackled many of the classic subgenres and stories especially during the mid-70’s while he always put his own unique sexually explicit, tongue dropping sense of seduction on each movie he makes, he seems to rely on classic tales and great stories of historical fiction with a hint of the fantastic. Never is this truer than in Jack the Ripper from 1976 featuring Klaus Kinski. Franco invents true evil in the form of a well meaning bad guy with a very dark side in his interpretation of this classic White Chapel bound tale. While nobody knows how Jack was for sure that only helps Franco to create his own dark world. It’s got prostitutes in various stages of murder, dismember and clothing as well as a few stragglers along the way who fall victims to homicides of necessity. Ascot Elite offers us the chance to enjoy Jack the Ripper
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10 More Controversial Films With Explicit Sexual Violence

When I wrote the first article about sexual violence the other day, I had much reader feedback that opened my eyes to even more films with acts of sexual violence that I hadn’t considered before. In particular, one reader pointed out the lack of male on male sexual violence in the list. This was a very pertinent observation so I decided to write a second list about screen sexual violence to redress the balance.

So please enjoy my second list of sexualised screen violence. There might be a third one if you can suggest enough films!

10. Female Vampire (1973)

Continental smut fest from that old reprobate of sleazy cinema – Jesus Franco. Irina von Karlstein (played with wild abandon by Lina Romay) is a sexy vampire who throughout the movie walks about wearing nothing more than a cape and a pair of thigh high boots. She is not your average bloodsucking vampire.
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Fright At Home: October 8th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

It’s Tuesday; new release day! We’re back with Fright At Home to run down this weeks latest DVD & Blu-ray’s that you should be eyeing, and this one’s a doozy. October 8th is jam packed with horror classics, cult obscurities, euro-trash, and even some sexploitation! Truly a massive week for boutique labels and major studios alike. Check it all out below, and repeat after me: “being broke never felt so good, being broke never felt so good…”

Scream Factory’s All Night Horror Marathon Vol.1

DVD / Scream Factory


What’S The Matter With Helen?

Debbie Reynolds and Shelley Winters star in this stylish shocker set in 1930s Hollywood about two women who come to Tinseltown to start an idyllic new life and end up in a terrifying nightmare. Directed by Curtis Harrington (Queen Of Blood, Games), this relentlessly frightening film also stars Dennis Weaver (McCloud).

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Jesús Franco obituary

Prolific Spanish film-maker who specialised in psychedelic gothic horror – often laced with sex and violence

According to the Internet Movie Database, the Spanish film-maker Jesús Franco, who has died aged 82, directed 199 films, from El árbol de España in 1957 to Al Pereira vs the Alligator Ladies in 2012, a record few can match in the era of talking pictures. Given that many Franco films exist in three or four variant versions, sometimes so radically different that alternative cuts qualify as separate movies, his overall tally might be considerably higher.

Born Jesús Franco Manera, he was most often credited – at least on international release prints – as Jess Frank or Jess Franco, though he used a host of pseudonyms, writing scripts as David Khune, composing music as Pablo Villa and co-directing pornographic films (with his long-term muse Lina Romay) as Rosa Almirall. He was a true man of the cinema, whose CV ranged from
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Jesus Franco dies: Spanish director passes away at age 82

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Jesus Franco, the Spanish director best known for his work on post-1970s horror films like "The Mansion of the Living Dead" and "Vampyros Lesbos," has died in Malaga of heart complications. He was 82.

During the course of his career, Franco directed close to 200 films. He worked in the Spanish film industry since the mid-1950s and dabbled in all manners of movie creation, including directing, acting, composing, producing, writing, editing and cinematography.

Franco's first big success was the 1962 film "Gritos en la Noche," released in the United States as "The Awful Dr. Orlof." He became known for the way he mixed horror and eroticism in his films, and became a cult favorite. In the 1970s and 1980s, Franco transitioned to directing hardcore porn, but then return to horror in the late 1980s with "Faceless." His wife and collaborator Lina Romay, who starred in many of his porn films, passed
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Underground Sex and Euro-Horror Director Dead; Reviled by Catholic Church, Goya Winner

Spanish director dies following a stroke: Best known for his nearly two hundred underground, "exploitation" films "I think I was born because my father and my mother had sex ... ." Nope, that has nothing to do with the anti-censorship lectured delivered by Oz the Great and Powerful and Interior. Leather Bar's James Franco online. The words above were uttered by another Franco, a Spaniard. No, not the foaming-at-the-mouth right-wing military ruler Francisco Franco, but multitasking filmmaker Jesús Franco, aka Jess Franco aka dozens of other aliases, including those in honor of jazz performers Clifford Brown and James P. Johnson. His oeuvre included about 200 films, among them The White Slave, The Sexual History of O, Macumba Sexual, , Emmanuelle Exposed, Vampyros Lesbos, The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll, and White Cannibal Queen. The director died today in Malaga, a city in southern Spain, after suffering a stroke. According to reports, he had never truly
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