Snoop Dogg, Ted Williams, Warren G in MetroPCS Web Series

Snoop Dogg and Warren G rose to notoriety nearly 20 years ago by rapping the kinds of lyrics and producing the kinds of songs that make Tipper Gore very upset. Today, their tracks still require Parental Advisory labels, but in addition to aurally corrupting America’s youth, two of rap and hip-hop’s biggest names are doing it commercially. MetroPCS tapped Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. and the original Regulator for an original web series dubbed The G-Connection. It starts off with Ted Williams channeling Rod Roddy and introducing our host Warren G, who’s channeling Chuck Woolry. Warren then introduces Snoop Dogg, who plays a trio of characters looking to win the affection of model Brittany Dailey on a game show that’s almost an exact replica of Love Connection. The show is off to a very good start. It’s a send-up that takes itself seriously, complete with the soft-focus
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‘Groupthink’ Finds Funny in Focus Groups

In social psychology terms, groupthink - a situation in which members of a group don’t speak their minds for fear of alienation by the rest of the group (Thanks, Wikipedia!) - is typically a bad thing. It leads to the group irrationally reaching a conclusion that none of the individuals in the group are necessarily happy with. But in web series terms, Groupthink is kinda fun. Created by Goodnight Burbank veterans Angela Espinoza and Wendy Rosoff, Groupthink chronicles the day-to-day operations of the Groupthink Market Research Group, a firm that gathers consumer feedback through focus groups. The show’s main characters are Groupthink’s chief executive best friends, Cynthia (Espinoza) and Pilar (Rosoff), and an infomercial Vo guy that bears a striking aural resemblance to Rod Roddy. Groupthink episodes are short - about two to three minutes - and can be a bit hit-and-miss. The hits tend to be
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The Price Is Right: Bob Barker to Retire -- Will the Game Show Continue?

After years of speculation, Bob Barker, the venerable host of CBS' Price is Right, has announced his retirement. Bob will be 83 in December of this year and says he wants "to retire while I'm still young."

Bob Barker started his national television career in 1956 as the host of the popular Truth or Consequences after many years in local television and radio markets. Bob became the host of The Price is Right in the Fall of 1972 and has been with the show ever since -- outlasting games, "Barker's Beauties" and two announcing legends, both Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy.

Bob's been considering retirement for at least ten years but says he was just having too much fun to give it up. But, now that he's reached a pair of impressive milestones (35 years on The Price Is Right and 50 years on national television), Bob feels the time is right to hang up the mic.
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