DVD Review: Beyond The Seventh Door (1987)

Ambition should never be a dirty word, especially when it comes to micro-budget movies. Especially micro-budget movies shot on a camcorder starring a Yugoslavian actor who goes by the amazing moniker "Lazar Rockwood." Which brings us to the kind of amazing Canadian-made Cube/Saw prototype Beyond the Seventh Door (1987), lovingly presented on DVD by Intervision, who never fail to cover all of your shot-on-video needs.

Released to Toronto cable, Bozidar Benedikt's (also a Yugoslavian immigrant, and the author of over 20 novels to boot) full-length feature debut is incredibly simple in structure and execution, but has a quirky charm thanks to its high concept and even higher lead performance from Rockwood.

Boris (Rockwood - Witchblade), a small-time thief, has just been released from prison, and his first stop is a grungy café where he meets up with his ex-girlfriend Wendy (Bonnie Beck – The Making of a Hollywood Madam), who has a
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Canuxploitation epic ‘Beyond the Seventh Door’ comes to DVD

The infamous ‘80s Canadian thriller Beyond the Seventh Door comes to DVD for the first time ever courtesy of Severin/Intervision. More than 30 years after its original release, the film remains one of the most ambitious, sought-after and totally bizarre low-budget Canadian features of all time…

Featuring Yugoslavian-born actor Lazar Rockwood – in a notorious debut performance that still astounds Canuxploitation fans – as Boris, an ex-con and career thief who convinces his ex-girlfriend (Bonnie Beck) to help him rob her wealthy boss’ castle. But when Boris discovers that the eccentric millionaire has booby-trapped the building, they’ll have to survive six riddle-triggered rooms of homicidal mayhem in order to claim the treasure.

Writer/director (and future best-selling ‘religious thriller’ author) B.D. Benedikt made his unforgettable filmmaking debut with this bottom-shelf VHS classic, now loaded with special features produced exclusively for its worldwide DVD premiere; including:

Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Bd Benedikt and Actor Lazar Rockwood,
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'V.I.C.E.' Comic Book Series To Get A Feature Film Adaptation

"Cowboys & Aliens" producer Platinum Studios has been increasingly active the last few years with adaptations of their comic book-based properties, and today brings news of their latest acquisition: Top Cow Productions' "V.I.C.E."

Platinum has teamed up with "Jonah Hex" producer Andrew Lazar and Top Cow Productions to develop a feature film adaptation of the Top Cow miniseries, reports Deadline.

"V.I.C.E." follows a group of delinquent teenagers who agree to join the FBI's Critical Response Unit in exchange for cleared-up criminal records. The teens happen to have superpowers, which they put to good use in bringing down domestic terrorists and any superhuman threats.

The miniseries, created by Top Cow president Matt Hawkins, debuted in late 2005 and ran for five issues. Hawkins and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri will executive produce with Randy Greenberg, and Lazar will produce alongside Platinum CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.

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