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Linette Doherty

HEIGHT: 5' 4"
|FILM & TELEVISION | |CRACKED |Actor |CBC/Jim Donovan | |LIVING TRUTH |Singer |Living Truth/Gord Hamilton | |SAW II |Actor |Lion’s Gate/Darren Bousman | |72 HOURS |Actor |TLC/CBC/Eric Till | |CHEETAH GIRLS |Principal |Disney/Oz Scott | |DOC |Principal |PAX/Pebblehut/Larry McLean | |SOUL FOOD |Principal |Showtime/Salim Akil | |THIS MORNING: “RUSH HOME ROAD” |Lead |CBC Radio/Greg Sinclair | |BLUE HILL AVENUE |Principal |Blue Hill Prod/Craig Ross Jr. | |SINGLES COURT |Principal |Red Apple Productions | |BOJANGLES |Principal |Showtime/Joe Sargent | |EINSTEIN |Narrator (voice |Devine Entertainment/Donna Rae | | |over) | | |ONE HEART BROKEN INTO SONG |Lead |Picture Plant/Clement Virgo | |WHEN HUSBANDS CHEAT |Actor |Lifetime/Richard Colla | |FAST TRACK |Actor |Alliance/T.J. Scott | |THE WALL |Principal |Showtime/Joe Sargent | |HAUNTED HOUSES |Actor |PBC Group/Laurie Lynd | |WE WILL NOT FORGET |Ensemble |CBC/Janis Dunning | |SICK KIDS TELETHON |Singer |CFTO/Murray Sherman | | | |THEATRE | |MY BROTHERS KEEPER |Abigail Thompson |Exousia Media Group/Cheryl | |METRO |Choreographer/Dan|Nembhard | | |cer |Toronto Fringe Festival/Linette| | | |Doherty | |EXTREME HOLMES MAKEOVER |Salma Cruz |Mysteriously Yours/J Daigle, B | | | |Caws, L Caws | |METRO |Choreographer/Dan|Zoofest Musée Juste Pour | | |cer |Rire/L. Doherty | |KALIMBA KALIMBA |Dancer/Singer |Kalimba Kalimba/N Jacko, S | | | |Benson | |SPECIAL OLYMPICS OPENING |Dancer |Jacques Lemay | |CEREMONIES | | | |BALLET CREOLE TOUR |Dancer |Ballet Creole/Patrick Parson | |FOLLIES |Vanessa |Randolph Dance Theatre/David | | | |Warrack | |WE WILL NOT FORGET |Ensemble |Charlottetown Festival/J | | | |Dunning, J LeMay | |SPIRIT OF A NATION |Ensemble |Charlottetown Festival/J | | | |Dunning, J LeMay | |THE TEMPEST |Ariel |Randolph Dance Theatre/Jill | | | |Carter | | | |CREATIVE (selected credits, full list upon request) | |BEAUTY AND THE BEAST |Director/Choreogr|Papermill Theatre/The | | |apher |S.P.A.C.E. | |WIZARD OF OZ |Director/Choreogr|Winchester St. Theatre/The | | |apher |S.P.A.C.E. | |METRO |Choreographer/Pro|Zoofest; Toronto Fringe | | |ducer |Festival/L. Doherty | |SEUSSICAL |Director/Choreogr|Papermill Theatre/The | | |apher |S.P.A.C.E. | |TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS |Director/Choreogr|The S.P.A.C.E./Linette Doherty | | |apher | | |OH, CANADA! |Director/Choreogr|Papermill Theatre/The | | |apher |S.P.A.C.E. | |ON BROADWAY |Director/Choreogr|Marquee Event Theatre/The | | |apher |S.P.A.C.E. | |AFTER HOURS w/ Kenny Robinson |Choreographer |Agincourt Prod/ The Comedy | | | |Network | | | | | |TRAINING | |Acting: Ginger Howard Friedman, Cayle Chernin, Dan Pawlick, Miriam Laurence, | | |Maria Armstrong, Karen Hazzard, | | |John Dawson, Glenn Bang, Ron Singer, Louis DiBianco, Risa Bramon-Garcia (workshop) | | |Ballet:|Stelio Calagias, Kevin Pugh, Tatiana Tchernova, Debbie Wilson, Lorne | | |Matthews, Desiree Champion, | | |Glenn Gilmour, Chris Kiss, Nicole Meadows | |Jazz: |Stelio Calagias, Richard Smith, David Entwistle, George Randolph, Derek | | |Sangster, Patti Ross-Milne, | | |Tara McDonald, Vlad Novitski | |Hip |Shawn Byfield, Sean Debidin, David Entwistle | |Hop: | | |Tap: |Shawn Byfield, Glen Kotyk, William Orlowski, Tara Montague, Robin Henderson| |Modern:|Debbie Wilson, Philip Drube, Pat Miner, Honey Frid | |Voice: |Jill Filion, Pattie Kelly, Kris Anderson, Adam White, Ryan Whittal, Bill | | |Vincent, Mike Kirby, Julie Lemieux | | | | |SKILLS | |Driving (standard and automatic), Cycling, Swimming, French, Acro, Piano | |Accents:Trinidadian (West Indian), American, British | | |




Saw II Young Mother Lion's Gate/Darren Bousman
Cheetah Girls Dana/Principal Disney/Oz Scott
Blue Hill Avenue Joannie/Principal Blue Hill Productions/Craig Ross Jr.
Bojangles Elaine/Principal Showtime/Joe Sargent
One Heart Broken Into Song Lyla Cromwell/Lead Picture Plant/Clement Virgo


Cracked Officer Stannick CBC/Jim Donovan
Living Truth Singer Living Truth/Gord Hamilton
72 Hours Actor TLC/CBC/Eric Till
DOC Principal PAX/Pebblehut/Larry McLean
Soul Food Principal Showtime/Salim Akil
Singles Court Principal Red Apple Productions
When Husbands Cheat Actor Lifetime/Richard Colla
Fast Track Actor Alliance/T.J. Scott
The Wall Principal Showtime/Joe Sargent
Haunted Houses Actor PBC Group/Laurie Lynd
We Will Not Forget Ensemble CBC/Janis Dunning
Sick Kids Telethon Singer CFTO/Murray Sherman


My Brothers Keeper Abigail Thompson/Lead Exousia Media Group/Cheryl Nembhard
We Will Not Forget Ensemble Charlottetown Festival/Jacques Lemay, Janis Dunning
Spirit Of A Nation Ensemble Charlottetown Festival/Jacques Lemay, Janis Dunning


Extreme Holmes Makeover Salma Cruz Mysteriously Yours/J Daigle, B Caws, L Caws


METRO Dancer/Choreographer Toronto Fringe Festival/Linette Doherty
METRO Dancer/Choreographer Zoofest - Musee Juste Pour Rire/Linette Doherty
Kalimba Kalimba Dancer/Singer Kalimba Kalimba/Njacko Backo, Sam Benson
Special Olympics Dancer Jacques Lemay
Ballet Creole Tour Dancer Ballet Creole/Patrick Parson

Voice Over

This Morning: Rush Home Road Adelaide Shadd/Lead CBC Radio/Greg Sinclair
Einstein Narrator/Voice Over Devine Entertainment/Donna Rae

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