Pat Robertson Blames Las Vegas Massacre on ‘Disrespect’ for President Trump, National Anthem (Video)

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As Americans’ struggled to make sense of the massacre in Las Vegas that left at least 59 dead and more than 527 injured, one man sought answers from a higher power — Pat Robertson. On Monday’s broadcast of “The 700 Club,” the TV preacher and former Republican presidential candidate suggested that the real cause of the carnage was widespread “disrespect” for President Trump, the national anthem and other societal mainstays. “Violence in the streets, ladies and gentlemen. Why is it happening?” Robertson asked on his Christian Broadcast Network show. “The fact that we have disrespect for authority; there is profound disrespect of.
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Trump Is Putting a Christian News Outlet on the Map: "You Have People That I Love"

As Donald Trump wages war against "fake news," his administration has been elevating friendlier conservative media to fill the void.

One outlet getting more White House attention? The Christian Broadcasting Network, an organization dedicated to preparing "the United States of America and the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ."

While Cbn News has had a Washington, D.C., bureau since the 1980's, the office was recently renovated and 10 staff positions — including correspondents, videographers and producers — have been added since Trump's election.

Cbn founder Pat Robertson interviewed Trump on July 12, in what...
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Trump Says Putin Would Prefer Hillary Clinton White House: ‘I’m a Big Military Person’ (Video)

Trump Says Putin Would Prefer Hillary Clinton White House: ‘I’m a Big Military Person’ (Video)
President Trump sat down with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Pat Robertson for his first non-Fox News interview in recent memory, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin would prefer Hillary Clinton living in the White House. “We are the most powerful country in the world and we are getting more and more powerful because I’m a big military person. As an example, if Hillary had won, our military would be decimated. Our energy would be much more expensive. That’s what Putin doesn’t like about me. And that’s why I say, why would he want me? Because
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Corbin Bernsen Sheds Light On Faith-Based Films, Pacts With Pat Robertson’s Regent University On Movie

Corbin Bernsen Sheds Light On Faith-Based Films, Pacts With Pat Robertson’s Regent University On Movie
Exclusive: Several years ago, after the death of his father, Corbin Bernsen — well-known for his role in L.A. Law — wrote, directed and starred in Rust, a feature that he created to explore his own faith. The 2010 film follows a man of the cloth who loses his faith but eventually finds his way back. Bernsen has continued to produce faith-based films, most recently partnering with Pat Robertson’s Regent University on his latest — a romantic comedy, In-Lawfully Yours. With…
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Martha Thomases: Convention This!

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What do you think about when you think about conventions?

If you’re a pedant like me, you might think a convention is a social norm.

If you’re a corporate type (sometimes like me), you think a convention is a trade show where industry insiders get together to discuss current developments in their field, while a variety of vendors try to interest potential new customers in their products.

If you’re a political junkie (also like me), you might think a convention is an event at which a political party nominates its candidates.

And if you’re a geek (again, I self-identify), you think a convention is a long weekend of panels, exhibits, cosplay and shopping.

As it happens, I enjoy all but the first of these conventions. My dad took me to a few shopping center conventions and I loved walking through the exhibit halls, considering new kinds
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Norman Lear Talks TV Today, Trump, 'All in the Family' Feuds

Norman Lear Talks TV Today, Trump, 'All in the Family' Feuds
Toward the end of Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You, a new doc about the TV visionary and political activist, Amy Poehler attempts to sum up Lear's impact. "Do you know how fucking hard it is to make people laugh, to tackle big issues and get big ratings?" she tells an audience at an event honoring Lear. "It's so hard that people don't even do it anymore."

The audience claps, and Lear smiles, but the TV game-changer says now that he doesn't quite agree with the assessment. There's hope,
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8 Times Anderson Cooper Put His Interview Subjects in Their Place

8 Times Anderson Cooper Put His Interview Subjects in Their Place
If you're going to fight with Anderson Cooper, you'd better know your stuff.

The CNN anchor is known for speaking his mind – especially when speaking with people who don't agree with him. Here, just a sampling of the people he's ripped to shreds with a few simple words:

1. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Speaking to Bondi in the wake of the Orlando attack, Cooper challenged her on her past actions against the Lgbt community. "I have never really seen you talk about gays, lesbians and transgender people in a positive way until now," he said.

2. Arizona State Senator Al Melvin
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Evolution of Freeform: From ‘700 Club’ to ‘Shadowhunters’ (Photos)

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Evolution of Freeform: From ‘700 Club’ to ‘Shadowhunters’ (Photos)
Since its inception in the 70s, the network now known as Freeform has been bought and sold several times, and been re-named even more. With the exception of “The 700 Club,” the network today bears little resemblance to its earliest days. Cbn Satellite Service (1977) The network now known as Freeform was got its start in 1977 as part of televangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, airing a mix of religious programming, family-friendly syndicated TV shows and classic westerns. “The 700 Club” (1966) Cbn’s flagship talk show “The 700 Club” helped launch the network among Robertson’s followers, and continues to air to this day.
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Why the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Share a Network With an 85-Year-Old Televangelist

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ABC Family rebrands itself as Freeform today, in the hopes that its new name will be a better fit with its edgy, younger-skewing shows like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Recovery Road,” about a young addict. But one, weird thing will remain the same about the network: It will continue to air 85-year-old televangelist Pat Robertson’s “700 Club,” a love-in for Christian conservatives. If that doesn’t seem on-brand with Freeform’s ideology — appealing to young “Becomers” who want honest looks at their teen and twentysomething lives — it’s not the network’s fault. It’s contractually bound to Robertson. Also Read: 'The Path' Creator on.
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ABC Family Will Keep ‘The 700 Club’ When it Becomes Freeform

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ABC Family will change its name to Freeform Tuesday. But though the network is shedding pat of its family-friendly legacy, one piece of its past is sticking around. The network will continue to broadcast televangelist Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” after the rebranding is complete. ABC Family began life as part of Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network before being sold to Fox and, later, Disney. The network is contractually obligated to continue to broadcast the the show. “Nothing about our name change affects our relationship with ‘The 700 Club,'” network preside Tom Ascheim said at a TCA panel Saturday.
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ABC Family, No Matter What It Calls Itself, Can’t Get Rid of Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club

  • Vulture
ABC Family, No Matter What It Calls Itself, Can’t Get Rid of Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club
Yes, Pat Robertson's Christian talk show The 700 Club will continue to air even when ABC Family becomes known as Freeform. “The 700 Club will continue to air on Freeform,” the network said in a statement. “It was part of a longstanding agreement that was made when Disney first acquired the network." As a result, TV Insider went into the history of the deal: The network originally began as the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1977, which aired Robertson's show. There was a series of name-changes and deals throughout the years, with Disney/ABC buying the network in 2001, but throughout it all, the main stipulation was that The 700 Club would remain on air with a good time slot. According to an unnamed source, the network tried to buy out Robertson, but the price quoted was "astronomical." The 700 Club is valuable property for Robertson: Cbn’s most recent tax audit
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Pat Robertson Discusses Vegetables in This Jimmy Kimmel Montage

Jimmy Kimmel Live put together another montage of clips of 700 Club host Pat Robertson's random musings for the latest edition of the show's recurring segment, "The Collected Wisdom of Pat Robertson." This time, however, late night host Jimmy Kimmel made sure to emphasize how much America needs Robertson's wisdom in the presidential arena -- especially since the media mogul and former Baptist minister once ran for president in 1988.
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ABC Family changing name to Freeform in January

It makes sense that ABC Family is changing its name to the more general name Freeform starting in January 2016, as the network has tended to veer away from what some may consider to be “family” programming for a while now (one of the only holdovers from the channel’s earliest incarnation as an arm of Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network is The 700 Club, which still airs in the wee hours on ABC Family). ABC Family president Tom Ascheim confirmed today that the rebrand builds on the channel’s existing strategy of “super serving ‘Becomers.'” I’m not sure if “Becomers” is a … Continue reading →

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ABC Family To Be Renamed As Freeform

ABC Family is changing its name. Starting in January 2016, the Disney-owned TV network targeting younger viewers will be known as Freeform. The network will begin promoting the new branding right away, committing tens of millions of dollars to getting the word out, while the new logo will be unveiled in a few months. This will be the first time in 27 years that the cable channel won’t have “family” in its name. Launched in 1977 by Pat Robertson, it was named the Cbn
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Pat Robertson Tells Grieving Mother Her Dead Baby Could’ve Grown Up to Be Hitler

When Pat Robertson can still surprise you with insanely horrible things that come out of his mouth, at least that's some evidence that you're not totally jaded yet. There is still a little scintilla of innocence left inside of your dark, cavernous soul that still finds the energy to say, "Wait, what?" I'll let the latest video of Pat Robertson mumbling and drooling some nonsense out of his mouth be that piece of evidence.
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Outrage Watch: Do we have a new 'Gamergate' on our hands?

  • Hitfix
Outrage Watch: Do we have a new 'Gamergate' on our hands?
Welcome to the March 25, 2015 edition of Outrage Watch, HitFix's (almost) daily rundown of all the things folks are peeved about in entertainment. Today's top story: do we have a new "Gamergate" on our hands? "The new Gamergate: Angry white men are trying to shut down diverse comics," reads the headline of a piece written by Salon's Matt Binder, who claims that "right-wing parasites, misogynist Men’s Rights activists, and opportunistic grifters" including Breitbart contributor Milo Yiannopoulos (many of whom, he alleges, probably don't even read comics) are taking aim at attempts to add more women and racial minorities to mainstream comics, most notably the woman Thor. "The fact that a woman playing Thor would cause such outrage, when even a frog is able to take up the title of Thor sans controversy, is absurd," Binder writes before citing numerous other examples of targeted attacks by the trolls in question. He
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Pat Robertson Suggests AIDS Can Be Caught Via Towels

Pat Robertson suggested on The 700 Club that AIDS is transferrable via towels, a claim that Anderson Cooper has appropriately debunked.

Pat Robertson: 'There's Towels That Could Have AIDS'

During a call-in segment, the televangelist Robertson fielded a question from a concerned missionary, who was traveling to Kenya. While the caller asked whether or not he should be worried about Ebola in the African nation, Robertson quickly steered the conservation to one of his favorite topics – AIDS.

“You’re not [going to get Ebola] in Kenya. You might get AIDS in Kenya,” Robertson cautioned. “The people have AIDS. There’s towels that could have AIDS. There are things — there are diseases in Africa.”

Upon hearing about Robertson’s claim, Cooper decided to use his platform on CNN to shut down the outrageous suggestion. “We’re talking bed, bath and way, way beyond, people! If you, like Pat Robertson, somehow missed all the evidence,
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Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani Among Protestors Outside ‘The Death of Klinghoffer’

  • The Wrap
The show must go on, even if the city's former mayor is protesting outside. Also read: Pat Robertson: Jews Are Too Busy ‘Polishing Diamonds’ to Tinker With Cars, Mow Lawns That's what happened Monday in New York, as former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and about 400 protestors camped outside Lincoln Center to protest the opening of “The Death of Klinghoffer.” Also read: Catholic League President Rants Over Gays, Jews in Hollywood During Explosive CNN Interview The docu-opera depicts a Jewish man taken hostage on a cruise ship by Palestinian terrorists in 1985 and ultimately thrown overboard. Protestors outside–many in wheelchairs to portray wheelchair-bound Klinghoffer–shouted.
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Meme: Shailene Woodley Wants To Play Stevie Nicks, Italy To Debate Civil Unions, Pat Robertson Is Upset With Judges

The Book of Mormon gets animated, Russia is hypocritical about marriage, and thoughts on asymmetric man thongs

Michael Rosenbaum, who I’ve had a major crush on since Smallville, has landed the lead in TV Land’s Impastor, about a scumbag on the run from his debts who masquerades as a small town’s newly hired gay preacher. I would have been happy with Rosenbaum just being back on my television, but add the gay aspect and I’ve already set my TiVo. I suppose on a side note, I should ask what’s up with all the faux-gay characters on TV lately?

You knew it was going to happen but prayed to the Flying Spaghetti Monster it wouldn’t. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is running for Congress for the seat of disgraced Vance McAllister. I wonder if he’d wear the beard and the camo to the floor of the House?
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