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Other Works

  • Narrated a short film on the history of astronomy for the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, D.C., late 1970s.
  • Narrated the 2-hour History Channel program titled The Mountain Men [1999].
  • "A Clearing in the Woods" (1957). Written by Arthur Laurents. Music by Laurence Rosenthal. Directed by Joseph Anthony. Belasco Theatre: 10 Jan 1957- 9 Feb 1957 (36 performances). Cast: Robert Culp (as "Pete"), Tom Hatcher, Joan Lorring, Lin McCarthy, Barbara Myers, Anne Pearson, Pernell Roberts (as "George"), Kim Stanley (as "Virginia"), Onslow Stevens (as "Barney"), Sybil White. Produced by Roger L. Stevens and Oliver Smith.
  • (1973) He acted in the play, "Welcome Home," at the Ivanhoe Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.
  • The Lovers (1956). Written by Leslie Stevens. Scenic Design by Charles Elson. Costume Design by John Boyt. Lighting Design by Charles Elson. Directed by Michael Gordon and Arthur Penn [earliest Broadway credit]. Martin Beck Theatre: 10 May 1956- 12 May 1956 (4 performances). Cast: Mario Alcalde (as "Marc"), Patricia Allaben (as "People of St. Omer"), Harry Bergman (as "Simon"), George Berkeley (as "Millwright"), William Bramley (as "Volc Sturmer"), Robert Burr (as "Draco de la Crux"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Probus"), John Carter (as "Knight Escavalon"), Kurt Cerf (as "Steward"), Frances Chaney (as "Mairese"), Charles Chaucer (as "Friar"), Bert Conway (as "Wheelwright"), Robert Dowdell (as "Knight Escavalon"), Graham Eastham (as "Knight Escavalon"), George Ebeling (as "Saul"), Bramwell Fletcher (as "Clement of Metz"), Hurd Hatfield (as "Grigoris"), Gerald Hiken (as "Blaise"), Robert Jacquin (as "Mattiew"), Page Johnson (as "People of St. Omer"), Robert Lansing (as "Herstal de la Crux"), John MacKay (as "Knight Escavalon"), Edith Martin (as "People of St. Omer"), Darren McGavin (as "Chrysagon de la Crux"), Emily McLaughlin (as "People of St. Omer"), Byron Mitchell (as "Steward"), Earl Montgomery (as "Sextus"), Vivian Nathan (as "Clothilde"), Lester Rawlins (as "Escavalon"), Peggy Richards (as "People of St. Omer"), Pernell Roberts (as "Austrict de la Crux"), Lena Romano (as "People of St. Omer"), Norman Rose (as "Xegan"), Ed Setrakian (as "Friar"), Kathe Snyder (as "Lisanne"), Gayne Sullivan (as "Tomas"), George Tyne (as "Ironsmith"), Flori Waren (as "People of St. Omer"), Norman Wigutow (as "People of St. Omer"), Joanne Woodward (as "Douane") [Broadway debut]. Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard) and Gayle Stine.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Tonight in Samarkand. Melodrama. Written by Jacques Deval and Lorenzo Semple Jr. Incidental music by Sol Kaplan. Music arranged by Sol Kaplan. Directed by Alan Schneider. Morosco Theatre: 16 Feb 1955- 12 Mar 1955 (29 performances). Cast: Theodore Bikel (as "Inspector Massoubre"), Jan Farrand, Michael Gorrin, Halliwell Hobbes (as "Perignolles"), Louis Jourdan (as "Sourab Kayam"), Sheppard Kerman, Joyce Lear, Rosemary Prinz, Marian Reardon, Pernell Roberts (as "Angelo Farinacci"), Alexander Scourby (as "Paul Tabourier"), Rita Vale (as "Leontine Tabourier"). Produced by Bruce Becker and Robert Ellis Miller.

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