Non-Transforming ‘Dark of the Moon’ Project In Development, Megatron Reportedly Annoyed

With the third Transformers film, Dark of the Moon, rumbling toward us like that meteor in Armageddon (only without Bruce Willis and his pals to stop it), /Film reports that another project with the same title is in development.

The other Dark of the Moon has a long, deeply weird history: playwright Howard Richardson adapted a centuries old European folk song, “The Ballad of Barbara Allen” into an Appalachian-set musical. The plot centers around a young witch-boy (think of the Banjo Boy on the porch in Deliverance, though evidently slightly less inbred) who falls in love with a human girl and wants to become human.

Richardson’s play was first staged at the University of Iowa in 1942 under the title Barbara Allen. Richardson’s friend and cousin William Berney rewrote it as Dark of the Moon, and it premiered at the 46th Street Theatre in New York City on March
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"Dark Of The Moon" But No Transformers

Chalk this up to a titular coincidence with the upcoming "Transformers" sequel to which it bears no connection.

Entpro, ArtReach and Paul Mason have teamed to pick up the film and stage musical rights to Howard Richardson and William Berney's 1945 Appalachian Mountain-set play "Dark of the Moon" reports Variety.

Based on the folksong "The Ballad of Barbara Allen", the story centres on an Appalachian witch boy who attempts to become human after he falls in love with a human girl.

Scribe Richard Alfieri will pen both the stage musical and the film adaptation, while Arthur Allan Seidelman will direct both incarnations. The musical hopes to hit Broadway in early 2012. No word on the film's schedule yet.
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Screen Version of Supernatural Appalachian Tale ‘Dark of the Moon’ in the Works

Screen Version of Supernatural Appalachian Tale ‘Dark of the Moon’ in the Works
Well, this could be confusing. The third Transformers film is subtitled Dark of the Moon, but there's an older tale that shares that name, and now a film based on the original Dark of the Moon is edging towards development. This alternate story with the same name features no giant bearded robots on the moon, but it might be just the thing for those who have no interest in that sort of thing. The earlier version is set in the Appalachians and follows John, "a witch boy who seeks to become human after falling in love with a human girl, Barbara Allen." Classic setup, right? In 1939 Howard Richardson dramatized a folk song 'The Ballad of Barbara Allen,' and in 1945 his friend William Berney did some additional work on the script and the play premiered on Broadway. So there's a supernatural Appalachian musical floating out there, and producers have bought
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