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TV Roundup: Kevin Spacey to Be Honored With International Emmy Founders Award

TV Roundup: Kevin Spacey to Be Honored With International Emmy Founders Award
In today’s roundup, Kevin Spacey is honored with the International Emmy Founders Award, CBS welcomes Daniel Henney to the cast of “Criminal Minds,” and Comet TV partners with the UFO Festival for the 70th anniversary.

Award Shows

Kevin Spacey will be receiving the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award. The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will recognize Spacey at the 45th International Emmy Awards Gala on Nov. 20, 2017, in New York City. Spacey is a two-time Academy Award winner and has received 10 Emmy Award nominations. He has also won a Golden Globe, Tony, SAG, and BAFTA award in his storied career.


Daniel Henney has been cast in the CBS series “Criminal Minds,” reprising the role he played on the recently canceled “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Henney will play Special Agent Matt Simmons, who has consulted with the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the past, including helping with the release of Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) when
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Foxfur (2012)

Written and directed by Damon Packard

Featuring Paris Wagner, Rigg Kennedy, Khris Kaneff, Yvonne Kirsten, Amanda Mullins, Stef Dawson, Erica Rhodes, Angel Corbin, Cassie Yeager, Sarah de la Isla, Marita Gumsrod, Tessie Tracey, Lori McShane, Cassandra Nuss, Bob Ellis

Damon Packard’s newest heavily-edited masterpiece is the (almost) feature-length fantasy film Foxfur, about a young woman and her dangerous obsession with dolphins, Plieadians, energy, and new age book shops.

However, because of a constricted budget which led to an inability to shoot the entire narrative script, and thanks to Damon’s irrepressible genius for utilizing editing techniques and special effects, Foxfur becomes a non-linear experience about alternate realities starring a bevy of charismatic, and very different-looking, actresses all playing the same character in various and often unrelated scenes. Foxfur has probably the most cohesive narrative structure of all of his films, but it is definitely not linear and is more
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MoreHorror in Hollywood Interviews Steve Oakley and Melanie Grunder of 'Waiting For Dracula'


Waiting For Dracula is a joint feature film production currently in post-production from Empire Films and Grunder Oakley Productions.

Our MoreHorror in Hollywood correspondent Dawna Lee Heising sat down with Writer/Director Steve Oakley and Actress Melanie Grunder to discuss the project. You can watch the video interview below the official details.

From the Official Release:

Dawna Lee Heising of interviewed the writers, directors and producers of the feature film Waiting For Dracula, Domiziano Arcangeli, Steve Oakley, and Melanie Grunder, in Los Angeles, CA in March 2012 for MoreHorror in Hollywood. John Cox and Jeremy Yorba filmed the interviews, and Yorba edited the video.

Waiting For Dracula is a modern retelling of Bram Stokers Dracula tale, set in Southern California. Dracula is posting webisodes of women becoming vampires on line to make money, while a mansion full of vampires and Goths dine on unsuspecting victims at Halloween.
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DVD Review: Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt

DVD Review: Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
Title: Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt Directed by: Charles Band Starring: Erica Rhodes, Olivia Alexander and Chelsea Edmundson Running time: 71 minutes, Not Rated Jenna asks her four hot girlfriends to help her decorate her mom’s house into a Halloween Haunt, they decide to hang out and party afterward by drinking, getting scantily clad and watch a DVD: The Killer Eye. Somehow the film breaks the 4th wall and possesses the girls in order to impregnate one of them with a killer eye spawn. I really didn’t understand why this film had to be made. There was an actual Killer Eye film, which totally sucks, but the original Killer Eye movie [ Read More ]
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'The Theatre Bizarre' Review

by Colleen Wanglund,

While I’ve seen more than a few indie horror anthologies of late—some good, others forgettable—the anthology film seems to be making a comeback. Like the classic George Romero/Stephen King Creepshow (1982) and the impending The ABCs Of Death due out later this year, The Theatre Bizarre (2011) is one of those films that lives up to its buzz….and fans’ expectations. Six shorts linked by framing scenes make up The Theatre Bizarre, a film being distributed by Severin Films.

The film’s opening and framing segments, directed by Jeremy Kasten (Wizard Of Gore {2007}) titled “Theatre Guignol” star the wonderfully bizarre Udo Kier as a life-size marionette and story teller in an abandoned theater. Virginia Newcomb plays a young woman obsessed with the old theater, who sneaks into it one fateful night to hear the strange stories. Throughout the segments are a cast of weird,
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Two More Found Footage Flicks Looking to Scare Up Some Chills - Ditch Party and Desaparecidos (Missing)

A pair of new found footage based fright films are on their way, and we have the goods on each of them for you right here in one little place. Why one place? You try keeping up with these things!

Thanks to DC readers Avery and Mike!

First up: Ditch Party (United States)

Written and directed by Michael Hall

Starring Erica Rhodes

For more visit the official Ditch Party website.


Ditch party is an edgy, contemporary urban tale of youth in rebellion against Mother Nature and technology. The story is seen through the eyes of a young girl named Samantha Gordon, a beautiful young lady whose first romantic experience turns out disastrous. The occasion was taped and has been posted on the internet. A devout Christian, the guilt and embarrassment weighs on her tremendously. She feels she has lost God’s protection for the first time in her life.
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Hotties Galore Line Up For Charles Bands Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt Sequel

'Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt' is the new b-movie horror from director Charles Band and his Full Moon production company. It's the follow-up to the David DeCoteau helmed 1999 horror comedy 'The Killer Eye' and it looks set to have just as much laughter, frights and gorgeous hot girls as its predecessor. 'Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt' stars the sexy Erica Rhodes as Jenna who gets her four fit friends to help turn an old mansion into a 'Halloween Haunt'. The hot foursome have some sexy fun and mistakenly let loose the rapey eyeball. The movie co-stars the voluptuous actress and model Olivia Alexander, the stunning Ariana Madix, Chelsea Edmundson and Lauren Furs. Check out Rhodes, Alexander and Madix as well as the cooky little trailer for the flick below!...
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Killer Eye Sequel Trailer Teases Hot Girl-on-Eyeball Action

Hollywood just doesn’t make enough movies about horny alien eyeballs that shoot lasers and stalk nubile young women in search of prime breeding stock. That’s why the world needs filmmakers like Charles Band and movies like Killer Eye: Haunted Halloween.

I’ve already written regarding my near disbelief that Charles Band would even be interested in making a sequel to the 1999 softcore stinker The Killer Eye, a movie about an inter-dimensional eyeball looking to procreate. I seem to recall Jacqueline Lovell naked hentai eyeball action being the only thing worth watching in the 1999 Full Moon flick The Killer Eye. Did that movie go and develop a cult following while I wasn’t looking, or does Charles Band just instinctively understand that one doesn’t need a good reason to make a movie about hypnotic disembodied eyeball rape?

From the looks of the trailer, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt could
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Mike's Hidden Horror Gems: 'Plague Town' (2008)

by Michael Pickle,

My next installment of Hidden Horror Gems is the ultra-creepy, low-budget, inventive and visual horror shocker from first time director David Gregory. Plague Town, from Dark Sky Films, is one of my favorite and most watched horror films in recent years for many reasons.

A healthy balance of gothic atmosphere, well structured, original and fresh musical score, well crafted and striking shots, great special effects and naturally effective sound effects make for a pitch perfect bombardment of the senses. The best you are likely to see on such a meager budget.

Plague Town is set up perfectly by an opening scene in which a priest comes to a modest cottage to deliver a baby and tries to shoot it when it comes out deformed. In present day; a family, who immediately appears dysfunctional, are vacationing in Ireland and get dropped off in the middle of
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Exclusive New Info: Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt

Charles Band, the man behind the prolific B-movie machine Full Moon Entertainment (which over the years has churned out scores of genre features including the Puppetmaster, Subspecies, Trancers and Demonic Toys franchises, among dozens of others) is set to roll next week on the feature Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt. Read on for a synopsis, casting news and more!

Scheduled to shoot in Los Angeles, Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt will serve as a sequel to the Band-produced, David DeCoteau-directed 1999 film The Killer Eye. Written by August White and Kent Roudebush from a story by Charles Band, the film’s photography will be handled by Tom Calloway and Terrance Ryker is handling the splatter, as well as the delivery of the “replica-sized, horny monster that terrorizes a fun group of hot chicks, as they set up a Halloween haunt in an old mansion” (according to the flick’s official
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The Girls of Plague Town

With exclusive on-set photos and a clip below…

Imperiled heroines struggling to survive, or malevolent forces of youthful evil, their pretty features contorted into visages of horror—such are the casting options most frequently available to young actresses in cinematic fright fare. Plague Town, which hits DVD this week from Dark Sky Films, offered both, as a family on vacation in a remote part of Ireland becomes stranded in a village where the local children have deformities on their faces and murder in their hearts.

Fango had the chance to speak to the performers on each side of this equation over the course of a long, eventually chilly night on Plague Town’s Connecticut location. Not surprisingly, a good deal of the interviews take place in a Ymca camp building that has become the production’s makeup HQ, where Josslyn DeCrosta and Erica Rhodes, as sisters Molly and Jessica Monahan,
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Plague Town - DVD Review

Maybe seeing some fallout of the obsession with torture porn flicks and more reliance on creeps to scare - not that there.s not some red stuff in this film mind you. Plague Town is an excellent, creepy throwback horror film that provides chills and will certainly keep you from planning an Irish vacation. The Monahan family is on a trip to Ireland to look up dad.s roots. Jerry (David Lombard) has brought the kids along to hopefully let his daughters bond with Annette (Lindsay Goranson), his fiancée. His daughter Jessica (Erica Rhodes) is having none of it and invited Robin (James Walker), a fellow that she just met on the trip, to accompany them into the Irish
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Plague Town (Film Review)

Even as it has become a cliché of the new horror wave for filmmakers to say that their projects aim for the spirit of ’70s chillers, movies that genuinely evoke that veneer are few and far between. There’s a certain vibe about the decade’s drive-in fare that’s hard to define and harder to capture, no matter how much gritty photography, explicit gore and cannibal-dinner-table setpieces one incorporates. One new production that gets it, and gets it right, is Plague Town (coming May 12 on DVD from Dark Sky Films), the feature writing/directing debut of David Gregory—perhaps not surprising, since he has previously made his name as a producer of documentaries and DVD extras celebrating films of the era, most notably Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth.

It’s also thus not surprising that Plague Town adopts the Texas Chainsaw template of a squabbling fivesome who travel
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Dark Sky Reveals Plans for Plague Town

Dark Sky Films is releasing Plague Town , David Gregory's feature debut on May 12th. Starring Josslyn DeCrosta, Erica Rhodes and David Lombard, the film focuses on a dysfunctional family vacation through the Irish countryside that takes a nightmarish turn when they encounter a village of diseased, deformed and decidedly homicidal residents. The DVD will feature an audio commentary by Gregory, a making-of featurette, a "Sound of Plague Town " and a trailer.
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Hff 08: Review of Plague Town

Year: 2008

Release date: DVD Spring 2009

Director: David Gregory

Writers: David Gregory & John Cregan

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: cyberhal

Rating: 7.7 out of 10

An Irish village full of zombie-ghoul children in Michael Myers masks, a dysfunctional American family on a visit to the Auld Country to get in touch with their roots. And verily the blood did flow, and we did find it pleasing. You've got to check out (probably dead) Rosemary, the freaky eyed chick with skin that goes crunchy crunch when she lovingly rubs the hand of the live boy she wants to have a baby with. She's the one in the poster for the movie. Plague Town is director John Gregory's first feature and it's written with his mate John Cregan. For one million bucks they did a brilliant job, and I hope they do a load more, and people give them more money. Not everything
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Dark Sky over Gregory's 'Plague Town'

NEW YORK -- MPI Media Group's Dark Sky Films has begun production on its first original film, David Gregory's horror thriller Plague Town.

First-time feature writer-director Gregory's story revolves around a dysfunctional family that goes on vacation and discovers an even more dysfunctional Irish town full of zombies.

Plague, the first in-house production from the theatrical/DVD genre distributor, began principal photography Monday in Hamden, Conn. Josslyn DeCrosta, Erica Rhodes, David Lombard, Lindsay Goranson, Elizabeth Bov and James Warke star.

British documentarian Gregory previously produced the feature film The Manson Family and wrote, produced and directed the IFC production The Spaghetti West. He co-founded of the controversial U.K.-based home video label Exploited.

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