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Print Biographies (6)

Bernard Evenschitz. Nicholas Ray: An American Life. London: Faber & Faber, 1993.
Francois Truehaud. Nicholas Ray. Paris, France: Editions Universitaires, 1965.
Wim Wenders, w/Chris Sievernich. Nick's Film/Lightning Over Water. Frankfurt, Germany: Zweitausendeins, 1981.
Nicholas Ray. I Was Interrupted: Nicholas Ray on Making Movies. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1995.
Bernard Eisenschitz. Nicholas Ray: An American Journey. Translated by Tom Milne. Reprint edition. Minneapolis, MN: University Of Minnesota Press, 2011. ISBN 0816676216
Patrick McGilligan. Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director. New York: It Books, 2011. ISBN 0060731370

Film Biographies (2)

Portrayals (3)

Articles (7)

The New York Times (US) June 17 2010, pg. C1, by: Patricia Cohen, ""Reclaiming Causes of a Filmmaking Rebel""
Video Watchdog (US) July 2006, Iss. 126, pg. 72-73, by: Ramsey Campbell, "'Ramsey's Rambles': 'Derriere Le Miroir' - 'Bigger Than Life'"
Variety (US) June 20 1979, pg. 86. [obituary]
New York Times (US) June 18 1979, pg. B13, "Nicholas Ray, 67; Director of Films."
Los Angeles Times (US) June 18 1979, pg. B1, "Rites Pending for Movie Director Nicholas Ray, 67."
Film Quarterly (US) September 1974, Vol. XXVIII, Iss. 1, pg. 32 - 38, by: Peter Biskind, "Rebel without a Cause: Nicholas Ray in the Fifties"
Radio Cinéma Télévision (FR) March 13 1955, Iss. # 269, pg. pgs.2-3, by: Kostoveski, Daniel ; Straub, Jean-Marie, "Qui est Nicholas Ray ?"

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