Strictly Come Dancing: Craig Revel Horwood 'has had violent threats'

Strictly Come Dancing star Craig Revel Horwood has revealed that he has received threats of violence following some of his comments on the show.

Paul O'Grady recently admitted that he couldn't take part in the BBC One hit show because he would "smash [Craig's] face in" if he was harsh about his dancing.

Revel Horwood - who said that O'Grady would be "great" on the show - has now told Metro that it is not the first time he has been threatened.

"I have been threatened with violence by Jan Ravens's husband in the BBC bar [when she took part in 2006]," he said. "She didn't take criticism very well.

"You have to be able to think like a sports person and not blame any particular person - like me - if you don't do well because I'm not the one voting."

Horwood also expressed relief that he is not one of the professional dancers on the show,
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Spitting Image is 30: Looking back at the satirical puppet classic

It's been a whopping 30 years since Spitting Image first hit our screens on ITV in 1984. The satirical puppet show quickly became one of the most-watched shows of the 1980s and early 1990s.

I wasn't able to fully appreciate the series when it was first on TV. When I watched it in the early '90s as a child, I found it funny mainly because of the silly puppets, even if I didn't quite understand what was going on. But in retrospective viewings, it still holds up as a genuinely hilarious satire of politics, entertainment, sport and general UK culture of the era.

It's quite incredible to think that Spitting Image hasn't been on air since 1996. To put that into perspective, the Spice Girls had only just been unleashed, Tony Blair hadn't been elected yet, and Lorde had only just been born.

As a show that is heavily reliant on topical
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Danny Cohen's panel-show gender pledge won't halt the comedy rot

The gender imbalance is a problem – but the smugness, scripted improv and stale formats are beyond satire

Enchanting comments below the line on my review of Sarah Millican the other day. "Not funny. Ugly to look at," writes one reader. That's the context, like it or not, in which we have to consider Danny Cohen's decision to ban all-male lineups on TV panel shows. Comedy can sometimes be ridiculously male – and so can the conversations that swirl around it. The idea that women might be funny in as wide a variety of ways as men simply refuses to sink in for some people. Another commenter, on Cohen's proposal, said: "Just how thinly can you spread Sandy [sic] Toksvig, Jo Brand and Sara [sic] Millican?"

Cohen's pledge is clearly a good thing, and a long time coming. I've lost count of the female standups I've interviewed who operate an informal boycott of panel shows.
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Very Important People: will Channel 4's new takeoff show take off?

How will the broadcaster's new impression show compare with the classics of the past – and how will it deal with modern social sensibilities?

It's a standard part of the educational process for pupils to impersonate their teachers – and in every generation, there are a few who, regardless of the advice of their careers advisor, go on to do it for a living. Mike Yarwood, Rory Bremner, Alistair McGowan, Ronni Ancona, Jan Ravens and Jon Culshaw have been the star impressionists of successive TV generations. Since McGowan and Bremner diversified into other areas, TV's major impersonators have been comedians moonlighting – Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in The Trip – but this Friday night Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott will lead the latest attempt to make takeoffs on TV take off, with Channel 4's Very Important People.

Who Do You Do?, an impersonation show featuring Freddie Starr and others, was popular in
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Rory Bremner Named As Charity Patron

Rory Bremner – the satirist, writer and impressionist – as well as actress Michelle Dockery and Julian Fellowes, now Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, have all agreed to become Patrons of Changing Faces, the UK’s leading charity that supports and represents people with disfigurements.

Lord Fellowes, writer of the BAFTA winning series, Downton Abbey, said “I am very proud to be allowed an involvement with Changing Faces, an extraordinary organisation for extraordinary people”.

They join other public figures who are Patrons of the charity like Jan Ravens, Bill Simons, Simon Weston and Benjamin Zephaniah.

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Strictly Come Dancing: the worst dancers ever?

Ann Widdecombe's murder of the dancefloor is over but Strictly has served up plenty of other candidates who proved nearly - but not quite - as bad

In pictures: Widdy on Strictly Come Dancing

Finally, Ann Widdecombe's reign of dancing terror is over, with 10 weeks of terrifyingly – and at times hilariously – awful routines brought to a close by the public's decision to kick the former Tory Home Office minister off the dancefloor.

Widdy's run surely reached its nadir last week, as she and Anton Du Beke attempted a rumba to Celine Dion's epic ballad My Heart Will Go On, complete with huge polystyrene iceberg in the middle of the ballroom floor. Whether you collapsed with laughter or wept into your sofa cushions with sheer embarrassment, it's pretty easy to agree that the routine was one of the worst ever seen on Strictly – although arguably, pretty much all
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Strictly Come Dancing results - live blog!

After Patsy's exit, Strictly moves on to movie week – who will be left reeling?

Good evening all, and welcome to another themed Strictly Come Dancing! This week is Movie Week, and yes, I fear that will mean we have to see Ann Widdecombe dressed in gingham as Dorothy again. Sorry. I'll try to give you warning so you can avert your eyes. I'll also try to flag up when Gavin Henson and Scott Maslen look set to reprise their stripping Full Monty routine, so you can leave the room or press "record", whichever tickles your fancy.

So last week, everyone was a bit rubbish apart from Pamela and James, who still weren't that good but were significantly better than everybody else; and Patsy and Robin left the competition, after eight weeks of Patsy practising her farewell speech. What will happen tonight? Join me from 6.40pm!

6.30pm: Hello commenters - you're all on fine form tonight.
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Great LezBritain: Interview with Sandi Toksvig

"Great LezBritian" is a fortnightly stroll through the very best of British lesbo-centric entertainment and culture. Plus there will be some jolly good interviews with the top ladies who are waving the flag for gay UK.

If was a British site, it would be called We grew up watching Sandi Toksvig on children’s TV show Number 73 in the 80s, felt her pain as she sailed around Britain with John McCarthy in the 1990s and today we are entertained weekly by her Radio 4 panel show, The News Quiz.

She recently flew into Glasgow for the city’s book festival, Aye Write, and we had the privilege of spending a funny, informative and inspiring 40 minutes with her before her performance inside one of Glasgow’s grandest buildings, The Mitchell Library.

She arrived in the green room, a very short lady, with a massive presence and immediately told
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