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Rather Nice Trailer for Tears for Sale

Before I start this post with the words ‘This is a trailer for a Serbian film’, notice that I’m not capitalising the three words – this is a far cry from Srdjan Spasojevic’s taboo eviscerating horrorshow.

Tears for Sale was directed by Uroš Stojanović in 2005 and hit the festivals a few years later, and is finally coming to DVD in the UK on the 20th of September and I wanted to share its charms with you in the form of this trailer.

The press notes compare it to Gilliam, and evoke the works of early Jeunet & Caro and thus ensure that I have to see it, so I’m hoping to report back good things when I get my hands on a copy.

Here’s the not so brief synopsis,

It’s the 1920s in post-World War I Serbia and the remote village of Pokrp is facing a serious crisis.
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Fantasia Audiences Award A Serbian Film, IP Man 2, Summer Wars and Symbol

You might have noticed the coverage of this years ultra-sized Fantasia film festival in the Reviews and Interviews column of the site from a number of contributors taking in the festival:  Mack, Shelagh, Peter, Todd, and myself, as well as a plethora of other Twitch writers hither and yon.  Covering a festival of this size is a massive undertaking and I hope you enjoyed all the updates, interviews, and reviews.  Rest assured there are still a few more to come.  As Fantasia winds down with a screening of Metropolis Extended Edition and full orchestra, it seems to have been a raging success this year across the board.  The festival announced its Jury and Audience awards, and they are below.  It seems that the Subversive Serbia sidebar was a big hit, with controversial A Serbian Film getting one of the big audience awards.

Montreal, Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - As the 14th edition
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