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The legend of Ridley Scott’s I Am Legend

Padraig Cotter Oct 5, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger was set to star in I Am Legend, with Ridley Scott directing. We look back at a lost movie...

Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend is one of the greatest vampire novels ever written, and is a noted inspiration on people like Stephen King and George Romero. The book tells the story of Robert Neville, who is seemingly the lone survivor of a plague that turned most of humanity into bloodsucking ghouls. Neville survives nightly attacks by hordes eager for his blood while trying to overcome the crushing loneliness of being the last human left. It’s a book that manages the twin feat of being a great horror story and an achingly sad character study; it’s got a gut-punch of a twist too.

I Am Legend is an inherently cinematic concept, but it hasn’t had a smooth ride on the big screen.
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Remember when Courtney Love nearly played Harley Quinn in the sequel to Batman & Robin?

With Margot Robbie getting praise for her performance as Harley Quinn, Luke Owen looks back at what could have been the character’s first on-screen appearance…

Following the box office success of Batman Forever and the impressive dailies for Batman & Robin, it was announced in February 1997 that Joel Schumacher would be returning to direct the fifth movie in the franchise. Joining him on this adventure would be screenwriter Mark Protosevich, who had previously written the script for Batman & Robin as well as one of Warner Bros.’ many attempts to adapt I Am Legend. “A few months ago, there were twelve movies being shot on the Warner Bros. lot, and [Warner Bros. executives] Bob Daly and Terry Semel asked to see a sample reel of each film,” Schumacher said at the time. “Each director put together dailies from the film. After Bob and Terry saw ours, they ordered another script for Batman.”

For Protosevich,
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Jurassic Park 4: the versions that never were




Since life finds a way, Jurassic Park 4 was eventually made under the title Jurassic World. But many ideas floated around beforehand...

Although Jurassic Park III made less money than The Lost World: Jurassic Park - which itself had made less money than the original Jurassic Park - there was never much doubt that Universal wanted another dino-stuffed movie from Steven Spielberg's Michael Crichton-inspired film franchise. The problem was working out exactly how to do this, after the sequels had failed to live up to the financial success and audience adoration of the first film.

Eventually, we got the box office-smashing Jurassic World and Chris Pratt in a natty waistcoat. But before that, tonnes of ideas came and went as Universal attempted to nail down the best way to resurrect the series without the help of ancient mosquituoes...

Early ideas stage

The long and winding
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Flash Gordon to get a rewrite from Thor scribe

Back in April it was announced that Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kingsman: The Secret Service) had entered talks with 20th Century Fox to direct the studio’s reboot of Flash Gordon, and now screenwriter Mark Protosevich (Thor) has announced on his Facebook page that he’s set to rewrite the script.

“I can’t wait to get started and if you’re curious about the take? I’m not saying a word,” states Protosevich (via HitFix). “All I’ll say is this – it will be nothing like any version of Flash Gordon you’ve seen.

The original draft for Flash Gordon was written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay (Star Trek Beyond), from a treatment by George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau).
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Flash Gordon 2 Just Took A Huge Step Forward

It.s been just over 25 years since Flash Gordon was released to mostly impressive reviews, as well as a healthy box office return. But, despite coming just three years after Star Wars: A New Hope and seven months after its sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, Flash Gordon never spawned any follow ups of its own. But that finally looks set to change in the very near future, because screenwriter Mark Protosevich has confirmed that he is currently hard at work on a Flash Gordon script for 20th Century Fox. Mark Protosevich took to his Facebook page (via HitFix) to make this revelation, confirming that the film would be unique from any other version of Flash Gordon that seen. However, he obviously stopped short of giving away any further details regarding the project, as that would probably have resulted in him being instantly dismissed. Protosevich wrote, I can
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Flash Gordon movie takes another step forward




Mark Protosevich signs up to pen a new draft of the upcoming Flash Gordon movie...

There are many mysteries in the world, but there are two that we find particularly vexing. One is how the endlessly entertaining and Mike Hodges-directed Flash Gordon film never got a sequel in the 1980s. The other is how we have gone well over 30 years without a proper live-action Flash Gordon movie (the Syfy series from a few years ago doesn't count).

But now Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, as well as an early draft of Thor) has just come on board as writer for a new Flash Gordon movie. 

Protosevich comes on board after a previous draft had been written by J D Payne and Patrick McKay. Things had been quiet on the Flash Gordon front since word came around last year that Matthew Vaughn was in talks to direct.
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Matthew Vaughn’s Flash Gordon Script Getting A Rewrite From Mark Protosevich

Rumblings of a Flash Gordon reboot first stirred two years ago – when Star Trek Beyond‘s scribes were linked to the project – and last year made headlines when Kingsman: The Secret Service helmer Matthew Vaughn entered talks to direct. Since then things have been remarkably quiet on the blonde-haired hero front – until now. I Am Legend and Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich has signed on to rewrite the screenplay, earlier versions of which were completed by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

The scribe hit up Facebook (via Hitfix) to announce the gig, dropping just enough hints to prompt much excitement – and of course, oodles of speculation:

“I can’t wait to get started and if you’re curious about the take? I’m not saying a word. All I’ll say is this – it will be nothing like any version of Flash Gordon you’ve seen.”

With Protosevich now tapping away at the keys,
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Matthew Vaughn’s ‘Flash Gordon’ Picks Up ‘Thor’ and ‘I Am Legend’ Screenwriter Mark Protosevich

Flash Gordon has been trying for years to make his way back to the big screen, without much success. He hasn’t actually been seen in theaters since 1980, unless you count Sam Jones‘ appearances in Ted and Ted 2. But maybe he’ll have better luck this time. The Flash Gordon movie got a big boost last year when Matthew Vaughn signed on […]

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"Flash Gordon" Reboot Scores "Oldboy" Scribe

"Oldboy," "Poseidon" and "I Am Legend" scribe Mark Protosevich has been hired to pen a new draft of the upcoming reboot of the "Flash Gordon" property at 20th Century Fox. Matthew Vaughn signed on to direct the project last year.

Protosevich revealed the news on Facebook (via Hitfix and says: "I can't wait to get started and if you're curious about the take? I'm not saying a word. All I'll say is this - it will be nothing like any version of Flash Gordon you've seen."

Protosevich certainly has sci-fi experience as he previously wrote early drafts of both "John Carter" and "Thor". J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay previously took a crack at the "Flash Gordon" script based on a treatment by George Nolfi.
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Mark Protosevich hired to rewrite Matthew Vaughn's 'Flash Gordon' for Fox

  • Hitfix
When George Lucas first broached the subject of following up American Graffiti, he proposed a bigscreen version of Flash Gordon, which was owned by Universal at the time. Instead, he went on to make the first Star Wars film for 20th Century Fox. Of course, Fox no longer has anything to do with Star Wars, which was sold to Disney, and Fox could use a little space opera magic of their own right about now. And, in no small bit of circular irony, it appears that it is the very property that sent George Lucas running to Fox in the first place that they're turning to for relief. On his Facebook page today, screenwriter Mark Protosevich announced that he's writing Flash Gordon for 20th Century Fox, with Matthew Vaughn attached to direct. That is just plain great news. Protosevich has been first guy in on any number of intriguing geek properties over the years,
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The Revenant co-writer tapped to pen new draft of Edgar Wright's Collider

  • JoBlo
Way back in 2012, we brought you word that J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright and screenwriter Mark Protosevich (Spike Lee's Oldboy, I Am Legend) were joining forces with Paramount for a sci-fi film titled Collider, with Abrams producing through his Bad Robot shingle, and Wright directing from a script by Protosevich. There hasn't been any movement on the project since then, but now Deadline is... Read More...
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Edgar Wright's Collider lands new writer

Once he's done with Baby Driver, Edgar Wright may well direct sci-fi movie Collider, which now has a new writer on board...

The next project on Edgar Wright's slate to direct is Baby Driver, that Sony announced last week was set for release in 2017. But after that, he may well be moving onto Collider.

A film that's been set up at Bad Robot, with Jj Abrams producting, word first surfaced on Collider back in the summer of 2012. Back then, Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend) was reported to be co-writing the screenplay with Wright. Few details were available on the movie, short of the fact that it's a science fiction project.

Fast forward to now, and still there are few details known, but it does still appear to be live and kicking. Mark L Smith has been hired by Paramount to take a pass at the film's screenplay, having recently co-penned The Revenant.
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Mark L. Smith Rewriting Edgar Wright Film ‘Collider’ At Paramount

Mark L. Smith Rewriting Edgar Wright Film ‘Collider’ At Paramount
Exclusive: Mark L. Smith has closed a deal to write the next draft of Collider, the Paramount film that has Edgar Wright attached to direct and Bad Robot and Jj Abrams producing. They are keeping logline under wraps. Mark Protosevich did the first draft. Smith is on a role. He co-wrote The Revenant with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, and is currently rewriting Ghost Recon at Warner Bros, with Bay Films producing the adaptation of the Ubisoft videogame. Smith also has Norse…
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News Bits: Rousey, Jolie, Collider, Ice, Time

Captain Marvel

Finally, Mma fighting champ Ronda Rousey was recently asked which superhero she would like to play in a film during a Reddit Ama and her response was: "Well... a lot of the good ones have been taken, but I'd like to vie for Miss Marvel" which refers to Captain Marvel. At last report, Emily Blunt has been strongly linked to the role for the character's upcoming solo movie.

The Breadwinner

Angelina Jolie Pitt is set to produce "The Breadwinner," an animated feature based on the best-selling young adult novel by Canadian author Deborah Ellis. Nora Twomey ("The Secret of Kells") will direct from a screenplay by Anita Doron.

The story follows an Afghani girl living under Taliban rule who disguises herself as a boy to become the breadwinner of the family when her father is unfairly imprisoned. A cut of the film will be produced in Dari in
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Nicolas Cage as Scarecrow? Courtney Love as Harley Quinn? The maddest Batman movie never made

Nicolas Cage as Scarecrow? Courtney Love as Harley Quinn? The maddest Batman movie never made
Imagine a Batman movie with Nicolas Cage as the Scarecrow and Courtney Love as Harley Quinn.

This may sound like a mad fever dream, but it came close to actually happening in the wake of 1997's Batman & Robin.

Prior to that franchise-killing film's release, director Joel Schumacher and I Am Legend screenwriter Mark Protosevich teamed up to work on a script that would return Batman to his dark roots as he faced a roster of psychotic supervillains.

Titled Batman Unchained, the film would have starred George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell with Jack Nicholson's Joker making a comeback to bring the Tim Burton and Schumacher films full circle.

Schumacher and Protosevich revealed that they had settled on Cage's Scarecrow and Courtney Love's Harley Quinn as new villains to introduce.

"It was going to be very dark," Schumacher told The Hollywood Reporter. "I remember going to the set of Face
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Batman's Harley Quinn Was Once Almost Played By This Rock Star

In a little over a year, Margot Robbie will become the first actress to breathe life into the fan-favorite DC Comics villain/anti-hero Harley Quinn in David Ayer's Suicide Squad - though it may surprise you to learn that we almost had a big screen version of the character years ago. Quinn was actually originally considered to make her first live-action appearance in what would have been Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin follow-up, Batman Unchained, and what's more, she might have been played by none-other than Hole front-woman Courtney Love. In a rundown of all the failed Batman-related projects that came and went prior to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins in 2005, The Hollywood Reporter has the details about Batman Unchained and the version of Harley Quinn that never made it to the big screen. Speaking with Mark Protosevich, who was in charge of penning the script for the film,
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Sequels abandoned after the film before them struggled

From Green Lantern 2 and Terminator: Salvation 2, to a Cat In The Hat sequel and Batman Triumphant: sequels killed by the earlier film...

Earlier this year, it was revealed that a sequel was in the early stages for the new Pierce Brosnan action thriller, The November Man. Remember it? Probably not: The November Man would go on to flop in the Us, grossing just $25m in the Us, and when it finally made it to British cinemas, it was released on just one screen (presumably to fill a contractual obligation somewhere along the line).

There's been no word yet on the fate of The November Man 2, but the outlook does not seem favourable. It wouldn't be the first time though that a sequel had been loudly mooted before even a first film was released, only to be quietly abandoned when something - usually related to box office takings - didn't go to plan.
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Schumacher's Third Batman Becomes A Comic

One of the first major tentpole films in development that this site covered way back in the late 1990s may finally see the light of day.

After directing both the successful "Batman Forever" and the widely derided "Batman & Robin," filmmaker Joel Schumacher was originally slated to helm a third film entitled "Batman: Triumphant" based on a script by Mark Protosevich.

Schumacher has previously stated that following Tim Burton's two films, the studio pushed him to make Batman more family and merchandise friendly - especially in regards to "Batman and Robin". Schumacher want to go darker though, and after the widespread rejection towards "Batman & Robin" the hope was 'Triumphant' would allow him to do that. Unfortunately the project never made it out of development.

At the time it was rumored The Scarecrow would serve as the villain, with his fear toxin allowing for Batman to have visions of The Joker.
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'Batman and Robin' Director Turns Canceled Sequel Into Comic Book

'Batman and Robin' Director Turns Canceled Sequel Into Comic Book
Less then 10 years after Tim Burton brought The Dark Knight to the big screen in 1989's Batman, the franchise was essentially killed off by the 1997 critical and commercial disaster Batman & Robin. It lay dormant until Christopher Nolan breathed new life into the popular character with his hugely successful Dark Knight trilogy. Joel Schumacher directed both the 1995 hit Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, and he was slated to make a third film entitled Batman: Triumphant, which was written by Mark Protosevich. But it was killed after Batman & Robin tanked. Today, Bleeding Cool reports that Joel Schumacher is revisiting the Batman franchise with a 12-issue comic book that outlines his original vision for all three films, including the one that never saw the light of day.

Joel Schumacher is writing the comic book himself, re-working the stories laid out in Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and the unmade Batman: Triumphant as one singular story.
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Joel Schumacher adapting Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Batman Triumphant as comic book series?

If you’re a Batman fan, then chances are you shudder when you hear the words “Joel Schumacher”. Having delivered the then-most successful Batman film with 1995’s Batman Forever, the director brought the franchise to its knees two years later with 1997’s Batman & Robin, forcing Warner Bros. to pull the plug on his planned sequel, which was going by the title of Batman Triumphant.

Well, if you’re a glutton for punishment and curious as to where Schumacher might have taken the series next, you may be interested in a report from Bleeding Cool, who has apparently heard that Schumacher is penning a twelve-issue Batman comic book series drawn by artist Dustin Nguyen, which will “revisit his intentions for the three films [and tell] one story”, giving us “his original vision for the movies.”

The original plan for Batman Triumphant was to have The Dark Knight go up against the Scarecrow, with
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