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  • (1974) Stage: Appeared (as "Mack Sennett") in "Mack and Mabel" on Broadway.
  • (1966) Stage: Appeared (as "Henry II, King of England") in "The Lion in Winter" on Broadway. Written by James Goldman. Incidental music by Thomas Wagner. Directed by Noel Willman. Ambassador Theatre: 3 Mar 1966-21 May 1966 (92 performance + 2 previews that began on 2 Mar 1966). Cast: Rosemary Harris (as "Eleanor, Henry's wife"), Dennis Cooney (as "Geoffrey, the middle son"), Suzanne Grossman (as "Alais, a French princess"; Broadway debut), James Rado (as "Richard Lionheart, the oldest son"), Bruce Scott (as "John, the youngest son"), Christopher Walken (as "Philip, King of France"). Standbys: Ludi Claire (as "Eleanor"), Bruce Glover (as "Henry II"). Understudies: Bruce Glover (as "Richard Lionheart"), Ty McConnell (as "Geoffrey" / "John" / "Philip"), Leslie Vega (as "Alais"). Produced by Eugene V. Wolsk, Walter Hyman, Alan King and Emanuel Azenberg. NOTES: (1): Ms. Harris won Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play. (2) Filmed as The Lion in Winter (1968).
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared (as "Prof. Harold Hill") in "The Music Man" on Broadway. Won Tony Award as Best Actor.
  • (1952) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe Ferguson") in "The Male Animal" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by James Thurber and Elliott Nugent. Artistic Supervisor: George Schaefer. Scenic Design by Melvin Bourne. Costume Design by Noel Taylor. Directed by Michael Gordon. Music Box Theatre: 15 May 1952-31 Jan 1953 (317 performances). Cast: Elliott Nugent Tommy Turner"), Martha Scott (as "Ellen Turner"), Dorothy Blackburn (as "Myrtle Keller"), Charles Boaz (as "Wally Myers"), Matt Briggs (as "Ed Keller"), John Gerstad (as "Michael Barnes"), Peter Harris (as "Newspaper Reporter"), Halliwell Hobbes (as "Dean Frederick Damon"), Billy James (as "Nutsy Miller"), Eulabelle Moore (as "Cleota"), Nancy Nugent (as "Patricia Stanley"), Leora Thatcher (as "Mrs. Blanche Damon"). Produced by John Golden. NOTE: Theatre Owned and operated by Irving Berlin and Lee Shubert.
  • (1963) Stage: Appeared (as "Nat Bentley") in "Nobody Loves an Albatross" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Ronald Alexander. Directed by Gene Saks. Lyceum Theatre: 17 Dec 1963-19 Dec 1963 (212 performances + 3 previews that began on 17 Dec 1963). Cast: Jack Bittner (as "Sean O'Loughlin"), Frank Campanella (as "L.T. Whitman"), Constance Ford (as "Hildy Jones"), Barnard Hughes (as "Bert Howell"), Leslye Hunter (as "Diane Bentley"), Leon Janney (as "Mike Harper"), Gertrude Jeanette (as "Sarah Washington"), Phil Leeds (as "Victor Talsey"), Richard Mulligan (as "Phil Matthews"), Carol Rossen (as "Jean Hart"), Marie Wallace (as "Linda"), Marian Winters (as "Marge Weber"). Understudies: Barnard Hughes (as "Mike Harper" / "Victor Talsey"), Beverly Penberthy (as "Jean Hart" / "Linda"), Evelyn Russell (as "Hildy Jones" / "Marge Weber"). Replacement cast: Clifford Carpenter (as "Bert Howell"), Jane Manning (as "Jean Hart", from 1 Jun 1964-?], Barry Nelson (as "Nat Bentley", from 1 Jun 1964-?]. Standby: Alan Manson (as "Nat Bentley"). Produced by Elliot Martin and Philip Rose.
  • (1954) Stage: Appeared (as "Joe McCall") in "The Tender Trap" on Broadway. Written by Max Shulman and Robert Paul Smith. Stage Manager: Robert Downing. Directed by Michael Gordon. Longacre Theatre: 13 Oct 1954-8 Jan 1955 (102 performances). Cast: Ronny Graham (as "Charlie Reader"), Kim Hunter (as "Sylvia Crewes"), Joey Faye (as "Sol Schwartz"), Jack Manning (as "Earl Lindquist"), Parker McCormick (as "Poppy Matson"), Julia Meade (as "Jessica Collins"; Broadway debut), Janet Riley (as "Julie Gillis'). Produced by Clinton Wilder. NOTE: Filmed The Tender Trap (1955).
  • (1961) Album: Lead singer for children's fitness album, "Chicken Fat."
  • (1950) Stage: Appeared in "Twentieth Century" on Broadway, replacing José Ferrer.
  • (1950s) Stage: Appeared in "Janus" on Broadway
  • (10/26/42) Radio: Appeared (as "Pvt. Joe Doyle") in a "Lux Radio Theater" broadcast of "Wake Island".
  • (1950s) Stage: Appeared in "Men of Distinction" on Broadway.
  • (3/22/54) Stage: Appeared in Julian Funt's play, "The Magic and the Loss," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Uta Hagen, Lee Bowman, Edith Meiser, Charles Taylor and Danny Dennis in the cast. Ralph Alswang was set designer. Jocelyn was costume designer. Michael Gordon was director. Alexander H. Cohen and Ralph Alswang were producers.
  • (12/30/68) Stage: Appeared in the musical, "I Do! I Do!," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, OH, with Mary Martin in the cast. Harvey Schmidt was composer. Tom Jones wrote the book / lyrics. Based on the play, "The Fourposter," by Jan de Hartog. Gower Champion was director. Oliver Smith was set designer. Freddy Wittop was costume designer. David Merrick was producer.
  • (6/3/40) Radio: Appeared in a "Lux Radio Theatre" broadcast of "Alexander's Ragtime Band".
  • (1942) Radio: Appeared in a "Lux Radio Theatre" broadcast of "City for Conquest".

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