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  • (1899 - 1931) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1899) Stage Play: Little Italy. Written by Horace B. Fry. Miner's Fifth Avenue Theatre: 30 Mar 1899- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Frederic De Belleville (as "Fabio Ronaldi, an Italian baker of forty"), Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske] (as "Guila, Fabio's wife, a nervous, hardworking woman of twenty"), Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Michele, An itinerant singer of twenty five") [Broadway debut].
  • (1899) Stage Play: Becky Sharp. Comedy. Written by Langdon Mitchell. Based on "Vanity Fair" by William Makepeace Thackeray. Directed (with Fred Williams) by Mrs. Fiske. Fifth Avenue Theatre: 12 Sep 1899- Dec 1899 (closing date unknown/116 performances). Cast: Gloria Alonzo, H.F. Anderson, Maurice Barrymore (as "Rawdon Crawley"), B.B. Belcher (as "The Duke Brunswick"), George P Bonn, William L. (W.L.) Branscombe, William W. Brown, Agnes Bruce, Jean Chamblin, Robert V. Ferguson, Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske] (as "Becky Sharp"), Neil Grey, Helen Henry, Olive Hoff, Ethelwyn Holt, Cortland Hopkins, R.B. Keggerais, Frederick Kingstone, Francesca Lincoln, Mary MacNamara, Mary Maddern, Arthur Maitland, Sydney Mather, Frank McCormack (as "Lord Southdown") [Broadway debut], R.F. McCoy, Otto Meyer, Gertrude Norman, Wilfred North, William F. Owen, Walter Pleugh, Charles Plunkett, Tyrone Power Sr. (as "The Marquis of Steyne"), Albert Reed, Frank Reicher (as "Fritz/Lord Tarquin") [Broadway debut], Stanley Rignold, Josephine Roberts, Arthur W. Row, Dirce St. Cyr, Henry Stokes, Leonora Stonehill, E.L. Walton, Ida Waterman (as "Miss Crawley") [Broadway debut], Paul Weigel, Alma Whitsell, Zenaidee Williams. Produced by Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske]. Note: Filmed by Pioneer Pictures Corporation [distributed by RKO Radio Pictures] as Becky Sharp (1935).
  • (1902) Stage Play: Mary of Magdala. Drama. Music by Charles Puerner. Written by Paul Heyse. Choreographed by Carl Marwig. Directed by Harrison Grey Fiske Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske]. Manhattan Theatre: 12 Nov 1902- Feb 1903 (closing date unknown/105 performances). Cast: Scott Craven, Rose Eytinge, Max Figman, Minnie Maddern Fiske [credited as Mrs. Fiske] (as "Mary"), Ida Hamilton, E. Harris, Henry Haskins, M.J. Jordon, William B. Mack [credited as W.B. Mack], Mary Maddern, Frank McCormack, Herbert McKenzie (as "The Misses Maynard"), Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Judas of Kerioth"), Sydney Smith, Emily Stevens, Henry Woodruff (as "Flavius, The nephew of Pontius Pilate"), James Young. Produced by Harrison Grey Fiske.
  • (1903) Stage Play: Ulysses. Written by Stephen Phillips. Garden Theatre: 14 Sep 1903- Nov 1903 (closing date unknown/65 performances). Cast: Rose Coghlan(as "Penelope"), Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Ulysses"), William Balfour, Elizabeth Churchill, H. Ogden Crane, Ralph Delmore, Louis Egan, Wayne Gray, H.F. Koser, Harry Luckstone, Bertram A. Marburgh, William F. Owen, Electra Rule, Edgar Selwyn, Lou Vizard. Produced by Charles Frohman. Produced by arrangement with Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.
  • (1904) Stage Play: When Knighthood Was in Flower. Romance (revival). Written by Paul Kester, from the novel by Charles Major. Empire Theatre: 2 May 1904- May 1904 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Adelaide Alexander, Herbert Budd, George S. Christie, Thomas L. Coleman, Frank Dodge, Ralph Lewis, Thomas Lindsay, Julia Marlowe (as "Mary Tudor"), E.W. Morrison, Agnes Palmer, Tyrone Power Sr., Charles Recrem, Frank Reicher, Charles Townsend, Fred Tyler, Gwendolyn Valentine, Nella Webb, Paul Weigel, Katherine Wilson, Eugenie Woodward, J. Carrington Yates. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Yvette.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Ingomar (Revival). Written by Mrs. Maria Lovell, from a work by Frederick Halm. Empire Theatre: 16 May 1904 (1 performance). Cast: George Beckett, Herbert Budd, Thomas L. Coleman, George Flood, William Herbert, Ralph Lewis, Thomas Lindsay, Julia Marlowe, Charles Moore, E.W. Morrison, Tyrone Power Sr., Charles Recrem, Frank Reicher, Nella Webb, Paul Weigel, J. Carrington Yates. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1905) Stage Play: Adrea. Drama/tragedy. Music by William Furst. Written by David Belasco and John Luther Long. Choreographed by Carl Marwig. Staged by David Belasco. Directed by Wilfred Buckland. Belasco Theatre: 11 Jan 1905- 26 Apr 1905 (123 performances). Cast: Corah Adams [credited as Corah Adams-Myll] (as "Iulia Doma, Adrea's Sister"), Luther Barry, J.H. Benrimo [credited as J. Harry Benrimo] (as "Mimus the Echo, A fool in the household of Iulia Doma"), Marguerite Binford, Edwin Bradley, Edward Brigham, H.G. Carlton (as "Master of the Tower"), Mrs. Leslie Carter (as "Adrea, The Daughter of King Menethus"), Jeanette Cody, Edith Crane, Maria Davis (as "Garda, The Egyptian Slave to Adrea"), Mrs. De Gez (as "Lelit, Tiring Slave to the Queen/Ensemble"), Frank De Gez (as "Ensemble"), Zara Delaro (as "Ensemble"), Lyddian Durret (as "A Bargeman"), James Edlam, F.L. Evans (as "Var-igon, Follower of Kaeso/Ensemble"), James H. George, Claude Gillingwater, Edna Griffin, Lores Grimm, Harold Guernsey (as "Page of the Senate"), George Harcourt (as "Caius Valgus, consul/Ensemble"), Edwin Hardin (as "Crassus, An Augur from the college at Rome"), Frederick Hirst, Charles Hungerford (as "The Shade of Menethus"), Teft Johnson (as "Zastus, Soldier of Adre"), Louis Keller (as "Dyaixes, The Persian, an Ambassador of note"), Gerald Kelly, Willa Keys, Henry Francis Koser, James Linhart, Madeleine Livingston (as "A Singing Bird/Ensemble"), Marie Lutz, Cornelia Lynds (as "Ensemble"), Paula Marr, Arthur Marryatt, R.D. McLean, Franklin Mills (as "Herald of the Senate"), Joseph Moxley, Hazel Neason, Elizabeth Neumeyer, Grace Noble (as "Ensemble"), Lura Osborn (as "Lefta, Tiring Slave to the Queen/Ensemble"), H.R. Pomeroy, Tyrone Power Sr., Francis Powers, Charles Prevost, Calla Roberts (as "Ensemble/Myris, Tiring slave to the Queen"), Cornelia Roberts (as "Ensemble"), H.R. Roberts, William Rose, Gilmore Scott (as "Sylvestros, A Prince of Greece, an Ambassador of note/Ensemble"), Victor Seeger (as "Ensemble"), Harry Sheldon, Charles A. Stevenson (as "Kaseo of Noricum, The Leader of a Barbarian Horde"), J.L. Van Ordstrand (as "Ensemble"), Frank Vela, F. Verande, Fred Voke (as "Bram-Bora, From India, an Ambassador of note"), Virginia Vorhees, Dorothy Waldron, Marshall Welch (as "Marcus Lecca, Princes of the Senate, a Consul"), Gordon West (as "Idmondus, A Herald at the Palace"), Eleanor Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Stanley G. Wood, Francis Woodward (as "Ensemble"), Charles Wright (as "Sigrad, Follower of Kaeso/Ensemble"). Produced by David Belasco.
  • (1906) Stage Play: The Redskin. Melodrama. Written by Donald MacLaren. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Directed by William A. Brady. Liberty Theatre: 1 Mar 1906- Mar 1906 (closing date unknown/26 performances). Cast: Lionel Adams, Edwin Arden (as "Niatawa"), Leonard Barry, Claude Brooke, Albert Bruning (as "Sheanaugua"), Marion Chapman, Avonia Eldridge, Bijou Fernandez (as "Lashota"), Escamillo Fernandez, Katherine Grey (as "Adulola"), Margaret Kenmare, J.O. Le Brasse, Alice Leigh, Laura Lemmers, Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Lonawanda"). Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1906) Stage Play: The Strength of the Weak. Drama.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Christian Pilgrim. Music by William Furst. Written by James MacArthur. Based on "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan. Liberty Theatre: 11 Nov 1907- Nov 1907 (closing date unknown/14 performances). Cast: Miss Adams, Minna Adelman, Henrietta Crosman (as "Christian"), Miss. Gilmore, M. Lawrence, Edward MacKay, Meiser, Miss Noble, Clara Osmond, Mr. Pearce, Addison Pitt, Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Apollyon/Beelzebub/Giant Despair/Lord Hategood"). Produced by Henry B. Harris and Maurice Campbell.
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Servant in the House. Drama. Written by Charles Kennedy. Scenic Design by H. Robert Law. Savoy Theatre: 23 Mar 1908- 1 Jun 1908 [?] (80 performances). Cast: Charles Dalton, Galwey Herbert, Arthur Lewis, Edith Wynne Matthison, Mabel Moore (as "Mary"), Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Robert Smith"). Produced by Henry Miller.
  • (1908) Stage Play: The Servant in the House [Retuurn engagement]. Drama. Written by Charles Kennedy. Savoy Theatre: 19 Oct 1908- Nov 1908 [?] (48 performances). Cast: Ben Field, Edmund Rann Kennedy, Arthur Lewis, Edith Wynne Matthison, Mabel Moore (as "Mary"), Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Robert Smith"). Produced by Henry Miller.
  • (1911) Stage Play: Thais.
  • (1912) Stage Play: Julius Caesar. Tragedy (revival).
  • (1917) Stage Play: Chu Chin Chow. Musical. Book by Oscar Asche. Music by Frederick Norton. Lyrics by Oscar Asche. Musical Director: Gustave Ferrari. Music orchestrated by Percy E. Fletcher. Featuring songs by Grace Torrens. Featuring songs with lyrics by Arthur Anderson. Choreographed by Mlle. Guida and Alexis Kosloff. Directed by E. Lyall Swete. Manhattan Opera House, (moved to The Century Theatre from 14 Jan 1918- close): 22 Oct 1917- 27 Apr 1918 (208 performances).
  • (1918) Stage Play: Julius Caesar. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Cort Theatre: 15 Mar 1918 (1 performance). Cast: Cyril Keightley, Alma Kruger, Howard Kyle, Tyrone Power Sr., Ernest Rowan, Percival Vivian, Ruth Vivian, Charles Webster.
  • (1918) Stage Play: The Little Brother. Written by Milton Goldsmith and Benedict James [only Broadway credit]. Directed by Walter Hast. Belmont Theatre: 25 Nov 1918- Mar 1919 (closing date unknown/120 performances). Cast: Mabel Bunyea, Richard Dix, John Gomar, Edyth Latimer, Mary Malleson, Tyrone Power Sr., Sam Sidman, William St. James, Walker Whiteside. Produced by Walter Hast.
  • (1921) Stage Play: The Wandering Jew. Drama.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Rivals. Comedy (revival).
  • (1922) Stage Play: Hamlet. Tragedy (revival). Portrayed King Claudius in John Barrymore's 1922 Broadway "Hamlet", possibly the most famous American production of the play in the twentieth century.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Julius Caesar. Tragedy (revival).
  • (1927) Stage Play: Venus. Comedy. Written and directed by Rachel Crothers. Theatre Masque: 26 Dec 1927- Jan 1928 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Patricia Collinge (as "Agnes Beveridge"), Edward Crandall, Katharine Francis, Charles Hampden (as "Mason"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Virgie Gibbs"), Arnold Lucy (as "Dr. Dickie Wakely"), Tyrone Power Sr., (as "Herbert Beveridge"). Produced by Carl Reed.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Diplomacy (Revival). Written by Victorien Sardou. Directed by Campbell Gullan. Erlanger's Theatre: 28 May 1928- Jul 1928 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Margaret Anglin (as "Lady Fairfax"), Jacob Ben-Ami (as "Count Orloff"), Charles Coburn (as "Baron Stein"), Georgette Cohan (as "Mion"), Guy Cunningham (as "Sheppard"), William Faversham (as "Henry Beauclerc"), Helen Gahagan (as "Countess Zicka"), Antony Holles (as "Algie Fairfax"), Cecilia Loftus (as "Marquise De Rio Zares"), Rollo Peters (as "Capt. Julian Beauclerc"), Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Markham"), Georges Renavent (as "Antonio"), Frances Starr (as "Dora"). Produced by George C. Tyler.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Unknown Warrior. Drama. Written by Paul Raynal. Translated by Cecil Lewis. Scenic Design by Frederick W. Jones III. Directed by Charles Hopkins. Charles Hopkins Theatre: 29 Oct 1928- Nov 1928 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Tyrone Power Sr. (as "An Elderly Man"), Beatrix Thomson (as "Aude, who is twenty"), Lester Vail (as "A French Soldier"). Produced by Charles Hopkins. Produced by arrangement with Arts Theatre.
  • (1931) Stage Play: The Merchant of Venice. Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by George Vivian. Royale Theatre: 16 Nov 1931- Nov 1931 (closing date unknown/6 performances). Cast: France Bendtsen, John Bryan, Gordon Burby, John Burke, Pedro de Cordoba (as "Bassanio, friend of Antonio"), William Faversham (as "Antonio, a merchant of Venice"), John Forrest, Lionel Ince, Hart Jenks, Whitford Kane (as "Launcelot Gobbo, servant to Shylock"), Fritz Leiber, Dorothy Martin, Helen Menken (as "Portia"), Ralph Menzing, Claudius Mintz, Frank Peters, Tyrone Power Sr. (as "Duke of Venice") [final Broadway role], Viola Roache (as "Nerissa"), Thayer Roberts, Virginia Stevens. Produced by Chicago Civic Shakespeare Society.
  • (October 5, 1931) He played the ghost in William Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with William Faversham (Claudius) and Fritz Lieber in the cast.

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