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  • (1954) Stage: Appeared (as "Pvt. Turnipseed") in "Stockade" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Mark J. Appleman. Based on the novel "From Here to Eternity" by James Jones. Incidental music by Jay Chernis. Directed by Robert H. Gordon. President Theatre: 4 Feb 1954-6 Feb 1954 (4 performances). Cast: Tige Andrews (as "Cpl. Oliver"), Cam Applegate, Jay Barney, Barnett Biro, Don Gordon (as "Angelo Maggio"), George Hall, Murray Hamilton (as "Robert E. Lee Prewitt"), Ted Jordan, Norman Keats, Rusty Lane (as "Jack Molloy"), Gerald Milton, Stephen Pluta, William Thourlby. Produced by Paul Butler and Diana Greene.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "Edward Martin") in "The Grand Prize" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Ronald Alexander. Directed / produced by Shepard Traube. Plymouth Theatre: 26 Jan 1955-12 Feb 1955 (21 performances). Cast: Perry Bruskin, Ken Harvey, June Lockhart (as "Lucille Cotton"), Donald McKee, John Newland, Betsy Palmer (as "Kate Wilson"), Nancy Wickwire, William Windom (as "John Condon Mitchell").
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared (as "George McCauley"; replacement actor) in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" on Broadway. Written / directed by George Axelrod. Belasco Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 9 Jul 1956-10 Nov 1956): 13 Oct 1955-10 Nov 1956 (444 performances). Cast: Orson Bean (as "George MacCauley"), Martin Gabel (as "Irving LaSalle"), Jayne Mansfield (as "Rita Marlowe"), Walter Matthau (as "Michael Freeman"), William Thourlby (as "Bronk Brannigan"), Harry Clark (as "Harry Kaye"), Lew Gallo (as "Masseur"), Carol Grace (as "A Secretary"), Tina Louise (as "A Swimmer"), David Sheiner (as "Bellman"), Michael Tolan (as "A Chauffeur"). Replacement cast: [during Belasco Theatre run:] Harold Gary (as "Harry Kaye"), David Sheiner (as "George MacCauley"), Michael Tolan (as "Michael Freeman") [from 16 Apr 1956-24 May 1956. [during Shubert Theatre run). Produced by Jule Styne. Associate Producer: Sylvia Herscher. NOTE: Filmed as Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957).
  • (1956) Stage: Appeared (as "Arthur Westlake") in "Goodbye Again" on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Written by Allan Scott and George Haight. Scenic Design by Samuel Leve. Stage Managers: Carl Judd and Anthony Eisley (credited as Fred Eisley) Directed by Shepard Traube. Helen Hayes Theatre: 24 Apr 1956-28 Apr 1956 (7 performances). Cast: Patricia Barry (as "Elizabeth Clochessy"; final Broadway role), Donald Cook (as "Kenneth Bixby"), Denise Dorin (as "Maid"), 'nthony Eisley (as "Bellman"), Sally Gracie (as "Julia Wilson"), Danny Lee (as "Theodore"), Burton Mallory (as "Mr. Clayton"), Polly Rowles (as "Anne Rogers"), Hiram Sherman (as "Harvey Wilson"), Jim Stevenson (as "Waiter"). Understudies: Ludi Claire (credited as Ludie Claire; as "Anne Rogers" / "Elizabeth Clochessy" / "Julia Wilson"), Fred Eisley (as "Arthur Westlake"), Carl Low (as "Harvey Wilson" / "Kenneth Bixby" / "Mr. Clayton"), Philip R. McHugh (as "Theodore") and Jim Stevenson (as "Bellman"). Produced by Shepard Traube and John H. Del Bondio.
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared (as "Archy"; standby) in "Shinbone Alley" on Broadway. Musical. Music by / music orchestrated by George Kleinsinger. Lyrics by Joe Darion. Book by Joe Darion and Mel Brooks. Based on the "Archie and Mehitabel" stories by Don Marquis. Music / Choral Direction by Maurice Levine. Additional orchestrations by Irwin Kostal. Additional Musical Routines by John Morris. Choreographed by Joe Alexander and Rod Alexander. Broadway Theatre: 13 Apr 1957-25 May 1957 (49 performances). Cast: Eddie Bracken (as "Archy"), Eartha Kitt (as "Mehitabel"), Jacques d'Amboise, Gwen Harmon, George S. Irving, Allegra Kent, Ross Martin (as "Broadway"), Erik Rhodes (as "Tyrone T. Tattersal"), Dorothy Aull, Julian Barry, Cathryn Damon, Jack Eddleman, Don Farnworth, Gene Gavin, Carolyn George, Harold E. Gordon, Reri Grist, Carmen Gutierrez, Buzz Halliday, Lillian Hayman, Moses LaMarr, Bruce MacKay, James Marley, Larry Montaigne, Albert Popwell, Jack Rains, Nora Reho, Howard Roberts, Dorothy Scott, James Tarbutton, Elizabeth Taylor, Claude Thompson, Elmarie Wendel, Myrna White, David Winters. Alternates: Standbys: Larry Montaigne, Chita Rivera (as "Mehitabel"). Produced by Peter Lawrence.
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared in "Romanoff and Juliet" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Peter Ustinov. Incidental music by Harold Rome. Ballads by Peter Ustinov and Anthony Hopkins. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Plymouth Theatre: 10 Oct 1957-13 Sep 1958 (389 performances). Cast: Peter Ustinov (as "The General"), Fred Clark (as "Hooper Moulsworth"), Henry Lascoe (as "Vadim Romanoff"), Natalie Schafer (as "Beulah Moulsworth"), Elizabeth Allen (as "Juliet"), Edward Atienza (as "The Archbishop"; Broadway debut), Sylvia Daneel Jr. (as "Capt. Marfa Zlotochienko"), Marianne Deeming (as "Evdokia Romanoff"), Carl Don (as "The Spy"), Jack Gilford (as "Second Soldier"), William Greene (as "Freddie Vandestuyt"), Phil Leeds (as "First Soldier"), Gerald Sarracini (as "Igor Romanoff"). Replacement actors: Tamzen Allan (as "Jr. Captain Marfa Zlotochienko"), Tom Poston (as "The General"), Christine Thomas (as "Beulah Moulsworth"), Michael Tolan (as "Igor Romanoff"), George Tyne (as "First Soldier"), David White (as "Hooper Moulsworth"; final Broadway role). Produced by David Merrick. NOTE: Filmed as Romanoff and Juliet (1961), Romanoff and Juliet (1965).
  • (1958) Stage: Appeared in "Drink to Me Only" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1959) Stage: Appeared (as "Lt. Ferguson Howard") in "Golden Fleecing" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Lorenzo Semple Jr.. Incidental music by Dana Suesse. Directed by Abe Burrows. Henry Miller's Theatre: 15 Oct 1959-26 Dec 1959 (84 performances). Cast: Bob Carraway (as "Ens. Beauregard Gilliam"), Mickey Deems, Robert Elston (as "Jackson Eldridge"), Constance Ford (as "Ann Knutsen"), Red Granger, Alfred Hese (as "A Waiter"), Buck Kartalian, Richard Kendrick (as "Adm. Fitch"; final Broadway role), John Myhers, Suzanne Pleshette (as "Julie"), Ralph Stantley, John Thomas. Understudy: Pirie MacDonald. Produced by Courtney Burr and Gilbert Miller. NOTE: Filmed as The Honeymoon Machine (1961).
  • (1972) Stage: Appeared (as "Prologus" / "Pseudolus"; replacement actor; final Broadway role) in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" on Broadway. Musical comedy (revival). Music / lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Book by Burt Shevelove (also director) and Larry Gelbart. Based on the plays of Plautus. Musical direction / vocal direction by Milton Rosenstock. Music orchestrated by Irwin Kostal and Sid Ramin. Dance arrangements by Hal Schaefer. Additional dance music by Richard De Benidictis. Choreographed by Ralph Beaumont. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: 30 Mar 1972-12 Aug 1972 (156 performances + 3 previews). Cast: Phil Silvers (as "Prologus, an actor, Pseudolus, slave to Hero"), Carl Ballantine (as "Lycus, a buyer and seller of courtesans"), Larry Blyden (as "Hysterium, slave to Senex and Domina"), Pamela Hall, John Hansen, 'Carl Lindstrom' (as "Miles Gloriosus, a warrior"), Lew Parker (as "Senex, a citizen of Rome"), Lizabeth Pritchett (as "Domina, wife of Senex"), Chad Dee Block, Sonja Haney, Keita Keita, Lauren Lucas, Trish Mahoney, Gloria Mills, Reginald Owen (as "Erronius, a citizen of Rome"), Joe Ross, Charlene Ryan, Bill Starr. Produced by David Black and Larry Blyden. Produced in association with Seymour Vall and Henry Honeckman.
  • (1961) Stage: Appeared in "Come Blow Your Horn" on Broadway. Comedy.
  • (1961) Stage: Appeared in "The Conquering Hero" on Broadway. Musical.
  • (1972) Stage: Appeared in Joseph Bologna and Renée Taylor's play, "Lovers and Other Strangers," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA, with Abby Dalton.
  • (1960) Stage: Appeared in summer stock in "The Male Animal" with Jean Hale.
  • (1962) He acted in Johnny Green's musical, "Bye Bye Birdie," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Chita Rivera and Selma Diamond in the cast. Duane Camp was director.
  • (1964) He acted in the play, "Easy Does It," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Elizabeth Allan in the cast. Jerry Epstein was director.

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