‘Cement Suitcase’ tastefully wines and dines its audience in cheeky fashion

Cement Suitcase

Starring Dwayne Bartholomew, Nathan Sapsford, Shawn Parsons, Kristina Guerrero, Corrin Evans

Directed by J. Rick Castaneda

Written by J. Rick Castaneda

USA, 2014

Writer-director J. Rick Castaneda’s indie film Cement Suitcase has an off-kilter winning spirit that soars above its quirky pathos. Infectiously witty, irreverent and bouncy, Castaneda’s nifty narrative takes a charming approach to spotlighting one young man’s dalliances in wine and life lessons decline. Beautifully shot and fortified with solidly impish performances, Cement Suitcase is a reminder that our existences–no matter how stable, stagnant or scattered–are unpredictable and can never be as definitively defined as a vintage bottle of Merlot. Castaneda’s adventurous direction and smart writing arms this soothing dramedy gem with the right kind of gently wacky reflection and radiance.

Wine salesman Franklin Roew (Dwayne Bartholomew) leads somewhat of a dreary livelihood in Granger, Washington…a small-town rural hamlet situated in the Yakima Valley.
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