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  • (1927 - 1943) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Trial of Mary Dugan. Melodrama. Written by Bayard Veiller. Directed by A.H. Van Buren. National Theatre: 19 Sep 1927- Oct 1927 (closing date unknown/437 performances). Cast: Michelette Baroni, Robert Beggs, Rex Cherryman, Robert Cummings (as "Police Inspector Hunt"), John P. Dougherty, Charles Edwards, Ann Harding (as "Mary Dugan"), Louis Jean Heydt (as "Harry Jones"), Arthur Hohl (as "District Attorney Galway"), Edwin T. Jones, Cyril Keightley (as "Edward West"), Anna Kostant, Barton MacLane (as "Assistant District Attorney"), Merle Maddern, Jasper Mangione, Leona Maricle (as "Dagmar Lorne") [Broadway debut], Lewis McMichael, Dennie Moore (as "Mary Harris"), Oscar Polk (as "James Madison") [Broadway debut], Julia Ralph (as "Mrs. Kate Burton"), John Ravold, Dean Raymond, Marie Santas, Jack Sayer, John Sharkey, Robert Williams. Produced by A.H. Woods.
  • (1929) Stage Play: Cross Roads. Drama.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Once in a Lifetime. Comedy. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Stage Manager: Robert B. Sinclair [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Music Box Theatre: 24 Sep 1930- Sep 1931 (unknown closing date/406 performances). Cast: Frances E. Brandt (as "Mrs. Walker"), Jane Buchanan (as "A Voice Pupil"), Spring Byington (as "Helen Hobart"), George Casselberry (as "One of Three Scenario Writers"), Payson Crane (as "Bellboy"), Louis Cruger (as "Weisskopf"), Janet Currie (as "Phyllis Fontaine"), Jean Dixon (as "May Daniels"), Walter Dreher (as "Rudolph Kammerling"), Marie Ferguson (as "Miss Fontaine's Maid"), Stanley Fitzpatrick (as "Page"), Eugenie Frontai (as "Florabel Leigh"), Harold Grau (as "Mr. Flick"), Charles Halton (as "Herman Glogauer"), Virginia Hawkins (as "Miss Chasen"), John O. Hewitt (as "Electrician"), George S. Kaufman (as "Lawrence Vail"), Marc Loebell (as "Ernest"), Edward Loud (as "Miss Leigh's Chauffer/Leading Man"), Charles Mack (as "Miss Fontaine's Chauffer") [final Broadway role], Georgia MacKinnon (as "Script Girl"), Burton Mallory (as "One of Three Scenario Writers"), Leona Maricle (as "Miss Leighton"), William McFadden (as "Meterstein"), Edwin Mills (as "Page"), Grant Mills (as "Jerry Hyland"), Irving Morrow (as "Bishop"), Hugh O'Connell (as "George Lewis"), Sally Phipps (as "Susan Walker"), Oscar Polk (as "Porter"), Kempton Race (as "One of Three Scenario Writers"), Robert Ryder (as "George's Secretary"), Otis Schaefer (as "Coat Check Girl"), Dorothy Talbot (as "Miss Leigh's Maid"), Frances Thress (as "Bridesmaid"), Clara Waring (as "Cigarette Girl"), Jack Williams (as "Electrician"). Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Face the Music. Musical comedy revue. Book by Moss Hart. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Music by Irving Berlin. Musical Director: Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by Frank Tours, Robert Russell Bennett and Maurice De Packh. Scenic Design by Albert R. Johnson. Costume Design by Kiviette and Weld. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch. Staged by Hassard Short. Directed by George S. Kaufman. New Amsterdam Theatre: 17 Feb 1932- 9 Jul 1932 (165 performances). Cast: Thomas Arace, Ward Arnold (as "Postman"), Jack Barnes, Virginia Bethel, Mary Boland (as "Mrs. Meshbesher"), Mary Brooks, Dave Burns, Charles Burrows, Katherine Carrington, Dorothy Claire, Charles Coleman, Aida Conkey, Leslie Cornell, Ed Crosswell, Guy Daly, Maxine Darrell, Peggy Dell, Martin Dennis, Nancy Dolan, Bert Doughty, Elsie Duffy, Clyde Fillmore, George Ford, Edward Gargan (as "Mr. O'Rourke") [final Broadway credit], Jack Good, Frances Halliday, Rita Horgan, Elizabeth Houston, Valerie Huff, Jay Hunter, Vernon Jayson, Alice Kellerman, Irene Kelly, Mary Kennedy, Phil King, Dorothy Lamb, Jeanette Lea, Betty Lee, Margaret Lee, Clark Leston, Bob Long, Helen Lyons, Joseph Macauley (as "Rodney St. Clair, Prosecuting Attorney"), Ruth Martin, Vida McLain, Howard Morgan, J. Harold Murray (as "Pat Mason, Jr."), Fred Nay, Dorissa Nelova, Evelyn Nielson, Chester O'Brien, Emmett O'Brien, Mortimer O'Brien, Hugh O'Connell (as "Martin van Buren Meshbesher"), Pat O'Keefe, Oscar Polk (as "Rivington"), Wilma Roeloff, Etna Ross, Jack Ross, Jimmy Ryan, Jean Sargent, Peter Sargent, Martin Shepard, Stuart Steppler, Helen Thompson, Andrew Tombes (as "Hal Reisman"), Kathleen VanNoy, Mary Grace Van Noy, Dorothy Waller, Teddy West, Jack Wolfe, Dan Wyler. Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Nona. Farce/Romance. Written by Gladys Unger. Directed by Burk Symon. Avon Theatre: 4 Oct 1932- Oct 1932 (unknown closing date/31 performances). Cast: Harlan Briggs (as "The Station Master"), Patricia Calvert (as "Miriam Skidwell"), Aristides de Leoni (as "Rocco"), Genevieve Dolaro (as "An Old Lady"), Jane Ferrell (as "Anna"), Hans Hansen (as "Otto Vogel"), Dudley Hawley (as "Mr. Compton"), Russell Hicks (as "Lyle D. Armstrong"), Arthur Margetson (as "Henry Cade"), John McCloskey (as "A Young Man With a Toupee"), Millard Mitchell [credited as Millard F. Mitchell] (as "Joe"), Oscar Polk (as "A Pullman Porter"), Ellen Southbrook (as "Dolly Armstrong"), Warren Sterling (as "A Handsome Young Man"), Bernard Susman (as "A Photographer"), Lenore Ulric (as "Nona"). Produced by Peggy Fears.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Face the Music. Musical comedy revue (revival). Music by Irving Berlin. Book by Moss Hart. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Music orchestrated by Russell Bennett, Frank Tours and Maurice De Packh. Scenic Design by Albert R. Johnson. Lighting Design by Hassard Short. Costume Design by Kiviette and Weld. Choreographed by Albertina Rasch. Production staged by Hassard Short. Book directed by George S. Kaufman. 44th Street Theatre: 31 Jan 1933- 25 Feb 1933 (31 performances). Cast: Mary Boland (as "Mrs. Meshbesher"), Joan Abbey (as "Girl"), Margot Adams (as "Miss Eisenheimer/Girl"), George Anderson (as "Mr. O'Rourke"), Kay Apgar (as "Girl"), Thomas Arace (as "Detective"), James Babbitt (as "Boy"), Bob Baldwin (as "Bartender"), John Barker (as "Pat Mason, Jr."), Janet Biesantz (as "Girl"), Alice Brent (as "Girl"), Janet Carver (as "The Albertina Rasch Dancers"), Carol Clyde (as "Girl"), Frank Conway (as "Boy"), Don Costello (as "Louis/Mr. O'Ryan"), Ed Crosswell (as "Boy"), Guy Daly (as "Boy"), Peggy Dell (as "The Albertina Rasch Dancers"), Martin Dennis (as "Boy"), Frank Dobson (as "Sheriff"), Bert Doughty (as "Boy"), Dorothy Drum (as "Mme. Elise"), John W. Ehrle (as "Rodney St. Clair, Prosecuting Attorney"), Betty Eisner (as "The Albertina Rasch Dancers/Leading Dancer"), Margaret Fitzpatrick (as "Girl"), Vera Fredericks (as "The Albertina Rasch Dancers/Captain"), Marie Gale (as "Girl"), Inez Goetz (as "A Sister Team/Girl"), Jack Good (as "Joe"), Bob Grey (as "Boy"), E.D. Howell (as "Boy"), Robert Emmett Keane (as "Hal Reisman"), Charles Lawrence (as "Martin van Buren Meshbesher"), Margaret Lee (as "Pickles"), Bob Long (as "Boy"), Virginia Mandracia (as "Girl"), George Marshall (as "Stage Doorman"), Nancy McCord (as "Kit Baker"), Martha Merrill (as "The Albertina Rasch Dancers"), Howard Morgan (as "Boy"), Ed Murray (as "Boy"), Fred Nay (as "Boy"), Pat O'Keefe (as "May/Girl"), Oscar Polk (as "Rivington"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Judge Furioso"), Marty Rhiele (as "Boy"), Jack Richards (as "Boy"), Vivian Roscoe (as "Girl"), Ray Santos (as "Boy"), Peter Sargent (as "Mrs. Meshbesher's Footman"), Daniel Sullivan (as "Postman"), Louise Taylor (as "Girl"), Martha Tibbetts (as "Mme. Elise's Assistant/Girl"), Colleen Ward (as "A Sister Team/Girl"), Dolly Widell (as "Girl"), Jack Wolfe (as "Boy"). Produced by Producing Associates, Inc. Produced by arrangement with Sam Harris.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Both Your Houses. Drama.
  • (1933) Stage Play: The Pursuit of Happiness. Comedy.
  • (1935) Stage Play: The Green Pastures. (Revival).
  • (1936) Stage Play: You Can't Take It With You. Comedy. Written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager. Techncial Assistant to Mr. Oenslager: Isaac Benesch. Press Representative: John Peter Toohey. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Booth Theatre (moved to The Imperial Theatre from 19 Sep 1938- close): 14 Dec 1936- 3 Dec 1938 (838 performances). Cast: Ruth Attaway (as "Rheba"), Jess Barker, Frank Conlan (as "Mr. DePinna"), Mitzi Hajos, Virginia Hammond, Franklin Heller, George Heller, Ralph Holmes (as "G-Man"), Josephine Hull (as "Penelope Sycamore"), William J. Kelly, George Leach, Anna Lubowe, Oscar Polk (as "Donald"), Hugh Rennie (as "Wilbur C. Henderson"), Margot Stevenson (as "Alice Sycamore"), George Tobias (as "Boris Kolenkhov"), Henry Travers (as "Martin Vanderhof/Grandpa") [final Broadway role], Paula Trueman (as "Essie"), Frank Wilcox. Replacement actors during Booth Theatre run: Aldrich Bowker (as "Martin Vanderhof, Grandpa"), George Calvert (as "G-Man"), C.M. Clough (as "G-Man"), Muni Seroff (as "Boris Kolenkhov"), Fred Stone. Replacement actors during Imperial Theatre run: None. Produced by Sam Harris. Note: Filmed as You Can't Take It with You (1938).
  • (1939) Stage Play: Swingin' The Dream. Musical comedy/variety.
  • (1941) Stage Play: Mr. Big. Written by Arthur Sheekman and Margaret Shane. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Lyceum Theatre: 30 Sep 1941- 4 Oct 1941 (7 performances). Cast: Florenz Ames (as "Charles G. Wakeshaw"), E.J. Ballantine (as "The Little Man"), Richard Barbee (as "Dr. Willoughby"), George Baxter, Harry M. Cooke, Hume Cronyn (as "Harley L. Miller"), David Crowell, Nina Doll, James Elliott, Ann Evers, Edward Fisher, Sarah Floyd, Betty Furness (as "Amy"), Harold Grau (as "The Man From Boston"), Harry Gribbon, Mitzi Hajos, Judson Laire, Peter Lawrence, William Layton, Jack Leslie, James MacDonald, Ray Mayer, Ruth Thane McDevitt, LeRoi Operti (as "Stanwood"), John Parrish, George Petrie, Eleanor Phelps, Oscar Polk (as "Rodney"), Robert Rhodes, Benson Springer, Rodney Stewart, Sidney Stone, Barry Sullivan (as "Eric Reynolds"), Robert Whitehead, Irwin Wilcox, Fay Wray (as "Paula Loring"). Produced by George S. Kaufman.
  • (1941) Stage Play: Sunny River. Musical. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Book by Oscar Hammerstein II. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Conducted by Jay Blackton [credited as Jacob Schwartzdorf] (earliest Broadway credit). Scenic Design by Stewart Chaney. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Supervised by John Murray Anderson. Choreographed by Carl Randall. Directed by Oscar Hammerstein II. St. James Theatre: 4 Dec 1941- 3 Jan 1942 (36 performances). Cast: Peggy Alexander (as "Martha"), James Allison (as "Ensemble"), Jay Amiss (as "Ensemble"), Russ Anderson (as "Ensemble"), Muriel Angelus (as "Marie Sauvinet"), Ainsworth Arnold (as "Gabriel Gervais"), Barbara Barton (as "Ensemble"), Henni Brooks (as "Ensemble"), Vicki Charles (as "Emma"), Helen Claire (as "Cecilie Marshall"), Donald Clark (as "Jim"), Dudley Clements (as "George Marshall"), Alfredo Costello (as "Ensemble"), Gordon Dilworth (as "Emil"), Edward Dunbar (as "Ensemble"), Tom Ewell (as "Daniel Marshall"), Howard Freeman (as "The Drunk"), Betty Gilpatrick (as "Ensemble"), William Hearne (as "Ensemble"), William Hogue (as "Ensemble"), George Holmes (as "Harry"), Richard Huey (as "Old Henry"), Philip Jones (as "Ensemble"), Miriam LaVelle (as "Columbine"), Bob Lawrence (as "Jean Gervais"), Lodema Legg (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Levey (as "Lolita"), Gwen Mann (as "Ensemble"), Helen Marshall (as "Ensemble"), John Marshall (as "Ensemble"), Byron Milligan (as "Ensemble"), Edwin Bruce Moldow (as "Child"), Mariquita Moll (as "Ensemble"), Ann Morlowe (as "Ensemble"), May Muth (as "Ensemble"), William O'Neal (as "Achille Caresse"), Robert Ormiston (as "Ensemble"), Fred Perrone (as "Ensemble"), Frederic Persson (as "Judge Pope Martineau"), Oscar Polk (as "Aristide"), Carol Renee (as "Child"), Jack Riano (as "Harlequin"), Joan Roberts (as "Madeleine Caresse"), Ivy Scott (as "Mother Gervais"), Joan Shepard (as "Child"), Michael Sigel (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Taylor (as "Ensemble"), Kenneth Tobey (as "The Doctor"), Stephanie Turash (as "Ensemble"), Helen Wagner (as "Ensemble"), Roy Williams (as "Ensemble"), Buddy Worth (as "Enemble"). Produced by Max Gordon.
  • (1942) Stage Play: The Walking Gentleman. Drama. Written by George Perkins and Fulton Oursler. Scenic Design by Harry Horner. Lighting Design by Feder. Directed by Marion Gering. Belasco Theatre: 7 May 1942- 12 May 1942 (6 performances). Cast: Ross Chetwynd (as "Newcome"), Clay Clement (as "Savage"), Clarence Derwent (as "Sam Hertz"), Jane Forbes (as "Connie"), Ruth Thea Ford (as "Miss Marshall"), Victor Francen (as "Basil Forrest"), Arlene Francis (as "Doris"), Richard Gaines (as "Dr. Blake") [final Broadway role], Toni Gilman (as "Myrtle Tracey"), Lew Hearn (as "Wrinkles"), A.J. Herbert (as "Poole"), Arnold Korff (as "Father Benoit"), Margery Maude (as "Mrs. Shriver"), Roderick Maybee (as "Electrician/Officer Blum"), Oscar Polk (as "Marmot"), Margo Railton (as "Elsie Ellis"), Cledge Roberts (as "Jim Lake"), George Spaulding (as "Frazier"), David Stewart (as "Lanyon"). Produced by Albert Lewis and Marion Gering.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Dark Eyes. Comedy.
  • (1938 - 1941) Played character Horace on the New York-based CBS radio serial "Big Sister", circa 1938-1941. His brother Olvester Polk filled in for him while he appeared in "Gone with the Wind" and "Reap the Wild Wind".

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