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Bill Perkins


Bill Perkins
3996 Sunsetridge rd. Moorpark, CA 93021 High St Studio
Moorpark, Ca. 93021
(805) 231-4728


Artwork can be seen at:

2009-2010 Winnie the Pooh Walt Disney Animation Vis-Dev

The Ballad of Nessie Walt Disney Animation Vis-Dev Prep and Landing Walt Disney Animation Vis-Dev Prep and Landing II Walt Disney Animation Vis-Dev Tangled Walt Disney Animation Vis-Dev Tick Tock Walt Disney Animation Art Director Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art Instructor: Visual Development/Composition Workshops Instructor: Color/Plein-air Painting

2008 Bolt Walt Disney Animation Vis-Dev

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art Instructor: Composition I and II, Color Theory I

2007 Spark Unlimited Visual Direction

American Dog Disney Feature Animation Visual Development Artist

2006 Sprite Entertainment Art Director on Gon

ReelFX Freelance Concept Design Spark Unlimited Consultant, Freelance Cinematic Storyboards
Little Mermaid III Disneytoons, Workbook Spiderwick Chronicles Paramount, Preproduction Concept Design

Anthem Animation Concept Illustration Mass Media Concept Illustrations

2005 The Bloody Angle Camp Chaos/History Channel

Storyboards Concept paintings American Dog Disney Feature Animation Visual Development Artist Mass Media Concept Illustrations Outlander 9th Ray Studio Storyboard/Concept Artist John Carter of Mars 9th Ray Studio Paramount Visual Development and Storyboard artist

2004 Fox and the Hound II Hot Donut/Disneytoons

Production Designer
Brother Bear II Disneytoons Visual Development

2003 The Ant Bully DNA Productions

Pre-Production Developmet Tartan II Character Builders/Disneytoons Art Director

2002 101 Dalmatians Patch's London Adventure

Disneytoons/Character Builders Art Director

2001 Established High St. Studio

A Visual Development and Pre-production co. Moon-crescent Animation Visual Consultant

1999 Osmosis Jones Warner bros. Workbook/Layout 2000 Brother Bear Development

Frankenstein ILM/Universal (unreleased)) Production Designer

1998 Shrek Dreamworks

Visual Development

1995 Space Jam Warner bros. Art Director 1997 Iron Giant Development

Various projects

1985 Fantasia 2000 Walt Disney Feature Animation 1994 Art Director Pines of Rome

Aladdin Art Director Beauty and the Beast Layout Rescuers Down Under Layout Lead The Little Mermaid Layout Oliver and Co. Layout

1980 Fine Artist
1985 Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art 1985

P.A.P.A. Member 1985-91 1987 Springfield Museum of Art Utah

National Watercolor Society exhibition

1983-86 Shriver Gallery N.M.

Art Instructor Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, Art Center College,

Palos Verdes Art Center. Art Center College of Design Mentor in the training programs at Disney and Warner bros. The Acme Network, online animation training program.

While at Disney I helped develop a workbook for the layout department as a process to enhance the cinematic impact from story boarding to layout which was accomplished with 17 artists rather than the usual 25. The document was also useful to plan out workload requirements for subsequent departments. I also designed the first overall style guide for Aladdin to improve the continuity of the overall styling of the film. On Fantasia 2000 I evolved workbook again to bridge the transition from traditional to digital animation by making it a shot specific lighting guide which increased the communication between digital animation, 2D FX and compositing.

Education BFA with Honors Illustration 1980

Art Center College of Design

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