If Bugs Bunny Met Immanuel Kant, It Would Be In Winston Perez’s New Book On ‘Concept’

Immanuel Kant + Bugs Bunny = Winston J. Perez? Now, there's a "concept." Or maybe not. The only way to be sure, as Winston Perez views a term that has come to define his professional life in Hollywood, is to take a close look at Perez's latest work, an upcoming book with an imposing title: Concerning the Nature and Structure of Concept. Some of it is heavier reading than the average entertainment executive has done since pulling a C+ in that sophomore philosophy class…
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‘Deep Blue Sea’ Sequel: Details Revealed About The Canceled Follow-up

‘Deep Blue Sea’ Sequel: Details Revealed About The Canceled Follow-up
Someone at Warner Premiere, the now obsolete company behind Lost Boys: The Tribe and Ace Ventura Jr.: Pet Detective, is responsible for depriving audiences of a Deep Blue Sea sequel. Not just any sequel, but an Aliens-esque sequel involving pirates, Navy Seals, and weaponized sharks. The movie, which Jack Perez (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus) was hired to write […]

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Deep Blue Sea 2 Was Going to Be Insane, Why Didn't It Happen?

Jaws is, and very likely will always be, the best shark movie ever made. But Deep Blue Sea, even though it is on the entirely opposite end of the spectrum, might very well be a close second. One major difference is that Jaws had several sequels and Deep Blue Sea never did. But Deep Blue Sea 2 was very close to happening and as it turns out, it might have been totally awesome. Or totally ridiculous, depending on how you look at it.

Director Jack Perez, who is maybe best known for his work on the low-budget but very infamous movie Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, recently spoke with Birth.Movies.Death about the Deep Blue Sea sequel that he wrote. The movie was in the pre-production phase when Warner Bros. ultimately pulled the plug, but he was hired to write and direct the movie. Here is how he was brought
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First Look at Julia Roberts' SmurfWillow in Smurfs: The Lost Village

First Look at Julia Roberts' SmurfWillow in Smurfs: The Lost Village
Sony Pictures has already released two Smurfs: The Lost Village trailers, but as we get closer to the April 7 release, there is one character who hasn't been seen until now. Sony Pictures Animation debuted a new photo that offers our first look at SmurfWillow, voiced by the iconic Julia Roberts. There haven't been any details about this character released quite yet, but this photo shows SmurfWillow alongside Papa Smurf, voiced by Mandy Patinkin.

This photo from People shows SmurfWillow is wearing the same type of red hat as Papa Smurf, although nothing else has been revealed about any sort of connection between these two characters. People did catch up with Julia Roberts, though, who offered a brief statement about why she wanted to join the voice cast of this animated adventure. Here's what Julia Roberts had to say about her role in Smurfs: The Lost Village.

"Smurfs are such a
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America’s Deadliest Home Video Getting DVD, Digital, and Collector’s Edition VHS Release in May

When you talk about the “original” found footage films, Man Bites Dog and The Blair Witch Project get most of the love, but there was also 1993’s America’s Deadliest Home Video, a shot-on-video shocker written and directed by Jack Perez (Some… Continue Reading →

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First Three Episodes of Fear Force Five Now Available

The first three episodes of the giant monster web series “Fear Force Five” are alive and kicking online, and we thought you may want to spend some time with a giant zombie lobster-clawed pirate to kick off your holiday so consider this your heads-up!

Jack Perez, director of Some Guy Who Kills People, Monster Island, and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, is the mastermind behind the monstrous new CineFix web series.


In a boring beach community a handful of 20somethings who’d rather be anywhere else end up being charged with defending the town, and the world, against an onslaught of marauding gigantic monsters. Keene McRae is Mike, the brooding, sarcastic protagonist—a modern-day George Bailey who just wants to get the hell out of his crap town, only to discover that he’s charged with staying and saving the world every week. Jason McNichols plays Shawn, his painfully geeky,
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Daikaiju Web Series Fear Force Five Giving You the Gift of Giant Lobster-Clawed Zombie Pirates this Christmas

Thanks to Pacific Rim and the upcoming Godzilla, it’s no surprise to see a rise in giant monster entertainment, and we have news on the latest, “Fear Force Five.”

New web series “Fear Force Five” is poised to take the daikaiju genre to delirious new heights when it premieres for free just in time for Christmas.

Jack Perez, director of Some Guy Who Kills People, Monster Island, and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, is the mastermind behind the monstrous new CineFix web series, set to debut December 23rd. How crazy will this show get? The first episode’s gargantuan threat is a giant zombie pirate with a lobster claw hand. You won’t see that in “Attack on Titan.”

Perez told Fangoria what “Fear Force Five” is all about.

In a boring beach community a handful of 20somethings who’d rather be anywhere else end up being charged with defending the town,
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The HeyUGuys Instant Watching Guide – November 18th 2013

  • HeyUGuys
Slim Pickens was an actor known for One Eyed Jacks, Blazing Saddles and of course Dr Strangelove. What you get this week is not Pickens the actor iconically riding the bomb down to the ground in the Stanley Kubrick classic or any kind of online retrospective of his work, but slim pickings in terms of new streaming choices. So it’s Netflix’s time to shine….

Netflix has added more or less all of the low-key interesting independent films from last year with real gems like Safety Not Guaranteed and Maniac and even the lesser likes of Excision and Some Guy Who Kills People. It’s entirely possible that Lovefilm/Amazon is behind closed doors after last week’s Marvel/Netflix news, plotting something with DC comics but we will see…

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

One of the most charming and inventive indie films of last year was this time travel
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Q&A with Saturday Morning Mystery Director Spencer Parsons

We’re back with another Q&A feature, this time talking with Saturday Morning Mystery director Spencer Parsons, who tells us about growing up with Scooby-Doo, balancing horror and comedy, and his time on the set of the movie:

With this movie being Scooby-Doo influenced, can you tell me about your experience with Scooby-Doo as a child? What’s one of your favorite episodes?

Spencer Parsons: Oh yeah, when I was little, it was huge to me. My little brother and I would stay over at my grandmother’s house and wake up early to watch it with my older cousins while snarfing down sugary breakfast cereals my mom never let us have. By the time Jason of Star Command came on, I’d be flying high on Count Chocula, trying to get pony rides from the cocker spaniel. So I’d call it formative.

But Scooby and any
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Fright Exclusive Interview with Saturday Morning Mystery Director Spencer Parsons!!

Saturday Morning Mystery (available now via VOD), the new film from director Spencer Parsons, does the genius task of loosely taking the idea of a Scooby-doo like gang and putting them in real danger. The film is hilarious and a lot of fun (review soon), and Spencer was nice enough to chat with Icons of Fright regarding the film, its genesis and what is next for the filmmaker. Read on!!

Saturday Morning Mystery has such an interesting concept, loosely taking something that kids grew up on and turning it into a horror film where instead of it being safe, all bets are off, and there are realistic consequences. What was the genesis of how the film came to be/inspired you to make it?

Well, I just don’t want any movie to feel too safe, whether I’m directing or I’m watching. You know, Screenwriting 101 says “raise the stakes,
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Watch: Joe Carnahan on Hollywood A-Holes, Ugly Budgets and Filming Himself Quitting 'Mission: Impossible III'

Perhaps the proper way to go about writing up this fascinating conversation between directors Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) and Jack Perez (The Big Empty, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus) is to do so after all seven parts have been released online. Unfortunately we're freakin' hooked after two parts of this thing, and we can't wait any longer. For their first 17 minutes, Carnahan and Perez primarily talk about the difficulties of shooting a big-budget movie in Hollywood and how the more money that's involved often limits the creative process. "You put an ungodly amount of pressure on someone, and I also think it's up to us as filmmakers to push back and say I don't want that responsibility," Carnahan says. "I don't want that...

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Schlock Value: Issue #9

Schlock Value: Issue #9 – The Return Of Schlock – July Edition

*Phew* finally, I’m back after a hiatus that spanned many months and many moon. I have been engaged in many other projects which have kept me from diving back into the cinematic septic tank and sampling the… delicacies that are up for offer. So kicking of my mighty return I thought I’d celebrate by including the much talked about Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus. If you follow the Schlock Value myspace page you’ll know that it’s a flick I’ve held high on my list of must see pieces of crap. In addition I’ve served up a dish of Psycho Cop, a movie so confusingly bad it’s inhuman to watch twice, but I did anyway. Just for you guys. And finally is RetarDEAD, a movie that I’m not even going to tease you with.
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Rhodesclosed Productions and Willow Road Entertainment to Deliver Two New Horror Flicks - I Scream, You Scream and Released

Here at Dread Central we can never get too much horror, and the good folks over at Rhodesclosed Productions and Willow Road Entertainment are ready to deliver a one, two punch of terror!

In 2013 they'll be producing both the horror anthology I Scream You Scream and the slasher flick Released.

I Scream You Scream is a modern day throwback to The Twilight Zone: The Movie and Creepshow, with a darker and original twist. The producers promise fright with the upcoming anthology as well as a new spin on the genre. The producers will be attaching seven to eight directors in the fall of 2012. Directors that are currently attached include Jack Perez (director of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Some Guy Who Kills People), Spencer Parsons (director of Saturday Morning Massacre), Kris Swanberg (Empire Builder), and Frank Ross (director of Audrey the Trainwreck and Tiger Tail in Blue). Brian Levin
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Horror Anthology Revival Continues On With I Scream You Scream

Rhodesclosed Productions, Willow Road Entertainment and producers Danny Rhodes, Teresa Schaeffer, Emily Vajda and Marc Singletary are in prep on the horror anthology I Scream You Scream.

Shooting is scheduled for late-January, early-February shoot date and will feature the works of eight directors.

Currently, Jack Perez, Spencer Parson, Kris Swanberg and Frank Ross are attached to direct.

Perez helmed this year's Some Guy Who Kills People, meanwhile, Parsons has Saturday Morning Massacre on the way.

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Look for Malcolm in the Middle of Destruction: Las Vegas

An ancient Egyptian curse is unleashing sand tornadoes and hurricane force winds on Las Vegas. This sounds like a mission for Agent Cody Banks! Destruction: Las Vegas is at hand, and only Frankie Muniz can save the day!

But even “Malcolm in the Middle” can’t help everyone Stay Alive without a little help from some friends. That’s where “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” co-star Maggie Castle, “United States of Tara” co-star Andrew Laurence, “90210” co-star Michael Steger, and the venerable Barry Bostwick as a Vegas lounge lizard come into play.


As a group of college students celebrate in Las Vegas over Spring Break, a furious windstorm unlike any other descends upon the city. Hotel after hotel, the famed Vegas Strip is ripped apart by massive tornadoes of sand and hurricane-like winds. Nelson (Frankie Muniz) and Olive (Maggie Castle) discover that an ancient Egyptian curse has been awakened,
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Movie Review - Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)

Some Guy Who Kills People, 2011.

Directed by Jack Perez.

Starring Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Arield Gade, Leo Fitzpatrick, Eric Price and Lucy Davis.


Following his release from psychiatric care, a 34 year old loner attempts to rebuild his life. When members of his old school basketball team start winding up dead, suspicion eventually falls upon him.

Horror comedy can be a notoriously difficult trick to pull off. When done with wit and finesse (Shaun of the Dead, An American Werewolf in London) and the right balance between laughs and scares, the geek friendly genre splicing can be a real winner.

John Landis, executive producer on Some Guy Who Kills People, is one of the past masters of this thorny craft, so who better - whether through labour or by example - to imbue this enjoyable flick with something of his trademark style.

Focusing on disturbed loner Ken (Kevin Corrigan; Pineapple Express,
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Some Guy Who Kills People – review

Produced by John Landis, this low-budget semi-comic slasher flick provides a pair of likable veterans, Karen Black (star of Five Easy Pieces) and Barry Bostwick (Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show) with rough and unready roles as respectively the demented mother of a troubled man recently released from a state mental hospital and a county sheriff hunting a serial killer whose gruesomely dispatched victims are cluttering the neighbourhood. Black is poorly used, as she has been these past 25 years; Bostwick has his pawky moments. Wisely adopting the pseudonym "Ace Hannah", Perez directed the 2009 horror movie Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, a film only Ed Wood would have signed.

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This week's new films

Liberal Arts (12A)

(Josh Radnor, 2012, Us) Josh Radnor, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Jenkins, 97 mins

University applications could well go into terminal decline as a result of this irritatingly winsome comedy, in which an archetypal New York slacker returns to his alma mater, meets an archetypal free-spirited young student (Olsen) and relives his lost youth of music, books and self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual chit chat. It's like Woody Allen without the wit.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (12A)

(Stephen Chbosky, 2012, Us) Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller. 103 mins

Life as a high-school outsider never looked so appealing as in this well-intentioned coming-of-ager, in which Lerman's loner is adopted by a band of bohemian outcasts. Watson's post-Potter moment is somewhat overshadowed by the flamboyant Miller.

Sinister (15)

(Scott Derrickson, 2012, Us) Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransone. 110 mins

Despite the old "just moved into a house with a terrible history" storyline, and a found-footage element, there's
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Film Review: 'Some Guy Who Kills People'

  • CineVue
★★☆☆☆ From director Jack Perez (the man behind 2009 creature feature Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus) and executive producer John Landis comes Some Guy Who Kills People (2011), an evocative if slightly misguided attempt to explore mental illness via the medium slasher/comedy generic hybrid. Starring Kevin Corrigan and The Office's Lucy Davis, Perez's latest is likeable enough - and a vast improvement on his previous outing - yet still fails to do anything more than brush the surface of its difficult chosen subject matter.

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GrimmFest 2012 Review: Some Guy Who Kills People

Some Guy Who Kills People

Stars: Kevin Corrigan, Karen Black, Barry Bostwick, Lucy Davis, Ariel Gade | Written by Ryan A. Levin | Directed by Jack Perez

Movie fans are very thankfully for the internet, they may deny it at times but through it they have discovered films they never would have heard of and discovered the world of the independent movie. These films tend to gain attention through word of mouth, or words on screen and play festivals to try and get fans interest. Sometimes they are helped by bigger names in the industry that can get them attention just through a name, but mostly it’s that ability to catch the eye of the fans. Some Guy Who Kills People is a film that caught John Landis’ eye, so much that he became an executive producer, to film geeks that’s almost a golden seal of approval, but it was
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