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Other works
(1904- 1926). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

(1904). Stage Play: A Venetian Romance. Musical comedy. Music by Frederic Coit Wright. Book by Cornelia Osgood Tyler. Lyrics by Frederic Coit Wright. Musical Direction by A.M. Langstaff. Featuring songs by Ted Snyder, T. Mayo Geary, Ed J. Coleman and Harry Frantzen. Featuring songs with lyrics by Ed Rose, Harry J. Breen, Harry Wilson and Joseph C. Farrell. Directed by Al Holbrook. Knickerbocker Theatre: 2 May 1904- 28 May 1904 (28 performances). Cast: Adele Carson, May Conwell, Genevieve Day, Daisy Dobrinor, Gertrude Eulalie, Cassius Freeborn, Mabel Hite, Margo Hobart, Ethel Intropodi, Josie Intropodi, Harry Lane, Harry MacDonough, Ignacio Martinetti, Carroll McComas (as "Selina") [Broadway debut], Neil McNeil, Joseph Miron, Walter Percival [Broadway debut], P.B. Pratt, Edd Redway, Harry Short, Frank Smiley, W.C. Smith, Annabelle Whitford, William Zinell. Produced by Frank L. Perley.

(1905). Stage Play: Sergeant Brue. Musical/farce. Lyrics by Owen Hall and D.K. Stevens. Book by Owen Hall. Music by Liza Lehman. Additional lyrics by William Jerome, Paul West, Fred Murray, Clare Kummer, D.K. Stevens, Anne Caldwell, P.G. Wodehouse [earliest Broadway credit], Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Frank Leo and Dave Reed Jr. Additional music by Jean Schwartz, Clare Kummer, D.K. Stevens, James O'Dea, George Brevard, John W. Bratton, Benjamin Hapgood Burt, Frank Leo, Frederick Rosse and Dave Reed Jr. Musical Director: Watty Hydes. Scenic Design by Richard Marston. Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson. Directed by Herbert Gresham. Knickerbocker Theatre (moved to The Knickerbocker Theatre from 14 Aug 1905- 2 Sep 1905, on hiatus from 3 Sep 1905- 25 Mar 1906, then moved to The Grand Opera House from 26 Mar 1906 to close): 24 Apr 1905- Mar 1906 (closing date unknown/101 performances). Cast: David Bennett, Nace Bonville, Greta Burdick, Irene Cameron, Louise Clair, Gilbert Clayton, Mary Clayton, Della Connor, Sally Daly, Frank Daniels (as "Sergeant Brue"), Madge Dawson, Olive Day, Sallie Fisher, Anna Fitzhugh, Louis Fitzroy, Ida Gabrielle, Aileen Goodwin, Alfred Hickman, Leavitt James, Clara Bell Jerome, Florence Latham, Claire Leslie, George Lestocq, Harry MacDonough, Nellie Mayne, Leslie Mayo, Myrtle McGrain, Walter Percival (as "Gerald Treherne"), Cissie Raynor, Dollie Read, James Reany, Blanche Ring (as "Lady Bickenhall"), Vivienne Russell, Elphye Snowden, Lawrence Wheat. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham. Produced by arrangement with Klaw & Erlanger.

(1905). Stage Play: Mlle Modiste. Opera/comedy. Based on material by George Ade. Directed by Ben Teal. Knickerbocker Theatre: 25 Dec 1905- 16 Jun 1906 (202 performances). Cast: Fritzi Scheff (as "Fifi"), Josephine Bartlett (as "Mme. Cecile, proprietress of a Parisian hat shop"), Howard Chambers (as "Lieut. Rene La Motte, engaged to Marie Louise"), Edna Fassett (as "Fanchette, Mme. Cecile's daughter"), Claude Gillingwater (as "Hiram Bent, an American millionaire"), Bertha Holly (as "Mrs. Hiram Bent"), R.W. Hunt (as "Francois, porter at Mme. Cecile's"), La Mora (as "Bebe dancer at Folies Bergere"), Louise Le Baron (as "Marie Louise de Bouvray, Etienne's sister"), Leo Mars (as "Gaston, an artist, Mme. Cecile's son"), Ada Meade (as "Fleurette"), Blanche Morrison (as "Nanette, Mme. Cecile's daughter"), Walter Percival (as "Capt. Etienne de Bouvray, Comte de St. Mar's nephew"), William Pruette (as "Henri de Bouvray, Comte de St. Mar"), George Schraeder (as "General Le Marquis de Villefranche"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.

(1906). Stage Play: Mlle. Modiste. Musical/opera [return engagement]. Book by George Ade. Music by Victor Herbert. Libretto by Henry Blossom Directeed by Fred G. Latham. Knickerbocker Theatre: 1 Sep 1906- Sep 1906 (closing date unknown/22 performances). Cast: Fritzi Scheff (as "Fifi"), Josephine Bartlett (as "Mme. Cecile, proprietress of a Parisian hat shop"), Howard Chambers (as "Lt. Rene La Motte, engaged to Marie Louise Edna Fassett Fanchette, Mme. Cecile's daughter"), Claude Gillingwater (as "Hiram Bent, an American millionaire"), Bertha Holly (as "Mrs. Hiram Bent"), R.W. Hunt (as "Francois, porter at Mme. Cecile's"), La Mora (as "Bebe dancer at Folies Bergere"), Louise Le Baron (as "Marie Louise de Bouvray, Etienne's sister"), Leo Mars (as "Gaston, an artist, Mme. Cecile's son"), Ada Meade (as "Fleurette"), Blanche Morrison (as "Nanette, Mme. Cecile's daughter"), Walter Percival (as "Capt. Etienne de Bouvray, Comte de St. Mar's nephew"), William Pruette (as "Henri de Bouvray, Comte de St. Mar"), George Schraeder (as "General Le Marquis de Villefranche"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.

(1907). Stage Play: The Lady from Lane's. Musical. Music by Gustav Kerker. Lyrics by George Broadhurst. Book by George Broadhurst. Featuring "My Old Rocking Chair" by George Spink. Musical numbers under the direction of Lewis Hooper. Directed by Thomas A. Wise. Lyric Theatre (moved to The Casino Theatre 19 Sep 1907- close): 19 Aug 1907- 26 Sep 1907 (47 performances). Cast: Percy Bronson (as "Arthur Gilbert, Seabright's nephew"), Robert Peyton Carter (as "Wayland Clingstone, one of the boys of long ago"), Ida Hawley (as "Florence Gilbert, Seabright's niece"), Walter Percival (as "Lieutenant King, stationed at Fortress Monroe"), Truly Shattuck (as "Adelaide Forster, (The Lady) from Lane's detective agency"), Thomas Wise (as "Singleton Seabright, who assumes the name of Bassett"), William Barrows (as "Front, who runs the hotel"), Marie Barry (as "Cashier"), John Brander (as "Henry Andrews. a policeman"), Irene Chandler (as "Telephone Girl"), Edna Clark (as "Telephone Girl"), Helen Courtney (as "Telephone Girl"), Mrs. E.A. Eberle (as "Arabella Clingstone, an appropriated angel"), Margaret Fealy (as "Cashier"), Anna Hall (as "Typewriter"), Mary Harris (as "Cashier"), Frank Kelley (as "Johnson, a fearless detective"), Virginia Laurance (as "Telephone Girl"), Georgie Lawrence (as "Mamie Morris/Miss Gilbert's maid"), Myrtle Lawton (as "Cashier"), Arthur Lichty (as "Bell-Boy"), Irene Love (as "Telephone Girl"), John Meagher (as "Porter"), Charles Melville Bell-Boy"), Beula Montroise (as "Telephone Girl"), J.W. Murphy (as "Porter"), Julie Newell (as "Typewriter"), Alice Packard (as "Typewriter"), Lucille Parrish (as "Typewriter"), Eleanor Russell (as "Typewriter"), Harold Russell (as "Porter"), Georgie Sage (as "Telephone Girl"), Mabel Shepherd (as "Cashier"), Edith Sladden (as "Typewriter"), Georgia Snyder (as "Cashier"), Polly Stanley (as "Cashier"), Gertrude Taylor (as "Cashier"), Frank Unger (as "William Darrow/a policeman"), Lionel Walsh (as "Lord Choppentott"), Dorothy Watson (as "Typewriter"), Charles Wedlake (as "Bell-Boy"), Joseph Wells (as "Porter"), Florence Westervelt (as "Telephone Girl"), Edith Williams (as "Telephone Girl"), Frank Williams (as "Bell-Boy"). Produced by Broadhurst & Currie.

(1908). Stage Play: Funabashi. Musical comedy. Music by Safford Waters. Book by Irvin S. Cobb. Lyrics by Safford Waters. Orchestra under the direction of Frank Palma. Additional lyrics by Paul West, Carolyn Wells, Wallace Irwin, Vincent Rose and Ted Snyder. Directed by Al M. Holbrook. Casino Theatre: 6 Jan 1908- 1 Feb 1908 (32 performances). Produced by Thomas W. Ryley.

(1908). Stage Play: The Gay Musician. Musical comedy. Lyrics by Charles J. Campbell and Edward Siedle. Book by Charles J. Campbell and Edward Siedle. Music by Julian Edwards. Orchestra under the direction of Antonio DeNovellis. Dances arranged by Roger Gray. Directed by Julian Edwards. Wallack's Theatre: 18 May 1908- 6 Jun 1908 (21 performances). Produced by The Amusement Producing Company Inc. and John P. Slocum.

(1908). Stage Play: The Golden Butterfly. Musical comedy/opera. Music by Reginald De Koven. Libretto by Harry B. Smith. Musical Director: Anton Heindl. Music orchestrated by Reginald De Koven. Scenic Design by Frank E. Gates, Edward A. Morange, Ernest Albert, Edward G. Unitt and Joseph Wickes. Costume Design by William H. Matthews. Directed by A.M. Holbrook. Broadway Theatre: 12 Oct 1908- 21 Nov 1908 (48 performances). Cast: Louis Casavant (as "Petofy, a rich brewer of Buda-Pesth"), Louis Harrison (as "Baron von Affenkoff"), Walter Percival (as "Franz"), Charles Purcell (as "Count Androssy, Colonel of the Hungarian Hussars stationed at Buda/Lazlov, a wine grower"), Grace Studdiford (as "Ilma Walden, of the Buda-Pesth Opera"), Miss Allen (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Harriet Allen (as "Toni, coryphee/Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Frank Benor (as "Schmucke, a strolling musician/A Shoemaker/Footman/Gendarme"), Miss Boies (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Man"), June Bonnell (as "Duschka, coryphee/Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Boy"), Miss Bowes (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), M. Burke (as "Hussar/Peasant Man"), Charles W. Butler (as "Schinken, a strolling musician/Call Boy/"To To" at the opera"), M. Camp (as "Hussar/Usher"), Miss Carmody (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), John Carroll (as "Assistant Hairdresser/Hussar/Usher"), Miss Chapelle (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Girl"), M. Chapman (as "Hussar/Peasant Man"), Miss Coburn (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Gladys Coleman (as "Lazlov's Wife/Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Miss Dare (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Miss Desmond (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Girl"), Miss Detrich (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Girl"), Miss Doane (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Miss Elmo (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Boy/Automobile Girl"), Miss Elmore (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Boy"), Miss Fanning (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Girl"), Miss Frances (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Miss Fursman (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Miss Gardner (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Louise Garrett (as "Freda, coryphee/Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Carl Gordon (as "Schmalz, a strolling musician"), Robert Graham (as "A Theatrical Tailor/Hussar"), A. Hanschman (as "Puffenkranz, a strolling musician/Head Usher at the opera/Civilian"), Richard Hartford (as "Civilian/Gendarme/A Pantaloon/Peasant Man"), Alice Hills (as "Wanda, a Gypsy girl"), M. Hovel (as "Hussar/A Musical Director"), Walter Jenkins (as "Eselbein, a strolling musician/Stage Carpenter at the opera/Hussar/Usher"), M. Klisto (as "Civilian/Gendarme/A Harlequin/Peasant Man"), M. Lademan (as "Hussar/Usher"), Miss Lange (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Miss Livingston (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Gene Luneska (as "Tina Korbay, of the Buda-Pesth Opera Company"), W.J. McCarthy (as "Hanska, stage manager of the Buda-Pesth Opera House"), Miss Meredith (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Girl"), Miss Morden (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), M. Musser (as "Hussar/Peasant Man"), Bertha Norfolk (as "Maid"), Leonora Novasio (as "Bertha, daughter of Petoffy/Peasant Boy/Hildegarde, coryphee/Miss Pierce/Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Miss Prentiss (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Peasant Girl"), Miss Raymond (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Edward Reddy (as "A Hairdresser/Hussar/Peasant Man"), Miss Southgate (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Miss Spencer (as "Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Girl"), Florence Topham (as "Magda, coryphee/Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Boy"), Miss Vivian (as "Show Girl/Pierrot/Automobile Girl"), Miss Wall (as "Society Girl/Ballet Girl/Butterfly Girl/Peasant Boy"), Miss Wallace (as "Society Girl/Columbine/Automobile Girl"), Robert G. Williams (as "Lump, a Strolling musician/A Wigmaker/Gendarme/Footman"), H.P. Woodley (as "A Costumer/Civilian/Gendarme/Peasant Man"), Marion Woods (as "Olga"). Produced by Grace Van Studdiford Amusement Company.

(1910). Stage Play: The Jolly Bachelors. Musical. Music by Raymond Hubbell. Book by Glen MacDonough. Lyrics by Glen MacDonough. Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Additional music by Albert von Tilzer, C.W. Murphy, Will Letters, Ted Snyder, Jack Norworth and Nora Bayes. Additional lyrics by Jack Norworth, Nora Bayes, Irving Berlin [earliest Broadway credit], William McKenna and Earle C. Jones. Scenic Design by Arthur Voegtlin. Costume Design by Melville Ellis. Conducted by George A. Nichols. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Broadway Theatre: 6 Jan 1910- 28 May 1910 (165 performances). Cast: Gladys Alexander, Daisy Anderson, Sidney Atcherson, Harold Atkinson, Lester Baker, Blanche Barnes, Nora Bayes (as "Astarita Vandergould"), Grace Benedict, Victor Boenea, Wilmer Bradley, Elizabeth Brice (as "Carola Gayley"), Edward Brown, Margaret Brown, Eva Burnett, Florence Cable, Sara Carr, Emma Carus (as "Mrs. De Foe Parr"), Alice Chase, Austin Clark, Thomas Connors, Martin Culhane, Robert L. Dailey (as "Harold McCann"), Edward Davies, Roger Davis, John Dewey, William Downs, Virginia Earle, Bernice Elsler, Thomas Everett, Nat Fields (as "Ludwig"), Alice Fitch, Victor Franco, Lottie Franklyn, Lew Fullerton (as "Pudge Wilson/Chorus"), Arthur Gros, Octavia Hague, Frank Hardy, William Hart (as "Chorus"), Arria Hathaway, Clay Hill, Herman Hirschhorn, Thomas Hughes, Anna Kellar, Ethel Kelly, Marie Lachere, Arline LaCrosse, Madeline LeBoeuf, Al Leech (as "Chase Payne"), Henry Lehman (as "Hardy Hyde"), Herman Lehr, Ruby Lewis, Harry Lowry, Nellie Lynch (as "Fannie Faintwell"), Anitra Mactavish, Adele Marie, Edna Marsh, Flo May, Stella Mayhew (as "Veronica Verdigris Jackson"), Sheldon McCloy, Charles McNally, Beth McNown, Joe McShane, Addison Mead, James Monahan, Emily Monte, Robert Mulligan, Robert Nevins, Jack Norworth (as "Howson Lott"), Lucille Oakley, Ralph O'Brien, John O'Donnell, Lester Ostrander, Madge Parsells, Nina Pastorelli, Walter Percival (as "Dr. Launcelot Lightfoot"), Etta Pillard, John Pillard, Leslie Powers, Sophia Ralph, Belle Robinson, Daisy Rudd, Josie Sadler (as "Lily Kraus"), Ernest Schnaps, Gladys Seymour, Van Sheldon, Topsy Siegrist (as "Perdita Pears"), Clara Stanton, Mabel Stewart, Billie Taylor (as "Guy Vandergould"), Gertrude Thurston, Blanche Turner, Gertrude Vanderbilt (as "Notta Sound"), Lionel Walsh (as "Bunbury Tankerville"), Frank Ward, Arthur Wells, Harry Wilde. Produced by Lew Fields.

(1910). Stage Play: The Summer Widowers. Musical. Written by Glen MacDonough. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Broadway Theatre: 4 Jun 1910- 1 Oct 1910 (140 performances).

(1911). Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1911. Musical revue/extravaganza. Music by Maurice Levi and Raymond Hubbell. Based on material by George V. Hobart. Musical Direction by Joseph Sainton. Music arranged by Gus Sohlke and Jack Mason. Lyrics by George V. Hobart. Additional Music and Lyrics by: Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, James B. Blyler, Sid Brown, Vincent Bryan, Henry Marshall and Stanley Murphy. Additional music by Raymond Peck, Channing Pollock, Rennold Wolf, Arthur Donnelly, Jean C. Havez, Val Harris, Barney Fagan and Bessie McCoy. Directed by Julian Mitchell. Jardin de Paris: 26 Jun 1911- 2 Sep 1911 (80 performances). Cast: Miss Abbott, Louise Aichel, Elise Belga, James B. Blyler, Arline Boley, Fanny Brice, Sid Brown, Stella Chatelaine, Ethel Clayton, Leslie Coverra, Dorothy Dalland, Katherine Daly, Tom Dingle, The Dolly Sisters, Leon Errol, Emma Gorman, Charles Hessong, W.J. Kelly, Miss LeRoy, Lillian Lorraine, Charles A. Mason, Vera Maxwell, Bessie McCoy, Ann Meredith, Miss Mitchell, Clara Palmer, Walter Percival, Kathryn Perry, Miss Richmond, Eleanor St. Clair, Peter Swift, Mona Trieste, Lottie Vernon, Harry Watson, Jr., George White, Bert Williams. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.

(1912). Stage Play: The Man from Cook's. Musical comedy.

(1912). Stage Play: Eva. Musical.

(1916). Stage Play: Come to Bohemia. Musical.

(1918). Stage Play: Some One in the House. Written by Larry Evans, Walter Percival and George S. Kaufman [earliest Broadway credit]. Knickerbocker Theatre: 9 Sep 1918- Oct 1918 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Robert Barrat, John Blair, Dudley Digges, James Dyrenforth, Julia Hay, James Henderson, Robert Hudson, Mona Kingsley, William B. Mack, Rex McDougal, Edwin Redding, Hassard Short, John Sparks, Sidney Toler, Basil West, Joseph Woodburn. Produced by George C. Tyler. Note: Filmed as Someone in the House (1920) by Metro Pictures.

(1919). Stage Play: A Young Man's Fancy. Comedy. Written by John T. McIntyre. Playhouse Theatre: 15 Oct 1919- Oct 1919 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Frank Allworth (as "Handel"), Harry Barfoot (as "Martin"), Eugenie Blair (as "The Hostess"), Symona Boniface (as "The Tall Girl"), Frank Boyd (as "Congo"), Jessie Busley (as "Miss Carter"), Viola Cain (as "The Girl in Blue"), John Davidson (as "The Dark Young Man"), Jeanne Eagels (as "Mary Darling/Mary's Image"), Sidney Elliott (as "The Brown Haired Young Man"), Morgan Farley (as "The Pink Youth"), Alfred Kappeler (as "Leftwich"), Mary Kennedy (as "Miss Halsey"), J.M. Kerrigan (as "Costigan"), Howard Lindsay (as "Laramy"), Philip Merivale (as "Pickering"), Bessie Owens (as "The Blonde Girl"), Walter Percival (as "Devine"), John D. Seymour (as "The Man Servant"). Produced by George C. Tyler.

(1922). Stage Play: Swifty. Comedy.

(1922). Stage Play: The Merchant of Venice. Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by David Belasco. Lyceum Theatre: 21 Dec 1922- 6 Mar 1923 (92 performances). Cast: Julia Adler (as "Jessica, Shylock's daughter"), A.E. Anson (as "Duke of Venice"), Horace Braham (as "Lorenzo, gentleman of Venice"), Henry Brown (as "Page"), Albert Bruning (as "Tubal, an associate of Shylock"), Edward Crandall (as "Leonardo, servant to Bassanio"), Ward DeWolfe (as "Jester"), Mary Ellis (as "Nerissa, Portia's waiting gentle-woman") [Broadway debut], Reginald Goode (as "Solanio, friend of Antonio"), Herbert Grimwood (as "Prince of Morocco"), Charles Harbury (as "Balthasar, servant to Portia"), Nick Long (as "Court Clerk"), Ian Maclaren (as "Antonio, a merchant of Venice"), Fuller Mellish (as "Old Gobbo, Launcelot's father"), Philip Merivale (as "Bassanio, friend of Antonio"), Walter Percival [credited as W.I. Percival] (as "Gratiano, gentleman of Venice"), Herbert Ranson (as "Salarino, friend of Antonio"), Mary Servoss (as "Portia, an heiress in Belmont"), Morris Strassberg (as "Chus"), Percival Vivian (as "Launcelot Gobbo, servant to Shylock"), David Warfield (as "Shylock, a Jewish moneylender"), Edward H. Wever (as "Stephano, servant to Portia"). Produced by David Belasco.

(1926). Stage Play: Find Daddy. Farce.

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