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The Den of Geek Christmas 2017 UK TV and radio guide

Louisa Mellor Dec 13, 2017

We’ve taken a highlighter to this year’s Christmas and New Year TV schedules and circled what we’ll be watching this festive season…

Amid the cosy repeats and cranberry-stuffed cookery shows on TV over the next few weeks are a few gems. There’s no Sherlock or Charlie Brooker’s TV Wipe this year, but there are plenty of treats, not least the return of The League Of Gentlemen for a three-part anniversary series and Peter Capaldi’s last hurrah in the Tardis in the Doctor Who Christmas episode.

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Over on Netflix, six new episodes of Black Mirror are coming to usher in the New Year, two days into which we welcome the return of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton’s genius anthology Inside No. 9.

Not to gloss over a spooky M.R. James night on BBC Four,
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Movie Review – Spent (2017)

Spent, 2017.

Written and Directed by Lisa Mikitarian.

Starring Darren Barzegar, Connie Lamothe, Nick Nerangis, Madeline Mikitarian, and Tony Villa.


Mother and son duo Evelyn and Lonnie Schumacher (Connie Lamothe and Darren Barzegar) have been on a wild spending spree. However, the money is not theirs; it is Evelyn’s husband and Lonnie’s father Herbert’s (Nick Nerangis). But it doesn’t matter, Herbert has a severe brain tumour and won’t be around for much longer. Or so they think. Then, just before the 4th of July, Herbert’s tumour miraculously disappears, leaving Evelyn and Lonnie in quite the predicament.

I’ll be honest, when I read the synopsis for Spent, I imagined a film far darker than the one I ended up watching. I envisioned a film akin to the works of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, full of darkly comedic musings on death and greed. What
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BBC Christmas 2017 TV line-up announced

Louisa Mellor Nov 28, 2017

Here's a pick of the BBC's drama and comedy for this Christmas, including Doctor Who and The League Of Gentlemen...

Get ready to mentally circle a few items in the festive TV planner; the BBC has officially announced its Christmas 2017 line-up.

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Our priorities first: Peter Capaldi’s outgoing Doctor Who episode in the leading role, Twice Upon A Time. The episode is written by Steven Moffat, directed by Rachel Talalay and stars Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Mark Gatiss and David Bradley.

According to the official synopsis, Twice Upon A Time will see Twelve and Bill “team up with the first ever Doctor to battle the enchanted glass people before he regenerates into the 13th Doctor”. Expect that to air on December the 25th as usual (we’ll confirm the time as soon as it’s announced).

Next up are three (hooray!
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Creeped Out: unmissable new horror anthology on Cbbc

Louisa Mellor Oct 31, 2017

A chat with the creators of Creeped Out, an eerie new thirteen-part collection of stories destined to be loved by geeks of all ages…

“The family who lose their mouths in The Twilight Zone.”

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“Oh! The candy-striper vampire one in Are You Afraid Of The Dark? And the clown, The Ghastly Grinner!”

“The magician one in Amazing Stories. Definitely.”

“There’s one about a pool and this horrible, fleshy skeleton came out of it and grabbed these kids. Still now, if you Google it, it’s one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen, I can’t believe it was ever on telly.”

“The Never-Ending Story had something called The Nothing, that was really nothing, literally and figuratively. It stuck with me and freaked me out as a kid, the idea that things were disappearing and nothing was in its place.
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Martin Freeman & Andy Nyman Tell Terrifying ‘Ghost Stories’ [BFI London Film Fest Review]

The line between comedy and horror has always been a thin one, and few in the last twenty years have proven that better than British comedy group, The League Of Gentlemen. Their macabre and often terrifying characters made them a cult sensation in the UK. While they never broke out beyond comedy experts in the U.S, you’ve likely seen some of their work since: Mark Gatiss, one of the quartet, went on to co-create “Sherlock,” while Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith are behind the terrific, similarly-toned series “Inside No.

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League Of Gentlemen, The Local Show For Local People, Returns to BBC

Brilliant news for fans of the comedic and horrific oddity The League of Gentlemen. Hinted at by its creators over the past few months the Beeb has officially announced that the show will return to Royston Vasey for three episodes. Mark Gatiss hinted at an anniversary special back in the Spring. Later, Reece Sheersmith chimed in early in the Summer, saying he was back to writing material for the show. The other two original members Steve Pemberton and Jeremy Dyson are also returning. Pemberton told the Daily Mirror, “As it gets closer to a 20 year anniversary, and that’s coming up, we will want to mark that in some way. I think there is still an appetite for it, people still remember it,...

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The League of Gentlemen and Alan Partridge returning to the BBC

Having been rumoured back in 2015, the BBC has now officially announced that the cult comedy The League of Gentlemen is set to return for three special new episodes in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

“I think there is still an appetite for it, people still remember it, we are all still great mates and I see no reason why not,” Steve Pemberton told the Daily Mirror, confirming that he will be reuniting with his co-creators Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Shearsmith. “We won’t rush it, it’s something we want to go get it right.”

The League of Gentlemen originally launched on BBC Radio 4 back in 1997, before making the jump to the small screen for three series on BBC Two between 1999 and 2002. As yet, it’s unclear when we can expect the new episodes to air.

Meanwhile, Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy, has also confirmed that Steve Coogan
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Welcome back League of Gentlemen, you work of utter despicable genius

It was brutal, terrifying – and hilarious. After a 15-year break, we are more than ready to return to Royston Vasey with Edward and Tubbs and the local people

It’s hard to pinpoint the best thing the BBC did on Twitter yesterday. On the one hand, they declared the humongously exciting return of the League of Gentlemen: back for three new episodes to mark 20 years since they made their debut as a radio show. But on the other, there’s the tweet their press office sent to their counterparts at Dave. “Hello @DaveChannel”, they said. “Would you like to buy some pegs Dave?”

From the very first TV episode of the League of Gentlemen, it was clear you were watching something utterly unique. Not only has the phrase: “a local shop for local people” gone down in the national consciousness as an impossibly perfect description of the grudging service offered
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League of Gentlemen and Alan Partridge returning to BBC

Royston Vasey residents to return for 20th anniversary, as pride of Norfolk comes back ‘to make sense of Brexit and political unrest’

The League of Gentlemen and Alan Partridge are to return to the BBC it has been announced.

The long-rumoured reunion of the cast of the League will be for a series for special episodes to mark the 20th anniversary of its debut on the BBC. It will see Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson reunite revive the strange residents of Royston Vasey in three episodes of the black comedy.

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BBC Acquires John Singleton’s ‘Snowfall,’ Commissions New ‘League of Gentlemen’

The BBC has acquired John Singleton’s “Snowfall” for BBC Two and commissioned five new productions for the channel, including the return of cult comedy “The League of Gentlemen,” it was announced Wednesday by the controller of BBC Two, Patrick Holland. Holland said BBC Two had “a mission to question and innovate” and was evolving to become “ever more timely, challenging and mischievous.”

“These new commissions demonstrate my ambition for BBC Two – to bring the increasingly complex and changing world to the audience through challenging perspectives, human engagement and great storytelling,” said Holland, speaking at the Edinburgh Intl. Television Festival.

Snowfall” (pictured) marks Singleton’s first TV drama and is set to air on BBC Two in the fall. The 10-part drama, set in Los Angeles in 1983, follows an ensemble cast of characters set on an intense collision course, exploring the infancy of the crack cocaine epidemic and the major impact it had on American society and
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Edgar Wright interview: Baby Driver, Jason Statham, directing

James Hunt Jun 28, 2017

Edgar Wright chats to us about making Baby Driver, and its long journey to the big screen. Plus the Statham question, of course...

Following a much-publicised departure from Ant-Man, Edgar Wright is back with a new film which he has both written and directed. Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort alongside the likes of Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx. We had 15 minutes with Wright to talk about the film's long gestation and how he took it from Wood Green Dhss to the big screen...

So this one's been on the slate for a while. I hear you had the idea for it something like 20 years ago now?

Yeah, it's funny, when I've mentioned that kind of timeline - having the idea 22 years ago - it's true in a sense that I heard a song and visualised a car chase, which is John Spencer Blues Explosion's Bellbottoms,
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The League Of Gentlemen: celebrating a work of comedy genius

Catherine Pearson Jun 14, 2017

With an anniversary reunion in the pipeline, we celebrate macabre, inventive, brilliant comedy series The League Of Gentlemen...

“Would you describe yourself as an egregious person?” I asked Reece Shearsmith at a recent Q&A. I was nervous. Everyone else had asked questions about his writing, complimented his performances and asked about the upcoming series of Inside No 9. I just wanted to see how he’d respond. “Piss off,” he said. Actually, I shouldn’t put that in quotation marks because that’s not really what he said. What he really said was much more blue but very jovial and the audience all laughed. Phew. I was initially apprehensive that no one would get the reference but I needn’t have been. It turns out The League Of Gentlemen has a timelessness to it and a special place in the hearts of comedy fans that no other show,
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League Of Gentlemen revival: plot details unveiled

Kirsten Howard Louisa Mellor Rob Leane Dec 7, 2017

Three brand new League Of Gentlemen episodes will be heading our way very soon. We have local info, for local people...

We'll be returning to Royston Vasey for some new League Of Gentlemen action in just under a fortnight, and ahead of that, the Beeb have released a trailer for the revival.

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Watch it below...

Synopses for the three upcoming instalments have also now been released...

Episode 1: Return To Royston Vasey

Monday 18th December - 10pm

In this opening episode, familiar faces return to Royston Vasey, settling old scores and digging up some old friends – with more bad blood than an abattoir with septicaemia.

Episode 2: Save Royston Vasey

Tuesday 19th December - 10pm

The fight to save the community from administrative annihilation comes from unexpected and surprising directions…
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Inside No. 9 series 3 episode 6 review: Private View

Louisa Mellor Mar 21, 2017

Spoilers ahead in our review of the final series 3 episode of Inside No. 9, which takes us to the world of modern art…

This review contains spoilers.

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Inefficiency. It’s a criticism often levelled at the BBC by a certain species of rapacious vulture who sees the corporation not as the lustrous national gem it is, but as an unjust barrier to the extent to which they’re able to feather their own nests. The BBC is full of waste, they caw. The BBC must be more efficient!

If any of the vultures had the nous to watch BBC Two at 10pm on a Tuesday night for the past few weeks, they’d have been delighted. Well, not delighted.
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Inside No. 9 series 3 episode 5 review: Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Louisa Mellor Mar 14, 2017

The latest Inside No. 9 is a dark tale of obsession guest-starring Keeley Hawes. Spoilers ahead…

This review contains spoilers.

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3.5 Diddle Diddle Dumpling

As if we needed more proof of this strand’s ingenuity, the latest No. 9 was neither a house or a room, but a shoe. A lack of walls didn’t make it any less encompassing or prisonlike for the story’s lead David, a character played with painful depth by Reece Shearsmith.

What started as a light and witty portrait of an eccentric obsession ended as the darkest picture of a mind unhinged by grief. Over a spring, summer and winter, a lone shoe seemingly discarded in front of his house became the focus of David’s spiralling breakdown. Though as the CCTV footage playing over the end credits showed,
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Enchanted 2: Alan Menken gives brief update

Simon Brew Mar 13, 2017

Alan Menken confirms that he's been working on Enchanted 2, but that the formal green light is yet to be given...

It’s been a decade – really – since the delightful Enchanted landed in cinemas, accompanied by an excellent Amy Adams performance for which she didn’t win an Oscar, and terrific songs and music from Alan Menken.

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In the decade that’s followed, there’s been ongoing talk of potentially doing an Enchanted 2, but only recently did it gain fresh impetus at Disney. It’s now an active project for the studio. And whilst little has been heard about it over the past few months, we got the
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Metal Slug 3 Nintendo Switch review

Soldiers! Tanks! Giant crabs and zombies! We review the Nintendo Switch port of Snk's classic arcade game, Metal Slug 3...

A thousand years from now, when we've all been uploaded to a giant computer somewhere, archaeologists will term the late 20th century as the Bp epoch - Before Polygons. Long before virtual reality, way before textured polygons and anisotropic filtering and enhanced subpixel morphological processing, games were largely comprised of big, blocky pixels, each one carefully put in place by hand.

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Looking back, it's startling just how quickly pixel graphics evolved from cheerfully blocky Space Invaders to the detailed, anime-style combatants in the Street Fighter II games of the late 90s.
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Inside No. 9 series 3 episode 4 review: Empty Orchestra

Louisa Mellor Mar 7, 2017

All change for Inside No. 9 series 3, which delivers a quasi-musical in karaoke-themed instalment, Empty Orchestra…

This review contains spoilers.

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3.4 Empty Orchestra

“When you’ve cut someone’s bum off and eaten it, you kind of go, well, better try something different!” Steve Pemberton told us at the Inside No. 9 series three launch. In Empty Orchestra, a (whisper it) love story with a (keep whispering) happy ending, something different is exactly what he and Reece Shearsmith have done.

Compared to the thoroughgoing nastiness of The Riddle Of The Sphinx, this one’s as refreshing as a sea breeze. The baddies are punished, the goodies are rewarded, and the viewer can skip happily to bed
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Mission: Impossible 6 casting latest

Simon Brew Mar 6, 2017

Vanessa Kirby becomes the latest addition to the Mission: Impossible movie franchise…

There are still one or two casting questions left to resolve before Mission: Impossible 6 goes before the cameras later this year. Jeremy Renner’s involvement remains one of the key ones, with a potential clash with the shoot of Avengers: Infinity War his problem there. Our guess is he’ll be involved, but with less screen time.

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Also expected back are Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg, alongside Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, of course. And now we learn that Vanessa Kirby
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Robot Wars series 9 episode 1 review

Louisa Mellor Mar 5, 2017

The revived Robot Wars is back for a second series featuring a few new bots and some familiar faces…

This review contains spoilers.

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Here’s what I love about Robot Wars - the people. Forget gear boxes and weaponry; this is a show about human beings and the lengths to which they’ll go to achieve their dreams.

It is ‘dreams’ plural rather than singular too. Not all Robot Wars contestants share the same goal. Some, like twenty-five grand armour-plated Rapid, obviously enter because they fancy their chances in the grand final. Others,
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