Review: "Billy Two Hats" (1974) Starring Gregory Peck; Blu-ray Special Edition From Kino Lorber

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By John M. Whalen

Ted Kotcheff’s “Billy Two Hats” (1974) is one of those off-beat kind of movies they made back in the mid-Seventies when studios still believed in small, realistic films that focused on character more than shoot-outs, believable story lines more than special effects and solid performances by seasoned actors who knew their craft more than flashy histrionics by shiny boys and girls who just stepped off the front pages of the supermarket tabloids. It’s not a great film by any means. It’s slow, and a bit heavy handed in getting across the themes contained in Alan Sharp’s (“Osterman Weekend,” “Ulzana’s Raid”) script, but it’s worth watching, if only so you can say you’ve seen the only “Kosher Western” ever made.

57-year-old Gregory Peck, speaking with a thick Scottish accent, stars as Arch Deans, a bank robber on the run with his
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Doctor, doctor, can anyone save Robert Downey Jr's Restoration?

This film about King Charles II and a fictional doctor flips messily from frippery and farting to 17th-century mental healthcare

Restoration (1995)

Director: Michael Hoffman

Entertainment grade: C–

History grade: B

King Charles II was restored to the throne of England after the fall of the shortlived Commonwealth in 1660.


Dissolute fictional doctor Robert Merivel (Robert Downey Jr) has pawned his instruments, and must go to his father, a glover, for cash to get them back. His father agrees, reluctantly, on the grounds "that the son of a glovemaker should not be denied the use of those gifts that marked you as a physician before you could spell physic!" English spelling had been somewhat standardised by the King James Bible of 1611 (which spells "physic" as "physick", in "Learn before thou speak, and use physick or ever thou be sick", Apocrypha, Sir 1:19). Even so, bearing in mind that Samuel Johnson would
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Justice Crew: 'Dancing saved us'

Justice Crew: 'Dancing saved us'
Justice Crew have revealed that dancing has saved their lives. The Sydney-based dance troupe, who were recently crowned the winners of Australia's Got Talent, said that they would have been "struggling" if they had not taken up dancing as a hobby. The group, which consists of 19 to 24-year-olds Emmanuel Rodriguez, Samson Smith, Omar Kamara, Lennu and John Pearce, Anastasios Repousis, Lukas Bellesini, Paulie Merciadez and Solo Tohi, were awarded $$250,000 (£140,000) for winning the competition. Rodriguez told New Idea magazine: "Getting paid is a big thing. (more)
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