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  • (1947 - 1980) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1947) Stage Play: The Druid Circle. Written by John Van Druten. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Stewart Chaney. Directed by John Van Druten. Morosco Theatre: 22 Oct 1947- 20 Dec 1947 (69 performances). Cast: Lillian Bronson (as "Miss Dagnall") [final Broadway role], Leo G. Carroll (as "Professor White"), Boyd Crawford (as "Maddox"), Susan Douglas (as "Megan Lewis"), Ethel Griffies (as "Mrs. White"), Cherry Hardy (as "Blodwen"), Noel Leslie (as "Professor Parry Phillips"), Merle Maddern (as "Miss Trevelyan"), Neva Patterson (as "Brenda Maddox") [Broadway debut], Walter Starkey (as "Tom Lloyd-Ellis"), Aiden Turner (as "Tobin"). Produced by Alfred De Liagre Jr.. Note: Produced as an installment of The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse: Season 1, Episode 23 as The Druid Circle (originally aired 6 Mar 1949) with Leo G. Carroll and Lillian Bronson recreating their stage roles.
  • (1947) Stage Play: Strange Bedfellows. Comedy.
  • (1949) Stage Play: The Ivy Green. Written by Mervyn Nelson. Directed by Roy Hargrave and Richard Barr. Lyceum Theatre: 5 Apr 1949- 9 Apr 1949 (7 performances). Cast: Leta Bonynge (as "Maria Beadnell"), Oliver Cliff (as "Daniel MacLise"), Ernest Cossart (as "John Dickens") [final Broadway role], June Dayton (as "Ellen Ternan"), Judith Evelyn (as "Catherine Dickens"), Hurd Hatfield (as "John Forster"), Barnard Hughes (as "Martin"), Carmen Mathews (as "Georgina Hogarth"), Dan O'Herlihy (as "Charles Dickens"), Neva Patterson (as "Baroness Angela Burdette-Coutte"), Joy Reese (as "Mary Hogarth"), Mary Lou Taylor (as "Harriet"), Donald White (as "Charles Dickens, Jr."), Ruth White (as "Martha Tripham"). Produced by Hall Shelton.
  • (1949) Stage Play: I Know My Love. Comedy. Written by S.N. Behrman. Adapted from "Auprès de Ma Blonde" by Marcel Achard. Press Representative: Carlton Miles [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Alfred Lunt. Shubert Theatre: 2 Nov 1949- 3 Jun 1950 (247 performances). Cast: Lynn Fontanne (as "Emily Chanler"), Alfred Lunt (as "Thomas Chanler"), Katharine Bard, Henry Barnard, Charles Bowden, Sandy Campbell, Betty Caulfield, Mary Fickett, Hugh Franklin, Roy Johnson, Lillian Kemble-Cooper (as "Agnes") [credited as Lily Kemble-Cooper] (final Broadway role), Geoffrey Kerr, Doreen Lang, William LeMassena, Noel Leslie, Allen Martin, Esther Mitchell, Renee Orsell, Thomas Palmer, Anne Sargent, J.P. Wilson. Replacement cast: Mary Fickett (as "Louise"), Renee Orsell (as "Katie"), Neva Patterson (as "Eleanor Peabody, Sissy"). Produced by The Theatre Guild and John C. Wilson.
  • (1951) Stage Play: The Long Days.
  • (1950) Stage Play: Ring Round the Moon. Comedy. Written by Jean Anouilh. Translated by Christopher Fry. Incidental music by Francis Poulenc. Choreographed by Ted Cappy. Setting supervised and Lighting supervised by Raymond Sovey. Costume Design by Castillo. The Winter Garden setting designed by Georges Wakhevitch. Directed / produced by Gilbert Miller. Martin Beck Theatre: 23 Nov 1950-13 Jan 1951 (68 performances + 1 preview). Cast: Stella Andrew (as "Isabelle, a ballet dancer"), Denholm Elliott (as "Hugo, a young man about town" / "Frederic, Hugo's brother, in love with Diana Messerschmann"), Oscar Karlweis (as "Messerschmann, Diana's father, a melancholy millionaire"), Lucile Watson (as "Madame Desmermortes, aunt to Hugo, Frederic and Lady India"), William Allyn (as "Footman"), Francis Compton (as "Joshua, a crumbling butler"), Georgina Cookson (as "Lady India, Messerschmann's mistress, secretly in love with Bombelles"), Marcel Dill (as "The General"), Michael Evans (as "Patrice Bombelles, Messerschmann's secretive secretary"), Brenda Forbes (as "Isabelle's Mother, a teacher of the pianoforte"), Cynthia Latham (as "Capulat, Madame Desmermortes' faded companion"), Bennett Martin (as "Footman"), Neva Patterson (as "Miss Messerschmann"), Philip Tonge (as "Romainville, a patron of the arts and of Isabelle"; final Broadway role).
  • (1951) Stage Play: Lace on Her Petticoat.
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Seven Year Itch. Comedy.
  • (1956) Stage Play: Double in Hearts. Comedy.
  • (1956) Stage Play: Speaking of Murder. Melodrama. Written by Audrey Roos and William Roos. Directed by Delbert Mann. Royale Theatre: 19 Dec 1956- 19 Jan 1957 (37 performances). Cast: Brook Byron, Brenda de Banzie, Virginia Gerry, Lorne Greene (as "Charles Ashton"), Robert Mandan (as "Mitchell"), 'Neva Patterson (as "Connie Barnes Ashton"), Billy Quinn, Estelle Winwood (as "Mrs. Walworth"). Produced by Courtney Burr and Burgess Meredith.
  • (1958) Stage Play: Make a Million. Written by Norman Barasch [earliest Broadway credit] and Carroll Moore [earliest Broadway credit]. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Paul Morrison. Directed by Jerome Chodorov. Playhouse Theatre (moved to The Morosco Theatre from 13 Apr 1959- close): 23 Oct 1958- 18 Jul 1959 (308 performances). Cast: Barbara Barkley (as "Mrs. Winters"), Richard Blair (as "Ferris"), Ed Crowley (as "Bradford/Reardon"), Ralph Dunn (as "Mr. Mergenthaler"), Joy Harmon (as "Betty Phillips"), Edgar Hess (as "Lt. Friedlander"), William Hickey (as "Bernie Leeds"), Hoke Howell (as "Henry Whipple"), Conrad Janis (as "King"), Sam Levene (as "Sid Gray"), Donald Marye (as "Howard Conklin"), Neva Patterson (as "Claire Manning"), Guy Perone (as "Juliano"), Ty Perry (as "Harold Fairbanks"), Dennis Richards (as "Reeves"), Ann Wedgeworth (as "Julie Martin") [Broadway debut], Charles Welch (as "George Winters"), Donald Wilson (as "General Potter"). Replacement actors [during Playhouse Theatre run]: Howard Freeman (as "Bernie Leeds"), Charles Welch (as "General Potter"). Produced by Joel Spector and Sylvia Harris.
  • (1979) Stage Play: Romantic Comedy. Romantic Comedy.
  • (1950's- ?]. Productions other than Broadway [list incomplete]:
  • (1951) Stage Play: Appeared (as "Alcestis") in "The Thracian Horse" by Maurice Valency. Brandeis University Festival of the Arts.
  • (November 4, 1946) She acted in William Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Maurice Evans (Hamlet); Doris Lloyd; Philip Foster; Henry Edwards; Emmett Rogers; Miles Malleson; Pamela Conroy; John Hetherington; George Habib; Bruce Gordon; Nelson Leigh; Donald Somers; Alex Courtney; William Nichols; Val Wrenne; Michael Reilly; Frank Rooney; Richard Purdy; and Bernard Gersten in the cast. Roger Adams composed the music. Frederick Stover was set designer. Irene Sharaff was costume designer. George Schaeffer was director. Michael Todd was producer.

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