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  • (1933) Stage: Appeared (as "Dimitri Nekrasov"; Broadway debut) in "They All Come to Moscow" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by John Washburne and Ruth Kennell. Directed by William J. O'Neill. Lyceum Theatre: 11 May 1933-May 1933 (closing date unknown/20 performances). Cast: Natasha Boleslavsky (as "Dunya Sulich"), Cecil Clovelly (as "Victor Markov"), Michael Dalsky (as "Kolenko"), Marjorie Dalton (as "Laura"), Jack Davis (as "John McNair"), Rani Jovanowitsch (as "Dr. Sergey Strogov"), Olga Krolow (as "Diana Richardson"), Maurice Manson (as "Jim Hardy"), Boris Marshalov (as "Joseph Lebetz"), Roger G. Moore (as "An O.G.P.U. Officer"), Marie Nevills (as "Mary Collins"), Clifford Odets (as "Andrey Brikin"), Thomas Paradine (as "Earl Collins"), Aileen Poe (as "Molly Mintz"), George Spelvinsky (as "An O.G.P.U. Officer"), Tamara (as "Natalya Brikin"), Lillian Walters (as "Betty Granfield"), Produced by The Players Theatre.
  • (1935) Stage: Appeared (as "Fillipo Morello") in 'Moon Over Mulberry Street'. Comedy. Written by Nicolas Cosentino. Directed by William Muir. Lyceum Theatre (moved to The Mansfield Theatre from 4 Sep 1935-May 1936 (closing date unknown/Production closed from 4 Jan 1935-12 Jan 1935 (303 performances). Cast: Valerie Bergere (as "Lucia Morello"; final Broadway role), Olga Druce (as "Nina Baccolini"), William Edmunds, Misha Ferenzo, Betty Kashman, Edward Marr, James Metcalf, Adelina Roattino, Phebe Root, Gladys Shelley. Produced by Standish O'Neill and Paul De Maria.
  • (1936) Stage: Appeared (as "Phaon") in "Daughters of Atreus" on Broadway. Written by Robert Turney. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Frederic McConnell. 44th Street Theatre: 14 Oct 1936-Oct 1936 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Barbara Adams, John Boruff (as "Vortigern"), Sidney Bryson, Richard Burdette, Eileen Burns, Hal Conklin, Thomas Coffin Cooke, Olive Deering (as "Iphegeneia"), Ben Edwards, Ann Freschmann, Vincent Gardner, Leslie Gorall, Gale Gordon (as "Agamemnon"), John Grimshaw, Harry Irvine, James Larmore, Clara Mahr, Eleonora Mendelssohn, Tom Neal (as "Hippolytos"), Gilda Oakleaf, Edmond O'Brien (as "Pylades"), Carla Ogle, Maria Ouspenskaya (as "Polymnia"), Melvin Parks, Gordon Peters, Eleanor Powers, Carl Rodgers, Joanna Roos, Arthur Sachs, Michael Sage, Howard Sherman, Edgar Stehli (as "Cheops"), Robert Stewart, Edward Trevor (as "Achilles"), William Van Gundy, Louis Varca, Helen Walpole, Franklin Webb, Eric Wollencott, Elizabeth Young. Produced by Delos Chappell.
  • (1937) Stage: Appeared (as "Doc") in "Having Wonderful Time" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Arthur Kober. Directed / produced by Marc Connelly. Lyceum Theatre: 20 Feb 1937-8 Jan 1938 (372 performances). Cast: Richard Allen (as "Ensemble"), Wolfe Barzell (as "Abe Tobias"), Juanita Beatty (as "Ensemble"), Hudey Block (as "Mr. G."), Ann Brody (as "Mrs. G."), Solen Burry (as "Schmutz"; Broadway debut), Muriel Campbell (as "Miriam Robbins"), Mona Conrad (as "Gussie"), Peggy Craven (as "Ensemble"), Helen Edwards (as "Ensemble"), Connie Ernst (as "Ensemble"), Janet Fox (as "Fay Fromkin"), John Garfield (credited as Jules Garfield; as "Chick Kessler"), Helen Golden (as "Birdie"), Sandra Gould (as "Honeymooner"), Mitchell Grayson (as "Hi"), Tony Heath (as "Ensemble"), Irving Israel (as "Tiny"), Henriette Kaye (as "Maxine"), Tony Kraber (as "Barney"), Sheldon Leonard (as "Pinkie Aaronson"), Katherin Locke (as "Teddy Stern"), Kay Loring (as "Sophie"), Edward Mann (as "Barney"), Herbert Ratner (as "Charlie"), Estelle Raymond (as "Ensemble"), Loise Reichard (as "Henrietta Brill"), MacFarlane Roberts (as "Ensemble"), Shimen Ruskin (as "Eli"), Bob Strauss (as "Ensemble"), William Swetland (as "The Voice of Kare-Free" / :Joe"), Ann Thomas (as "Rosalind"), Philip Van Zandt (as "Itchy Flexner"), Herb Vigran (as "Honeymooner"), Laura Eliza Windsor (as "Ensemble"), Irene Winston (as "Reba"), Lily Winton (as "Kitty"). Produced in association with Bela Blau.
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Nehemiah") in "Jeremiah" on Broadway. Music by Chemjo Vinaver. Written by Stefan Zweig. Translated by Cedar Paul and Eden Paul. Acting version by John Gassner and Worthington Miner (also director). Choreographed by Felicia Sorel. Guild Theatre: 3 Feb 1939-Mar 1939 (closing date unknown/35 performances). Cast: Joan Adrian (as "Ruth"), Katharine Bard (as "Solom's Daughter"), St. Clair Bayfield (as "Nahum"), Roberta Bellininger (as "Solom's Wife"), Henry Bennett (as "Imre"), Arthur Byron (as "Zedekiah"), Hannam Clark (as "Zebulon"), Vincent J. Donehue (as "Jochebed's Young Son" / "Second Assyrian Soldier"), Mary Fischer (as "Zephania's Wife"), Charles Furcolowe (as "Zephania"), Virginia Gregori (as "Merchant's Wife"), Kathryn Grill (as "Jochebed"), Nell Harrison (as "Micha's Mother"), Robert Harrison (as "Abimelech"), John Hendrick (as "The Elder"), Harold Hoha (as "Second Guard"), Harry Irvine (as "Hananiah"), Morgan James (as "Joab"), Charles Jordan (as "Gad"), George Lee (as "Elder's Niece's Husband"), Henry Levin (as "A Huckster"), Philip Lewis (as "Herald"), Robert Malcolm (as "Jochebed's Husband"), Byron McGrath (as "Second Sentry"), John McKee (as "Micha"), Benedict McQuarrie (as "Pashur"), Cameron Mitchell (as "Merchant's Nephew"; Broadway debut), Tom Morrison (as "Aaron"), Katherine Murphy (as "Rebecca"), Gordon Nelson (as "Solom"), John O'Connor (as "First Sentry"), Theodore Paul (as "Solom's Son-in-Law" / "First Assyrian Solider"), Mary Perry (as "Zilpah"), George Petrie (as "Shephan"), David Rosen (as "A Merchant" / "Third Assyrian Officer"), Ernest Rowan (as "Issacher"), Elizabeth Royce (as "Leah"), Marian Rudley (as "Gad's Wife"), Byron Russell (as "Ahab" / "Second Assyrian Officer"), Alfred Ryder (as "Baruch"), Arthur Sachs (as "First Guard"), Mark Schweid (as "Uriah"), Effie Shannon (as "Mother"), Kent Smith (as "Jeremiah"), Alexis Tcherkasshy (as "Third Guard"), Robert Thomsen (as "Laban"), Paul Tripp (as "Jochebed's Older Son"), 'Arthur Villars' (as "Ahab's Father"), Mervin Williams (as "Assyrian Captain"), Kay Wilt (as "Uriah's Wife"), Betty Young (as "Elder's Niece"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1939) Stage: Appeared (as "Reef Tabania") in "Pastoral" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Victor Wolfson. Directed by George Somnes. Henry Miller's Theatre: 1 Nov 1939-11 Nov 1939 (14 performances). Cast: Wallace Acton (as "Mr. Grewsome"), Frieda Altman (as "Sara Ten Brock"), John Banner (as "Genko"), Elnora Blum, Virginia Campbell, Wilton Graff, Georgette Harvey (as "Wonderful Glory"), Charles Lang, William Nichols, Judy Parrish, John Philliber (as "Larry"), Morton Stevens (as "Father Blodgett"), Dick Wade, James Waters, Ruth Weston. Produced by Bonfils & Somnes Inc.
  • (1940) Stage: Appeared (as "Tybalt"; final Broadway role) in "Romeo and Juliet" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Production Design by Laurence Olivier (also director / producer). Scenic Design / Costume Design by Motley. Lighting Design by Robert Edmond Jones. Incidental music by Alexander Steinert and Laurence Olivier. 51st Street Theatre: 9 May 1940-8 Jun 1940 (36 performances). Cast: Virginia Burchfield, Mary Kane, Patricia Knight, Vivien Leigh (as "Juliet, daughter to Capulet"), Nancie B. Marsland (as "A Cook"), Laurence Olivier (as "Romeo, son of Montague), Charles Prescott, Howard Stark, Wesley Addy (as "Benvolio, nephew to Montague and friend to Romeo"), William Barrows, Ralph Brooke, Walter Brooke, Hazel Brown, Robert Busch, Oliver Cliff, Frank Downing, H. Robert Edwards, Brant Gorman, Wilton Graff, Ralph Grayson, Earle Grey, Halliwell Hobbes (as "Capulet"), Barbara Horder, Ted Huish, Raymond Johnson, Alexander Knox (as "Friar Laurence, a Franciscan), Charles Martin, Jack Merivale, Nan Merriman, Edmond O'Brien (as "Mercutio, kinsman to the prince and friend to Romeo), Tileston Perry, Joan Shepard, Clara Speer, Morton Stevens (as "Watchman" / "Old Capulet" / "Friar John, a Franciscan"), John Straub, Joseph Tomes, Katherine Warren, Ben Webster, May Whitty (as "Nurse to Juliet").
  • (4/2/50) Radio: Appeared in a "Theater Guild on the Air" production of Stephen Vincent Benet's "All That Money Can Buy", Martha Scott and Walter Huston.
  • (8/25/67) Guest on the daytime talk program "Keene at Noon" also with Jean Wallace and Greg Morris.
  • (4/18/40) Stage: Appeared (as "Tybalt") in William Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliet," at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, IL, with Laurence Olivier (as "Romeo"); Vivien Leigh (as "Juliet"); May Whitty (as "Nurse"); 'Wilton Graff' (as "Prince Escalus");Wesley Addy (as "Benvolio"); Halliwell Hobbes (as "Capulet"); Katharine Warren (as "Lady Capulet"); Ben Webster (Montague); Barbara Horder (Lady Montague); Edmond O'Brien (as "Mercutio"); Frank Downing (Paris); Alexander Knox (as "Friar Laurence"), Morton Stevens (as "Old Capulet" / "Friar John") in the cast.
  • (1949) Stage: Appeared in Charlotte Frances play, "Western Wind," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA.
  • (2/49) Radio: Appeared in a "Lux Radio Theatre" broadcast of "Captain from Castile".

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