Outsider Pictures Handling Sales on Small is Biutiful Title ‘1,200 Souls’ (Exclusive)

Outsider Pictures Handling Sales on Small is Biutiful Title ‘1,200 Souls’  (Exclusive)
Paris — Paul Hudson’s L.A. based Outsider Pictures has boarded “1,200 Souls,” a fantasy thriller set in the high Pyrenees, and one of the highlights at the 10th Spain-Ile de France Small is Biutiful in Paris, a prestigious boutique Spain-France co-production forum which unspooled June 23.

Outsider Pictures is handling international sales rights on “1,200 Souls,” the latest movie from the Zaragoza-based producer-director tandem of Marta Cabrera and Pablo Aragues whose “Novatos,” also repped by Hudson, was a Netflix worldwide distribution pick-up.

In his first two features, Aragues tackled sects (“Vigilo el camino”) and hazing (“Novatos”). Backed by the Aragon Film Commission, “1,200 Souls” is set in a small town in the lap of the Pyrenees, to which a young woman, Carla, returns to scatter her mother’s ashes, only to be confronted by violence, deaths and the seemingly supernatural, such as spontaneous combustion.

A film about “a girl looking for her origins,” Cabrera told Variety,
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Btf Media Launches in Spain, Sets Singer Isabel Pantoja TV Series as First Project

Miami-based Btf Media, producer of Disney’s Juan Gabriel biopic “Hasta que te conocí,” probably the most successful TV drama on the Spanish-language TV landscape last year, is kicking-off operations in Spain as a bridgehead for its European expansion.

The launch of Btf Spain, fruit of a partnership between Btf Media and brothers Oriol and Albert Uría’s Garage Films, a Barcelona-based advertising company, coincides with the announcement of the shingle’s first TV fiction project, a biopic of popular Spanish folk singer Isabel Pantoja.

Founded in 2010 by Mexico’s Francisco Cordero and Ricardo Coeto, Btf has specialized in producing
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Soccer Star Leo Messi Receives 21-Month Jail Sentence

Soccer Star Leo Messi Receives 21-Month Jail Sentence
Madrid — Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s best known soccer star, was sentenced to 21 months in prison by a Barcelona court for three counts of tax fraud.

Whether Messi — with Cristiano Ronaldo the biggest TV ratings driver in Spain — will serve any time in prison is another matter.

Messi was accused along with his father, Jorge Horacio Messi, of recourse to tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to conceal €10.1 million (Usd 11.1) in earnings over 2007 to 2009 for use of Messi’s image rights.

Messi has been ordered to pay a fine of about €2 million, his father €1.5 million. Under Spanish law, however, sentences of less than two years which are also first offences are usually served by probation rather than by time in prison.

Reacting to the sentence, and lending at least a touch of suspense to the case, Spanish newspaper El Pais pointed out, however, there have been exceptions to this rule, such
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Annecy: Spanish Animation – Art and Now Industry?

Annecy – Annecy’s 2015 guest country, Spain arrives at 2015 Annecy Fest with the biggest animation spread in its history, the largest delegation – 264 registrations by last Thursday, 80% up vs. 2014 – from any country in Europe outside France, and at last some financing and market tailwinds after being hit hard by recession.

It’s too early to talk of a Spanish animation boom. But there is a larger sense of optimism in the sector, of some sort of recovery. “We are at a key point in animation history in Spain. There’s an incredibly active panorama which we haven’t seen for years,” said Ignacio Perez Dolset, president at Ilion Animation Studios.

The question now is whether Spain’s industry can really turn that corner.

From 2015, Spain’s tax authorities offer 15% tax credits to international productions that use Spanish animation houses or vfx. Spain’s animation sector needs as a matter of urgency such structural aid.
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Sean Connery fails to appear in Spanish court

Letter from actor cites health reasons for non-appearance at Costa del Sol corruption trial

Sir Sean Connery has failed to appear in court in Marbella where he and his wife had been summoned to testify in a corruption case.

In a letter delivered to the court, Connery, 80, cited his and his wife's age and health reasons for their non-appearance. He also claimed that he had insufficient time to make travel arrangements to get from the couple's home in the Bahamas to the Costa del Sol.

The actor had been threatening to sue for damages on the grounds that the allegations have caused him both personal and financial harm. But in the letter he apparently apologises for not appearing and says the couple are willing to co-operate with the court. Legal sources in Marbella suggested the issue could be resolved through a rogatory commission – that is, that Connery and his wife could testify in the Bahamas.
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Sean Connery summoned by Spanish court

Summons a result of an investigation that the authorities inevitably dubbed Operation Goldfinger

Sir Sean Connery and his wife, Micheline, have been summoned to appear in court in Marbella on the Costa del Sol tomorrow in a corruption case.

The summons are the result of an investigation that the authorities inevitably dubbed Operation Goldfinger and centre around the 1998 sale of Malibu, the house that Connery and his wife owned for several decades. The house was sold for €6.4m (£5.6m). The summons relates to €2.7m that the local authority claims it is owed and to the 72 luxury flats built on the site after Connery sold it, when planning permission had only been given for five family houses. The flats allegedly yielded a €53m profit.

As well as Connery and his wife, Micheline Roquebrune, 25 others have been caught up in Operation Goldfinger, among them Julián Muñoz, the former mayor of Marbella, his ex-wife Mayte Zaldívar,
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