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AfterElton Briefs: "Downton Abbey" Crushes Ratings Records, Bette Returns To Broadway, and Meet "Smash"'s John F. Kennedy

Birthday shoutouts go to Jeremy Renner (above), who is 42, Nicolas Cage is 49, out David Yost s 44, and Kenny Loggins is 65.Bette Midler is returning to the Broadway stage for the first time in 30 years. She'll star as the late Hollywood superagent Sue Mengers in I'll Eat You Last. Prospect Park has officially announced plans to resume All My Children and One Life to Live So what would prevent them from resurrecting Kish? At least Debbi Morgan is coming back to AMC.The Supreme Court announced they will hear arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry on March 26 and United States v. Windsor on March 27.In ratings news, the return of Revenge was down, Once Upon A Time was flat, and as for Happy Endiings? Let's just move on to happier ratings news. The premiere episode of Downton Abbey Season Three quadruples the average PBS primetime rating.Below you can see the newest
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Exploitation Cinema: Mausoleum and Blood Song (DVD Review)

“I didn’t know how to act,” Bobbie Bresee says of her first big-screen performance on the audio commentary for the film in question, Mausoleum. The assertion is hard to contest, but it’s also inarguable that her recollections of this 1983 schlocker are by far the best part of Bci Eclipse's double-feature disc.

The starring turn by former Playboy Bunny Bresee is far from the only problem with Mausoleum; this is the kind of movie in which the story centers on a clan named Nomed and acts like the audience can’t figure that one out right away, and in which another character knows of their history from a book helpfully titled The Nomed Family. Susan Farrell (Bresee), who once had a frightening encounter in the Nomed crypt when she was a young girl (as played by Julie Christy Murray, daughter of the film’s lighting designer, who looks nothing
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