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Battlestar Galactica Movie Wants to Gender-Swap Roles?

Battlestar Galactica Movie Wants to Gender-Swap Roles?
Universal's long-gestating Battlestar Galactica movie is still moving forward, with director Francis Lawrence offering an interesting update while promoting his new movie Red Sparrow. While there is still no indication as to when production may actually take place, the filmmaker has been developing the script with Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy, and while no specific plot details have been divulged, the filmmaker revealed there is a strong possibility some of the iconic roles from the TV series may be gender-swapped. Here's what the director had to say when asked about the possibility of gender-swapping certain Battlestar Galactica roles.

"Yes absolutely 100 per cent! I'm not going to give any details but 100% there's room for that."

While there has been little to no movement on the project since Lawrence was brought on as director in June 2016, the director revealed in an interview last month that Battlestar Galactica is in fact still happening, although
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CBS developing Watergate limited series

Earlier this month it was revealed that George Clooney and Bridge of Spies scribe Matt Charman are developing a limited series based upon the Watergate scandal, and now comes word that a rival project is in development at CBS Television Studios.

Deadline reports that CBS has acquired the rights to Thomas Mallon’s novel Watergate, and is developing a limited series which has John Orloff (Band of Brothers) penning the script for Paul Giamatti and Dan Carey’s Touchy Feely Films production company.

Watergate has been envisioned as a darkly comedic series, which “will tackle the events of the political break in and subsequent downfall of Richard Nixon’s presidency through the eyes of a collection of characters that weren’t as well known [and] follows seven characters from the private cabins of Camp David to the klieg lights of the Senate Caucus Room, the District of Columbia jail and the
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CBS TV Studios Options Thomas Mallon’s Novel ‘Watergate’ For Limited Series

Exclusive: Watergate seemingly is the hottest topic in television these days, and CBS Television Studios is getting in on the action. The studio is developing a series based on Thomas Mallon's novel Watergate after optioning the rights. CBS Television Studios has picked up the rights to Mallon's book in association with Paul Giamatti and Dan Carey's production company Touchy Feely Films. Band of Brothers screenwriter John Orloff is set to adapt and write the project…
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Battlestar Galactica Has Happened Before, Will Happen Again With 'Westworld' Writer

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Battlestar Galactica Has Happened Before, Will Happen Again With 'Westworld' Writer
Remember a few years ago when Universal was working on a Battlestar Galactica feature film? Turns out it's still happening and it has some exciting new names attached. We first have to go all the way back to 2009 when work on this film project first started. The 2003/4 Syfy reboot of the 70s series was just wrapping up and Universal got together with Glen A. Larson to start work in a big-screen version. The project was meant to be a reimagining of the story which did not continue with the continuity of the original television series or the reboot but would include the characters we know like Adama, Starbuck, and Baltar. Bryan Singer was attached to direct at one point and in 2011 John Orloff was close to writing, telling Deadline “I have wanted to write this movie since I was 12 years old, and built a Galactica model from scratch out of balsa wood, cardboard, old model parts and LEDs. I love BSG, and I would pass on the job rather than frak it up.” Things were quiet for a bit and then in 2014 Universal hired Transcendence writer Jack Paglen (who's also worked on Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant) for screenwriting duties. Earlier this year they picked up Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark of Bluegrass Films to produce but now we get to the really exciting news. Deadline reports on a new writer and a possible new director: The long-awaited big-screen transfer of the Glen Larson 1978 TV series is moving forward at Universal. Lisa Joy, who scripted and is exec producer on HBO’s series Westworld, is writing the script. Francis Lawrence is circling the movie to direct...Numerous directors have taken cracks at the feature film version over the years. It gives Universal a strong chance to create another tentpole franchise. This is excellent news from where I'm standing. Joy's credits also include Pushing Daisies and Burn Notice. She was also writing a film for Sony Pictures in 2014 which would have focused on female characters from Spider-Man lore, though there hasn't been any updates on that for a while. Lawrence of course ushered the last three installments of The Hunger Games franchise to screen and I'd be interested to see what his BSG would look like. Here's a tip for you though - keep Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck.
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Battlestar Galactica Movie Targets Hunger Games Director

Battlestar Galactica Movie Targets Hunger Games Director
After languishing in development since 2009, Universal Pictures' Battlestar Galactica movie is finally moving forward in the right direction. We reported last month that the studio has brought on Michael De Luca, Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark to produce this sci-fi reboot, but now even more progress is being made. Today we have word that HBO's Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy has signed on to write the screenplay, with Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) circling the project as a director.

This new report from Deadline doesn't reveal if Francis Lawrence is in negotiations, or if he's just interested in taking on this coveted directorial gig. Much like the original 1978 TV series, and the critically-acclaimed 2003 TV reboot, this project will follow the longstanding battle between humans and the Cylons, although no specific plot details were given. We reported back in 2014 that this project will be a full reboot that is more
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'Battlestar Galactica' Movie Is Back on Track with New Producers

'Battlestar Galactica' Movie Is Back on Track with New Producers
Way back in 2009, Universal Pictures announced plans to bring Battlestar Galactica back to the big screen, following the success of Ronald D. Moore's hit Syfy series which ended its run that year. Over the years, Bryan Singer was attached to direct at one point, although be parted ways with the project in 2014. Today we have word from The Hollywood Reporter that the studio is taking another crack at the big-screen project, with producers Michael De Luca, Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark boarding the project.

We last reported on the Battlestar Galactica movie back in 2014, when Transcendence writer Jack Paglen was brought on to work on the script. Back in 2011, John Orloff (Anonymous) signed on to write the script, which was said, at the time, to be based on the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series, and not the 2003 Battlestar Galactica remake series. The project doesn't currently have any writers attached,
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Jack Paglen To Help Battlestar Galactica Transcend To The Big Screen

Sometimes, there’s a movie project that just doesn’t go away. They rumble on in the background for decades, with concepts kept alive only by the sheer willpower of those dedicated individuals involved. Battlestar Galactica is one such project – but now, it seems like it’s one step closer to fruition as Transcendence writer Jack Paglen has been hired to deliver a script.

Created by Glen A. Larson (Knight Rider, Magnum P.I, Quincy M.E) as a science fiction TV series in 1978, Battlestar Galactica ran for one season – ending in April 1979. It featured the premise that would provide the basis for every iteration of the show that followed – that our future humanity has migrated to a distant area of the galaxy, known as the Twelve Colonies, from where they have been defending themselves against a cybernetic race known as The Cylons. During a vicious attack, human survivors flee aboard spaceships,
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'Battlestar Galactica' Movie Will Be a Reboot; Gets 'Transcendence' Writer

'Battlestar Galactica' Movie Will Be a Reboot; Gets 'Transcendence' Writer
Universal Pictures has hired Transcendence screenwriter Jack Paglen to pen the script for their upcoming Battlestar Galactica movie.

The project is said to be a complete reimagining of this iconic sci-fi TV series, although no specific plot details were given. The movie has been in the works for several years, with Bryan Singer attached to direct back in 2009. We reported in 2011 that screenwriter John Orloff (Anonymous) signed on to write the script, which was said, at the time, to be based on the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica TV series, and not the 2003 Battlestar Galactica remake series.

Original series creator Glen A. Larson will produce the feature, although it isn't known if Ronald D. Moore, who created the 2003 remake series, will be involved in the film. Scott Bernstein and Jay Polidoro are overseeing the project for Universal.

The 1978 version of Battlestar Galactica ran for just one season, starring Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Lorne Greene,
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Transcendence Writer Jack Paglen to Pen Battlestar Galactica Movie

Over two years ago, Bryan Singer was circling a film adaptation of the 1970s TV series Battlestar Galactica with John Orloff (Anonymous) set to write the script.  For those unfamiliar with Battlestar Galactica, it centers on a war between humanity and a race of machines called "Cylons".  Since 2011, word on the film has gone quiet, Singer has moved on, and it looked like Ronald D. Moore and David Eick's excellent Sci-Fi series would be the only adaptation.  However, Variety is reporting that you can't keep a good cylon down, and that Universal has brought on Jack Paglen (Transcendence) to write the screenplay.  Original series creator Glen Larson is still on board to produce. Since I'm a big fan of Moore/Eick's adaptation, I'm obviously a little skeptical of a movie.  But Battlestar is a premise with a lot of potential, and since I haven't seen Transcendence, I have no
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Duncan Jones departs the Ian Fleming biopic

News Simon Brew 25 Nov 2013 - 06:41

Commitments to the Warcraft movie mean that Duncan Jones is no longer set to direct Fleming...

Here's a disappointing, but not surprising story. Duncan Jones is currently hard at work on this third directorial outing, the big budget blockbuster take on the videogame Warcraft. It's due in cinemas at the end of 2015, and it sees the Moon and Source Code director with an awful lot of work to undertake.

Perhaps inevitably then, it's now meant that he's had to drop a terrific-looking project that he'd been attached to for a while. For Jones had been attached to a biopic of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, that was going by the title of Fleming.

John Orloff - whose work includes Roland Emmerich's Anonymous - has penned the script for the film, which its producers remain keen to get moving next year. As such, The
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Duncan Jones Departs Fleming Biopic to Make Warcraft

Before Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones signed on to direct Legendary Pictures' Warcraft , which will be released by Universal Pictures on December 18, 2015, he had been attached to a number of projects including Fleming , a biopic about James Bond creator Ian Fleming. According to TheWrap , Jones has had to put that project behind him to start production on Warcraft in January with the amount of post-producton likely to keep him busy for most of the year. The producers of Fleming weren't willing to wait that long to start the movie and are currently looking for a new director who can come on board and start casting next year. Based on Andrew Lycett.s biography of Fleming with a screenplay by John Orloff ( Anonymous ), the film will explore his life as an...
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‘The Sopranos’ Leads WGA List of Top TV Series

The Writers Guild of America on Sunday unveiled its list of the “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time,” topped by HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

The mob drama created by David Chase (pictured above right with “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini) led the list over such perennial faves as “Seinfeld” (which ranked No. 2), “All in the Family” (No. 4), “Mash” (No. 5) and “The Wire” (No. 9).

On the other end of the list was a three-way tie between the original NBC “Late Night with David Letterman,” FX’s “Louie” and HBO’s intense prison drama “Oz.”

The list, the results of online voting by members of the WGA West and WGA East, immediately spurred debates over the rankings and omissions. The TV tally was a follow-up to the WGA’s “101 Greatest Screenplays” member survey conducted in 2006.

The WGA’s complete list of TV series follows:


The Sopranos


Created by David Chase


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Bryan Singer Says Battlestar Galactica Movie is Happening

Bryan Singer has been talking about developing a "Battlestar Galactica" film for a while. And now, in an interview with IGN, he revealed that things are still going well. "I have a script that's in revisions right now, and it's very cool," he said about the script by John Orloff (Legend of the Guardians, A Might Heart). When asked if the new story will take place in the world of the Glen Larson classic TV series (1978-1980) or in the world of Ron Moore's rebooted series (2004-2009), Singer replied: "It will exist between the Glen Larson and Ron Moore universes, but that's all I want to say about it. But it's evolving quite well, and quite recently. I've been developing this for a while, and certain things came to fruition recently, and I hope to do it."
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Duncan Jones To Direct Biopic About James Bond Creator Ian Fleming

Duncan Jones To Direct Biopic About James Bond Creator Ian Fleming
With the "Skyfall" teaser still hot off the presses (and viewable below no less!), it was just announced that "Moon" director Duncan Jones will helm a biopic about "James Bond" creator Ian Fleming.

Variety has the news, saying that Jones is already busy casting the film, and it should begin shooting within the year. The project will be based on Andrew Lycett's biography, "Ian Fleming, the Man Behind James Bond."

For those of you who don't know much about Fleming, his life was almost as exciting as that of the British Secret Service agent that he created. He worked as a writer for Reuters before being recruited into the Royal Navy during World War II. There he formed a group of specialized intelligence troops and blossomed in the position. Following the war, he worked as a journalist again before he started writing the "James Bond" novels in his Jamaican home,
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Exclusive: Xavier Samuel Talks Anonymous Blu-ray

Exclusive: Xavier Samuel Talks Anonymous Blu-ray
Xavier Samuel talk Anonymous Blu-ray, available today

On Blu-ray and DVD starting today, February 7th, Anonymous is the latest dramatic thriller from acclaimed director Roland Emmerich. It attempts to solve the mystery behind the true author of William Shakespeare's most iconic works. Xavier Samuel stars in the film as the Earl of Southampton, a William Shakespeare dedicatee and the focus of his sonnets. We caught up with the actor to discuss some of the controversy behind this exciting new release. Our conversation is below.

There's not much ocean in Anonymous. So what was the draw for you?

Xavier Samuel: (Laughs) Yeah, you are right. I do try to find movies that are near or on the ocean. (Laughs) Look, I think this is a pretty controversial story. Its not often that you get to be in an Elizabethan thriller. I have always been fascinated by William Shakespeare. I
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Exclusive: Roland Emmerich Talks Anonymous Blu-ray

Exclusive: Roland Emmerich Talks Anonymous Blu-ray
Roland Emmerich talk Anonymous Blu-ray, available today

Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on an issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds alike: Who was the author of the plays credited to William Shakespeare? Anonymous poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when cloak-and-dagger political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles hungry for the power were exposed in the most unlikely of places: the London stage.

Anonymous is available for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD starting today, February 7th. To celebrate this exciting release, we caught up with the film's director, Roland Emmerich. This is our conversation.

How does it feel to have your old nemesis Roger Ebert splashed across the front of your DVD?

Roland Emmerich: (Laughs) I don't know...I haven't seen that yet...(Laughs) Life is full of surprises!
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Anonymous

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Feb. 7, 2012

Price: DVD $30.99, Blu-ray $35.99

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Anyone who has done a cursory study of William Shakespeare’s writing has already heard that there’s a possibility that Shakespeare himself wasn’t the author (unless their teacher didn’t delve too deeply), and that’s exactly what drama movie Anonymous explores.

In the film, director Roland Emmerich (2012) and writer John Orloff (A Mighty Heart) put forth that it was Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, who actually wrote Shakespeare’s plays (De Vere is just one of the men historians believe are behind the famous writings).

Set in Elizabethan England, the movie follows nobleman De Vere (Rhys Ifans, Greenberg), who can’t be seen writing plays for the theater, where political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court and the schemes of greedy nobles hungry for power are exposed. So De Vere hires William Shakespeare (Rafe Spall,
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Bryan Singer's Battlestar Galatica Will Be Based on the 1970's Television Show

Just a couple weeks ago it was announced that Bryan Singer had picked John Orloff to pen the script for his film version of Battlestar Galactica. When the announcement was made Orloff was asked several times if the story would resemble the original television show, or the highly popular Ronald D. Moore series that ran on Syfy from 2004 to 2009. And each time Orloff just promised he wouldn't botch it, but couldn't add any further information. But now some new information has come out. According to Latino Review Battlestar Gallatica will embrace the 1970's version that only last two seasons. Speaking of Bryan Singer and the Seventies, he’s been developing for two years now a movie version of Battlestar Galactica, this also at Universal. And yet they have no script, only tons of porqueria previz art and designs. This is probably because there is no one producing the movie,
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Shakespeare – a fraud? Anonymous is ridiculous

Roland Emmerich's new film, which suggests that William Shakespeare was a fraud, relies on the 90-year-old theories of J Thomas Looney. Do not be taken in

Roland Emmerich's new film Anonymous is keen on showing that Shakespeare was a fraud and Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, the true author of his plays. The film is part of a broader campaign to unseat Shakespeare, one that includes a documentary by First Folio Pictures (of which Emmerich is president), along with instructional guides Sony Pictures has been distributing to teachers in America declaring that Anonymous "presents a compelling portrait of Edward de Vere as the true author of Shakespeare's plays". When Emmerich agrees to make a promotional video (part lecture, part cartoon, it shows him tossing quills that topple a statue of Shakespeare), you get a sense of how committed those behind the film are to rewriting literary history.
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Anonymous Review

Anonymous Directed by Roland Emmerich Written by John Orloff Starring Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Rhys Ifans, Sebastian Armesto, Edward Hogg, Xavier Samuel, Sam Reid Roland Emmerich tackles the contentious issue of who really penned the works of William Shakespeare in Anonymous, a sudsy bodice-ripping soap opera set during Elizabethan era London. The story embraces the Oxford theory of Shakespeare authorship; that the Earl of Oxford actually wrote the works we celebrate. William Shakespeare was but a dim-witted actor who took the credit. It’s an interesting premise, but at the end of the day, who really cares? The works exist, and whoever wrote them will always be William Shakespeare, even if he wasn’t really William Shakespeare. Make sense? Neither does the movie. Anonymous looks good and fulfills all the superficial requirements of a good old period piece. The set pieces and costumes are gorgeous, and the film is well acted,
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