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Inside Selena Quintanilla’s World Domination 22 Years After Her Death (Exclusive)

Inside Selena Quintanilla’s World Domination 22 Years After Her Death (Exclusive)
It’s been 22 years since the death of Selena Quintanilla, a Tejano music singer who captured America’s heart in the early ‘90s with songs like “Como La Flor,” “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Dreaming of You.”

After conquering a male-dominant genre, a feat many deemed impossible, the Grammy winner had blossomed into a cultural icon at the time of her death.

On March 31, 1995, Selena was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club. She was 23 years old. The news sent shock waves around the world, prompting several vigils across the U.S. and Mexico. Saldivar was later found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. She will be eligible for parole in March of 2025.

While the passing of time can be a detrimental factor for any celebrity, in Selena’s case, it’s only helped broaden her legacy. Her cultural resonance can, in part, be attributed
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Amazon Acquires Alberto Barboza’s Debut Feature ‘Cry Now’ (Exclusive)

Amazon Acquires Alberto Barboza’s Debut Feature ‘Cry Now’ (Exclusive)
Amazon has acquired “Cry Now,” a lyrical love story steeped in Chicano rockabilly culture which mark the feature debut of Alberto Barboza a consulting producer and dialogue coach on five-time Daytime Emmy nominated Hulu series “East Lost High.”

The Amazon acquisition, made via Princ Films, is for all platforms, including Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video.

An ode to Los Angeles street art scene, “Cry Now” stars Miguel Angel Caballero as Vincent, a street poster artist, who falls head over heels for a muse Luzy, played by Illiana Carter (“Walkout,’ “Primo”), a tattoo designer he meets at a backstreet boogey. But Sofia (Mina Olivera, “Shrink”), Vincent’s ex-girlfriend, is not ready to let go and engineers revenge. Accused of vandalism, Vincent takes off, with the Lapd in hot pursuit.

In “Cry Now,” “we follow our protagonist from one vibrant Los Angeles subculture to another,” said Barboza, who was born and bred in South Gate.
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Latino Actors to be Awarded for Nalip’s Media Awards

The time of year has come to honor some of the best and the brightest in the Latino entertainment community. The National Association of Latino Independent Producers will host the 16th annual Latino Media Awards in Hollywood June 27. Set to be honored are actors Raquel Welch, Dascha Polanco (“Orange Is the New Black”), writer-director-star of “Instructions Not IncludedEugenio Derbez, and other industry players. “Every year Nalip surveys the media landscape to identify Latinos and Latinas making strides, impacting, and changing the face of the industry,” Axel Caballero, executive director of Nalip, told Backstage via email. “Awardees are selected based on their incredible accomplishments and body of work, and how this advances our mission to move Latin media-makers forward. This year, the impressive awardees are a perfect representation of this.” Polanco, who stars on “Oitnb” as inmate and correctional officer John Bennett’s (Matt McGorry) love interest Dayanara Diaz, will receive the Lupe Award.
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Exclusive Interview with Director Chris Mason Johnson for ‘Test’

  • LRM Online
A few movies would venture into portraying the AIDs scare amongst the homosexual community of the 1980s.

In Chris Mason Johnson’s “Test,” rather than celebrating the death from AIDs, unlike many movies do, it showcased the community living in fear of the disease and the panics surrounding it.

The film is set around the free-spirited San Francisco of 1985 as it follows a young dancer in a modern dance company who must deal with the fear of disease, homophobia, effeminophobia during that period. And his ultimate escapism was through the music and dance.

The dance drama was on the film festival circuit for some time and won two grand jury prizes at Outfest.

Latino-Review had an exclusive phone interview with director Chris Mason Johnson last week. We discussed about the AIDs epidemic of the 1980s, homophobia, and the changes for gay cinema through the years.

Test” is currently in theaters
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TV On Tap: Tyra Banks Returns to Daytime TV, Kol’s Return to “The Originals” and a “Days of Our Lives” Confession

  • The Backlot

Tyra Banks is returning to daytime. She’ll lead a show featuring a team of “lifestyle experts” who will aim to provide viewers with “cutting-edge guidance.”

A study attempted to quantify how well Doctor Who handles female characters using the Bechdel test, companion speaking time and number of (non-companion) female characters. It turns out Russell T. Davies‘ run was a lot more female-friendly than Steven Moffat‘s first few seasons. That’s not surprising, but its actually been quantified here.

This year, the Academy changed the rules on what it takes to qualify for the Best Documentary Oscar, prompting HBO to cut back on the number of movies it pushes. It’s choices will include Proposition 8 documentary The Case Against 8.

For the first time, The Amazing Race started its next season in a very public place, Times Square. That means there is no mystery about who will be competing in the 25th season.
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Gorillas, Alternate Endings, Michael Jackson – The Untold Story of the making The Goonies

  • HeyUGuys
With a name like HeyUGuys, it’s hard for us to hide our love of The Goonies and after being talked about for years and last week Richard Donner (known by everyone as Dick Donner) confirmed to the world that a Goonies sequel is in the works. We’ll still believe it when we see the cameras start to roll but for now, a fantastic documentary entitled ‘The Making of a Cult Classic, The Unauthorized Story of The Goonies’ has been released on YouTube. Thanks to our Goonies correspondent Andy Petrou for the heads up.

In 2010 the home of the Goonies, Astoria Oregon played host to the 25th anniversary of the movie where many stars from the film gathered to celebrate it’s awesomeness. During that event, the photo you see atop of this post was taken and the documentary was played to a crowd of people who had flown
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LatinoBuzz: Kiki Melendez' Debut Feature “Journey of a Female Comic” to Open in Time for Cinco de Mayo

Starring Latino comedienne Kiki Melendez, Journey of a Female Comic,is a documentary comedy that will be released through AMC Theatres’ AMC Independent Program in Los Angeles and San Diego on May 2nd, 2014 with other major markets to follow. The date will also see the release of Water & Power, which will be a historical accomplishment for Independent Latino Filmmakers just in time for the Cinco de Mayo weekend.

An award-winning actress,writer,producer, TV personality and trailblazing figure, Melendez is best known for creating Galavision’s #1 entertainment show in 2000, “Kiki Desde Hollywood”, and Showtime Network’s hit show, “Hot Tamales Live!”in2008, the longest running all-female comedy show, now available on Hulu.

Her debut feature is an inspirational film for audiences of all races,genders,and backgrounds. It centers on Melendez’ life growing up in a developing country, being raised by a single immigrant mother, and her career in Hollywood pursuing the American Dream. Never forgetting her humble beginnings, Melendez’ journey is thought-provoking, inspiring audiences to discover the difference between fame and fulfillment.

Thanks to initial enthusiastic reception during test screenings, AMC’s independent program added the 88-minute version to its slate. "Journey of A Female Comic fits perfectly within our AMC Independent programming initiative, which opens our screens to movies that resonate with our diverse audiences,” said Nikkole Denson-Randolph, Vice President of Alternative Content at AMC. “Kiki Melendez’ story is honest and entertaining, and will connect with many of our guests

“I am so grateful to AMC Independent for the opportunity to share my story. My hope in making this film, is to encourage and inspire women to take their dreams into their own hands”, says Melendez.

The feature began as an experimental short film,which premiered at the Dr Global International Film Festival. It also opened at Miami's Hispanicize Film Showcase and The Broadway International Film Festival in 2012, where it represented the U.S. and won “Best Documentary”.

The documentary also features other prominent Latino figures in Hollywood, including interviews with Edward James Olmos, Jacob Vargas, Esai Morales, Nadine Velazquez,the late Lupe Ontiveros, Maria Conchita Alonso and Guy Ecker. Melendez also has lively conversations with international stars including Aaron Spelling, Usher, Sofía Vergara, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Shakira and Marc Anthony.

Journey of A Female Comic was produced by Latin Hollywood Films in association with Lions Kill Productions. It is produced and directed by Erick M. Crespo and Kiki Melendez, written by Lyn McCullough and Kiki Melendez. Executive Producers are David Albert Pierce, Mark Ford, Paul Lawrence, Gloria Ortiz, Vickie Leyva and Mike Levy.

To read more about this film visit: Here
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LatinoBuzz: Shipwrecked Latino Filmmakers

We asked a few LatinoBuzz amigos to get their Robinson Crusoe on and pick a film, an album, a book and a companion from the movies to join them in their shenanigans were they to be stuck on a deserted island (and before anyone nitpicks, filmmakers are resourceful, so of course they built solar powered entertainment centers made from bamboos, coconuts and grass to watch movies and listen to baby making slow jams). We figured we'd start with the narrative filmmakers since they probably sit around thinking about this kinda stuff anyway.

Film: Choosing desert island items may mean sacrificing taste and/or reason, thinking about those items that you wouldn’t forgive yourself for not bringing them as your company, it´s like choosing the woman of your life. Here it goes: Hiroshima Mon Amour; there might be others I fancy as much as or more than (La Dolce Vita, Vertigo, M , some Lubitsch or Preminger), but I can think of no other as unique. I wouldn’t be able to choose any other without feeling Hiroshima’s absence - the best love film, the best movie about war, the best motion picture regarding the memory and its consequences. I can spend my whole life learning about film and the world because of Hiroshima...'.

Album: “Los Preludios de Debussy” by Claudio Arrau. These were so important to my life (I'm referring to my childhood of course) and I think no one does it better than Arrau. Same thing: it is endless. I think I could never tire of this and I could still wake up each and every morning amazed by it.

Book: “Sentimental Education”, by Flaubert. Similar to “Hiroshima”, a book that changed my outlook on literature and the world and I am certain it will keep transforming it forever.

Companion: Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer in 'The fabulous Baker Boys'). Since I saw the film (which I liked very much!) in the provincial movie theater of my childhood, I felt as Jack Baker´s relative and I loved Susie. If we had a piano, it would all be all be perfect. - Santiago Palavecino (Algunas chicas/Some Girls)

Film: This is a tricky question. I've always said that on a deserted island you should bring some porn. You could use that more than regular movies. But since I've got to pick a film I guess it'd be Jaws. Why? Because it's one of my favorites (I could also go with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). But being on a deserted island, Jaws will remind me all the time what'll happen to me for sure if I try to get away!

Album: “ Appetite for Destruction” (Guns N' Roses). Hey, I was 13 when this came out. I listen to it every day while I work, anyways. My favorite, by far.

A Book: I'm going to cheat on this one: 'The Complete Works' by Jorge Luis Borges. The best writer, and enough labyrinths to get lost on endless nights.

Companion: Sherlock Holmes. He's always been my favorite, and also, since my guess is he'll be pretty useless in a deserted island, every time we fail to get out because of him I can get to tell him "Is that the best you can do, Sherlock? - Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead)

Film: Los Olvidados- this is punk rock and Pachuco. Mexico City style before the bombed out bunkers of Sid & Nancy. Bunuel is a hero and I wanna buy Jaibo a beer and milk for the old poetic man!

Album: The Blade Runner album. I can play it over and over, get cranked up or mellow with Blade Runner Blues and the constant rain.

Book: '20 years of Joda' - poems of Jose Montoya, my pop. Epic stuff! 'Ran with Miguel Pinero in the Lower Eastside!”

Companion: Michael Corleone cause he's Mack in my book! Jaibo gets an honorable mention. - Richard Montoya (Water & Power )

Film: I´d choose Misery because a year can go by and I can watch it again eagerly. It's simple and the director (Rob Reiner) and Stephen King are both masters of suspense.

Album: I know this may be considered cheating but it would have to be 'The Best of David Bowie'. That way I have 2 CD's with nearly 40 songs!

Companion: There's many great people who I would to live with but on a deserted Island? It would have to be Mary Poppins for obvious reasons.

Book: And finally the book would be 'Blood Meridian' by Cormac McCarthy because it's one I haven't read yet. Analeine Cal y Mayor - (The Boy Who Smells Like Fish)

Film: I would say White Chicks. I’m going to need some humor! White Chicks is the movie that I put on when I need a good laugh. It does it for me every time. I grew up with characters like that; and admittedly, I can regress back to a few of them myself when no one is looking.

Album: ' Songs From the Capeman' - Paul Simon. I can’t get enough of that album. It instantly takes me to that world and electrifies that side of me that’s determined to make a change for Latinos. I want to keep that feeling with me alive eternally…wherever I’m at.”

Book: There are many but 'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Caroline Myss has been my compass. It taught me how to take control of my destiny by listening to my intuition and body. I stand by her quote: “Your biography becomes your biology.

Companion: The first person that came to mind when I read the question was silly Clarence from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I guess I’m going to need an angel with me, and he’s perfect. He has a pure childlike spirit that would help me find gratitude in the most unlikely moments… even on a deserted island! That right there is the meaning of life. - Carmen Marron (Endgame)

Film: There are so many brilliant, groundbreaking favorite films that have influenced me (The 400 Blows; Jules and Jim ; Law of Desire; et al) but I wouldn't bring any of them. If I'm stuck on a deserted island, I'm bringing Neil Simon's Murder by Death so I can laugh my ass off. Not a great film at all, it's true, but it's a classic comedy.

Album: Oh, this is easy: Madonna's "Ray of Light." I am no Madonna fanatic, but "deserted island, " means beach + summer weather + Fire Island-like atmosphere. So somewhere nearby there's got to be gay guys partying and I will use Madonna to lure them to me so I can be rescued.

One Book: Varga Llosa's "Feast of the Goat" ("La Fiesta del Chivo") -- it's action-packed historical fiction. It will keep me occupied. One of my favorite novels.

Companion: Huckleberry Finn. He will be a great companion: not only will he tell great stories, but undoubtedly, the ever-resourceful Huck Finn will figure out how to build a raft and get us out off that island! - Terracino (Elliot Loves )

Film: Whenever anyone asks me this I always think of what use these items would serve practically on a deserted island, so I answered this in that respect. Tokyo Story - Yasujiro Ozu. This would be a great film to take on a deserted island because it's really about the unavoidable suffering of the cycle of life, which I'm sure you'd relate to if you were stuck on an island. I really could watch this film a million times over and notice something new every time. Watching most Ozu films is not unlike participating in a Zen meditation practice. It's patience and slowness and trying to empty your mind of thought until your left with the basics of existence. Kind of like sitting on a deserted island alone. I can watch the scene where Kyoto says “Life is disappointing, isn't it?” and Noriko smiles and says “Yes it is.” I can watch that endlessly and cry every time. It's so true.

Album: ' Tusk' - Fleetwood Mac. I could also deal with 'Rumours' but I picked 'Tusk' because it's longer and denser; probably better for an island. 'Sara' is maybe my favorite song in the world and so it would be nice to have that with me. I think channeling the powerful witchy energy of Stevie Nicks would be a real asset on an island. This album has so much strange material on - you wouldn't get bored too easily with it. It's also got a range of emotions so if you get too depressed on the island you can just put on 'Never Forget' and feel better. And 'Sisters of the Moon' would be good around a fire at night. Even though you're stuck on an island, it's good to create an ambiance to remind you that life is worth living.

Book: ' In Search of Lost Time' - Marcel Proust. I've only read 'Swann's Way' which is first part of this. My analyst recommend it to me when I was totally heartbroken after someone broke up with me. It really did the trick. This would be a good long epic read that has enough complex ideas in it to keep you occupied for a life time. Probably a good book (or set of books) to get back to nature with.

Companion: I'll say Terry Malloy from “On the Waterfront”. He'd be strong and good to have around to cut down trees and hunt and stuff. He's also easy on the eyes and someone that could do with a little lonely contemplation away from the loading docks. That doesn't sound half bad...stuck on like a tropical island with a young, cute Marlon Brando, watching Ozu, reading Proust and listening to Fleetwood Mac all day. Sign me up! - Joshua Sanchez (Four)

Film: My film would have to be Luis Buñuel's Los Olvidados. I have been a movie watcher since I was a child. Raised on mainstream American films and Wuxia flicks, it wasn't until I was a late teen that I took my first film class and was introduced to the work of Buñuel. Los Olvidados literally changed my perception of the world, both socially and visually. It was also the gateway for me to progress from movie watcher to film student.

Album: Music is my religion and I belong to the church of Robert Nesta Marley. I would prefer the whole anthology, but if I had to choose one album it would be “Exodus”. When on an island listen to island music.

Book: Right around the time I discovered the work of Buñuel, I was gifted Jose Montoya's 'In Formation: 20 years of Joda'. The book is a treasure of epic poems, sketches, and corridos. All testaments to the beauty and strength of Chicana/o culture. 20 years later I pay homage to both of these Maestros in my debut feature film, “Cry Now”. The film's protagonist is nicknamed 'Ojitos' during the course of the narrative, a reference to one of the characters in Los Olvidados. The late great Lupe Ontiveros playing the role of a sage loosely recites Montoya's mantra 'La Locura Cura' (In madness you find truth) while she councils our protagonist.

Companion: To bring it all full circle my fictitious character would have to be a Wuxia hero. As a child I was awe inspired by these bigger than life martial artists. As an adult, Ang Lee's “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” did the same. I know all would be as it should if Yu Shu Lien was on that island with me. - Alberto Barboza (Cry Now )

Film: Nothing But a Man (1964) It's a film that does an incredible job balancing a character-driven story within a politically charged context. It's a film I'm finding myself inspired by as I continue to write Los Valientes.

Album: I'm not a fan of albums, but if I had to choose one I guess I would have to go with any of Prince's albums. His music always puts me in a trance.

Book: My dream journal so I can look back look for signs of what is to become of my future.

Companion: Who better than TV's MacGyver. I'd put his ass to work on getting me off the island! -Aurora Guerrero (Mosquita y Mari)

Film: Hell in the Pacific so that I can be reminded that even in paradise there is a duality.

Album: “La Scala: Concert” by Ludovico Einaudi – I've listened to it a thousand times and each time I feel or discover something new.

Book: “ Voces Reunidas” by Antonio Porchia. Each time I read one of his poems I learn something new and I'm deeply moved.

Companion: Barbarella, so I could never be lonely and I could enjoy this planet-island – Diego Quemada-Díez (La jaula de oro/The Golden Dream)

Written by Juan Caceres . LatinoBuzz is a weekly feature on SydneysBuzz that highlights Latino indie talent and upcoming trends in Latino film with the specific objective of presenting a broad range of Latino voices. Follow [At]LatinoBuzz on Twitter and Facebook
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Oscars In Memoriam: Recent Deaths Put Extra Pressure on Academy

Oscars In Memoriam: Recent Deaths Put Extra Pressure on Academy
The Oscars are coming Sunday, so get ready for controversy. No, not about politics, Woody Allen or even the Oscar results. Every year, one of the show’s most beloved segments, and the one that stirs up the most heated debates is the In Memoriam sequence.

An online petition is requesting that the Oscar segment include Sarah Jones, the 27-year-old Atlanta crew member killed by a train while filming “Midnight Rider.” That petition is touching and heartfelt, and I agree that any worker, in any field, deserves special recognition if he or she died in the line of duty.

But it would be unprecedented to include a crew member whose name is not widely known. Bottom line: Every person shown in the segment will deserve to be there. But not every deserving person Will be there, because time is limited. Academy reps are nearly always mum about who is included.
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Casting Announced for Live Action Max Steel Movie

  • ScifiMafia
Press Release:

Max Steel” Unveils Its Lead Actors, Ben Winchell, Ana VILLAFAÑE Dolphin Films International, Mattel, Im Global Announce “Max Steel” International Distribution Rights to be Sold at European Film Market

Hollywood – Feb. 6, 2014 – Dolphin Films announced today that Ben Winchell (Disney’s “A.N.T. Farm,” “Necessary Roughness”) and Ana Villafañe (“Hiding,” “Los Americans”) have signed on to play the signature roles of Max McGrath™ and Sydney Gardner in “Max Steel,” the highly anticipated, live-action franchise feature film based on Mattel’s popular superhero property of the same name.

Max Steel,” which is being produced by Dolphin Films and Mattel, is slated for a wide theatrical release by Open Road Films domestically and Im Global internationally in 2015. It’s being penned by Marvel Studios veteran Christopher Yost (“Thor: The Dark World”) and directed by award-winning director Stewart Hendler (“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,” “H+”).

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce
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2014 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Scott Sanders’ Aztec Warrior

  • ioncinema
He had the first auds roaring in the aisles with his seam-splitting debut. The Park City at Midnight launch of Black Dynamite catapulted Scott Sanders into the B-movie homage/slapstick elite. Fast forward to 2012, and the helmer found his sophomore project with cult actor Luis Guzman toplining. High grade schlock or a delirious action-comedy offering, details on the Lionsgate project have been mum: production got underway in June of 2012, there is no release date and not much news in the in what should have been its year of release. Has Aztec Warrior been pinned down because of extra work (see concept art here) or has it been prepped with a ribbon, marketing campaign for a slick Sundance delivery? We’ll soon find out.

Gist: Based on a story by Handfield and Javier Chapa, co-written by Sanders and Don Handfield, Guzman plays the Warrior in the Lucha Libre-inspired pic who goes
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LatinoBuzz: 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival

Early Entry Deadline: September 13, 2013

Entry Fees: Short Film ($15), Feature Film ($25)

Normal Entry Deadline: October 11, 2013

Entry Fees: Short Film ($25), Feature Film ($35)

Late Entry Deadline: November 8, 2013

Entry Fees: Short Film ($40), Feature Film ($60)

For entry form, click here.


Withoutabox logos are trademarks of Withoutabox, a Dba of Inc. or its affiliates.

Media Arts Center San Diego is now seeking films and videos for 20th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (March 13-23, 2014)! Come celebrate our landmark 20th year with an even broader program of exhilarating new activities, special events, and initiatives.

The 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (Sdlff) is now accepting entries for the 2014 festival. Sdlff will take place March 13-23, 2014 at the Ultrastar Cinemas Mission Valley at Hazard Center located in beautiful San Diego, California.Submit early for discounted entry fees!

Last year's festival was attended by an audience of 20,500 actively-engaged film lovers, filmmakers, actors, programmers, distributors, industry representatives and journalists from around the world. The San Diego Latino Film Festival has used the unique geographical and cultural position of the San Diego Border Region to make the festival a premiere venue for the exhibition of international and U.S. Latino features, shorts and documentaries.

Never participated in Sdlff before? Become apart of San Diego's proud celebration of the best in Latino film.

The 2014 San Diego Latino Film Festival will include expanded opportunities for participating filmmakers and their films/videos to take the spotlight. The following is just a taste of what filmmakers and attendees can experience by participating at the upcoming San Diego Latino Film Festival:

* 155 feature and short films to be screened

* over 100 guest filmmakers and actors

* Sdlff Awards Competition

* "Country of Focus" showcase

* Workshops/Seminars with industry representatives and filmmakers (i.e. "Financing", "Distribution")

* Special 20th Anniversary Spotlight

* Celebrity Guest Curator

* "Tributes" to acclaimed filmmakers/actors

* Concerts @ the Fest

* Pre-Fest Launch Parties

* Opening, Centerpiece, and Closing Night Gala Celebrations

* Sdlff Awards Ceremony

* Free Student Outreach Screenings

* "Meet the Filmmaker" Dialogues

* Sdlff's Annual "Border Visions" Sidebar

For entry form, click here.


Twenty-one years ago, the San Diego Latino Film Festival was originally established as a student film festival focusing on works by Latinos and/or about the Latino Experience. Since that time, the San Diego Latino Film Festival has developed into one of the biggest and most well respected Latino film festivals in the country.

Over 240,000 people have attended during the past seventeen years, and2,100 films/videos from across Latin America and the United States have been screened. Past festival guests have included such renowned individuals asLou Diamond Phillips, Gina Rodriguez, Jorge Salinas, Dulce Maria, Rafael Amaya, Ana Serradilla, Eduardo Verastegui, Barbara Mori, Alfonso Arau, Robert Young, Miguel Littin,Angelica Maria, Dayanara Torres, Demian Bichir, Kate del Castillo, America Ferrera, John Leguizamo, Bruno Baretto, Barbara Mori, Roselyn Sanchez, Alfonso Cuaron, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Carlos Carrera, Rodrigo Prieto, Alex Lora, Lupe Ontiveros, Bruno Bichir, Carmen Salinas, Luis Mandoki, Danny Trejo, Adal Ramones, Tony Plana, Elpidia Carrillo, Humberto Solas, Dennis Leoni, Arturo Ripstein, Paul Rodriguez, Patssi Valdez, Luis Valdez, Gregory Nava, Edward James Olmos, Lourdes Portillo, Moctesuma Esparza, Ray Bradbury, Jacob Vargas, Patricia Velasquez, Fernando Sarinana, Lucia Murat, Nancy de los Santos, Vanessa Bauche, and hundreds of other emerging and established Latino filmmakers.

Selection Process (Important Information)

Sdlff 2014 is seeking innovative works that are 'by', 'about' or 'for' the Latino community, that have been completed between 2013-2014. Work previously exhibited in the San Diego / Tijuana Border Region - whether theatrically at another local festival or broadcast on television, - is not eligible to apply. A panel of distinguished curators from the San Diego and Tijuana community will select the films and videos to be screened during the "Official Selection" of the festival. All entries will be pre-screened for eligibility by curators, however, not all entries will be programmed.

Films must be submitted with English subtitles if the dialogue is in a language other than English. Films must have been completed after January 2013. Because we use entry fees to make grants to filmmakers, fee waivers will not be granted. Exceptions will only be made for non-profit organizations and international governmental organizations.

*DVD screeners and press kits will not be returned.

Upon acceptance to the festival, a press kit is required, to include the following:

Features: 100 word synopsis in English, 2 hi-res film stills (300dpi, Cmyk color), digital trailer

Shorts: 50 word synopsis in English, 1 hi-res film still (300dpi, Cmyk color)

Optional: digital trailer

For exhibition the following formats will be accepted:

Features: 35mm, HDCam, Blu-ray, Dcp. Features must be received by March 1, 2014

Shorts: must be received by February 1, 2014 in Digital format via Usb or email using a file sharing service like DropBox or HighTail (Previously YouSendIt). USBs will not be returned.

*Submitters will be notified by January 4, 2014. Judges’ decisions are final. Due to the large number of films we receive, feedback on individual films will not be provided. Films entered after the November 8 deadline will not be reviewed or returned.

An additional panel of distinguished filmmakers, film critics, and actors will sit on this year's Awards Jury. Awards are given for excellence in form and content. Films to be considered for competition will be determined by the Festival Curator.

For entry form, click here.

Entry Categories:

Narrative Feature (40 or more minutes)

Documentary Feature (40 or more minutes)

Short (under 40 mins)

Local Film

Youth Short (no entry fee)

Awards Categories:

Best Narrative Feature

Best Documentary Feature

Audience Award Narrative Feature

Audience Award Documentary Feature

Best Short Film

Best Local Film

Best Youth Film
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Guido Movie Review 2

  • ShockYa
Guido Movie Review 2
Title: Guido Director: Colin Campbell (‘Pants on Fire’) Starring: Alki David (‘The Bank Job’), Lupe Ontiveros, Billy Zane, Gary Busey, Armand Assante (TV’s ‘NCIS,’ ‘ER’) and Ron Jeremy Sometimes living through the worst possible scenario can positively change the outcome of a person’s life and ultimately push them to make changes for the better. That’s certainly true for Alki David’s title character of the action film ‘Guido,’ which arrives tomorrow on home release, including DVD via FilmOn Home Video and VOD on While the title assassin initially seems content with unquestioningly killing anyone who gets in the way of his work, Guido emotionally changes his mindset and ways during [ Read More ]

The post Guido Movie Review 2 appeared first on
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LatinoBuzz: Nalip 2013 Promises Discovery And Debate

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (Nalip) is ramping up for its 14th Annual Conference this weekend and to my great gusto, the discourse promises to be more specific, relevant and fresh than last year on how to empower Latino independent storytellers. Judging by the practical and forward-thinking panel discussions, Nalip’s YouTube channel premiering a curated selection of upcoming films, and the hip, savvy talent invited to represent, Nalip is setting the tone for discovery and healthy debate. Chief among the themes will be a contextualized creative response to the much-propagated Latino trillion dollar purchasing power statistic, and how to strategically seize territorial claim to the wild wild west expansion of online distribution platforms.

Among the established and rising American Latino actors and filmmakers on tap are Richard Montoya, Cristina Ibarra, Aurora Guerrero, Gina Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Jeremy Ray Valdez, and Jesse Garcia. The keynote speech on Friday will be given by none other than Richard Peña, one of the most influential film curators in the world who headed the prestigious Film Society of Lincoln Center for twenty-five years. It will be an insightful and thoughtful conversation moderated by the sensitive, master documentarian and MacArthur Genius Grant fellow, Natalia Almada. As this year’s Nalip Conference Co-Chair, Almada helped inform the direction of the conference and scored Peña’s participation. When talking about how each year’s conference organically takes shape with the feedback of board members, staff and hosting committee, Beni Matias, Acting Executive Director of Nalip, referenced Natalia’s concern of prominently featuring the voice of the independent filmmaker over the commercial as a guiding pursuit.

Natalia’s involvement with Nalip goes back to 2003 when she became the recipient of the Estela Award, given in recognition to an emerging filmmaker who has ‘arrived’. Her revelatory documentaries include El Velador, El General and Al Otro Lado – all which have been critically acclaimed worldwide and have been featured in museums and screened at film festivals including Sundance and Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. I asked her to share a few words about Nalip’s import and she replied over email, “I think that more than anything else the conference is a place where we can really exchange ideas, address shared concerns in our community and collectively fuel to keep going”.

Natalia is part of the sub-cine filmmaking crew who came of age through Nalip like Cristina Ibarra, Alex Rivera and Bernardo Ruiz. In fourteen years the organization has managed to be one of the few consistent Latino forums that has nurtured a family of artists/active organizers. Along with Beni Matias, Maria Agui Carter, who is a filmmaker and the Chair of the Board of Directors, has been actively with Nalip since the beginning. Other members who have continued with the organization since the beginning include Louis Perego Moreno who use to spearhead chapter leadership meetings, Jimmy Mendiola filmmaker and Director of CineFestival in San Antonio, Frank Gonzalez from Disney/ABC, Kim Meyers and Terri Lopez at WGA, Alex Nogales, to name just a few. Nalip has also enjoyed a sustained relationship with Time Warner and HBO who have taken turns at being the presenting partners of the conference since 2000.

Part of the reason I’m so eager to engage with and synthesize this year’s theme is this following text written by Maria Agui Carter to describe the Opening Plenary:

“Forbes magazine has called the Latino Market the “New Media Jackpot.” What is at stake? Why is every network and cable outlet now chasing the Latino market and how are Latino voices participating in this explosion not just as consumers but as creators?

There it is: “But as creators”. Amid all the hoopla over the rising Latino market data that makes corporations and brands salivate at the mouth over how to exploit us as consumers, nobody has thought about reckoning a counter creative force. We should be imagining how to harness, demand and unleash our creative power with that kind of purchasing power. Otherwise, the data simply makes us a target of a branding attack towards the depletion of our capital power and identity.

A programming change for this year and aimed to provide a more significant showcase for upcoming Latino films, Nalip is spotlighting brand new films on their Nalip YouTube channel. They’ve done away with the NALIPsters On View programming where members could openly screen their work during the conference. Those screening rooms tended to be lightly attended since there was little visibility and competition from the panel programming. Instead, this year Nalip will be premiering trailers of upcoming films to build buzz around them. The curated selection of fifteen new documentaries, narrative features and shorts will become available on Thursday, June 6.

Without a doubt, the most anticipated happening of this year’s conference will be the Nalip and Sundance Institute screening of Richard Montoya’s debut feature film, Water & Power at the AMC CityWalk. The impact and influence of this Chicano icon will be evident by the droves of fans, tentacle network of familia and homies, a wide range of community activists, artists, politicians who will be in attendance and who might reflect the young and old blood of the characters he writes. I listed W&P as number one in my top five movies to watch out for in 2013 so I’m thrilled to see it screen this way. Richard Peña will moderate a Q&A with Montoya after the screening. I couldn’t think of a better filmmaker and moderator pairing.

On Saturday at the Awards Gala, Machete Kills star Danny Trejo, the menacing but actually sweet hood actor will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Aurora Guerrero, filmmaker of Mosquita y Mari will be honored with the Estela Award that comes with a $7500 grant from McDonalds. And in what will surely be an emotionally inspiring moment, the first ever La Lupe Award will be bestowed to Gina Rodriguez. Her effervescence completely evokes the spitfire tenacity of the late great Lupe Ontiveros. I couldn’t think of a more perfect homage and passing of the torch.

While I found last year’s panel topics all over the place, this year it feels more targeted and practical. Panels like Beyond The Latino Market: Getting Your Film Out To A Wider Audience with Gabriel Reyes, Writing on Latino Cinema (a panel LatinoBuzz, Latin Heat and yours truly will be participating on!), Whatever It Takes: Diy Technology and the Democratization of Content Creation, and Entertainment Industry Writer Development Programs, all feature legit, intrepid filmmakers and industry sharing resources.

On Sunday the Closing Plenary will be Latinos and Media Stereotypes in which Natalia Almada, Richard Montoya, Aurora Guerrero, Yancey Arias will be participating, moderated by Mandalit del Barco of NPR. These are all highly experienced opinionated individuals with distinct tastes so I expect this one to be one of the livelier talks. Overall, this year’s Nalip conference feels like a live one and just about to go off.

Nalip 2013 Spotlight on the Trillion Dollar Latino Market will take place June 7-9 at the Universal Sheraton Hotel.

For a full list of speakers and panels here available at

**Update** Maria Agui Carter will replace Aurora Guerrero as participant on the Latino Stereotypes panel.
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