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  • (1935) Stage: Appeared (as "Dr. Chambers") in "The Barretts of Wimpole Street" on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Written by Rudolph Besier. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Martin Beck Theatre: 25 Feb 1935-Mar 1935 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast included: Katharine Cornell, Reynolds Evans, Margalo Gillmore, John Hoyt (credited as John Hoysradt), Burgess Meredith, Irving Morrow, David Vivian.
  • (1934) Stage: Appeared in "Romeo and Juliet" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. Choreographed by Martha Graham. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Martin Beck Theatre: 20 Dec 1934-Feb 1935 (closing date unknown/77 performances). Cast: Brian Aherne (as "Mercutio, kinsman to the prince and friend to Romeo"), Edith Allaire, Gilmore Bush, Robert Champlain, Arthur Chatterton, Katharine Cornell (as "Juliet, daughter to Capulet"; also producer), Margaret Craven, Jacqueline DeWit, Angus Duncan, John Emery (as "Benvolio, nephew to Montague and friend to Romeo"), Edith Evans (as "Nurse to Juliet"), Reynolds Evans (as "Escalus, Prince of Verona"), Brenda Forbes, John Gordon Gage, Franklin Gray, William Hopper, Lois Jameson, Agnete Johannson, Paul Julian, George Macready (as "Paris, a young nobleman, kinsman to the prince"), Ruth March, Irby Marshall (as "Lady Capulet"), Albert McCleery, John Miltern (as "Montague"), Irving Morrow, Ralph Nelson, Moroni Olsen (as "Capulet"), Basil Rathbone (as "Romeo, son of Montague"), Pamela Simpson, Charles R. Thorne, David Vivian, Charles Waldron, Orson Welles (as "Tybalt, nephew to Lady Capulet," "Chorus"). Produced by Katharine Cornell.
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared (as "John Knox") in "Mary of Scotland" on Broadway. Drama/history. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Alvin Theatre: 27 Nov 1933-Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/248 performances). Cast included: Helen Hayes, Helen Mencken, Ernest Cossart, George Coulouris, Cecil Holm, Stanley Ridges. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1933) Stage: Appeared in "Her Man of Wax" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Julian F. Thompson. Based on the German of Walter Hasenclever. Directed by Arthur Lubin. Shubert Theatre: 11 Oct 1933-Oct 1933 (closing date unknown/14 performances). Cast: Martin Abbott, Mary Ackley, George Anderson, Florence Arlington, Richard Bengali (as "Third Reporter"), Rodrick Benton, Walden Boyle, Raymond Bramley, Louis Casavant, Lloyd Corrigan (as "Napoleon"), Ada Curry, Dorothy Daniels, Cleland Davis, Harold De Becker (as "Guide"), Alfredo de Luca, H.L. Donsu, Ted Edwin, Jules Epailly (as "Commissioner of Police"), Jack Fago, Jane Farrell, Eleanor Franco, Albert Froom (as "English Delegate"), Albert Gloria, Hilda Haywood Howe, Leslie King (as "Prof. Zolney"), Louise Kirtland, Boris Korlin, George Lessey, Robert Long, Frank Marino (as "Mussolini"), Emmett Martine, Kermit Miller, Josephine Morse, 'Moroni Olsen' (as "Gen. Louis L'Oiseaux"), Kenneth Patterson, Frederic Persson, Theodore Pezman, Carl Benton Reid (as "Captain of the Guard"), Clarence Rock, Guida Ross, Richard Ross, Don Shelton, Claude Tahlmore, Lenore Ulric (as "Josephine Delmar"), E.J. Varny, Mortimer H. Weldon, John E. Wheeler, Courtney White, Dorothy Zorn. Produced by Lee Shubert.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Comedy (revival). Written by George Bernard Shaw. Greenwich Village Theatre: 22 Mar 1922- Apr 1922 (closing date unknown/43 performances). Cast: Byron Foulger, Harry Neville, Moroni Olsen (as "The Reverend James Mavor Morell"), Ellen Van Volkenburg, Charles Webster, Janet Young. Produced by Maurice Browne.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared (as "Nicholas Satan") in "Mr. Faust" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Arthur Davison Ficke. Provincetown Playhouse: 30 Jan 1922-Feb 1922 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Robert Bell, Maurice Browne (as "Mr. Faust"), Byron Foulger (as "Brander"), Jack Gude (as "The Butler"), Harold McGee, Henry O'Neill, Janet Young. Produced by Eleen Van Volkenburg.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Jose Luis") in "The Great Way" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Horace Fish and Helen Freeman. Park Theatre: 7 Nov 1921-Nov 1921 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast included: Charlotte Granville, Kraft Walton, Beatrice Wood.
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Achilles") in "Iphigenia in Aulis" on Broadway. Tragedy (revival). Written by Euripides. Manhattan Opera House: 17 Apr 1921 (1 performance).
  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "Massieu") in "The Trial of Joan of Arc" on Broadway. Tragedy. Written by Astrid Argyil, from the French of Émile Moreau. Shubert Theatre: 12 Apr 1921-May 1921 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast included: Henry Hull, Ralph Roeder, William Street.
  • (1920) Stage: Appeared (as "Jason") in "Medea" on Broadway. Drama/tragedy. Written by Euripides, as adapted by Gilbert Murray. Garrick Theatre: 22 Mar 1920-Apr 1920 (closing date unknown/14 performances). Cast: Dorian Anderson, Warner Anderson (as "Child"; Broadway debut), Gordon Burby, David Case, Dorothy Cheston, Byron Foulger, Margaret Fransioli, Miriam Kiper, Marion McCrae, Leah-Marie Minard, Cornelia Ripley, Ralph Roeder, Henry Stillman, Ellen Van Volkenburg, Janet Young, Irving Zechnoff. Produced by Maurice Browne. NOTE: The Garrick Theatre was a medium-sized venue with 910 seats. It was built in 1890 by Edward Harrigan and known as The Harrigan Theatre until 1895, when Richard Mansfield took over management. Charles Frohman assumed control in 1896 until his death in 1915. It was purchased by The Shuberts and leased to Otto Kahn, who briefly renamed it The Theatre du Vieux Columbier after an avant-garde French Theatre company. This name lasted only from late 1917 through April 1919 when the Shuberts resumed managerial control, reverting the name to The Garrick Theatre. It transformed into a burlesque house in 1929 and was torn down in 1932.

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