LatinoBuzz: Ficg in La 2014 Announces Line Up and Honorees

Yesterday the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles - Ficg in La - presented by the University of Guadalajara Foundation in USA and Conaculta, with Principal Sponsors University of Guadalajara, the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Institute of Cinema Mexico (Imcine) and Univision, announced its lineup. "The Hours with You" (Las Horas Contigo) directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta, will be the Opening Night film for the 2014 Festival. The film stars Cassandra Ciangherotti, María Rojo, Isela Vega, Arcelia Ramírez and Julio Bracho.

The 2014 Ficg in La, which returns to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood for its fourth year and runs from Thursday, September 4 to Sunday, September 7, brings the best of contemporary Mexican and Latin American cinema to Los Angeles, and is an extension of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Featuring outstanding and award-winning titles from FICG29, which ran from March 21-29, 2014 in Guadalajara, Ficg in La will offer the premiere of other titles that have emerged in the world of cinema throughout the year to great critical acclaim.

The aim of the festival is to increase access and visibility of Mexican and Latin American cinema in the U.S., facilitating the exchange of ideas through stories and issues of cultural and social relevance, create a space for collaboration between filmmakers, and strengthen relations between the film industry in Mexico and the U.S.

Ficg in La includes film screenings followed by Q&As with filmmakers and talent, as well as galas and special award recognitions to Latin American and U.S. Latino artists.

“This year, we are truly proud to bring two artistic programs to Ficg in La that supports emerging independent filmmakers, in effect, fulfilling part of our mission to nourish and sustain emerging talent across international film industries. Many of the films in this year's showcase reveal the cross-cultural collaborations currently taking place between film industries in Latin America, the Us, and Canada. These collaborations have resulted in the creation of groundbreaking, authentic, multicultural stories that move seamlessly across national and cultural boundaries." said Hebe Tabachnik, Director and Producer of Ficg in La.

“We are constantly finding ways for Ibero-American filmmakers to promote their films and share their experiences with moviemakers from all over the world. Now that we have reached our fourth year, we realized that we have become one of the leading platforms for Latino cinematography to enter the United States market,” said Iván Trujillo, Festival Director of Ficg.

Among the celebrities that have accompanied us in previous editions are: Carlos Cuarón, Edward James Olmos, Sergio Arau, Diana Bracho, Alfonso Arau, Kate del Castillo, Martha Higareda, Beto Cuevas, Irene Azuela, Dulce Maria, Carmen Salinas and Jay Hernandez.

Oscar nominee Demian Bichir , Nalip (The National Association of Latino Independent Producers), Ruben Luengas (journalist) and Gabriela Teissier (anchor woman) from Univision Radio and TV will receive the festival’s Tree of Life Award for their contributions to Mexican, Latino and Ibero American culture. Previous recipients include Ambulante, Juan Carlos Arciniegas (CNN en Espanol), Fernando Luján (actor), Gabriel Beristain (Director of Photography) and Emilio Kauderer (Music Composer).

Ficg in La continues to support Latino and Ibero-American films with Guadalajara Construye in Los Angeles 1 and DocuLab.1 Los Angeles by selecting six projects from filmmakers seeking post-production funds. The films will be screened for jury members, sponsors and film industry professionals. The winners will be announced on Opening Night.

In addition, the winning projects in each competition will automatically qualify to be considered for Guadalajara Construye 9 or DocuLab.7 Guadalajara, or for the Ibero-American Competitions of the next edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG30) – March 6 - 15, 2015.

To reaffirm the social mission of Ficg and the University of Guadalajara Foundation in USA, Ficg in La will donate again all of its proceeds to a charitable cause. We will announce soon the recipient of this year’s fundraising effort.

10 Feature and documentary films and six short films will be showcased in this year’s festival

Opening Night Gala – September 5, 2014

• "The Hours with You" (Las Horas Contigo), Dir. Catalina Aguilar Mastretta, Mexico. Us Premiere

Closing Night Gala – September 7, 2014

• "One for the Road" (En el Ultimo Trago), Dir. Jack Zagha Kababie, Mexico. Us Premiere

Feature Films

• "Echo of the Mountain" (Eco de la Montaña), Dir. Nicolás Echevarría, Mexico. Us Premiere (documentary)

• "Grazing the Sky" (A Ras del Cielo), Dir. Horacio Alcala, Spain/ Mexico/ Portugal. L.A. Premiere (documentary)

• "Ignasi M.," Dir. Ventura Pons, Spain. L.A. Premiere (documentary)

• "Los Ángeles," Dir. Damian John Harper USA/Mexico.

• "The Mute" (El Mudo), Dir. Daniel Vega Vidal & Diego Vega Vidal, Peru. L.A. Premiere

• "Natural Sciences" (Ciencias naturales), Dir. Matías Lucchesi, Argentina.

• "Paraíso," Dir. Mariana Chenillo. Mexico. L.A Premiere

• "A Wolf at the Door" (O Lobo atras da Porta), Dir. Fernando Coimbra, Brazil. L.A. Premiere

Short Films

• "Diego," Dir. Sara Seligman, Mexico/Germany. (live action Drama)

• "A Family Day" (Un día en Familia), Dir. Pedro Zulu González, Mexico. (animation)

• "Minerita," Dir. Raúl de la Fuente, Spain (documentary)

• "Pickman's Model" (El modelo de Pickman), Dir. Pablo Ángeles Zuman, Mexico. Us Premiere (animation)

• "The Queen" (La Reina), Dir. Manuel Abramovich, Argentina (documentary)

• "Yearbook," Dir. Bernardo Britto, USA. (animation)

The screening of the selected work-in-progress films will be for industry accredited to the festival. These screenings are not open to the general public or member of the press.

Guadalajara Construye in Los Angeles 1

• "Blue Lips," Dir. Daniela De Carlo, Julieta Lima, Gustavo Lipsztein, Antonello Novellino, Nacho Ruipérez and Nobu Shima USA/Argentina/ Brazil/ Spain

• "Whisper of the Forest" (Gritos del Bosque), Dir. Jorge Olguín, Chile/USA

• Pocha, Dir. Michael Dwyer, Mexico/USA

DocuLab.1 Los Angeles

• "Gaucho del Norte," Dir. Andres Caballero, Sofia Khan Argentina/USA

• "Hotel de Paso," Dir. Paulina Sánchez Mexico/USA

• "Juanicas," Dir. Karina Garcia Casanova, Mexico/Canada

Ficg in La is presented by the University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States and Conaculta, and Principal Sponsors, the University of Guadalajara, the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Institute of Cinema Mexico (Imcine) and Univision, and Supporting Sponsors Cultura Udg, University of Guadalajara Foundation in Los Angeles, LeaLa, Channel 31.2 and the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles.

About Ficg

The Guadalajara International Film Festival was founded by Guillermo del Toro and other Mexican filmmakers in 1986, and will celebrate its 30th edition March 6-15, 2015.

Ficg is the lead film festival in Latin America. It is a forum for the training, education, and creative exchange among industry professionals, film critics, and film students from all over Ibero-America.

About the University of Guadalajara – Mexico

The University of Guadalajara is a member of the University Network in the State of Jalisco, and it is the second oldest university in Mexico. The University of Guadalajara is committed to the betterment of society through higher education. It supports scientific and technological research that makes important contributions to a sustainable and inclusive society, respecting cultural diversity and honoring the principles of social justice, democracy, coexistence, and prosperity for all. The University is renowned in Mexico and abroad as a leader in the transformation of society through innovative means of social development and dissemination of knowledge.

About the Foundation of the University of Guadalajara in the U.S.

The University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States of America (Udg Foundation-usa) is an extension of Fundación Universidad de Guadalajara, A.C., and is made up of a number of prominent academic and social leaders. The Foundation works to attain private support from individuals, foundations and corporations in order to fulfill the mission and vision of the University of Guadalajara in Los Angeles.

U.S. Udg Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and social integration of migrants and Hispanic nationals by increasing their access to education and enhancing their sense of belonging and identification with their environment by developing their skills and capabilities through educational services and relevant social research.
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Below is a list of all the films screening this year. Other events include a Vampire Ball on Saturday, October 29th; a performance of The Feast of Blood on Sunday, October 30th; and the Scorpius Dance Theatre's production of A Vampire's Tale on Halloween itself. In addition, the following awards will be presented at the festival:

Best Picture

Best Short

Best Director

Best Effects

Best Script...

...and a special Lifetime Achievement Award

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