Rediscover the Worst Justice League Movie Ever Made

Rediscover the Worst Justice League Movie Ever Made
Production has been under way since April on Warner Bros. new Justice League movie, which brings this epic superhero team together. It's not the first time some of these heroes have assembled, though. One of the most infamous offerings is a 1997 TV movie entitled Justice League of America, considered by many to be the worst Justice League movie ever. Perhaps even the worst superhero movie of all time. Today, we have a video that breaks down this bizarre movie, and why it's so infamous.

YouTube user Mr. Sunday Movies put together a scathing essay as part of his Caravan of Garbage, where he discusses a movie, comic book or TV show that has become infamous because of how bad it is. This week's edition breaks down the 1997 TV movie Justice League of America. The movie starred Matthew Settle as Green Lantern, Kimberly Oja as Ice, John Kassir as Atom, Michelle Hurd as Fire,
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