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  • (1905 - 1931) Performed on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1905) Stage Play: Fritz in Tammany Hall. Musical. Music by Jean Schwartz. Book by John J. McNally. Lyrics by William Jerome. Additional music by Maude Nugent. Musical Director: Anton Heindl. Scenic Design by Frank Platzer and Meixner. Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson. Lighting Design by Harry Bissing. Directed by Herbert Gresham and Ned Wayburn. Herald Square Theatre: 16 Oct 1905- 18 Nov 1905 (43 performances). Cast: Neva Aymar, Violet Barnes, Earl J. Benham, Eli J. Brouillette, Joseph Cawthorn (as "Fritz von Swobenfritz"), Charles Close, Beryle Dare, Melville Ellis, Suzanne Halpren, Mark Hart, Alva Holland, Pincus Lekosky, Adah Lewis (as "Lil McGrain"), Charles MacDonald, Stella Mayhew (as "Mrs. Hart-Judson"), George Austin Moore, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Fergus O'Flaherty") [Broadway debut], Eugene Roder, Frank W. Shea, Alison Skipworth (as "Elena McCann"), Sue Stuart, Julius Tannen (as "J. Edward Corley"), Corinne Uzell, Henry E. Valois. Produced by Klaw & Erlanger.
  • (1906) Stage Play: Mamzelle Champagne. Musical revue (revival). Music by Cassius Freeborn. Book by Edgar Allan Woolf. Berkeley Lyceum Theatre: 24 Oct 1906- Oct 1906 (closing date unknown/4 performances). Cast: Alice Chase, Isabel D'Armonde, Alberta Davis, W.H. Fitzgerald, Emmet Lennon, Harry Lester Mason, Hattie F. Nefflin, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Ernest Robinson, W.L. Romaine, Florence L. Smith, May Yohe.
  • (1908) Stage Play: Marcelle. Musical/operetta. Material by Frank S. Pixley. Music by Gustav Luders. Lyrics by Frank S. Pixley. Musical Direction by Clarence Rogerson. Dances directed by David Bennett. Directed by Frank Smithson. Casino Theatre: 1 Oct 1908- 28 Nov 1908 (68 performances). Cast: George Boniface, Jr., Herbert Cawthorne, Jess Dandy, Louise Gunning, Henry Norman, Frank Rushworth, Lawrence Wheat, Mae Allen, Leona Anderson, Florence Arkell, David Bennett, Nettie Black, Bessie Carrette, Della Connor, Marion Ford, Edith Girvan, Lucille Jardon, Eileen Kearney, Margarite McDonald, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Pierre, a Parisian painter"), Nan Parkhurst, Bertha Perl, George Reed, Mae Rollins, Elsa Ryan, Bessie Skeer, Irene Spencer, Ollie Stewart, Louise Tozier. Produced by Sam and Lee Shubert, Inc.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Motor Girl. Musical comedy. Music by Julian Edwards. Based on material by Charles J. Campbell and Ralph M. Skinner. Lyrics by Charles J. Campbell and Ralph M. Skinner. Musical Direction by Ben M. Jerome. Directed by Frank Smithson. Lyric Theatre (moved to The West End Theatre from 15 Jun 1909- Sep 1909, then moved to The Lncoln Square Theatre from 27 Sep 1909 to close): 15 Jun 1909- Oct 1909 (closing date unknown/111 performances). Cast: Helen Adair, Fred Bates, Marie Baxter, Stella Bowe, May Brennan, Elizabeth Brice, Martin Brown, Georgia Caine, George Callahan, James B. Carson, Anita Claire, Alice Clayton, James F. Cook, Flora Crosbie, Elinor Dayne, Mildred DeSilva, Mayme Dupont, Sue Duval, Lillian Foster, Bessie Franklin, Ross Harvey, Leota Hingston, Valentine Homan, Ned Joyce, Jackson Karlyle, George Lanning, Jack Laughlin, Charles Leach, John Lorenz, Ted Lorraine, Carroll C. Lucas, George Lyman, Giorgio Majeroni, Minnesota Martrit, Thomas B. McCormick, Edward McNulty, Sadie Melles, Evelyn Meredith, Julia Meredith, Bessilee Merrill, Alvin Morton, Ethel Mostyn, Nancy Newell, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Felix"), George O'Rourke, George Pauncefort, Anita Pollock, Nancy Poole, Homer Potts, Katherine Robertson, Helen Scotten, John Shaddick, Adelaide Sharp, Frank Shea, Bert Smith, Ethel Tanguay, Mattie Ten Eyck, Harry Thornell, Corene Uzzell, Katherine Walden, Katherine Warren, Dorothy Warrington, Laura Wentworth, Elizabeth Young. Produced by Frank Hennessy.
  • (1913) Stage Play: Sweethearts. Musical comedy. Book by Harry B. Smith and Fred De Gresac. Music by Victor Herbert. Lyrics by Robert B. Smith. Music orchestrated by Victor Herbert. Musical Director: Charles McGhie. Choreographed by Charles S. Morgan Jr. Directed by Frederick G. Latham. New Amsterdam Theatre (moved to The Liberty Theatre from 10 Nov 1913 to close): 8 Sep 1913- 3 Jan 1914 (136 performances). Cast: Edith Allen, Frank Belcher, Thomas Conkey, Edward Crawford, Briggs French, Gretchen Hartman, Cecilia Hoffman, Ethel Du Fre Houston, Hazel Kirke, Christie MacDonald, Nellie McCoy, Tom McNaughton, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Aristide Caniche"), Gene Peltier, Gertrude Rudd, Lionel Walsh, Edwin Wilson. Produced by Louis F. Werba and Mark A. Luescher.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Lilac Domino. Musical/operetta. Original German book 'Der lila Domino' by Emerich Von Gatti and Béla Jenbach. Music by Charles Cuvillier. Conducted by Anselm Goetzl. German lyrics by Emerich Von Gatti and Bela Jenbch. English Lyrics by Robert B. Smith. English Adaptation by Harry B. Smith. Directed by Sydney Ellison. 44th Street Theatre: 28 Oct 1914- 30 Jan 1915 (109 performances). Cast: Anita Andrews (as "Fifi/Guest"), Arthur Ballance (as "Guest"), Angelica Berg (as "Guest"), Angelica Berrenberg (as "Guest"), H.B. Boell (as "Maurice, Attendant at the Casino/Guest"), Evelyn Bohlman (as "Domino/Guest"), Bernard Brown (as "Guest"), Bruce Brown (as "Guest"), L. Burgstaller (as "Guest"), Louis Burke (as "Henry, Attendant at the Casino/Guest"), Julie Cahill (as "Florette/Guest"), Irma Case (as "Guest"), Helen Curtis (as "Guest"), George Curzon (as "Vicomte de Brissac"), Chrisie D'Allott (as "Suzanne/Guest"), Elodie Dare (as "Guest"), Rene Delting (as "Leonie D'Andorcet"), Honor Desmond (as "Guest"), Lyn Donaldson (as "Guest"), Wilfred Douthitt (as "Count Andre de St. Amand"), Frances DuBarry (as "Guest"), Calvine Emery (as "Guest"), John Fielderhoff (as "Antoine, Butler at Vicomte's Residence/Guest"), Louise Finch (as "Guest"), Marjorie Foley (as "Guest"), Genevieve Forbes (as "Domino/Guest"), A.R. Gilchrist (as "Guest"), Myrta Gilkinson (as "Guest"), Edna Goldsberry (as "Domino/Guest"), George Gordon (as "Guest"), Gertrude Grosberg (as "Celeste/Guest"), S. Grundgeared (as "Guest"), Marie Hamilton (as "Mariette"), R.A. Harbeson (as "Guest"), James Harrod (as "Elledon, The Vicomte's Nephew"), Jack E. Hazzard (as "Prosper"), Rose Held (as "Guest"), Harry Hermsen (as "Istvan, Leader of a Gypsy Orchestra"), Margaret Hussar (as "Domino/Guest"), May Johnson (as "Guest"), Ora L. Keeler (as "Domino/Guest"), Frances Kennedy (as "Guest"), Brodford Kirkbride (as "Guest"), Martha Krambach (as "Guest"), May Lampere (as "Guest"), Mario Laurenti (as "Guest"), Augusta Leeper (as "Domino/Guest"), Eleanor Lemdorfer (as "Guest"), Helen Lyon (as "Guest"), Frederick Manley (as "Guest"), Daisy Marshall (as "Guest"), Jeanne Maubourg (as "Baroness de Villiers, Georgine's Governess"), Alice May (as "Guest"), Norah May (as "Guest"), Helen Merriman (as "Guest"), Harriet Miller (as "Guest"), Jane E. Miller (as "Guest"), Jennie Miller (as "Mimi"), Madeleine Mitten (as "Guest"), Christine Mueller (as "Guest"), Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Casimir"), Maxwell Olney (as "Frederic, Valet to Count Andre/Guest"), Eleanor Painter (as "Georgine, The Vicomte's Daughter"), Leicester Parker (as "Jean, Lackey of the Vicomte/Guest"), Ethel Pettit (as "Guest"), Adele Raynor (as "Guest"), May Robbins (as "Guest"), Mario Rogati (as "Guest"), Anna Strong (as "Guest"), Helen Tashman (as "Guest"), Robert Terrill (as "Max/Waiter at the Casino/Guest"), Karl Van Holland (as "Guest"), Mattie Vance (as "Guest"), Irene Walters (as "Guest"), Anna Week (as "Guest"), Onor Winer (as "Guest"). Produced by Andreas Dippel [Dippell Opera Comique].
  • (1916) Stage Play: Flora Bella. Musical/operetta. Music by Charles Cuvillier and Milton Schwarzwald. Book by Felix Doermann. Material adapted by Cosmo Hamilton and Dorothy Donnelly. Lyrics by Percy Waxman. Adapted from Andre Barde. Musical Direction by Gus Salzer. Featuring songs with lyrics by Victor Schertzinger and Earl Carroll. Choreographed by Carl Randall. Directed by Richard Ordynski. Casino Theatre (moved to The 44th Street Theatre from 27 Nov 1916 to close): 11 Sep 1916- 16 Dec 1916 (112 performances). Cast: Lina Abarbanell, Hilda Blyar, Gilbert Clayton, Grant & Wing, Lawrence Grossmith, Muriel Hudson, Adolph Link, Juliette Lippe, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Rosset"), Charles Purcell (as "Prince Nicholas Demidoff"), Kate Stout, Mortimer H. Weldon. Produced by John Cort.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Follow the Girl. Musical comedy. Based on material by Henry Blossom. Music by Zoel Parenteau. Lyrics by Henry Blossom. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Featuring songs by Sigmund Romberg and Buddy G. DeSylva. Additional lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Choreography by Walter Brooks. Directed by J.C. Huffman. Lew Fields' 44th Street Roof Garden (moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 18 Mar 1918 to close): 2 Mar 1918- 23 Mar 1918 (25 performances). Cast: Roy Adams, Claude E. Archer, Anna Berg, Jane Berlyn, George L. Bickel, Walter Catlett (as "Buck Sweeney"), Charles Clear, William Danforth, Peggy Dempsey, Tom Doolan, Nancy Everett, William Everett, Rita Faust, Harry Fender, Dorothy Godfrey, Byrd Goolsby, Bessie Gross, Jobyna Howland, Mae Jennings, Mercedes Lorenze, Maurie Madison, Ernestine Myers, Ralph Nairn, Nita Naldi, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Helen O'Day, Courtney Palmer, Frank Peters, Phyllis Prince, Jean Rebara, Ethel Rinehart, Aileen Rooney, Frances Ross, Alice Ryan, Louise Saunders, Ivy Sherer, Albert Shrubb, Marie Stone, Richard Tabor, Eileen Van Biene, Claire Vernon, Ann Warrington, Grace Weeks, Louise White, Arthur Wilson. Produced by Raymond Hitchcock and E. Ray Goetz.
  • (1918) Stage Play: He Didn't Want to Do It. Musical. Book by George Broadhurst. Music by Silvio Hein. Lyrics by George Broadhurst. Based on the farce by George Broadhurst and Walter Hackett. Musical Director: Theodore Stearns. Directed by Clifford Brooke. Broadhurst Theatre: 20 Aug 1918- 7 Sep 1918 (23 performances). Cast: Percy Ames (as "O. Vivian Smith"), Natalie Bates, Adele Blood, Clara Carroll, Jean Carroll, Gladys Clifton, Florence Collier, Mary Cunningham, Carrie De Noville, Alexander Frank, Katherine Galloway, Elsie Gordon, Ona Hamilton, Dorothy La Rue, Mary McDonald, Charles Meakins, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Waiter"), Edna Pierre, Helen Pierre, Ida Ross, Helen Shipman (as "Marjorie Thompson"), Ned Sparks (as "Detective"), Elsa Thomas, Anna Toddings, Ernest Torrence, Joseph Wilmot. Produced by George Broadhurst.
  • (1920) Stage Play: My Golden Girl. Musical comedy. Music by Victor Herbert. Book by Frederic Arnold Kummer. Lyrics by Frederic Arnold Kummer. Musical Director: Philip James. Choreographed by Julian Alfred. Directed by J. Clifford Brooke. Nora Bayes Theatre (moved to The Casino Theatre from 5 Apr 1920- close): 2 Feb 1920- 1 May 1920 (105 performances). Cast: Eileen Adaire (as "Chorus"), Robert Archibald (as "Chorus"), Raymond Barrett (as "Martin"), Helen Bolton (as "Helen Randolph"), Adele Boulais (as "Lois Booth"), Marie Carroll (as "Peggy Mitchell"), Evelyn Cavanaugh (as "Kitty Mason"), Robina Davidson (as "Chorus"), Viola Degnan (as "Chorus"), Jeannette Dietrich (as "Chorus"), Richard Dore (as "Capt. Paul de Bazin"), Gladys Hart (as "Chorus"), Caroline Holton (as "Chorus"), Flo Howard (as "Chorus"), Yvonne LaGrange (as "Chorus"), Eastman McRoy (as "Chorus"), Victor Morley (as "Arthur Mitchell"), Robert Emmett O'Connor [credited as Robert O'Connor] (as "Wilson"), Edna May Oliver (as "Mrs. Judson Mitchell"), Trixie Packard (as "Chorus"), Peggy Schramm (as "Chorus"), Edward See (as "Mr. Pullinger"), Ned Sparks [credited as Ned A. Sparks] (as "Mr. Hanks"), William Strubain (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Tierney (as "Blanche"), George Trabert (as "Howard Pope"), Harold Vizard (as "Mr. Clarence Swan"), Loretta Walsh (as "Chorus"), Norma Eve Warrington (as "Chorus"), Marcia White (as "Chorus"), Victoria White (as "Mildred Ray"). Produced by Harry Wardell.
  • (1917) Stage Play: The Deluge. Drama (revival). Written by Henning Berger. Adaptation by Frank Allen. Plymouth Theatre: 27 Jan 1922- Mar 1922 (closing date unknown/45 performances). Cast: William Dick, Charles Ellis, Arthur Hurley, Lester Lonergan, Kathlene MacDonell, Robert McWade, Robert Emmett O'Connor, John Ravold, Edward G. Robinson, James Spottswood. Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Blushing Bride. Musical comedy. Book by Cyrus Wood. Lyrics by Cyrus Wood. Based on a libretto by Edward Clark. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Based on a play by Jocelyn Brandon and Frederick Arthur. Based on a play adapted by Mark Swan. Musical Director: George A. Nichols. Musical Staging by Jack Mason. Production Supervised by J.J. Shubert. Directed by Frank Smithson. Astor Theatre (moved to The 44th Street Theatre from 24 Apr 1922- close): 4 Feb 1922- 10 Jun 1922 (144 performances). Cast: Edythe Baker, John Barrott, David Belbridge, Mabel Blake, Fred Blyler, Alice Brady (as "Ensemble"), Virginia Calmer, Clara Carroll, Jane Carroll, Eva Cassanova, Harry Corson Clarke, George Craig, Adelaide DiNovaloff, Albert DiNovaloff, Georgia Empey, Kitty Flynn, The Glorias, Gene Gray, Harold Gwynne, William Holbrooke, Claire Hooper, Charles Layton, Cecil Lean, Anabelle Lewis, Tom Lewis, George Luman, Ma-Belle, Rena Manning, Cleo Mayfield, Margaret Morris, John Muccio, Gertrude Mudge, Clarence Nordstrom, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Paul Kominski"), Thelma Percy, Betty Ross, Miss Stoneburne, Violette Strathmore, Louise Strong, Beatrice Swanson, Marcella Swanson, Jean Woods. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Old Soak. Comedy/drama. Written by Don Marquis. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 22 Aug 1922- Aug 1923 (423 performances). Cast: Harry Beresford, Minnie Dupree (as "Matilda"), George Le Guere, Robert McWade (as "Cousin Webster Parsons"), Grant Mills, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Al"), Mary Philips, Helene Sinnott, Eva Williams. Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Glory. Musical comedy. Music by Maurice De Packh and Harry Tierney. Book by James Montgomery. Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy and James Dyrenforth. Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld. Featuring songs by Al W. Brown. Scenic Design by Joseph Wickes. Costume Design by Vanderbilt Producing Company Wardrobe Department. Directed by Bert French. Vanderbilt Theatre: 25 Dec 1922- 24 Feb 1923 (74 performances). Cast: Arden Benham (as "Ensemble"), Violet Bristow (as "Ensemble"), David Brown (as "Ensemble"), John Cherry (as "Sumner Holbrook"), Jack Clifford (as "Hiram Dexter"), Bobby Culbert (as "Ensemble"), Conway Dillon (as "Ensemble"), Irene Enright (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Ferry (as "Myrtie Brown"), Helen Groody (as "Lucy Ann Willing"), Raymond Hackett (as "Lem King"), Marjorie Harrold (as "Ensemble"), Patti Harrold (as "Glory Moore"), Robert Higgins (as "Ansel Tollet"), Edward Howell (as "Ensemble"), Flo Irwin (as "Sarah King"), Constance Keating (as "Ensemble"), Florence Kinsley (as "Ensemble"), Ainsley Lambert (as "Ensemble"), Peter Lang (as "Abner Moore"), Margaret Leona (as "Ensemble"), Frances Lynde (as "Ensemble"), Bernice McCabe (as "Amanda Dexter"), Edith McGovern (as "Ensemble"), Ted McNamara (as "Alonzo"), Constance Montague (as "Ensemble"), Bessie Mulligan (as "Ensemble"), Marguerite Murray (as "Ensemble"), Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Deacon Eaton"), Elizabeth Page (as "Ensemble"), Helen Paine (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Pidgin (as "Ensemble"), Walter Regan (as "William Harriman"), Edward Smith (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Weldon (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Whiteford (as "Ensemble"), Paul Winnell (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Vanderbilt Producing Company.
  • (1924) Stage Play: New Toys. Comedy/tragedy. Written by Milton Herbert Gropper and Oscar Hammerstein II. Fulton Theatre: 18 Feb 1924- Mar 1924 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Louise Closser Hale (as "Mrs. Warner"), Mary Duncan, Robert McWade (as "George Clark"), Frances Nelson, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Sam Wilks"), Vivienne Osborne (as "Ruth Webb"), James Spottswood (as "Tom Lawrence"), Ernest Truex (as "Will Webb"). Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Ladies of the Evening. Comedy. Written by Milton Herbert Gropper. Directed by David Belasco. Lyceum Theatre: 23 Dec 1924- May 1925 (closing date unknown/159 performances). Cast: John Carmody (as "Andrew Kenney"), Allyn Gillyn (as "A Waitress"), H. Dudley Hawley (as "Calvin King"), Edna Hibbard (as "Dot Miller"), James Kirkwood, Bernard J. McOwen (as "Phillips"), Beth Merrill (as "Kay Beatty"), Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Frank Forbes"), Thomas Reynolds (as "Daddy Palmer"), Vernon Steele (as "Tom Standish"), Kay Strozzi (as "Claire Standish"), Jose Yovin (as "A Head Waiter"). Produced by David Belasco.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The City Chap. Musical comedy. Music by Jerome Kern. Book by James Montgomery. Lyrics by Anne Caldwell. Based on a play by Winchell Smith. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Victor Baravalle. Choreographed by David Bennett. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Liberty Theatre: 26 Oct 1925- 26 Dec 1925 (72 performances). Cast: Charles S. Abbe (as "Sam Graham"), Betty Block, Bobbie Breslaw, Constance Brown, Katherine Burnside, Phyllis Cleveland, Betty Compton (as "Betty"), Myrtle Cox, Ursula Dale, Frisco Devere, Frank Doane (as "Blinkey Lockwood"), Peggy Dolan, Francis X. Donegan, Irene Dunne (as "Grace Bartlett"), Pearl Eaton (as "Pearl"), Helyn Eby Rock, Jeanne Edwards, Kathleen Erroll, Rita Farrell, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Edythe Flynn, Georges Fontanna, 'Richard "Skeets' Gallagher' (as "Nat Duncan"), Eddie Girard, Danzi Goodell, Ona Hamilton, Muriel Harrison, Beatrice Hughes, Mary Jane, Nell Kincaid, Katherine Kohler, Gladys Lake, Jane Lane, Fred Lennox, Joan Lindsay, Hallie Manning, Jerry Markham, Beth Meakins, Lucy Monroe, Margaret Morris, Marjorie Moss, Bessie Mulligan, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Pete"), Mary Pierce, Nickie Pitell, George Raft (as "George Spelvin"), John Rutherford, Autumn Sims, Mildred Sinclair, Blossom Vreeland, Ina Williams, Hansford Wilson, Betty Winslow. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Circus Princess. Musical/operetta. Music by 'Emmerich Kalman'. Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Book by Harry B. Smith. Based on the Viennese original by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Choreographed by Allan K. Foster. Directed by J.C. Huffman and Marcel Varneli. Winter Garden Theatre: 25 Apr 1927- 8 Oct 1927 (192 performances). Cast: Bill Arnold (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Barry (as "Prince Palinsky"), George Bickel (as "Pelican"), Michael Brent (as "Ensemble"), William Browne (as "Ensemble"), Russell Bryant (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Chamber (as "Ensemble"), Karin Colon (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Coppe (as "Ensemble"), Billy Culloo (as "Porter/Ensemble"), Fred Derrick (as "An Old Clown"), Ted Doner (as "Toni Schlumberger"), Edward Donohue (as "Ensemble"), Tom Donohue (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Eaddy (as "Ensemble"), Gloria Foy (as "Mabel Gibson"), Rose Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Edouard Grobe (as "Footman"), Jessica Hagenah (as "Ensemble"), 'Poodles Hanneford' (as "First Cossack/Bus Boy"), 'Stanley Harrison' (as "Baron Sakuskine"), George Hassell (as "Grand Duke Sergius"), Virginia Hassell (as "Barmaid/Ensemble"), John Henry (as "Archbishop"), Frank Horn (as "Lieutenant Petrovitch/Ensemble"), Paul Jones (as "Ensemble"), Starr West Jones (as "Nicholas/Grand Duke's Adjutant/Ensemble"), Florence Kowalewska (as "Ensemble"), Oscar Lowande (as "A Clown"), Margaret Luerssen (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Lyle (as "Paul/An Officer/Ensemble"), Donald McGill (as "Ensemble"), Wilma Miller (as "Ensemble"), Marie Minor (as "Ensemble"), Gerald Moore (as "Ensemble"), Raymond Moore (as "Ensemble"), Florence Morrison (as "Frau Schlumberger"), James C. Morton (as "Pinelli/Second Cossack/First Waiter"), Phyllis Newkirk (as "Ensemble"), Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Stanislavsky"), Katherine O'Neale (as "Ensemble"), Mary Patterson (as "Ensemble"), Guy Robertson (as "Prince Alexis Orloff/Mr. X"), Edmund Ruffner (as "Commissionaire/Majordomo"), Alfred Russ (as "Ensemble"), Katherine Scheerer (as "Ensemble"), Bob Schutte (as "Ensemble"), Harry Shackelford (as "Constantine/Ensemble"), Stella Shields (as "Ensemble"), Desiree Tabor (as "Princess Fedora Palinska"), Joseph Toner (as "Ivan Panin"), Sam True (as "Ensemble"), Roy Vitalis (as "Loris/Ensemble"), Eleanor Witmar (as "Ensemble"), Max Wolfe (as "Ensemble"), John Zimmerman (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1930) Stage Play: The Prince of Pilsen. Musical comedy (revival). Music by Gustave Luders. Book by Frank S. Pixley. Directed by Milton Aborn. Jolson's 59th Street Theatre: 13 Jan 1930- 25 Jan 1930 (16 performances). Cast: Frances Baviello, Leonore Brody, India Cox (as "Mrs. Madison Crocker"), Roy Cropper (as "Carl Otto"), Carl Dews (as "Sergeant Brie"), Dene Dickens, Wee Griffin (as "Jimmy"), Denis Gurney (as "Arthur St. John Wilberforce"), Vivian Hart (as "Nellie Wagner"), Clara Martens, Mona Moray, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Francois"), Melvin Redden, Marjorie Seltzer, Al Shean (as "Mrs. Madison Crocker"), Joseph Toner, Alice Wellman. Produced by Jolson Theatre Musical Comedy Company.
  • (1931) Stage Play: Blossom Time. Musical comedy/operetta (revival). Music by Sigmund Romberg. Material by Dorothy Donnelly, from the original of A.M. Willner and Heinz Reichert. Directed by Edward Scanlon. Ambassador Theatre: 4 Mar 1931- Mar 1931 (closing date unknown/29 performances). Cast: Robert Lee Allen, Greta Alpeter, Peggy Baldwin, Gladys Baxter, Marice Christie, Marie Craigin, Gerry Dean, Stella Doyle, Dorothy Drum, Millie Freeman, Trueman Gaige, John Charles Gilbert, Inez Goetz, Ann Johnson, Joseph Lertora, Eleanor Lewis, Georgia MacTaggart, Clifford Newdahl, Robert Emmett O'Connor (as "Novotny") [final Broadway role], Agatha Phillips, Harry Rabke, Evelyn Reide, Herta Rittell, Howard Samples, Peggy Scevioure, Marie Starner, Joseph Toner, Maurice Tyler, Walter Wahl, Joseph Wilkins, Mary Wilkins. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

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